Battle of the Sheps

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  1. Inspired by this thread.

    After several catastrophic incidents and a cruel and unusual ROB, five distinct yet connected characters must fight to get back to the realities they know and love. Everything from gun laws to familiar faces to world-ending superweapons stand in their way. Will at least one of them succeed, or will they accidentally destroy present-day Earth? Find out on...


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    Chapter One - Setting The Stage:
    Chapter Two - The Sheps Have Landed:
    Chapter Three - The Chase:
    Chapter Four - The Real Commander Shepard:
    Chapter Five - Shopping:
    Chapter Six - Attack of the Sheps:
    Chapter Seven - Pizza and Revelations:
    Chapter Eight - The Family:
    Chapter Nine - Grand Conspiracy Theory:
    Chapter Ten - Shock and Awe:
    Chapter Eleven - Interregnum:
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  2. Battle of The Sheps
    Chapter One: Setting the Stage

    The Collector Base mission had gone off without a hitch. The Normandy had taken a lot of damage, but the advanced systems that had recently been installed held. There were some unexpected threats and some tense moments in the base, but they pulled through. Shepard was happy. Thanks to good planning and preparation, they hadn't lost anyone. After passing through the Omega 4 Relay for a second time, the Normandy proceeded at a leisurely pace towards Omega.

    Commander Jane Shepard was about to take off her armor and relax when the ship shuddered. The light flickered and EDI said something about a subspace anomaly. Sighing, Shepard headed down to the CIC, purposely using the maintenance shaft instead of the elevator. She landed heavily when the ship shuddered again. Picking herself up, Shepard dashed through the CIC into the cockpit.

    “Joker, what's going on?” she asked.

    “I don't know!” the pilot replied. “I've lost control of the ship and Mom here says that half our systems are down.”

    “Well what's attacking us?” Shepard asked.

    “We are not being attacked,” the AI explained. “We are experiencing a subspace disturbance.” Almost on cue, the ship shook again. A console exploded in the CIC as a hull breach opened up two decks below.

    “Can we ride it out?” the Commander queried.

    “It's not like we have much of a damn choice,” Joker said, fighting with the controls.

    Shepard keyed the intercom. “This is Commander Shepard speaking. We are experiencing a spacial anomaly. Please secure yourself and brace for impact.”

    Another wave of energy slammed into the Normandy, then another and another. When it finally stopped, most of the lights were out and the ship had several hull breaches. Shepard was glad she was still wearing her armor, complete with helmet. “Status report, EDI.”

    “Main reactor is offline. Kinetic barriers are down. Life support is at minimum capacity. Element Zero core is destabilizing. Recommend immediate evacuation.”

    “Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me the ship is going to explode?” Joker asked.


    “Is there anything we can do about it?” Shepard asked.


    Shepard keyed the intercom. “All hands, abandon ship. Repeat, all hands abandon ship. This is not a drill.”

    “Commander,” EDI added. “The escape pods will not escape the blast radius of the Normandy. However the Normandy could be manoeuvred to a safe distance.”

    “Damn it,” Shepard said, and made the decision in an instant. “Joker, get to the escape pod. I'm staying.”

    “Commander, if I was linked into the-” EDI was cut off.

    “No,” Shepard said. She keyed the intercom again. “Legion, please grab EDI's bluebox on your way out.”

    “Commander-” Joker began.

    “Get the hell out of here!” Shepard roared. Moments later, Joker was in the escape pod. Shepard watched as it ejected, leaving her alone on the dying ship. The light were flickering red, various alarms beeping. There was still air in the cockpit, but not in the main CIC a few meters aft.

    Commander Shepard wasted no time getting on the controls. As she steered the Normandy toward oblivion, she wondered what would become of her crew. Wondered if they'd care to bring her back again- if they could bring her back again. Wondered if there was a heaven or hell. Wondered if she would be with Kaidan soon.

    Without warning, the ship shuddered again, hit by an unseen force. The energy was enough to finish the uncontrollable reactor overload, tearing the ship to pieces in a fiery explosion. Shepard felt herself get thrown against a bulkhead.

    Then the world went black.

    “Oh, you have got to be kidding me, Rodney!” Colonel John Sheppard shouted at Dr. McKay. They were deep inside a Wraith ship, hurtling uncontrollably towards a black hole. They were cut off from their Puddle Jumper, surrounded by Wraith drones on all sides. The Daedalus had arrived, but they couldn't contact them. “Can't you reverse our course?”

