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    So here is an infinite loop thread for Banjo-Kazooie. For those of you who don't know what those are, here are the general rules for loops copy 'n' pasted ala the Miscellaneous Loops thread. (I don't know how to edit links to make them just be words, so here it is: )

    One person in a Loop, often the main character, is an Anchor. They are the person who first starts time looping.

    There is always at least one Anchor present in a given Time Loop snippet, though it may not be the local one.

    The standard pattern for a loop is that the Anchor (and whoever else is Looping there) come to awareness in a loop at a particular point in the story. From there, events will play out as influenced by the Loopers present, acting with the benefit of their foreknowledge, until either a predetermined end point is reached or all the Loopers have copped it.

    To be Awake is to be aware of the time loops (that is, to have gone back in time this time.)

    The Anchor is the only character guaranteed to be Awake. Even after others have started looping, it is mostly random as to whether they will be Awake this particular loop.

    Crossovers, fusions, and alternate pasts can also take place. It is perfectly possible, for example, to have the characters Awaken into a loop which conforms to a fanfic universe rather than reality.

    Loops do not have to be in chronological order, but it is strongly preferred that they not require a mutually contradictory order (where A must be before B and B must be before A.)

    Just about every Looper is very, very stir crazy.

    Banjo is the Anchor for these loops.

    For now, the loop starts on the morning Tootie is kidnapped by Gruntilda the witch and ends a few weeks after Grunty's defeat in Banjo-Tooie. Remember that this timeline includes the GBA game, Grunty's Revenge which happens two months after Banjo-Kazooie and spans about two years total.

    I didn't include Nuts 'N' Bolts because it takes place much too long after Banjo-Tooie, and that it wasn't a good sequel to begin with. (I never said it's not a good game, because it is. I just don't think it's a good sequel.) But you can have variant loops happen in the NNB timeline if you want.

    The system admin for this loop is Maui, a Hawaiian trickster God.

    I also plan on posting these loops on eventually as well, so I'll make sure to credit everyone.

    I believe that's it for now. I'll start posting the loops I've written so far soon.
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    Banjo may not have been the smartest being on the Isle o' Hags, especially considering his own Breegull companion Kazooie, the pair of shamans, and move-set minded moles that helped them on their adventures. But what his friends didn't realize was that his high level of common sense combined with his acute observational skills allowed him to come up with some effectively simple solutions to highly complex problems. His current predicament, however, was beyond even his level-headed trouble shooting.

    Somehow, Banjo was reliving his adventures. He would wake up on the morning that Gruntilda the witch first kidnapped his younger sister Tootie and would go through the entire quest for Jiggies, Jinjos, and Musical Notes up to the point where he and Kazooie destroyed the Hag 1. Nothing would happen for several weeks after that before he woke up once again on that first morning.

    The first time this had happened, the bear had been thoroughly confused. He tried mentioning it to Kazooie, but she brushed it off as him having a strange dream. Banjo decided to just keep his head down and see what happened. He went through the adventures at a significantly faster pace then before thanks to his new knowledge. He hoped that the faster he did them, it would fix whatever was causing this strange phenomenon.

    Unfortunately for the bear, no matter how fast he speedily ran through his quests, he would wake up back at the beginning. He was on his seventh loop of events when he realized something. Besides his memories, nothing carried over after the reset. Banjo was able to figure this out as the last battle with the Hag 1 had left him without one of his arms. It was the most gruesome wound he had ever received as was shocked and relieved when he woke with both of them still intact.

    So, as he entered Mumbo's Mountain for the seventh time, he pondered on what he should do. It was obvious now that whatever was happening was far out of Banjo's control, so what he did with his now infinite amount of time was the question. The first answer was obvious: find methods to make his and Kazooie's adventures easier. It was common sense really. The faster he defeated Grunty both times, the more time he would have for his second goal: learn as much as possible. Banjo knew he wasn't the most intelligent when it came to book smarts, and he planned on fixing that. Of course, he would have some fun along the way whenever he could. Now armed with a plan, Banjo quickly cleaned out the miniature mountain world in under ten minutes and headed off to open Treasure Trove Cove. He grinned as he thought of something that might save him the time he wanted for learning and began to cultivate it slowly as he made his way through Gruntilda's Lair...

    Two years later, Banjo and Kazooie, along with Mumbo Jumbo the skull-faced shaman and Bottles the mole were sitting at a table playing poker when his entire house began to shake violently. Banjo simply smiled and convinced Mumbo not to go check what happened. The shaman grudgingly returned to his seat and the card game continued.

