Black Flower [Naruto Crossover]

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  1. Yay, writing again, that should mean I can write my other stories again.

    In the meantime a Naruto Crossover. Again mostly about Sakura, since Naruto and Sasuke get more than enough fanfiction written about them.

    And since they already have game breakers, why not give Sakura one too? All the enemies have one.

    Still warning: I will probably write slower on this after some initial chapters if at all. So read at your own risk.

    Index of Chapters, finally:

    Chapter 1, part 1

    Chapter 1, part 2
    Chapter 2, part 1
    Chapter 2, part 2
    Chapter 3, part 1
    Chapter 3, part 2
    Chapter 4, part 1
    Chapter 4, part 2
    Chapter 5, part 1

    Black Flower


    Sakura ignored the catcalls and insults the other girls hurled at her. They didn't affect her, never had, though she did put some effort into faking tears, in order to appear normal. She knew that other girls in similar situations would feel sad after all.

    However, she felt glad, since she had been found on the outskirts of Konoha, 4 years ago, and since she could think, she preferred to avoid people. She didn't actually understand why she did. It just seemed... safer, and made things easier for her. If she avoided humans she didn't have the urges.

    Not that she understood the urges, they contradicted each other, one set of urges told her to... get close and... do something to other humans. On some level she knew exactly what she would do if she gave in to the urge. But somehow she never really thought about it.

    The other set told her to not give in, to avoid following the other set unless absolutely necessary. She trusted the second set far more than the first one.

    With a sigh she turned back to her book. Snorting quietly to herself she wiped the tears away. If the other girls knew what kind of books she read they would have one more reason to tease her. Of course, if they could understand the concepts in those books they likely wouldn't bother teasing her as they would be far too smart for that sort of thing.

    They would...

    A pair of hands reach over her shoulders and pulled her hair from her eyes. "Don't listen to them. They are all talk."

    Sakura forced the urges down hard, she hadn't eaten breakfast today, reading through the night she had forgotten the time, and that made ignoring them a little bit harder, especially if somebody, like Ino startled her.

    "I..." Sakura muttered.

    "Are you taking on charity cases now Ino?" One of the ring leaders taunted, Sakura couldn't remember her name, it wouldn't be important once she ripped into her and... she shook her head, dispelling the brief fantasy. Killing a fellow student would be bad, very bad. She wouldn't like it at all, nobody would like it actually, she might go to prison even. Or worse, she might be executed. She blinked, was that really all that stopped her?

    "Come on Ino, leave the ugly little thing augh." The girl grunted as Ino threw several flowers into her mouth.

    "Shut up Ami. I'll talk to whoever I want to talk to... by the way, those flowers are poisonous."

    "Ahhh..." The girl, called Ami apparently, ran off screaming.

    Sakura snorted. "I notice you didn't mention that the poison is in the stem. Or that it's barely strong enough to give you a little rash."

    Ino blinked at her, apparently noticing that Sakura hadn't really cried.

    "Huh, you actually aren't listening are you?" Ino frowned a bit, maybe disappointed she couldn't save a damsel in distress? Images flashed through her mind, girls embracing, kissing... doing other things, gross things. Sakura shook her head, another reason to avoid people, they made her imagine things like that. Or remember things like that? She couldn't always make sense of these flashes of images.

    "Not really, but if they think they have an effect on me they will continue doing it. Makes them predictable." Sakura answered. She noticed with relieve when Ino removed her hands from her shoulders.

    "You are kinda weird you know? Most people would prefer it if they stopped teasing them." Ino looked at her, eyebrow raised.

    "But this way they make sure nobody else bothers me... well, it worked till now." Sakura explained, frowning at Ino.

    The other girl frowned back, she also edged away from Sakura, which caused her to frown more, weird. She wanted Ino to leave her alone, didn't she?

    "Well, if you don't want my company." Ino moved to stand up, but Sakura's hand on her arm stopped her. Sakura stared into Ino's blue eyes, the urges were there, but she could push them down. With a start Sakura realized just how much she missed, no craved, human contact. And damn it, she wouldn't let some weird desires ruin her live. She would just have to be careful about who she let close.

    Ino still had an eyebrow raised, but the frown on her face had been replaced with a smirk. "Are you just gonna hold onto my arm, or are you going to say something?" She asked.

    "Heh, sorry." She let go of Ino and gestured at the spot beside her. "I would like your company. It's just... I've avoided people for so long, it's kinda difficult to let somebody close."

    The other girl sat down again, a confused expression on her face. "Why do you avoid people anyway?" She asked.

    Sakura looked at her hands, if she looked just a little bit closer, she could imagine seeing... something, something she shouldn't be seeing, something she didn't see. Most likely because she didn't want to see it.

    "I don't know." And it's probably better that way. She didn't add.

    "You are weird forehead girl." Ino shook her head.

    Sakura glared at her, but the grin on Ino's face told her that the other girl didn't want to hurt her. Just a little bit of teasing, between friends.

    Friends, she thought she couldn't have any. Why did she think that anyway?

    "Ahh, shut up..." What would be an appropriate response to such teasing? Something insulting, but only on the surface. "Ino... pig." Yeah, that would do, judging by the way Ino burst out laughing.

    "You really suck at this don't you?" She asked between guffaws.

    "I'm kinda new to this casually insulting each other yeah." She admitted.

    Ino looked at her for a few seconds her face scrunched up weirdly, before she shook her head. “You are a weird girl. But I think I like you anyway.” She moved in for a hug, before Sakura could react, not that she had any idea what she should do. And anyway, the hug felt kinda nice, weird urges notwithstanding.


    Two years later Sakura raised her eyes as Ino fawned over Sasuke Uchiha. Since the boys return from a month long absence, every girl in class had stared fawning over him. Well, not Hinata, she had kinda started blushing and ducking whenever Uchiha looked in her direction, but then she reacted that way when any boy gave her any attention... or any girl for that matter, so she probably didn't count.

