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    That's a bit of an understatement, I would say...
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    So, a new thread, hum?

    Well, I guess it's that time again.

    Cobalt R&D - bringing light out of darkness

    4:34 AM, Cobalt Construction HQ

    Satsuki slumped bonelessly on an office chair and gave the rest of her team an envious glare.

    Yuna was lying gracelessly on her side on the couch - and Rieko had sacked out on Cobalt's chair, in a example of daring she wouldn't herself have even thought about.

    The director was handsome, charming, and - once she'd learned how to sense him magically - just a little terrifying.

    Of course Reiko ignored it entirely.

    "Think he'll be mad?" Reiko asked wearily, proving her somewhat wrong and Satsuki blew a strand of green hair out of her eyes a moment then shrugged.

    "We're his sailor team." Yuna said wearily from her so-not-moving on the office couch she'd dragged into the room. "'s the only warded room."

    "Yeah, he'll probably only be mad if we try to get into his things." Reiko said, and slumped a little.

    Silence followed.

    Almost silence, any way. The faint sounds of someone trying to open a locked desk drawer with a paperclip had the other two settling deeper into their places of collapse.

    "Sailor Industry." The fourth team member said archly, "It is nice to know that one of my team still has energy. But he will, in fact, be angry if you break into his desk."

    There was a flash and a soft /Fumph/ then and Misaki Reiko tumbled out of the CEO's chair nursing a slightly burned hand with a curse, black hair falling messily into her eyes.

    "He wards them, too." Chroma added to her scolding from - still well below head level. A cat sitting on the floor didn't loom very well.

    "So I notice!" The girl grumbled, picking herself back up and falling into the chair. "..just don't want to sleep."

    "Regrets?" The cat asked softly, and Reiko hunched her shoulders at the suggestion.

    " I saved people today. That' to mean something." She said. "Right?"

    "We did." Sagara Satsuki confirmed faintly, brushing a lock of the green stripe through her hair aside.

    "Right." Reiko turned towards the other person in the room for a moment and then back to Satsuki helplessly as Yuna didn't reply at first.

    "People died." Yuna's voice when she did was tired and empty, and in just a little pained, but she turned over anyway, showing the bandages from the cuts she'd gotten fighting the bad side of a work crew.

    "Not the ones we saved, but..that office, people died." Brown eyes closed for a moment then opened again before turning to Chroma. "Normal people we couldn't reach, didn't even know to look for."

    "I saw one of the other Sailors take out five of those things at once. And jump to the roof of a five story building. A girl half my age! Why couldn't we do more?" Sailor Efficiency asked softly in Yuna's place after a moment and got a weary close of the eyes.

    "There is a method we know to increase your power more quickly. But it's no use if it kills you." Chroma said softly. "You hadn't the experience or the skill - There hasn't been time for your power to mature enough for the next level."

    Another moment of quiet was shared between the three before Satsuki asked, "How much more experience and training do we need now?"

    "More than you think." The cat said softly. "Let me tell you about Super Yamiko."

    Those Left Behind Spinny

    Halarown household

    5:10 AM

    The day was starting much to early...but being up in time to be up first was part of the job.

    Lindy collected coffee - made /not/ by the culinary talents of the household this time, but a pot warming in the kitchen possibly since last night - and added sugar, sugar, cream, cream, and chocolate, then slipped into the one room that was open.

    Sailor V was lying under a blanket with her companion hovering over her for a moment, and the other looked so worried that Lindy took the time to ask the other person on guard what had happened to her.

    'She attacked a factory on her own a little while ago' Arf mentally said. '..she smells like grief, but no-one's dead that I heard.'

    "How is she?" Lindy asked softly and the Sailor Senshi's doctor gave her a very tired look from where she was hovering over a sleeping Sailor Venus.

    "Physically - only exhausted." Ami said after a moment. "Mentally...she needs to talk to someone."

    "And I think she'd rather be crucified than talk to -me-." It came out slightly more bewildered than she'd expected it too.

    The blue haired genius scrubbed a hand over her face a moment and then shook her head.

    "I don't know why. But I know when the why happened."

    "Oh?" Lindy asked softly and got a wry look.

    "...I shouldn't be telling you this, but she can't keep hiding it from everyone. It just hurts her worse every time it gets brought up and she doesn't tell someone." Mecury de-activated her visor and transformation with a sigh. "Maybe this time she won't be able to brush it off."

    "Sometimes," Lindy said softly, "Those we care about are the very last people we want to burden. I have two young children who are very like that. And I have been accused of the vice myself. When my husband died, if not for a good rival..."

    Letti had possibly saved her life at the time. Certainly had saved her family, at the very least, before Chrono had become aware of how close she was getting to breaking down at the time.