    Outside, near the boulder that imprisoned Grunty, not a living thing could be seen (Klungo had been convinced early on go off and work on making video games, so he was not there trying to revive his mistress). Out of the cliff wall near the waterfall drilled the nightmarish machine of the Hag 1. It's hatch opened to reveal Gruntilda's hideous sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda. They made their way over to the boulder, but when they got within ten feet of it, explosions went off, killing the hags instantly.

    Banjo smiled once more as they heard the blasts, and convinced his friends to ignore it once again. After all, only he knew where he had placed the Proximity Eggs that he discovered in Clinker's Cavern (he had also explored the Isle o' Hags early this time) and didn't want them to succumb to them as the witches had. With another smile, he showed them his hand, a Royal Flush, and collected his winnings. Oh yes, he could get used to this.

    The first of many concepts I have.
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    Banjo stood back and watched as Mumbo Jumbo, the shaman that transformed him into useful creatures throughout his journey, battled the evil witch Gruntilda. It had taken a hundred magical Mumbo Tokens to get his power back onto the same level as the hag (which, as it turned out, was his former student and the one that had cursed him with the skull-face), but it had been worth it as he and Kazooie watched the powerful spells being shot back and forth.

    "Er... Shouldn't we be helping?" The Red Crested Breegull asked half-heartedly.

    "Do you want to get into the middle of that?" Banjo gestured towards the magical carnage around the combatants. "Besides, I think he's holding his own quite nicely."

    Even as he spoke, Mumbo cast a spell that cleaned the witch's hair and robes of it's horrid stains of motor oil grease and other, more foul substances. Screeching in outrage that her carefully cultivated filth had been stripped away, Grunty began firing spells and a faster rate. However, in her rage, her concentration slipped, which was just what Mumbo had hoped. Nimbly dodging the curses and hexes, the skull-faced shaman got into close range of the witch. With a final "Oomenacka!", he transformed her into a misshapen squash and launched it off the edge of the tower.

    "Well that was anti-climactic." Kazooie said as they watched the witch-turned-vegetable splatter against the ground far below. Mumbo panted from magic exhaustion before promptly passing out. Banjo slung him over his shoulder and headed for the trapdoor.

    "Let's get Mumbo back to his skull and then go raid Grunty's living quarters."

    "What for?"

    "For books of course!" Banjo said enthusiastically. "Who knows what kind of knowledge she has hidden in there!" Kazooie chose to stay silent, wondering where the lazy bear she once knew had gone.

    I'm not overly pleased with the ending for this one, but hey. I think Banjo is slowly turning into another Hermione Granger. Hmm... I can work with that.
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    Banjo and Kazooie, along with everyone else currently within Witchyworld, watched in fascinated awe as the big top tent at the center of the park slowly burned to the ground.

    "Who knew that all it took was some gasoline siphoned from your van form and a single Fire Egg to start this baby." Kazooie casually mentioned, as if they weren't the cause of the arson in the first place.

    "And with Mr. Patch trapped inside, we'll be getting a Jiggy without a fight for once." Banjo noted with equal ease.

    At that moment, said Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing burst from the smoldering remains of his lair and roared in outrage. It turned out, he was made of a completely fireproof material, including his patches. Luckily, those still popped when hit with an explosive.

    The following battle that ensued was both long and difficult, destroying most of the amusement park. Needless to say, it was some of the most fun Banjo (and Kazooie, even though she was still unaware of the resetting timeline) had in a while and vowed to try and repeat level-wide battles with the other bosses they would eventually encounter.

    Short and sweet. Although, I feel Banjo is becoming a strange combination of his own laid back nature, Kazooie's snarky-ness, and Hermione's thirst for knowledge based off what I see in my own writing. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

    On a side noted, I'm going to need to write their first fused loop eventually and don't know who I should have introduce them to the multi-verse. I've considered Hermione (for her love of books and knowledge), Trixie (for her love of things that go boom), and Rock Lee (for the shock value) for that position but am not sure I'll portray them correctly.
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    "I have a something that's been bothering me Mumbo." Banjo told the shaman after being transformed back from being a walrus.

    "What question does bear have for Mumbo?"

    "Well, how do you get between each of your skulls in each world?"

    "Mumbo show you. Stand on pad." Banjo did as told and stood on the skull shaped magic pad. Mumbo began chanting before pointing his wand at him and blasting him with some magic. Banjo felt like he was being squeezed through a straw sideways as he was teleported. When the horrible sensation stopped, he looked around. He was still in Mumbo's skull, but the shaman was nowhere to be seen. He wandered outside and discovered he was now in Mumbo's Mountain. A flash came from inside the shaman's home and Banjo went back inside to find Mumbo sitting down on his chair.