    Sakura frowned a bit as she considered her options. Since she had become friends with Ino it had become easier and harder to ignore her urges to... well, no need to name it. She had at some point admitted to herself what she wanted to do. She didn't understand why she would want to do that, or why she resisted it, well, beside the fact that she didn't want to do it to Ino, because then Ino would be gone.

    Anyway, she had put that problem more or less behind her. The more pressing matter, sat a few seats over. Sasuke Uchiha. He looked handsome, by any standard she had, not that he didn't have a lot of competition in class, Kiba, Shikamaru and even Naruto had their own charms, but recently Sasuke combined it with an air of both mystery and, something that elevated him above Shino, she couldn't quite put a finger on it.

    She watched as he stared at their teacher, eyes moving from side to side, on the edge of panic? Yes, panic. Ah, he seemed broken. Which made the girls want to fix him. She nodded to herself.

    “He's hot isn't he?” Ino grinned at her. “Though he's also out of your league forehead girl, so don't get any ideas.”

    Sakura blinked at Ino, coming back to the real problem. How should she behave? She understood why the other girls acted the way they did. And she wouldn't mind getting closer to Sasuke. It had worked out with Ino and it did feel nice to be close to somebody. Still, would Ino be opposed to this?

    “Ugh, look, if you really want him I suppose we can compete for him. But seriously, do you really think he'll go for somebody who has nearly no chakra at all?” Ino looked at her exasperated.

    Sakura glanced at the teacher. But he didn't notice Ino whisper.

    A glare only got a quite snort from Ino. Sakura felt it deeply unfair, that she could barely produce enough for the most minute details. It wouldn't stop her from becoming a ninja, she had researched the subject and if she did well enough in taijutsu, her academics and general strength and fitness she would pass anyway. And she had absolutely no problem in any of those fields. Even though she barely had time to train her body, she could easily fight with the best of them.

    She hadn't mentioned that to Ino though. It might have made the other girl jealous.

    “Forehead, I know you like to think, but could you please answer when I'm talking to you?”

    Hmm. “I want him.” Sakura answered. “Even without any chakra.” It would be the expected response. Though really. It would be much easier to choose Shino, or maybe Shikamaru. Much less work. And Shino's bugs didn't creep her out. Somehow she found them attractive even.

    Not that she would ever admit that out loud. She might not want to be the center of social attention, but being a total outcast like Naruto? Somehow that seemed far less attractive now that she had a taste of social interaction.

    “Hah! We'll see then forehead. That means we are rivals in love!” Ino grinned at her.

    Sakura returned the grin. “Fine, I'll beat you soundly on this battlefield as well.”

    Really, Ino could only compete with Sakura in ninjutsu... well actually Ino could completely wipe the floor with Sakura there, but Sakura could beat her in everything else... that didn't require chakra. So pretty much taijutsu and the academics.

    “If you say so forehead girl.” Ino had given up challenging her on those fields ages ago too.

    Sakura nodded. Though one question remained. How should she pursue Sasuke?

    Whatever happened to break him, it probably wouldn't change the fact that he thought girls were icky. It might actually have made that worse.

    Hmm, simply beat the shit out of him until he accepted her confession? While that seemed the most likely way to succeed in getting said acceptance, she doubted it would be socially acceptable.

    Damn, she would have to put some actual planning into this. She frowned, she should probably take her cues from the other girls and Ino. That had always been the easiest way to blend in, just mimic everybody else. To a certain degree at least.


    Shoving Naruto roughly out of the way Sakura sat down beside Sasuke, Ino had done the same on the other side of the boy, who did his level best to avoid acknowledging either of them.

    Not that Sakura expected anything else. Over the years Sasuke hadn't recovered from whatever happened. In fact, it seemed like he got worse, or maybe become a social recluse was the normal reaction when confronted with a horde of girl willing to do... well, not a whole lot once you actually got down to it and made the girls think about what they were offering. Not that Sasuke had ever tried that approach.

    It suited Sakura just fine though. She liked her personal space just as much as Sasuke did.

    Naruto grumbled something about moody bastards and attention to her right. Jealous of Sasuke's unwanted attention. Typical case of grass greener on the other side.

    “Pay attention everybody. I'm now going to announce the teams.” Iruka said loudly to gather the attention of the kids in class. Sakura idly wondered where Mizuki was, he should have helped him.

    She did pay attention to every name Iruka called out though, she had tried to remember the names of her classmates, even when only Ino and Naruto really mattered. Ino because they were friends and Naruto because he made so much of a nuisance of himself that she had to remove any notion of romance from his head.

    She simply had no romantic interest in him and no reason to fake it like she did with Sasuke. Though she supposed she could actually see herself together with Sasuke, after all he probably would respect her desire to be avoid touching as much as possible. Something Naruto absolutely wouldn't understand.

    “Sakura Haruno!” Sakura perked up as Iruka called her name. “Naruto Uzumaki!” Naruto glanced at her and gave her a weak smile. Sure, the talk had been brutal and made Naruto really sad for a few days, but it had been effective. So she shouldn't feel bad about it. For some reason she did enjoy the fact that she felt bad anyhow. “Sasuke Uchiha.”

    Naruto groaned, Sasuke merely rolled his eyes. Ino shot Sakura an unbelieving stare, especially as Sakura didn't react as she should. She had considered cheering, but considering that she wouldn't be forced to interact with the other girls in class anymore... meh, a smile would do. She grinned at Sasuke. “We're in a team Sasuke isn't it great?”

    He grunted, once. Yeah, he displayed as much enthusiasm as she felt about the thing. Seemed as if she hadn't fooled Ino either. She wondered if she ever had.

