Blood and Fire - a Mass Effect/Halo fusion

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    If you're going to throw yourself in the deep end...

    Mostly ME, Halo for flavour and butterflys.

    Prologue part 1.

    The discovery of ancient alien ruins on Mars in the mid twenty second century changed the course of human history. Over the next decade humanity spread like wildfire. Driven by national rivalry, the opportunity for massive profit and by simple wanderlust humanity swarmed across the solar system. The discovery of the Charon Relay set of an explosion of extra-solar colonisation.

    Yet the old national rivalries remained strong and for some the opportunity to make a quick and dirty profit was a temptation too great to resist. Faced with piracy and sabotage and the looming spectre of proxy wars among the colonies, the nations of Earth agreed to take action.

    The Systems Alliance was a multinational paramilitary force, charged with peacekeeping, anti-piracy and humanitarian duties across human space. In the event of attack by a hostile alien race the Alliance would form the first line of defence, buying time for humanity to mobilise.

    In the year 2157, that worst case scenario became a reality worse than any nightmare.

    It started innocuously enough. Exploration and merchant vessels began disappearing near the colony of Shanxi. The Alliance blamed an upsurge in local piracy and moved the Second Fleet under Admiral Kastanie Drescher into the region with orders to locate and eliminate the culprits. But searches of the local systems found no trace of habitation.

    Two weeks into Second Fleets deployment, the enemy revealed themselves. A survey group examining the Shanxi-Theta Relay was ambushed by a squadron of warships of unknown configuration. Armed with powerful and advanced weapons, the unknowns made short work of the survey group before pursuing a lone survivor to Shanxi itself. They were driven off by the garrison at the cost of two frigates and almost three hundred marines. Humanity had won its first battle against a hostile alien race, but any temptation to celebrate was short lived.

    Interrogation of the handful of prisoners taken soon convinced Admiral Drescher that the worst was yet to come. The aliens were Kig-yar, a mercenary race in service to a multi-species empire calling themselves ‘The Covenant’. Fanatical in their worship of the extinct Protheans, who they called the Forerunner, the Covenant believed it was their sacred duty to convert all other species in the galaxy in preparation for the ‘Great Journey’, when they would ascend to join their Gods beyond the mortal realm. All who refused to join the Covenant were deemed a threat to the faithful and were to be destroyed.

    The discovery of humans – a young race unfamiliar with the greater galaxy – had already been reported to the Covenant Hierarchs and deemed an opportunity too great to pass up. A military expedition was already on its way to Shanxi. Their purpose was simple – to secure the colony and ‘test’ the inhabitants in preparation for the conversion or purification of all of humanity.

    If they expected it to be simple, they were wrong.

    The Fleet of Unyielding Conviction arrived in system to find human reinforcements already present. But even faced by the combined forces of three System Alliance fleets, almost half the human standing military, the fanatical aliens remained undaunted. The next month saw a succession of increasingly bloody battles on and around Shanxi as the defenders fought desperately to drive off the much more advanced Covenant invaders.
    Twenty nine days into the campaign, salvation arrived from an entirely unexpected direction. The movement of such a large Covenant fleet outside their borders had not gone unnoticed.

    The Citadel Races were a federation almost three thousand years old as humans reckoned such things. Lead and protected by the Council Races – the Asari Republics, the Salarian Union and the Turian Hierarchy – the Citadel was responsible for dozens of species scattered across the known galaxy. They had clashed repeatedly with the expansionist Covenant over the last millennium and were determined to prevent their rivals from continuing to forcibly spread their influence.

    Turian patrols had tracked the Fleet of Unyielding Conviction from the moment it left Covenant space. The realization of the Covenant objective had led to an immediate call to arms. The mobilization took time for the Council could not risk despatching any significant force without first ensuring their own borders were secure, but even with thousands of ships and millions of troops to muster and deploy the Council moved swiftly.

    On October 17th 2157, a Citadel Fleet of four hundred ships – including fifty dreadnoughts – hit the Covenant forces besieging Shanxi like the fist of an angry god. Humanity had held the line alone, and they stood alone no longer. The First Contact War had begun.


    A bit of backstory to get the ball rolling. Codex: Covenant Weapons. Codex: The Verge War. Prologue part 1 Prologue part 2 Chapter 1 part 1 Chapter 1 part 2 Chapter 1 part 3 Chapter 2 part 1 Chapter 2 part 2 Chapter 2 part 3 Chapter 3 part 1 Chapter 3 part 2 Chapter 3 part 3 Chapter 3 part 4
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    Welll that's better thasn most ME/Halo Fusions. Like the novel spin you've put on an old idea
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    Well. That's original.

    *watches with interest*
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    More please. :)
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    You are now my 100th subscription. Congratulations, and I look forward to more.
  6. Very good. Definitely looking forward to more.
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    Interesting start. I look forwards to more.
  8. Hopefully you've evened out the power levels (and it'd be acceptable in this case).