    "You can teleport between worlds?" Banjo unnecessarily asked.

    "Yes. But cannot go to skulls in closed worlds. Must wait for bear and bird to open them." Mumbo explained. Banjo sighed in disappointment. He was hoping to bypass several worlds and just head to Click Clock Wood.

    "Oh well. Do you think you can send us back to Freezeezy Peak?"

    "Yes. Stand on pad."

    Eh. Not long or interesting, but explains a question I've had about Mumbo for awhile now.
  6. Like I said before, your loops are good. I won't be contributing much because I never completed any of the Banjo games.
  7. Two hours and ten minutes.

    Gruntilda stared in absolute disbelief as the bear and buzzard appeared from the portal to take on her 'Furnace Fun' quiz.

    'They spent so little time in my levels that they won't have learned all of the answers.' She thought to herself.

    The bear stepped onto the first tile above the lava before she could even make her speech. Taking it in stride, she began to say the first question.


    "Talon Trot." Called out the bear.

    For those of you gameplay inclined.
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    Ha! Good one Taron! That one actually never came to me! Definitely going to include it in the collection!
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    And now, for the shortest loop ever.

    A voice ringing out was the first thing he became aware of.


    He then found himself on some sort of lunar surface.

    "How did I get here?" He asked himself.

    Before he could do anything, everything went black to a voice shouting out once more.

    "THE END."

    When he woke up in his home back on Spiral Mountain, Banjo decided to never mention the seven second experience to anyone.

    Yup, Banjo's first fused loop lasted seven seconds.
  10. what's it crossed with?
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    How about a loop that was a bit longer than usual and Banjo decided to stay in shape until the events of Nuts & Bolts comes about and won the little race at the start?
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    OracleMask You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Why can I only like it once???? >.<
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    dwennon: It's crossed with the ASDF movies.

    Malbutorius: Hmm... Maybe. But that would a loooong time with nothing for him to do.

    OracleMask: Haha, thanks. It means a lot that a veteran looper enjoys my snippets.
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    "Well this is... different." Banjo said as he studied his wings. Somehow, he was now a blue-crested breegull.

    "Erm... Banjo?"

    "Yes Kazooie?" He replied without thinking.

    "Weren't you the bear and I the breegull?" This caused Banjo to look up. Sitting on the bed was a confused looking bear with red head fur staring at her paws.

    "Wait, you remember all that?"

    "Of course I do!" The newly minted bear huffed.

    "How many times have we defeated Grunty?" Banjo hastily asked, just to make sure.

    "Technically three. Although you did most of the work when she changed the past."

    "Oh thank goodness! I'm not alone anymore..." Banjo heaved a sigh of relief.

    "What do you mean alone?" Kazooie asked as she still got used to her new body.

    "Well, we're caught in... I guess the proper term would be a time loop. After we defeat the Hag 1, time resets to the morning Tooty is first kidnapped. I was the only one who knew what was going on for awhile..."

    "Huh. Weird. Any idea what causes it?" She stood and wobbled around unsteadily as she got used to her new center of gravity.

    "Nope." He replied, shrugging his wings. "I've just been learning what I can so we can beat Grunty faster. And before you ask, I have no idea why we switched places."

    "Well, this should be interesting at least." Kazooie stretched, finally comfortable in her fur. "Shall we go?"


    With that, she slipped on the yellow backpack Banjo was in and headed out the door.

    Introducing Banji-Kazoo. I would imagine that Kazooie would just go with the flow with anything, which is why she isn't really questioning what's going on.
  15. Nice loop. Maybe the 'welcome to the multiverse' speech could be given by the tailspin cast, or one piece.
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    Hmm... Maybe. I'm not overly familiar with those two franchises. I was thinking of having either Trixie replace Humba or Rock Lee replace bottles and go from there.
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    You can use this if you want, since, well, Trixie lives in a Wagon.
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    I was actually thinking of having the tent replaced with a giant version of her hat.
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    The reason I said her Wagon/Trailer thing was so that you could put paintings of her all over the walls, I would think that she would do that, and who's pulling it? Why Snips and Snails of course!
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    Are Snips and Snails even looping? Otherwise, they won't appear in the loop at all.
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    Well, Snips is looping, and a character doesn't need to be awake in order to be in a fusion.
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    Hmm... Good point. However, I'm still going to have it be her hat.
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    I don't think it fits the theme too well (Considering that she's not an Indian, so why would she use a glorified teepee?), but hey, its your story.
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    Well it's a fused loop, so anything can happen.
  25. OathToOblivion


    Speaking as someone who's parents are actually from India, I take offense to this. The least you could do is append "American" in front of that, or say "Native American"...