    Consequently Ino dragged her out and away, as soon as Iruka announced that they had half an hour before their teachers arrived, in order to get used to the idea of working together with people you hated.

    So Ino dragging her away went totally against the spirit of this break.

    “Geez. Talk about unfair. You don't even want him!” Ino complained almost immediately.

    “I do want him. More than any other boy.” Sakura protested.

    “True, but just because technically two is twice as much as one doesn't mean you actually want him.” Ino countered flatly. “Not that I get why you wouldn't want him.”

    'Because it's too much of a hassle.' Sakura didn't say.

    “Or why you even pretended to want him.”

    When had she figured that out anyway? Sakura thought she had faked her desire well enough.

    “I do want him.” She countered.

    Ino shook her head. “I'm sure you do. If only because he would never actually respond. Thus allowing you to avoid human contact as much as possible.” She sighed. “You never really got over that, did you?”

    Sakura looked at her feet. “Not really. I like it when we hug.” And her skin burned where Ino touched it.

    Ino grinned and hugged her. “I like it too. But still, you shouldn't just restrict yourself to me. Though if you do, why not leave Sasuke for me?” She winked. Before she pushed Sakura away in mock horror. “Or do you want me for yourself? Oh no Sakura. I'm so sorry, but I'm straight!”

    Rolling her eyes Sakura sat down and opened her bento and tried to ignore Ino's stupid fantasies.


    Kakashi looked at his three students, keeping his expression carefully pleasant and nondescript. He would ask what he had done to deserve them, but he had a pretty good idea on that account.

    First he looked at Naruto. Kyuubi container, village prankster and pariah and oh can't forget son of the fourth, also know as Kakashi's teacher. Yeah no guilt there, none at all. Dead last at the academy, but with unreal chakra and apparently the ability to quickly learn when properly motivated.

    Second came Sasuke Uchiha, genius rookie, hearth throb amongst the girls, guilt ridden last survivor of the Uchiha clan. What's that Obito? Guilt over not taking better care of your last surviving family member? Perish the thought.

    At least he had payed attention in school and from the reports had managed to take everything taught a step or two further.

    And last and maybe least, certainly on the guilt scale of things, Sakura Haruno. Orphan found on the edges of Konoha, taken in by the Haruno family, civilian, nearly no chakra capacity thanks to deformed chakra coils. She could still use chakra, in a very limited radius around herself. So she had it not quite as bad as Gai's student, but still.

    Of course, her brain and brawl saved her from the position of dead last and allowed her to land firmly in the middle of class. He wondered how hard she trained to achieve that position.

    “Well. Let's get to know each other a bit, why don't we?” He smiled at them. With his luck they would pass the test and he would have to deal with the guilt he had successfully bottled up until now. Bah.

    “Uhh how sensei?” Naruto asked hesitantly.

    “Just tell us your likes and dislikes, hobbies and dreams?” Kakashi looked at them in turn.

    Naruto nodded grinning, Sasuke snorted and Sakura shrugged. “Naruto you start.” And here he expected them to ask him to divulge that information first. Well, he had never figured them for an infiltration team. With Sasuke and Naruto on it they would probably be a heavy combat team.

    “I like ramen, the old man and training. I dislike arrogant assholes,” a glare at Sasuke. “brutally honest talks,” a glare at Sakura. ”and having to wait for three minutes till the ramen is done. My hobbies are pranking and my dream is to become Hokage!” He shouted the last bit, damn noisy brat.

    Kakashi turned to Sasuke and lifted an eyebrow.

    The boy sighed but obediently answered. “I don't like a lot of things, I do hate a lot of things though. I don't have hobbies, as for dreams... I intend to kill a certain man.” He finished with a certain dramatic flair. Kakashi could almost picture him practicing that speech in front of a mirror.

    He turned to the last member of their little team. Honestly he didn't expect too much from her. As an orphan raised by civilians with the handicaps she had. Admittedly her perseverance did her credit, but still...

    “Hmm, I like reading, virology, and Ino. I dislike people getting into my personal space.” A glare in Naruto's direction, but the boy just sighed. Had Haruno actually managed to make him give up?

    “Hobbies, hmm, I suppose hanging out with Ino and reading. As for dreams.” She frowned, scrunching her face up in thought. “Dreams... I... guess I would like to find a guy to settle down with?”

    Kakashi raised an eyebrow. She didn't have any dreams? Weird girl.

    “What about you sensei?” Naruto asked innocently.

    Kakashi grinned as he went and told them absolutely nothing about himself. Though their reaction disappointed him. Naruto grumbled a bit and sure Sasuke and Sakura grunted, but overall the reaction turned out to be decidedly low key. Oh well, the next announcement should change that.

    “Oh and by the way tomorrow we'll be having a little bit of a survival test.” He waited for them to shrug it off, ore or less exited, before he dropped the real bombshell. “And since you guys probably don't know it already, it will be the real test. And at least one of you will fail. Probably two and maybe all of you will go back to the academy.” He smiled cheerfully at them.

    Naruto and Sasuke reacted as expected, with shocked outrage. Sakura on the other hand, she looked at them, before she also reacted with shocked outrage, clearly taking her social cues from them.

    Kakashi felt a shiver run down his spine. Sakura didn't understand emotions as such, he felt very, very sure of that conclusion. Or at least she didn't feel them nearly to the same extend as other people, normal people. Maybe whatever damaged her chakra coils also damaged her brain? Or maybe the brain damage caused the damaged chakra coils?

    Well, in any case, if she made ninja he would have to keep an eye on her. And not just to make sure she didn't get herself killed. She might also do something he might regret, if he read her right.

    He stopped grinning stupidly and told them where and when to meet him tomorrow. It would be a very interesting day.