    “No!” Rodney McKay squeaked, hammering on his tablet. Beside him, Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla fired their weapons into the advancing crowds of life-sucking aliens.

    “What about beaming us out?” Sheppard asked, slamming a fresh magazine onto his P90. “Can you contact the Daedalus?”

    “Maybe,” the scientist said. A moment later, he had jury-rigged a communications link. “Got it.”

    “Daedalus, this is Colonel Sheppard, do you read?” John asked as he gunned down another Wraith. They just kept coming. Throwing their leader off a top building really pissed them off. “Request immediate beam out.”

    “This is Daedalus, we read you loud and clear,” Colonel Caldwell's voice crackled. “However the singularity is interfering with our transporters. You're going to have to get closer to the outside of the ship.”

    “You have got to be kidding me!” Sheppard yelled. “To the dart bay, move!”

    Rodney hurriedly disconnected his tablet, drawing an M9 pistol. The group dashed out the least-congested exit, running to the dart bay by sheer dead reckoning. They gunned down any Wraith they saw, narrowly missing several stunner blasts. Mere metres from the dart bay, their luck ran out. A stunner hit Sheppard in the leg, dropping him stone cold.

    “Sheppard!” McKay shouted, turning back to get his friend.

    Teyla stopped him. “We have to leave him.”

    “Can you beam them out yet?” Colonel Caldwell asked. They were getting precariously close to the black hole. Past a certain point, they wouldn't be able to escape the gravity well. To make matters worse, the Wraith ship was firing at them, causing even more strain on the Daedalus' shields.

    “I can get three of them,” Major Marks replied. “The fourth one is iffy, sir.”

    “We can't wait any longer, beam them out now,” Caldwell ordered.

    “Yes, sir.” In a flash of light, Ronon, Teyla and Rodney appeared safely on the bridge of the Daedalus. “Having trouble with the fourth contact... damn it to hell!”

    “Do you have him?” Caldwell asked, concerned.

    Marks shook his head. “Colonel Sheppard is gone, sir,” he said sadly. As the Earth ship pulled away from the black hole, the Wraith hive-ship continued onwards. The gravity tore the ship- and all its occupants- to pieces long before it hit the event horizon.

    Corporal Adrian Shephard woke up in the middle of... nothingness. It was totally black as far as the eye could see, except for a man a mere arm's length away from him. The man was creepy in a word, with a square face, pale skin, green eyes and a perfectly tailored suit.

    Shephard had seen the man a few times before, all in the Black Mesa facility- or what was left of it. Shephard was a Marine, assigned to a special Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, equipped with the latest equipment and the best training. They were sent in to clean up the mess that was Black Mesa- but they weren't prepared and most of them were wiped out. After they decided to pull out and nuke the place, Shephard was left behind. He fought through hoards aliens from not one but two alternate dimensions, finally confronting their big boss and successfully defeating it. Then the man in the suit showed up and whisked him away.

    “Corporal Shephard,” the suit began in his strange lispy voice. “I trust your rest was peaceful. I do not wish to allow you to leave, however my... superiors have made that decision for me. I do not know where you are going, but rest assured you are needed for a good reason.”

    Adrian didn't have time to say a word before the world went black again.

    Lieutenant General Shepherd sighed. Thirty thousand men dead in the Middle East. Another ten thousand so far in the war against Ultranationalist Russia. It was his war, of course, but not for the first time he wondered if it was the right thing to do. He was commander of the entire US military now. With that power, he could make the United States the most powerful nation in the world. Of course it was worth it.

    Task Force 141 was the cutting edge of his blade, the most elite forces in the world. The comparison was apt- Shepherd thought of them as tools. Tools to be used and disposed of when necessary.

    “General Shepherd, it's ready. Just waiting on your order, sir.” The “it” the aide was referring to was a massive energy pulse weapon. Built in absolute secrecy, it was located in the heart of Washington, D.C., deep underground and safe from the war above. The device had cost five hundred billion dollars to develop and build, more than twice the entire US black budget would have been able to provide in the ten year development time. The General didn't know the details, but supposedly it could obliterate any city in the world with pinpoint accuracy. That was scary.

    He only learned of it after the crisis had begun.