    "Whatever it is happened when we died the first time I think. Or before." Ami told her. "That's all I know." She closed her eyes tightly. "I think that may be all I want to know. But I have to and I'll see that she tells me when she wakes up. If I have to have the princess -order- her to."

    "Have you slept at all?" Lindy asked her and got a red-eyed shake of the head no. "Use my room if you like and please. There is no use in us exhausting ourselves that way."

    "And I was just telling someone else that." Ami mused. "Thank you, Admiral Lindy. And...don't spread that around? She wouldn't want me to."

    "Of course." Lindy said, and watched her go.

    And waited quietly, patiently, until Aino Minako sat up with a raw sounding sigh.

    "Pretending to be asleep may not be entirely clever. That sounded like a threat to me." Lindy observed at the young woman and got a lidded-eyed look.

    "It was." Minako said faintly. "...but she has no idea how much."

    The detransformed Senshi pulled hands out from under her blanket and stared at them for a little while before looking back up at her.

    "Does it ever stop hurting?" She asked finally. "When - your husband. Only - " She shuddered and looked away from Lindy's face.

    "Oh." Lindy said quietly as understanding struck her. " were involved - married? In the previous era."

    A faint shake of the head. "Not married. It was forbidden." Minako rasped. "It might have been easier if we were."

    "And he was not reincarnated -" Lindy started faintly, then stopped at the expression on the younger womans face.

    It looked very much as if she'd just been somehow stabbed.

    "He was." She disagreed. "But - by then he belonged to the enemy." Her hands closed tightly and Lindy felt her lips compress to a tight line.

    "But you remember what he was before." Lindy said softly, watching those hands and coming to a firm, horrible conclusion. "No. It never really does. But I can bear the pain if I remember the good times."

    "I've killed him myself three times now." Minako said faintly. "Last night - it was just wearing his face. But I can't - talk to the others about this. I /can't/. They don't - they don't remember that well. If I did they might. I won't do this to them."

    A soft, sharp breath hissed into Lindy's mouth then as she caught the implication and forced herself to stand still.

    "You weren't the only one to - have a lover then." Lindy said compassionately, seating herself on the bed - not close enough for an embrace, they weren't that close, herself and this young woman - but close enough to just /be/ there.

    "All of us." Minako said faintly. "In the inner guard at least. Only the Prince stayed uncorrupted. Our Princess is so lucky in that."

    "Does she know?" Lindy asked after while of listening to Minako's raw breathing and got a startled look.

    "Why would *you* think that Ser- that Usagi could know?" Minako asked, wide eyed and Lindy gave her a compassionate smile as she considered that very telling moment of the girl starting to call Usagi by an entirely different name.

    "I haven't know you all for very long. But Miss Tsukino is very protective of you in her own way." Lindy said, then added in a significantly less serious tone. "And not, so far as I have observed, plotting every waking moment to marry off her circle of extremely attractive female friends to keep her husband safe."

    For a moment Minako just looked stunned, before disolving into a rough chortle. "Mamoru?!" She asked disbelievingly, then trailed off into silence.

    "None of us would ever do such a thing." Minako said, omitting from mention certain incidents involving the Prince and a fire priestess very early on. "You don't believe it of him, first off. Not him, nor the rest of us either...but that's telling, isn't it."

    Lindy tapped her lips softly. "Yes, I think so."

    "She hasn't said anything. That's so her." Minako sighed. "..I don't...I knew Kunzite for less than a year, as him. Less than that, really. A few handfuls of days chasing around a disobedient Princess who wanted to play in a forbidden garden with this guy she'd met."

    "He was my enemy for far longer. He almost killed the princess." She added, then slumped. "Every time I see him - think of him - before he was evil, it rips my heart to pieces. So I try not to think of him at all."

    Lindy reached over carefully to put one firm hand on the younger woman's shoulder and said softly, "It never stops hurting. But it will never hurt less if you always run away from him."

    Venus - and she simply suddenly /was/ Venus right there, looked up at her sharply, eyes bright with tears that weren't entirely grief at the suggestion that she was doing so.

    "If you loved him," Lindy told her softly, refusing to be intimidated by the warrior rising up in those eyes, "The memory of who you loved deserves more than to be forgotten. He's still here." Lindy closed her other hand over her own heart. "What became of him is gone."

    Venus covered her face with her hands and shook for a long while, still not crying, and when she brought her hands away from her face, her eyes were looking far away at something else.

    "I'll try." She said softly and tried a sad, half bitter smile. "It's...not like everything else has been working."

    "Get some rest." Lindy told her then. "And...if you want to talk about it more, I can find time."

    Sailor V is for Vendetta Spinny

    Cobalt eyed his team with quiet menace - and his cat with a somewhat disapproving eye.

    "Super Yamiko." He said softly at them all. "Sailor Nothing would reduce me to a dark splotch on the wall if I used that technique again. Which means, ladies, that if you are determined to do this, you don't need to convince me."

