BBC America Censoring Doctor Who

Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by jamesraykenney, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. jamesraykenney

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    I do not know if censoring is exactally the correct word, but they are cutting massive amounts out of the shows.
    They ran a marathon last week, and I watched it with some friends.
    I thought at first it was just one part that accedently got cut but then I noticed more and more.
    They have an enormous amount of commercial breaks, and I can only assume that they are cutting the episodes to make time for the advertisements.:rage:
  2. Aspriles

    Aspriles Bite me

    Which is why I don't watch British shows on American TV.
  3. Lord Squishy

    Lord Squishy Shadow Cabal Member

    As far as I know it has nothing to do with censorship and everything to do with putting in more commercials.
  4. jamesraykenney

    jamesraykenney Knight of the Arkon Empire

    It was the shear extent of the cuts that I found outrageous...
    If I remember correctly, they cut everything from when the Doctor told he he would be back in a few minutes, to when he came back years later.:wtf:
    They also cut out most of his food spitting antics(that may have been for the better of course:D).
    And that was just in the first few minutes of the show!
  5. kietotheworld

    kietotheworld Alpha One

    It was an especially long episode so I'm not surprised.
  6. And the running time, don't forget.
  7. DonBosco

    DonBosco 11th century refugee

    I tried watching it but freaking idiot Cox kept interrupting with their own commercials fifteen seconds into scenes.
  8. Duneczan

    Duneczan Oracle of HATE

    When they first air they have nothing cut out of them. When they air a second time, they do. Case in point is Eleventh Hour. When it first ran they showed the whole thing. The next week they cut parts out of it to fit it into the hour long time slot. I've noticed this with other episodes too.
  9. Palp

    Palp Not badass enough.

    Heh here in Sweden movie directors sometimes sue TV channels for putting commercials into movies as they break up the supposed pace. They would kill the poor TV channels if they tried something like that :O.
  10. jamesraykenney

    jamesraykenney Knight of the Arkon Empire

    PLEASE send some of them to the USA... PLEASE!!!
  11. Teln

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    Looks like it's time to break out the old eyepatch, parrot and peg leg.
  12. Karamozov

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    I've just been watching Doctor Who on streaming Netflix. Gotta' say, quite nifty to be able to do so.
  13. Jace911

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    I noticed this in The Eleventh Hour, I saw it online first then TiVo'ed it. The BBCA version was missing a huge amount, like the food scene (Why in the hell would they cut that out?!) and the part where Amy traps the Doctor's tie in a car door.
  14. Duneczan

    Duneczan Oracle of HATE

    Those parts were in the original airing, but were edited out in the reair, same goes for the part where she stares at him while changing clothes.
  15. Viper II Fan

    Viper II Fan Mad Man w/Box

    Yeah they had the extended full episode on. However the rerun has been forced to fit in a one hour time slot. They did the same thing with The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.

    What's worst is we are now several weeks behind on Doctor Who thanks to Memorial Day weekend. So I have to work extra hard to avoid spoilers :D!
  16. The B5 fan

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    Wait they don't cut the normal eps down do they? They're already shorter than they're supposed to be anyway!
  17. Cirello

    Cirello Eschew Obfuscation

    "Chopped up" would probably be a more accurate but still appropriately vitriolic term
  18. DSV

    DSV The Lone 'Quest Modeller

    Eh? Doctor Who isn't worth watching anyway... *runs*
  19. Big Orange

    Big Orange I Hate Mr. Blonde!

    And these fucktard cunts running the US broadcast networks wonder why they're in a death spiral and losing millions of viewers.
  20. The ridiculously uneven nature of advertisement breaks on US channels makes it totally shit. I'm happy to be corrected if necessary, but anytime I'm somewhere in Europe, it's just the same as home in the UK, adverts happen every fifteen minutes. Bam. That's it. Fucking simple. Anytime I see something in US format there's adverts, just the intro, then more adverts, something like ten minutes of the program, then more damn adverts, it's shit! Hang on, I'm going to look this up, Wikipedia must have something on this crap.....


    Yeah, never watch TV in the US. It has the most advertisement in the modern world, the least actual viewing time per hour. 42 minutes in an hour are actual program. 18 minutes of adverts. The UK and Germany have a legal maximum of 12 minutes per hour, with the Germans requiring at least 20 minutes of program between breaks!

    When a modern US 'hour long' program gets shipped over, we have to ram out the maximum legal limit of adverts and pad the rest with internal adverts about upcoming programs. The people of the US should start setting their TV executives on fire. The advert bloat has continued so badly that you're now having to do hackjobs on your own programming from decades ago because it doesn't fit anymore.
  21. Big Orange

    Big Orange I Hate Mr. Blonde!

    I heard Ronald Reagan was partially responsible for letting the commercial rot set in with broadcast television for the US back in the 1980s. Shark (starring James Woods) was supposedly cancelled because it didn't have the right demographs viewing the commercial breaks, even though it had a fairly large audience.

    Meh, broadcast television drowning under corporate mismanagement and arguably going the way of newspapers is another facet of the ongoing decline, avarice, decadence, delusion, and obsolescence of the United States of America.
  22. Sayle

    Sayle Atalantë

    Or you could move to the UK and watch the BBC. adverts...
  23. Alamo

    Alamo Moderator

    Thanks, but I'd rather not have to pay 350 dollars a year for the 'privilege' of owning a TV set. Besides, one of the reasons ads are becoming longer relative to content is the growing use of Tivo and the like. Remember, if you can skip commercials, that means that the advertisers pay less money to the networks, so their only way to stay in the black is to try and cram more ads in for the people who watch the old fashioned way to see. And now with online downloading and legal streaming sites like Hulu, the networks are facing more and more competition, and the value for the advertising is steadily decreasing.

    The networks (with the exception of PBS) are private companies that needs to make profits to stay in business, not like the BBC where they get fat subsidies. They can't get by with less commercials and pass the buck onto taxpayers like some European networks. The big 4, to say nothing of the hundreds of smaller niche channels, have rather tight profit margins, so they have to maximize advertising to stay intact. So, they will put in as much advertising as they can, until the consumers start screaming, then they dial back to where they only moan now and then. What the public demands, not some nosy government control, dictates programing.
  24. walkir

    walkir Aewab Lurker Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    The German rules are for private owned channels only. The public law channels are allowed 20 minutes of advertisements. Per day. They may not be aired after 8 PM, and I have yet to see a program on one of those channels with an ad break. They put them between the shows instead.
  25. Because as we know, the BBC make up all the channels in the UK.

    Oh no, wait...

    Not to mention this is complete shit. I'm sorry you're terrified of centralisation, but you can't have your cake and eat it too when corporations fuck you up the arse with all their delicious freedom. What the public demands is no advertisement because they just want to watch their damn programs, what they get is what the networks deign to give them.