    “Very well. Begin the firing sequence.” On his order, massive doors opened in the ceiling of the complex, obliterating several empty husks of buildings. The device was spooled up, all the reactors brought up to full power and electricity dumped into huge supercapacitor banks. Vats of liquid helium poured into the device, keeping the superconductors at their operational temperature. The process was quick, and the device fired before the invading Russians could so much as toss a grenade into the delicate workings.

    Unfortunately, another event happened at the same time. In low Earth orbit, a nuclear missile detonated. The blast wave was fairly minor, and the thermal effects nearly nonexistent. The EMP proceeded to knock out every power grid in North America and take out the EMP-hardened electronics of every military vehicle in Washington. The energy pulse also initiated a feedback pulse in the energy weapon. The energy coming in from the reactors was trapped in the device. Before anyone could react, the device exploded with tremendous force, reducing Washington to a smoking crater. Small but highly energetic subatomic particles caused local damage to the fabric of space-time, but the effects were drowned out in the sea of more conventional destruction.

    “...accused criminal mysteriously found dead. Federal agents refused to comment on the matter. In other news, a mysterious but harmless stellar anomaly is passing near Earth tonight. The anomaly is-”

    NCIS Director Jenny Shepard turned off the TV. Her organization investigated some of the most important case in the world and nobody even knew what NCIS was. Her teams- especially Gibbs' team- had taken down arms dealers, terrorists, and even an occasional foreign agent. They had saved the nation from disaster more than once and never been credited for it. All part of the job.

    As she drifted off to sleep, Jenny pondered how Agent Gibbs got his boats out of his basement.
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    I have no idea what to think.

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    This is beyond insane...:D:D:D:D
  5. This is absolutely fantastic and needs to continue so much it's not even funny.
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    Epic...No this is far above Epic!
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    Is really good, epic, but is most absolutely weird idea that I have see.
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    Strangely, i agree with you.
  10. I have to wait and see more.

    But I think this could go somewhere really good.
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    I recognize all the sheps save one.... Ultramilitarist Russia?
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, yo!
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    And strangely enough I have to agree. This is probably one of the weirdest ideas I've ever seen...

    Got more? :D :cool:
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    Scene breaks... gotta add some scene breaks.

    Otherwise, eagerly looking forward for more.

    Although (General) Shepherd's super weapon made me laugh. I wonder if Price knew about it...

    Wait one moment! That's the Allies Proton Collider, isn't it? Clever. Poor Ramirez and Dunn though, at least the former won't be ordered to do something suicidal by Sargent Foley ever again.
  16. Battle of the Sheps - Chapter 2

    Battle of The Sheps
    Chapter Two - The Sheps Have Landed


    NCIS Director Shepard was not one to jump to conclusions. Still, with no memory past going to sleep last night and ending up in an abandoned apartment, it was hard not to. She felt mostly fine except for a headache, so at least it wasn't a psychopath. Did they kidnap her for a ransom, or to get back at NCIS? And who was the kidnapper?

    As she woke up more, Jenny realized that she was not tied down in any way. She also realized that she still had her gun, badge, and pocket lint. Getting up, she looked around. It was an abandoned apartment- that assertion was correct. The walls were filthy, the windows gone and the furniture destroyed. Bugs and rats had moved in to feed on whatever was left behind. Among the dirt was a bright white envelope, which she immediately picked up.

    Inside was a cellphone, which she pocketed, and a wallet. Inside the wallet was a driver's license in her name with her picture, but in much better condition than her real one, credit cards (in her name), and $200 in cash. She pocketed those items carefully and unfolded the perfectly-folded letter. There wasn't a lot written on it, but what was on it chilled her to the bone.

    Dear NCIS Director Jenny Shepard

    By act of CROB, you have been brought to an alternate universe. All your friends are gone. There is one way, and only one way to escape. Kill your adversaries.

    Your targets are:

    Colonel John Sheppard
    Commander Jane Shepard
    Corporal Adrian Shephard
    General Shepherd


    P.S. Smile, you're on TV!


    One of the hoods kicked the oddly shaped lump. The alley was unlit in the dark night, and they could barely make out the shape. “Looks like a woman, but messed up,” he drawled.

    “That's 'cause yo high,” his buddy said, jogging over. “She looks alright to me.” He kicked the woman. “Hey, miss, wake up.”