    He smiled crookedly. "You need to convince *her*."
  3. Nice.

    As a note I added some soundtrackiness to the OP. Anyone can feel free to suggest additions to it.

    And yes the last one is a joke. MLA stands for Magical Lesbian Alliance. Since a chunk of the MGA are lesbians. :p
  4. .............Well. Someone's playing with fire. Or utter entropic annihilation. You know. One of them.

    Excellent as ever.
  5. Goblin, remove the IRC from there, or at least lock it under a password you only pass to the people involved on the project.

    It keeps telling me there's already a Dan-heron in there. Obviously not me
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    BTRR got a forum because it had loads of threads that were clogging up the main page, and many of the people involved were so incredibly shitty that the rest of CrW didn't want to deal with them, so the mods sectioned them off and let them fester to death.

    I came here with the very specific purpose of kicking heads and keeping that from happening, if you want to know.
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  7. kk. It's not my channel so when...whoever it was that started it get's back we can have them pw it.

    @havocfett: ahhh alright. Well I suppose we could do without. Just seems like being able to divide things up would make it easier on us.
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    You don't need a subforum to divide things up. Just be sane about it.
  9. True.


    So let's see, the main group is going to talk about stuff once we are all on. atm I think it's just me and Gamlain of the cores that are on. So we can't advance the important stuff, but while we are waiting on that what sub stuff can we advance?

    Soundtrack ideas, arc one ideas, organization ideas, etc etc.
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    Yeah, it's a bit out of date, considering that it is due for a few important revisions to details, and considering that I'm currently on the fence about returning to the project as a writer. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to continue working for it, even if just as a side story (with perhaps a new plotline), but at the same time, I have other fics that demand my attention more, I've got a case of writer's block, and I'm waiting for the current storm to blow over a bit before I decide on if I want back in.
  11. I'm sorry to the people in the IRC. I just can't log in after hours of trying.
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    Web Irc is about as stable as a haystack. It works much better with an actual IRC client. mibbit and mirc seem to get stable connections.
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    Here are some suggestions, besides the official OST of every series that is, they should be in there by default.

    The White Devil

    Jet Set Radio - Magical Girl
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    Earlier there was some talk of incapacitating Usagi in Act 2 to avoid hax abilities and such and show some danger. Have you considered using Kiritsugu's Origin Bullets for this?

    Bear with me, I don't mean that Kiritsugu should shoot her, but perhaps they were stolen from him or the MA managed to create slightly inferior copies by studying the ones he'd used in the past. Since the bullets break apart the Magic Circuits (Linker Core, or however else you choose to describe it) and put it back together incorrectly it can't be really healed because it's already "healed", it's just healed wrong. Like a broken bone that's healed badly, and like such a bone the only way to fix it would be to re-break those circuits to heal them properly. A dangerous and time consuming process, assuming the victim survives being hit to begin with, and they'll be completely incapable of using magic until its fixed. Something that could take months, or even years (I'm going to assume that the advanced medicine available to the TSAB would make it possible). That would put her out for the duration and scare/piss off everyone in the MGA, wouldn't it? :drevil:
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    Problem: origin bullets are made using bone powder from Kiritsugu's own body. The origin in them that gives those bullets their effect is also unique to him so far as we know. The Association also doesn't use guns, not even the Enforcers. That anti-tech thing they have going on is pretty severe
  16. I suggested before that she gets hit from behind while charging an attack. Her own energies running wild and damaging her internally should do it. She has to recover naturally over a long period of time or the mechanism that allows her to channel magic through her body might short out again doing even more damage.

    Having Usagi as the "den mother" and a leading public face of the Alliance might make for a good way to prevent her from Silver Plot Haxxing her way through any major enemies or events. And she can help other girls by showing them that even if they can't help in a fight they can still do things to help out their comrades.

    God have mercy on the soul of poor fool who hit her from behind as there is now way in hell he or she is surviving. Pissing off all of the remaining Senshi is a quick way to die. They may be nice people, but when you push the right buttons you are toast.
  17. Oni

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    Hence the "Inferior" part, although they do have his father Emiya Noritaka's body don't they? Would that work I wonder... Instead of bullets they could create daggers, or crossbow bolts, etc. They could also try to create Mystic Codes with similar principles, so they'd work just not as well. Things like that.

    edit: Besides, I'm there's an Enforcer or two willing to swallow their pride enough to use a gun. :p
  18. Oni, Origin is related to the soul. It is not really something you inherit unlike, elemental affinities or Sorcery Traits (Einzbern's "Wishing" letting them bypass spell setup to get to the desired effect) which can be passed down through lineage. And even then in Nasuverse Elements can be changed, although it is quite painful to do so. Origin is something you are stuck with as it is the deepest level of your Soul, it's literal Origin from which it was built.