    Before he disappeared completely he turned around again. “One last thing! Don't eat breakfast tomorrow. Cause the test will be so hard you'll puke.” Naruto's eyes widened, Sasuke grunted angrily and Sakura... she glared at him and shook her head. Oho, maybe she did have some emotions. But that they would be triggered by eating, who would have guessed?


    Sakura snorted as she arrived at the training grounds, several strips of jerky still in hand. No breakfast, her! As if! She needed the food, especially if she planned on doing strenuous work. Otherwise there might be accidents. She didn't want accidents. And really Kakashi didn't want accidents either, so she felt sure that he wouldn't object too much.

    Naruto and Sasuke stared at her for a few seconds when she arrived chewing happily on her meat. She liked meat, any form of meat, even raw. Maybe especially raw. Not that plants where bad exactly, just not nearly as filling.

    “We weren't supposed to eat.” Naruto tried to point out.

    Sakura raised an eyebrow. “No we were just told we would puke. I don't worry about that.” Really, she never got sick or even all that exhausted. She only ever felt hungry.

    Naruto and Sasuke glanced at each other. “What are the chances Kakashi is as late today as he was yesterday?” Naruto asked Sasuke, who looked away and grunted once. Sakura decided to ignore their antics for now. She had no reason to worry about them one way or the other.

    Consequently she didn't speak up when the two of them disappeared, she just pulled out her book and continued reading. Either they would arrive before Kakashi came, or they wouldn't. She frowned. If they didn't come back in time, should she cover for them? As far as she understood teammates were supposed to help each other out.

    On the other hand they had just been made a team and her books suggested that they would have to work together for a while before they gained some grudging respect for each other. Then again, she already respected Sasuke. He put a great amount of work and effort into training himself. And Naruto seemed to grasp social interaction far easier than her, even while under a far greater handicap. He seemed to thrive in a social environment, really. And wilt under the thread of nonacceptance.

    Sakura ignored the tiny spike of guilt she felt. She had just done what she felt necessary to avoid unwanted attention.

    “Hmm, the other two didn't decide to show up?” Kakashi asked idly. “Well, I suppose that means I could let you pass automatically.”

    She looked up at him and frowned. She hadn't even noticed him approaching. She should have! She had never been surprised by anyone sneaking up to her... and Ino didn't count, because she usually used times when Sakura read or thought about something. Oh.

    She cocked her head at Kakashi. To cover or not cover. She narrowed her eyes at his grimace. Another person who didn't get how to properly apply social cues? Or did he mangle them on purpose? For her to pick up on how false that smile was...

    “Sasuke... and Naruto got into a sparring match while we waited for you.” She finally said. “In that match Naruto hit Sasuke unluckily,” Hmm that sounded wrong, Naruto wouldn't be able to touch Sasuke.” Or maybe luckily, for him. In any case, they went to the hospital to make sure no permanent damage occurred.”

    There, that should be enough.

    Kakashi looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “If I didn't actually know these two,” From where he didn't mention. “I would have believed that lie. Since I do know about them. This doesn't make any sense. So why not tell me the truth?”

    At least he didn't seem upset. She shrugged. “They went to get some breakfast.”

    Hmm, was that disappointment on his face? “Well, we'll have to work on your ability to make up convincing stories.” He shook his head, before he blinked once and let out a low chuckle.

    Sakura sighed. She would need more minds than her own to fully understand people... that sounded wrong for some reason.

    “What are you reading?” Kakashi asked suddenly.

    “A book about how to combat a viral infection with chakra. Even though it won't do me much good. It's an interesting book.”

    He raised an eyebrow at her answer. “Heavy reading for somebody so young. You want to become a medic nin?”

    “No, I just like learning what I can about viruses.” She had no idea where the interest came from really. But she had it for as long as she could remember.

    Kakashi looked at her for a good long time. Then he pulled out a little book of his own and handed it to her. “You know? I think I'll be a lot more comfortable if you read this book instead.”

    Frowning she accepted the offered book. Icha Icha Paradise. Stashing her own book in a pocket she began reading.


    Ino frowned as she followed Shikamaru through the underbrush. Somehow she felt as if something had either gone horribly right or horribly wrong. Or both. She didn't know what happened, but she just got a feeling that she would regret whatever just happened.



    “Where's Choji?”

    Oh, so that's where the feeling came from.


    Sakura frowned a bit as she stashed the book in a pocket. While it had a lot of people interacting, previous observation of both strangers, her parents and Ino indicated that the actions described where not, in fact, socially acceptable under most circumstances.

    Not to mention that she would have to get close to people, much closer than ever before, to implement them. Which made following the actions undesirable. She stepped beside Naruto and Sasuke, who only looked mildly embarrassed, instead of properly chewed out. But Kakashi didn't seem to really mind them arriving late.

    “So to recap. If you decide to leave one team mate behind to cover for you, make sure that teammate can come up with a convincing cover story.” Kakashi lectured the two boys. Both nodded dutifully. “Or if that isn't available come up with a cover story for your teammate to use.” He grinned at the three of them. Why did that grin scare her? No grin had done that before.

    “Since we are all here now though we can start with the test. It's fairly simple.” He held two bells up. “To pass you need to get a bell. I'll make sure you don't get one of course.”

    “One of us will fail.” Sakura stated almost immediately. It made sense to her.

    “Hey! I'll get that bell for sure!” Naruto shouted, electing a snort from Sasuke.

    “If you say so... dead last.” Kakashi taunted him.

    Naruto simmered, but somehow held himself back. Kakashi seemed almost disappointed at that, before he shrugged. “All right, on my signal, attack!”

    Sasuke almost immediately made himself scarce, but Sakura noted that Naruto hadn't opted to hide as well. The two of them stood before Kakashi, who stared at them with something akin to surprise.

    “My, I had thought Naruto would be the only one to not hide, but here you are, making the same mistake.” He looked at her, casually disarming Naruto as he charged the other man, enraged by the insult.

