Bismarck and Tirpitz make to the open Atlantic

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    Okay, lets say that the plane that spotted Bismarck has a mysterious malfunction and falls into the ocean and never gets a glimpse of Bismarck.

    Lets also say that the Bismarck manages to link up with 1 or maybe 2 of the Pocket Battleships and some U-Boats get told to meet up with them. By OP fiat they manage to keep it up for a possible 3 months or until they need resupply. Once they need resupply, they make it to a French port and head back out.

    How much damage could they collectively inflict on shipping and what British forces would be sent after them?

    Lets say that two months after Bismarck goes, Tirpitz sails forth as well with a handful a ships such what few Destroyers and Battlecruiser etc remain and manage to link up with some U-Boats as well. Same mercy rule.

    If Bismarck and co manage to survive, would they team up with Tirpitz or would both stay apart trying to maximise coverage of the Eastern half of the Atlantic?

    2nd Scenario: Just for lulz, what if Yamato and Musashi join them with Soryu and a few subs armed with Long Lances in trying to lock down the Atlantic and the US didnt enter the war and was content to attempt to trade with all powers until the last possible moment, ala WWI, if at all. Yes, OP Fiat means that they get to go through Panama and restock on fuel from America. Possibly the Japanese havent yet made clear their intentions...

    Wow, what would British and German reactions be if they thought the Japanese were coming to the rescue but turned out to be on Nazi Germanies side?
  2. they'd be hunted down like dogs the Royal Navy could afford lose ships the germans couldnt
  3. Well as for them being hunted down like dogs.
    RN was under the impression that only Hood and the KGV class was able to force battle on the Bismark.

    RL consequences of Bismark surviving will be even bigger drain on resources that the lone Tirpitz was of the allies.
    Air raid and commando missions in ORL to sink Tirpitz will also take Bismark in too account so there either be more frequent or each will be bigger.
  4. If the Bismarck got close to U.S. waters, President Roosevelt was preparing to order it be attacked by U.S. submarines.

    He actually asked one of his aides if Congress might impeach him for ordering it and was told "only if the navy misses".
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    Given the state of US torepedo's at the time, that is unfortunately quite likely...
  6. Yeah. I had forgotten about the major problems with U.S. naval torpedoes (wasn't it in the fuses?) that dogged the U.S. Navy, what until mid 1942?