    Unless your Shirou Emiya then you can get away with changing it.:D

    Really it's been contradicted a bit in cannon, but that is the way it is supposed to work. Until it gets contradicted in an interview or other Word of God thing. And remember Kiritsugu was rare in that he had a Dual Origin of two different Concepts which he was able to make work together. And he likely kept exactly what he was doing a secret, in order to preserve his edge over his targets. So how does the MA find out about and replicate his Origin Bullets?
  19. Oni

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    I'm sure there were plenty of wealthy, powerful people in the clock tower investigating him over the years. Probably investigating his kills, they'd be able to figure out what happened to them if not the precise how. If his fathers bones won't work they could, as I said, steal the bullets he's got left (that's what, 29?) and find an Enforcer willing to use (or learn to use) a gun. Not out of the realms of possibility.

    Besides, given infinite funding I'm sure someone at the Clock Tower could create an artificial Mystic Code that could accomplish something similar. Again, not impossible.
  20. That discussion should go on hold, we are considering a rewrite and the second arc stuff is looking like the most likely target for getting axed, as it's caused the biggest problems.

    We want to focus on arc one main story, arc one side stories, soundtrack, world building, and anything that's relatively secondary to the rest of our stuff.

    I'm also working on MGifying BTVS, anyone who knows about buffy or angel is encouraged to assist, I work infinitely better with a partner then alone.
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    Nope. Shirou's origin is swords. It always was swords, it always will be swords. The person Shirou was before who didn't have swords as his origin was wiped away in the Great Fuyuki Fire.

    It's not a matter of pride, it's a matter of a deeply-ingrained attitude that magic does everything better and technology is for the poor shmucks who don't have magic circuits. That's one of the things that makes Kiritsugu so effective, he knows that's bullshit and uses the arrogance of his magi opponents against them.

    Except Kiritsugu is a heretic by magi standards and thus his methods of killing magi are not worth studying.

    Oi! Don't just decide that on your own! We still haven't heard anything from Desu yet!
  22. I'm just saying further discussion on arc 2+ should be on hold until we solve things. We should focus on what is very unlikely to get cut, not what IS must likely to get cut.

    Also I wanted help with the BTVS conversion. There's a film, 12 seasons and the EU stuff like books and comics to sift through for what can be converted and what can't.
  23. In regards to Origins. A person's Origin is something that describes who they are on a fundamental level. Using Shirou as an example, his Origin is "Swords." That is what he is. He is a blade meant to protect others and to be shattered if necessary to protect them. A person's Origin can in fact change naturally. It just requires something so sever that it changes a person down to the very core of their identity. Again; using Shirou as an example, when his Origin became "Swords" it was because of his utter lose of memory from before the fire, combined with his reaction to seeing Kiritsugu's happy face at saving him that altered his original Origin.

    As for using the Bullets to take Usagi down. Frankly I'm not sure it would be possible for the Origin Bullets to bring her down. Usagi is the Senshi of the Moon. She has an absolutely colossal amount of magical power even using the Anime as her limits. I just have trouble believing that an Origin born from a human would be capable of seriously injuring the embodiment of the Moon's power.

    Then again, I am thinking of this in Nasu terms in which not much would be able to phase any of the Senshi.

    Idea. We've pretty much decided that Usagi goes down in this Arc right? It's a total cop out if she goes down like a mook. Instead, let's send her off with a bang. We never really figured out how exactly all of the Corrupted Paradoxes would be purified and the Fusion/Angra/Sludge thing goes down. How about Usagi uses the Silver Crystal to blow it up and purify all of the Corrupted Paradoxes in one go. This weakens her immensely as using the Silver Crystal always does. As she's recovering, the Enforcers attack and Usagi protects some low tier and/or heavily injured MGs. She gives them enough time to escape and goes down taking the Enforcers with her.

    Using the Silver Crystal with the Masquerade down also sends up the magical equivalent of a supernova to those who are looking. This causes Atlas to take a serious look at the Senshi and thus figure out what they are and what that means regarding the World's Destruction.

    Thus do we smite multiple birds with one stone. We destroy Fusion/Angra/Whatever the hell it is, purify the Corrupted Paradoxes, kill off a character no one would expect, have her go down awesomely, and tip off Atlas as to what is really going on with the MGs.

  24. Darth Artemis

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    Why the fuck would we cut anything? We fixed the problems with the Association in a way that even fett is satisfied with. Don't jump straight to carving out whole chunks of the project just because we have arguments about them!

    You're going to need to give me a couple of damn good reasons why we should even consider using BTVS instead of the Association goblin. I don't care if you hate the Nasuverse and you're eager to cut it out of the equation. You're not doing so without the approval of the whole thread.

    It wouldn't have to cut off Usagi's connection to the moon, just her body's connection to her Star Seed. Eliminate her ability to call up her magic at will, not the fact that she has magic to begin with.