    On the other hand, Kakashi now did have his hands full of Naruto, so Sakura didn't waste a second and charged right after Naruto.

    Kakashi sighed, but accepted her charge with the same sort of nonchalance he had accepted Naruto's charge with. His eye widened for a second as Sakura ducked blow the block and reached for the bells. Of course, she hadn't anticipated him using Naruto as a club, throwing both her and Naruto away from him.

    Groaning Naruto pushed himself up. Sakura, as always, had barely been fazed by the attack, so she sprung into action again. Sure, this time Kakashi had no distraction, but at the same time Sakura could cut loose a bit more, not having to worry about hitting anything squishy, like Naruto.

    Kakashi whistled as he blocked her punches. “Not bad. I can actually feel them.” She growled and moved into a spinning kick, but he blocked that one as easily as her punches, grabbed her and threw her right back to Naruto who had decided to cheer her on instead of being useful.

    “Sakura-chan!” He shouted as she crashed into and through a tree. She caught a glimpse of Kakashi's chagrined expression and decided to play death for now, maybe Kakashi would take a closer look.

    But Naruto arrived first and checked her over, go away, don't touch me! Sakura shouted in her head. He made her skin crawl.

    “She's not breathing!” Naruto shouted suddenly and rolled her over, his hands over her chest, feeling for a heart beat. Well, at least he had paid attention on first aid. “And her heart doesn't beat!”

    Huh? It didn't? Weird. Oh well, she knew she was different, so she could make her heart stop beating.

    It worked too, Kakashi almost immediately knelt above her, his hand going for her chest too, gently pushing Naruto away. His face a frozen mask of cool confidence. Before he could reach her though she moved, her hand snapping out and toward the bells.

    In one fluid motion Kakashi's hand slammed into her chest, before his full weight rested on her for a second. She could hear her ribs creaking. Or did she just imagine that?

    Then the weight left her and Kakashi stood on the other side of the clearing.

    “You faked your death to draw me out.” He said shaking his head. “And here I thought you weren't capable of subterfuge.”

    Now Sasuke charged into the fray, using the brief distraction to launch a hail of kunai at Kakashi. Of course, that attack didn't more than distract Kakashi for a second, maybe a second and a half.

    Still Sasuke charged in and engaged him, even holding his own with his taijutsu.

    Sakura glanced at Naruto, shrugged and charged in herself. If Kakashi would allow them to play like that, then she could play as well.

    She could hear Naruto gape, then he shouted and charged as well, drawing the attention of both Sasuke and Kakashi, who looked at them in surprise.

    Though Sasuke growled angrily at them, before resuming his attack on Kakashi with greater urgency. He wanted those bells before Sakura or Naruto could get at them.


    In the end they hadn't gotten the bells. In fact, as soon as Naruto and Sakura had arrived it had devolved into a free for all brawl, with them getting into each others way as much as they got to annoy Kakashi. Well, Naruto got in their way, Sasuke and Sakura had actively competed for the bells.

    At some point a little clock rang and Kakashi had ended the fight. Which kinda disappointed Sakura. She had fun damn it. Sure, the urges had grown something fierce in the fight and she had almost given in once or twice, but...

    “Well,” Kakashi stared, looking down on them as they sat before some stone with a lot of names carved onto it. “I suppose I can't fault your enthusiasm.”

    He smiled broadly, did he have any other setting? “Still, you won't need to return to school.”

    “Really?” Naruto shouted. “We passed?”

    Sakura narrowed her eyes, somehow she didn't think it would be that easy.

    “No, you should just quit being ninja all together.” Kakashi glared at them. So he did have another setting.

    “What? How dare you! I'll become a great ninja!” Naruto stood right before Kakashi while he shouted. Earning himself a fist to the face.

    Suddenly Kakashi sat on top of him, a kunai on his throat. “Sasuke! Kill Sakura or I'll kill Naruto.”

    Sakura turned to the boy in question and raised an eyebrow. If he actually went with it, she might get to...

    But Sasuke stared at their teacher with horror, no danger at all. “What?” He growled.

    Kakashi glanced at Sakura, his expression unreadable. “You will get into these situations, especially if you don't work as a team.”

    He turned to the stone. “On this stone the names of ever hero of the village are written.” Kakashi explained.

    Sasuke watched the stone with a weird expression, Sakura had read about the memorial stone. Inevitable if you read as much as she did. But she couldn't even guess what the stone meant to Sasuke.

    Naruto on the other hand fell back to his usual way of dealing with stuff like this, shouting. “Hey! One day my name will be on that stone as well! I'll be a great hero!”

    Kakashi twitched, then smirked at Naruto. “Oh? All those hero's had one thing in common. They died in the line of duty.”

    Ah, youth and it's illusions of immortality. Sakura blinked, where had that thought come from? Not that it even applied to her, if she didn't do anything too stupid she should have no problem avoiding death altogether. She blinked again, frowning at the stone. Where did that certainty come from? Sure, she knew that she wasn't exactly human, but immortal? That would take things a little bit far, wouldn't it?

    “Oh.” Naruto looked down. His illusions beaten down for the moment.

    Sasuke on the other hand, having lost any such illusions a long time ago looked at the stone long and hard.

    “You will loose comrades, but if you work together, as a team. Well, you might just avoid loosing them for a little bit longer, maybe long enough to watch them die peacefully in their beds.” Not that Kakashi believed that. Or at least Sakura didn't think he believed it.

    “Anyway, I'm gonna give you one last chance to proof you are worthy of becoming genin. After you've eaten you will come at me again. And this time I want to see some teamwork.” After that he disappeared.

    Sakura shrugged and grabbed her food, she noticed she was the only one to have brought some, but then again Sasuke and Naruto had just eaten before the fight.

    “Umm... can I have some Sakura?” Naruto asked quietly. Sasuke didn't meet her eyes.