    So, Sierra 117 is in fact John Shepard in this universe?
  9. Good set up. I look forward to seeing what you're going to do with the characters. I wonder if the SPARTAN program is up and running yet...
  10. ^The Spartan program has been up and running since before the UNSC have even heard of the Covenant.
  11. Oh yeah, sure, in the canon universe. Who knows what will happen in this fusion one?
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    This is, without a doubt, absolutely frigging awesome.
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    Potentially biotic Spartans? mother of god, the Covenant's boned. I'll keep an eye on this.
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    "I will watch young Tavi's future with great interest."
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    Dannnnng cant wait for more :D
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    Something tells me that these Covenant are going to be far different technologically wise than their original versions.

    What happened to the Krogans by the way? If the Covenant we around then, surely the Citadel kept them around as soldiers.
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    You have my interest this idea is beautiful in its simplicity. Very nice work here and bring on more!
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    Nice new take on an old idea. I will be watching with great interest.

    Though please keep the Spartans out of this. It would be nice to read a story where the Spartans are not the be all and end all of existance. Plus the conditions that led to the first two Spartan programmes haven't existed in this reality - the threat of full scale civil war that the UNSC wouldn't be able to contain or stop short of burning worlds from orbit with nukes.

    By all means though you could have ODST's - have them replace the N7 marines or something.
  19. Look like it will be interesting
  20. Can't really see anyone justifying the Spartan program in this time line also all the discontent people can just get up and leave now.

    Relays ftw:D
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    Actually, you might be able to replace the Spartans with the N7 marines, but make the N7s a mix between the S-I and S-II/III. ME Earth did have a rather lot of experience with genetic engineering after all. Replace the Insurrection with Pirates/terrorists and there you go.
  22. ajw


    I have nothing against Spartans but I don't think they belong in the timeline of this story. Pirates and terrorists are no reason to create something like Spartans they can be dealt with by intelligence and surgical military strikes by elite units like N7's or ODST's.

    The only reason the Spartans existed in canon Halo was to try and prevent a civil war. Something they would ultimately fail at as even Doctor Halsey more or less admitted that even the Spartans would only by the UNSC about a hundred years before widespread colonial rebellions spawned by the arrogant imperialism and corruption of the UEG and CMA ripped it apart.

    There is no reason for them here.

    On another note with ongoing tensions with the Covenant and the occasional military clash I don't see the Council having anything like the Treaty of Feraxin that they did in ME canon limiting the numbers of dreadnoughts. There weapons and military tech in general might be more advanced as well due to the conflicts.
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    Uh... did you miss where I said that the N7s could take the place of the Spartans Ala' the S-Is (which weren't quite the same as the S-IIs)? Except, with ME genetic sciences they're more akin to S-IIs (hell, Shepard post-Lazarus could likely have been considered an equal to a S-III).
  24. ajw


    Sorry missed that:eek:

    Though it could be possible. After all the Alliance does give every soldier who signs up a battery of genetic improvements. It would not be that much of a stretch to give elite units some additional genetic improvements and maybe some cybernetic upgrades similar to the heavy bone, skin and muscle weaves Shepard has post-Lazarus.

    Though I would be wary of those upgrades including things like biotics - unless the soldier in question already has biotic abilities that could be somehow boosted or augmented beyond what the normal implant/amp configuration is capable of doing.

    One thing can they ditch MJOLNIR armour? Its really to bulky for this story. I could see N7 armours being more along the lines of a fusion of a heavy combat hardsuit with something like a Crysis nanosuit.
  25. I believe ME canon had the potential for creating their own powered armour designs considering the armour upgrades (ME1) and armour customization (ME2) options I've read from the ME wiki articles. Besides the usual kinetic barrier and armour upgrades, there are other upgrade options such as built-in computer/VI microprocessors, medical systems and medigel dispensers, sensors and even mechanical augmentations (eg. Motorized Joints, Exoskeletons, Combat Exoskeletons) to help handle the extra armour weight and improve the player's speed and melee attacks. The problem is these are personal customization options, not standard-issue abilities.

    Thus, I believe it is possible to create standard issue powered armour versions of ME canon heavy-class combat hardsuits if the Systems Alliance leadership had the will to accept the higher price tag cost per unit as opposed to lower cost but normal, less capable combat hardsuits. I believe the heavy (?) combat hardsuits we've seen used by Cerberus Assault Troopers, Guardians and Centurions could be a form of powered armour considering their heavy, bulky design and built-in jumpjets. And lets not forget the Atlas Mech.

    BTW, aren't Spartan-IIIs supposed to be cheaper, less-capable and expendable versions of Spartan-IIs? 'Cos Harry Leferts' statement made it sound like Spartan-IIIs are more capable than Spartan-IIs. If you ask me, the Lazarus Project sounds more like a parody for the Spartan-II project while the Spartan-III project could be a parody for this story's equivalent of standard Spartans.

    Also, any chance the omni-blade could be introduced much earlier in this story?