    “I think she's dead,” the first hood said.

    “Naw, she ain't dead,” the second argued. “See? She's breathing.”

    “Yeah, well, she must be knocked out or somethin',” his friend replied, moving closer to examine the woman more closely. “You got a light?”

    “Why, for your joint?” the other quipped. He flicked his lighter anyway, revealing a woman in oddly angular yet curvy futuristic armor that covered the whole body. Beside her lay a pistol and an envelope. “What the fuck?”

    “Looks like some kinda super armor,” the first hood said after a pause. He picked up the large pistol. “Damn, this thing is big. One hell of a gun.” The man aimed the pistol at the side of a building and experimentally pulled the trigger. With a tremendous report, a large hole appeared in the masonry.

    “Fuck, man!” The second hood shouted. “You can't just shoot a gun like that! The cops will be onto us in no time.”

    Commander Shepard's eyes snapped open as the gunshot shocked her awake. Her head hurt, her body hurt, and she had no idea where she was. “Calm your shit, man,” she heard a street-hood voice say. “Let's just take her shit and get outta here.”

    “I don't know, man.” The second hood backed away. “That's some weird shit, like military shit. Do you know what they do to people who mess with that? Gitmo, that's what.”

    “All right, more for me then.” The hood shrugged and reached for the woman. In an instant, she grabbed his arm in an incredibly strong grip.

    “No one's taking anything,” Shepard said forcefully, getting to her feet. The hood found himself slammed up against the wall. He tried to wriggle free, but the woman was incredibly strong and held him fast. He slammed his fist into the woman's gut, pain shooting up his arm as his knuckles broke against her solid armor.

    The other hood, still carrying Shepard's M-6 Carnifex, ran out of the alleyway. He was a pretty fast runner, a track star before being kicked out of high school five years ago. Certainly faster than any girl could run. He took off into the dark street, feet pounding against the empty sidewalk.

    Shepard was an augmented, highly conditioned and battle-hardened marine. She had outrun Geth. She had faced off against Krogan. This guy was a street hood, and not even a very good one. In seconds, she closed the distance and slammed the man to the ground. There was a sickening crack as the man's skull impacted the bare concrete. In the alley, the other hood lay on the ground, neck snapped. Shepard dusted off her gloved hands and retrieved her pistol.

    Now, where the hell am I?


    Colonel John Sheppard woke up slowly, very disoriented. The last thing he remembered was being stunned aboard a Wraith ship headed toward a black hole. The familiar sight of the Empire State Building shocked him fully awake. Earth?

    Sheppard quickly checked himself over. No major wounds, but he still had everything he had brought to the Wraith ship. Leg felt numb from the stunner. He pinched himself. Nope, not a dream. A Wraith trap, then? He took a closer look at his surroundings. John was in the middle of a park, empty except for a few homeless people and a street cleaner. The skyscrapers of a major city rose up around him. Definitely New York. He shivered. It was early in the morning, and he was wet and cold.

    As he rose to leave, Sheppard noticed the envelope on the ground. Curious, he opened it and dumped the contents on the ground. A cellphone, a wallet and a letter. He opened the letter, thinking it might offer a clue as to who the envelope belonged to.

    Dear Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard,

    By act of CROB, you have been brought to an alternate universe. All your friends are gone. There is one way, and only one way to escape. Kill your adversaries.

    Your targets are:

    Commander Jane Shepard
    Corporal Adrian Shephard
    General Shepherd
    Director Jenny Shepard


    P.S. Ask where Atlantis is, and people will direct you to Vancouver.

    He pocketed the cellphone and wallet, then folded the envelope up and tucked it into his tactical vest. Pretty creepy and weird, but not the strangest thing he'd seen. If this really was Earth, he could probably get a hold of General O'Neill or someone else who might know what was going on. If he could-

    “Freeze!” A policeman shouted behind Sheppard, drawing his own firearm. “Drop the gun!”

    “Shit,” Sheppard muttered to himself. “I can explain-”

    “Drop the gun now!” the cop insisted.

    “Listen, I'm-”

    “Drop it, now!” the cop was overexcited, and probably inexperienced. Sheppard sighed and unlatched the the P90 from its sling, dropping the almost-empty weapon on the ground.