    “You did eat just before we started.” She pointed out to them.

    “Not much though, just enough to get over the worst of it.” Naruto countered. “We didn't know how much time we had.”

    Sakura stared at her bento. If she shared it she would be quite hungry herself. And if she were hungry...

    On the other hand sharing would display team spirit... of course so would not... not... consuming... yes consuming her teammates.

    She took a deep breath. Even together they wouldn't be able to touch Kakashi. She felt rather certain of that. So if she let them take some of the slack, she should be able to control herself.

    “Here.” She held out the bento box, after she had eaten roughly half of it. She needed that energy damn it.

    Naruto looked at the box and grinned. Then he looked at Sasuke, who had decided to face away from them.

    “Hey bastard? We are supposed to be a team right?”

    “If I eat half of that then neither of us got a decent meal.” Sasuke countered. “I can fight hungry.”

    Sakura growled as she pulled out her last emergency rations and handed them to Naruto. If she... consumed them, and my that got easier to use, though she still didn't know what it really meant, it would be on their heads!

    “Umm, Sakura? Didn't Ino say you were on a diet?”

    “All meat diet, the newest invention.” Sakura countered.

    “There's rice in the bento.” Sasuke pointed out.

    “Don't make me eat you.” She narrowed her eyes at him and licked her lips.

    Sasuke actually smirked at her before he nodded and accepted his half of the bento and the meat sticks.

    “Aww, you shared. Didn't think you had it in you.” Kakashi taunted them. “Though I must say, I'm impressed. Each of you thought about your teammates. Even Sasuke when he refused to eat.”

    Kakashi shook his head. “Still, since you are done now, how about showing me some actual teamwork?”

    They looked at each other, nodded and charged him again. This time they even managed to work together. Sort of. At least Naruto managed to touch the bells with his clones once.

    Sakura for her part felt proud that she didn't consume either of them. She felt hungry enough to eat a freaking horse after all.

    They all locked at Kakashi who didn't look worse for wear.

    “Well, you still didn't really get the bells. And if that's what you call teamwork...” He shook his head.

    “Then again. You are green genin, fresh from the academy. I think I'll give you guys a try. You're much better than the last bunch at least.”

    A moment of silence followed the proclamation, before Naruto whooped in joy and attempted to hug Kakashi, who neatly sidestepped the boy, allowing him to hug a tree. Not that it bother Naruto much, who shouted and bounced around the clearing. Even Sasuke smiled at his antics. Or well, his mouth move upwards a bit.

    Sakura herself found it amusing enough to get a genuine smile out of herself. Maybe she had been a bit hasty in dismissing him as a friend?

    He attempted to hug her and she rolled out of the way. Maybe not then.

    “Naruto? Since you guys had only Sakura's bento for lunch why don't you and Sasuke go and get us some food? I'll explain what's happening tomorrow, once you get back.” Kakashi instructed the boys.

    “Yes sir!” Naruto saluted and practically dragged Sasuke out of the clearing. Sakura wondered where he took the energy. Not that she had used up all that much of her own. But normal humans weren't supposed to have such amounts of energy. And even she felt hungry, very hungry.

    She shook her head as she watched them leave, then turned to Kakashi.

    “I wonder.” He said. “Do you know why I asked Sasuke to kill you and not you to kill Sasuke?”

    Sakura blinked, she had expected him to want to talk to her. But to ask something like that? “I have no idea.” She answered actually surprised.

    “Because I think you might actually have done it.” He answered as bluntly as Ino, if you asked if something made you look good.

    She opened her mouth to reply, to deny, to say something. But then, she had nothing to say. She looked at her hands. Maybe if she...

    “Honestly, I don't really like it. But then again, it's not really your fault.” He shook his head. “It's just the way you are born right?”

    He turned to her eyes hard. “But from now on, I want you to consider your teammates as important as yourself. If something happens to them it happens to you. Is that clear?”

    She blinked at him, then slowly nodded. She added Ino to that too. Or maybe she added Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi to the list where only Ino's and her parents names stood? Well, it didn't matter, really. If they were on that list, then they were friends. As easy as that. Unless they did something to be removed from the list. Then they were... enemies.

    “Good. Let's hope they hurry up with the food. Otherwise you might decide to eat me after all.” Kakashi joked, having no idea just how right he was.

    Sakura felt a shiver run down her spine and to her hands. From tomorrow on she would be a genin and sooner or later she would get into fights where she would have to kill, where she could maybe... indulge her nature. She glanced at her hand when the shiver reached it. A weird black and red tentacle seemed to move over her skin and into her hand.

    She smiled weakly. She hadn't been able to hide that. Good thing Kakashi hadn't seen it, it would just have freaked him out.


    Kakashi watched as the skin on Sakura's arm rippled and revealed red and black tentacles moving through it.

    Of course, he didn't let her know that he had seen it, she seemed to think he hadn't. Of course, nobody else had seen that before. Or if one of her teachers had, they hadn't written it down in the report. But it confirmed what he had suspected. Sakura Haruno had a bloodline limit. And he would bet a lifetime of no Icha Icha that this bloodline was responsible for her psychopathy. Though oddly she did seem to care somewhat for people.

    He shrugged and waited for the two boys. The team didn't really deserve to be named that, but at least they had tried. Even after that little speech the other teams had not. At least those who he had bothered giving the speech to.

    Or maybe he was lying to himself, Obito and Minato represented a heavy burden after all. And if the girl did have a bloodline... well, they would need to coax it out.


    Also I blame Facehugger for this. He got me into Prototype in the first place.
  2. Lancealot

    Lancealot The Engineer

    Well making a fic that is 'Sakura in name only' is one way of dealing with this fact...

    I'm sure your Sakura will be much more interesting not that such a thing would be difficult.:rolleyes:
  3. In her defense:

    No Demon I win button, no Bloodline I win button, no Clan, no personal trainer, fresh out of the academy.

    First opponents are chunin, from there it gets worse with S-Rank missing nin. Next is Orochimaru, then some of his toy genin, where she did respectable in a three vs one.

    We continue with a clan trained (though admitetly weak) kunoichi and she manages a draw.

    Then we move on to demon container.

    After that, well Sasori was cool, everything after that... eh...
  4. Xon

    Xon Cabal Arm Commander Staff

    I like the natural concequence of how chakra is generated and what amounts to a sentient mass of near-living viral matter.
  5. arthurh3535

    arthurh3535 Writer

    I have to say that I think I really like this crossover. Lots of potential.
  6. Pharohman777

    Pharohman777 Planeswalker

    Viral Abomination Sakura? This sounds nice....
    Nice work with the insight into the mindset she has, as well.
  7. This is either going to be a great fic or a horrible fic.

    The problem with throwing Zeus into the Naruto world is that he can easily become a character that is beyond powerful. Think about it, a ninja who can learn everything that any ninja they defeat knows, who can absorb bloodlines and secret techniques, who can only be killed in maybe half a dozen ways in the entire manga, and who has a mentality that would make Itachi look normal and sane.

    Even with the Chakra handicap you gave Sakura, she could become S-Rank inside of 2 weeks.
  8. She needs to consume some people so she can get their perspective on interpersonal relationships. Even if they are not that great at it themselves they will still have a human perspective on it.
  9. It's not just that, take the Wave mission.

    If she consumes the Demon Brothers then she will instantly know all that they knew and gain chunnin level abilities and understanding of the ninja world. Consume Zabuza and she instantly becomes one of the twenty or so most capable swordsman in the Naruto verse along with knowing all of the various ANBU and assassination tricks. Consume Gato and she instantly gains all of the knowledge of one of the most ruthless and capable business men in the Elemental Countries.

    And if she can solve the chakra problem, which could be as simple as getting a sample of what a chakra system should be (from eating a ninja) then turning into a bloodline master would be trivial.
  10. That's right and I've got somebody planned for her first... hmm victim isn't quite the right word, but yes. Once she starts consuming she'll get some better understanding of the human condition. Hell, Mercer had that, but then he hadn't taken over a little child with next to zero life experience.

    Keep in mind that Kakashi and the people checking up on her don't actully know what Sakura is and can only guess as to why she only displays amount of chakra especially talented civilians might display before they recive proper training.

    She'll need to defeat an S-Class ninja to become one and I would say experienced genin can be equated to hunters and super soldiers. Chunin are captain Cross and Leader Hunters, while experienced Jonin are Supreme Hunters. Actual S-Class nin would equal or even surpass late game Mercer.

    And Sakura is far from late game Mercer, not least because she has a set of instincts that state hide, evade, and don't kill humans. Something to do with how she came into this world. (That little backstory doesn't make a whole lot of sense btw. but then it's not that important, at least not yet)
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  11. Happerry

    Happerry The Forsaken and Inviolate Blossom of Iron

    I agree with some of what you said, but I highly doubt she would be able to eat anyone good so soon, from a mix of not being able to (Yes, late game Mercer could nom Haku and Zabuza. Early game Sakura? Noooot so much) to her apparent desire/instinct to hide what she is. If she was capable of that she wouldn't be loosing to Kakashi, much less Ino. I also don't think that solving the chakra problem would be so easy. It's a mix between the Physical and mental, so every time she eats someone that balance gets tossed overboard, at the very least. If it was just physical, then yah, but it's at least as much spiritual as corporal, so....
  12. My take on it was that Sakura doesn't know how a chakra system should be formed, never having eaten an individual with a developed chakra system. Once she does that then odds are that she can create a working charka system.

    As for eating high level opponents, sure it is more difficult but it isn't anything extreme. Once she noms a single chunin then she is a chunin. Zabuza could be eaten when he is on his last legs and about to die, it gives Sakura the same benefits.

    He is also one of the jounin that lacks any ability to actually destroy Zeus.

    Amaterasu, various time/space techniques, high end fire techniques (maybe), perhaps a few of the more exotic techniques. But take Garra, he could crush her into nothing and she could reform without too much trouble. Zabuza is water and sword, neither of which would even mildly inconvenience Zeus.
  13. I thought Mercer was allergic to water.
  14. Very interesting, I wonder how the fight with the bone spear guy will turn out, think of it, diseased guy with bone spears against a walking disease with black stuff spears, could't be funny... or horrifying.
  15. Kakashi looked at his three students, keeping his expression carefully pleasant and nondescript. He would ask what he had done to deserve them, but he had a pretty good idea on that account.

    Best line in a Naruto Intro scene ever.

    Good story and I look forward to see how long she how much more effective she'll be as bodyguard for the Wave mission, maybe even dragging the bridge builder into some cover instead of leaving him out in the open. My guess is that Sakura shouldn't actually consume someone until she runs into the sound ninja during the Chunin exam when the others are knocked out from the fight with Oriochimaru. Would probably give Lee some nightmares but that should be the time when she is least worried about revealing her real nature.
  16. oh hell, ZEUS!Sakura
    This is going to be awesome.
    Well, except for the poor bastards who make it on the menu :D
  17. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit Hella

    Greatest Insane Crossover Idea ever, this is going to kick ass.
  18. Ardion Prosili

    Ardion Prosili My Darkest Dungeon can't possibly be this cute!

    First things first, I want to thank you for giving us more than the average sized snippet to read. Because you gave us more, there will be more to work with and enjoy if you do stop for some reason.

    Next off, I want to praise you for some of the choices you made. Picking Sakura to Blacklight was a wise choice; I've seen too many 'lol naruto is an zeus nao :V' fics (Read: any at all) to be put off it for the mains. But giving it to the girl who could never catch up is a move I like.