    “The other gun, too!” That was going to be a problem. In his hip holster was not a standard M9 or his beloved Colt 1911, but a Wraith stunner.

    “I'd really rather-”

    “Drop it or I'll shoot!” the cop shouted. Reluctantly, Sheppard unhooked the hip holster and let it fall to the ground. “Now turn around, slowly with your hands up!”

    John did as he was instructed, facing the policeman. He was clearly nervous, the gun shaking in his hands. “Now look, why don't we calm down and sort this mess out?”

    “You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”

    You have got to be kidding me! “Yes, I understand those rights,” Sheppard replied. Hopefully O'Neill would be able to sort this out- and not fire him.


    “Sir, wake up,” a voice called. Groggily, General Shepherd forced his eyes open. In front of him was a soldier wearing a gasmask and urban combats. The shoulder badge identified him as a Marine attached to HECU. What the hell is HECU?

    “I'm awake, soldier,” Shepherd snapped, forcing himself up. It was morning, in what appeared to be a relatively peaceful city. They were in a side street. “Give me a sitrep.”

    “I only woke up about five minutes ago, sir,” the gasmask soldier- a corporal- replied. “Started looking around and found you. I still have no idea what's going on.”

    Shepherd checked and made sure he had his revolver. He wondered how he ended up on the side street of a major US city, but if he didn't know, this grunt wouldn't. “We should get to a safe area. The Russians will be here any moment.”

    “Russians, sir?” the corporal asked.

    Shepherd mentally chided himself. The soldier had also been unconscious, and might have memory loss. Hell, he probably had memory loss. The last thing the general remembered was a massive explosion, but there must have been more to it. “What's the last thing you remember, Corporal?”

    “Fighting my way out of Black Mesa,” the soldier replied. “And some man in a suit saying something about getting rid of me.”

    “Nothing about the Russian invasion?”

    “With all due respect, sir, there is no invasion. The Cold War has been done for over ten years.”

    Great. He was stuck in the middle of hostile territory with a deranged Marine. “There is one more thing, General,” the Corporal mentioned. He fumbled with an envelope, which he handed to the General. “I have one, too, but it's a bit different. I have no idea what it means, sir.”

    General Shepherd took the envelope and tore it open. Inside was a cellphone, which he tossed aside. It could be anything from a tracking device to a bomb. There was also a wallet, with a (civilian!) ID and a few hundred dollars in cash. In the back of the envelope was a letter, which he opened.

    Dear Lieutenant General Shepherd,

    By act of CROB, you have been brought to an alternate universe. All your friends are gone. There is one way, and only one way to escape. Kill your adversaries.

    Your targets are:

    Commander Jane Shepard
    Colonel John Sheppard
    Corporal Adrian Shephard
    Director Jenny Shepard


    P.S. You lost 117 women along with those men. Don't you ever forget that.

    “Sir,” the Corporal called, breaking his superior out of his trance. “We should get moving, sir.”

    “You're right,” the General agreed. “We'll try to find some friendlies or at least somewhere to bunker down until nightfall. By the way, what's your name, son?”

    “Corporal Adrian Shephard, thirteen-thirty-seventh Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, sir!”
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    What the... now that had to be ironically funny... Colonel Sheppard getting busted, for what? Just carrying weapons? Didn't think that was a major crime...

    And one general Shepard finding his ah first target...

    Very well done! :D
  18. Nuts!

    Nuts! is

    Thirteen thirty-seventh HECU? "1337 HECU?"

    *snerk* :D
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    Epic! I told you!
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    I like the 'PS' teases the ROB threw in there. I wonder what Adrian's tease was...

    I'm sure General Shepherd used the term 'men' in the generic sense, so he counts those woman when he mentions the thirty-thousand (which is obviously an approximate) number.

    Still, a nice taunt.
  21. firefossil

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    It is when that gun is a P90 submachine gun. Doing so in a park in New York City, post 9/11, while dressed up as a paramilitary lunatic? Ya, you gonna get busted.
  22. Can I suggest the sequel to this be called Shephard: Shepharder.
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    You did that because you know I would see it, didn't you? }p :p
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    An Insane Russian-Hating General, a Badass Alien Invasion Survivor, an Alien Offensive Expert, an Investigator, and an Elite Zombie Badass Mecha-Cuthulu-Killer are going to have it out in a normal, everyday Earth?

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    *Endless Laughter*