    Next, with Sakura's instinct to hide rather than consume everything, this actually adds some possible depth to the fic that might not appear in most Blacklight + *insert character here* = awesome fics. Whereas people like Alex would end up in a doomed situation where nomming a few normal (and good aligned people) (and mosters and other shit) isn't a big deal, in the secret world of ninja, Sakura is -Going. To. Get. Caught.- if she tries to do that out in the open.
    In addition, unlike most Blacklights, even Alex himself, she has to LEARN how to act like a normal person and would have to LEARN morals and goodness rather than gain it through osmosis. The 'learn to be a good person' thing could also, I think, act as a balance to the big problem with Zeus fics: Eating the strongest guy around and becoming the strongest from it. Most of the strongest people around are really fucking evil and/or out and out insane. Without the mass of goodly people in her, Sakura could easily jump off the slippery slope into baby-kicking, maniacal laughing evil/crazyness if the personality of the really fucking evil ninja override her own (which would probably be easier what with no good folk backing up her as-of-now from-what-I-see little understanding of the nuances of morality). And, thankfully, she shouldn't be able to eat a beast carrier; even the most adaptive virus in the world would think that Biju would be too spicy! Ha ha ha!

    All in all, despite my somewhat aimless ramblings, I see possibilities in this fic. I will be watching it closely.
  19. Guile

    Guile all the coins in the kingdom

    I like. In a story, the fact that ZEUS!Sakura could technically manage to devour Zabuza, then Sarutobi, then Pein, then rule the world (or whatever) isn't likely to happen; as long as kirai takes it easy and makes her road to power slow, I can still enjoy it.

    I did think Kakashi took the 'bloodline' revelation too easily. A bloodline that lets people grow red and black tentacles? In Konoha? That's something people would know about. I hope you show him at least looking to follow up on it with Sarutobi or the archives or somebody who might know what that 'bloodline' could be.

    Plus, a weak Blacklight like Sakura currently is does have weaknesses. She doesn't have the biomass to regenerate much, if at all; fire, water, simple blades can and will hurt her.

    And... well, I do like Sakura. I keep meaning to write a Godhand Sakura (from the game of the same name) fic, myself, I just am a terrible procrastinator.
  20. I don't think the reaction is low key, mostly because we haven;t seen much of the reaction yet, there will be a report to the Hokage, maybe medical exams... but the problem is not that urgent, if it were dealt with winthin a few days, it's be ok, it's not a matter of life or death.
  21. mkire

    mkire Lee-ko is adorable

    kira, you've single-handedly raised the bar for future prototype/naruto crossovers
  22. Vorpal

    Vorpal Neither a dandy nor a clown

    QFT. ZEUS!Sakura can now officially out-psycho Gaara.

    Well, it depends, since there is no Prototype canon evidence for absorbing non-viral-related superpowers (unless I'm off my rocker). A DNA sequence need not be treated as a magic genie cheat code, because genetic expression is a chemical process--and a viral body like ZEUS simply has a different chemistry. So it's actually very reasonable not to be able copy blood limit abilities at all if the author chooses, or perhaps require extensive study of how to "translate" the genetic code to a completely different biology. There's really no prerogative for absorbing anything but the form, memories, and normal ninja skills unless the author decides otherwise, and without that, even canon Zeus would just be bijuu-level but not completely overwhelming.

    There's no reason for consumption to increase raw chakra capacity to the victim's level, either.
  23. al103

    al103 Grumpy Russian Bear

    Is this yet another flanderization? Because as I remember Sasuke planned to restore clan besides that, and actually cited it first as more important. It's only after mindfucking Orochimaru seal and Itachi fucking up his brain again he became more vengeance-centered. Because if yes - I'm out of here, they tend to suck...
  24. Vorpal

    Vorpal Neither a dandy nor a clown

    But if Kakashi thinks Sakura is psychopath that cares nothing about either of her teammates, why would he think she'd do it? She'd be trading a hostage situation for a dead teammate and a hostage situation. For someone with no empathy, things are pretty clear-cut: don't do it because my situation is better if I don't.

    It seems like it would make more sense for Kakashi not asking her because he expects her not to give a damn either way, making it an ineffective lesson, while Sasuke might actually learn from it.
  25. Read my other fics. I tend to not go down that road with Sasuke^^

    Sasuke simply decided not to mention it. That's private damn it.

    What, does he have to have only one reason? And if he thinks she's a psychopath, why would he tell her?

    He's more interested in her reaction to the accusation really. And it told him that she sees herself the same way as he does.

    As for the invincible Sakura thing.

    In order to prevent that I put a very definit limitation on her as far as chakra is concerned. She could in theory learn any ninjutsu, and genjutsu etc. Hell even bloodline limits aren't closed to her.

    The problem is using the stuff, since she needs chakra for that and chakra requires her to be something more than a virus. She can only ever produce what she has now. Directly after absorbing a person she can use that chakra, for a little while. As the body is broken down more and more and the biomass tuned more to her own use the chakra is forced out and becomes inaccesible.

    So, to use high level ninjutsu she would either need a constant supply of low level mooks willing to throw themselves at her, or a high level ninja to consume. And then she'll only have time for maybe one battle. If it's a short one.

    And as pointed out. She wants to hide what she is, more subconsciously than for any actual reason she can see.

    Then there is gaining normal Blacklight updates, without a friendly redlight infection to supply the raw adaptive fuel. Most of Mercer updates he got after consuming redlight creatures. Not that he wouldn't have gained them on his own, eventually. But without Redlight Sakura will advance much slower.

    Still makes her incredible dangerous. If she nommed enough she could maybe survive a desert graveyard. But only then, as enough bullets could kill Mercer if he stood still. He's not invincible after all. Even late game enough rocket launchers could still take him out.
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