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    Well, it's an innovative solution, except... Well, would Louise, who can't cast that spell and took years to even understand that she could actually use her explosions for things actually think of it?

    Kirche or Tabitha perhaps. But there's a reason Levitate is only used offensively on commoners... Even if Guiche has no way to break it (which I doubt), he's still free to cast spells while he's hanging in the air and, as the author pointed out, his armor doesn't go away when he does.

    Now, he's not without weaknesses. He has to stop animating his armor and sit in one place whenever he does anything else. And tripping him up and wearing him down with the three mages against him is certainly possible.

    The problem is: This isn't a fight where they want to hurt or injure Guiche. Worse, this isn't even a fight where they want to just subdue Guiche. This is a fight where they want to keep him from interrupting Montmorency and wrecking his only cure. I have no doubts that even taking care not to injure him, Kirche and Tabitha and Louise stand a good chance of defeating him, by wearing him out if nothing else, but could they do it while also keeping him from getting near Montomrency who is right nearby? Or maybe wrecking her preparations with their own spells, if he gets close enough? Maybe, maybe not. And that's why it's not false tension.
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    Oh, wow, I missed a lot. Thanks for that post!

    So, catching up on recent chapters - has Louise forgotten Rumia's explanation of what a youkai is, or does she just think that telling the others that "She's a [untranslatable foreign word]" is spectacularly pointless?
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    Also, I just realized something kind of terrifying.

    Bound, hobbled, and essentially animalistic Rumia is a match for the Water Spirit.

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  4. did he make the armor like he makes his golems? Or did he really make armor. Which makes the difference between heroic will power moving and it's a brick if he's distracted. That's mostly what I based the thought around. If his only method of movement is manipulating armor like a golem full stop no heroic willpower here. Then something akin to stun locking become possible. And how close are we talking here?

    How much ice and in what fashion can Tabi summon it? What stop her from using water like water and pullinga zabuza. i mean Guiche conjured enough earth comparitively to put someone in a straigth jacket.
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    I've always held to the rule that a competent and imaginative mage is a serious and horrific threat to any comers, even if they're wasting away of some absolutely wretched and fatal disease, and are in fact on their death-bed with anywhere between minutes and hours remaining to them.

    Make of that what you will.
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    Oh dear gods someone needs to go save Cattleya now.

    Also addressing a point I found somewhere in this thread, Tears of the Water Spirit may save Tabitha's mother, but if it "only" costs an arm and a leg it'll have been tried on Cattleya already.

  7. Anthropophagus, with the act itself being anthropophagy.

    And damm it, what's with you english speakers and that (censored) obsession wiht putting extra "h" everywere?
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    Well, enough of a match that the Water Spririt figures it would be hurt pretty badly in the process of winning. I believe it still thought it would be the winner, though that may have been arrogance.

    But then, "Rumia is bound" as a idea generally promotes "Rumia's original power level is really, really high".
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    This fic is not the first fic I've seen that had Guiche use Valkyrie Armor, but I always enjoy seeing him use it.:)
  10. Nevermind just holding him back, Louise has to somehow remove the helm too so he can drink the potion, right?
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    eh, when its done momo can probably convince him to drink it in about 5 seconds flat.
  12. Except he knows what they want to make him drink. Not sure this will go this smoothly.
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    considering just how out of it he is, do you think he would remember or care?

    hes injured, isn't he? and he doesn't seem to understand that he's under a love potion.

    "dear Montmorency has brewed you some medicine, you're not going to waste it, right?"

    something tells me he's going to be very gullible (but only for Montmorency)
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    Or Monmon could feed it to him via kiss.
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    Chapter 26


    "Stand down Guiche." Kirche called, even as hairs on the back of Louise's neck began to rise in warning.

    Guiche was standing... too still. His lips were moving, he was whispering something. Where...

    "We don't want to hurt you." Kirche continued, gathering a trace of fire at the tip of her wand, even as... there.

    Too late, as the arm of a Valkyrie formed, revealing itself as it lunged from the ground, sword-point first. Kirche barely had the time to drag her wand in the right direction and start moving before it had already pierced her thigh.

    She let loose a strangled scream as the blade withdrew, and rose again as she clutched at the bleeding wound, wand for just a critical moment forgotten.

    Tabitha heaved her out of the way of the strike with strength belying her slight form, and Louise blasted the golem apart. Then just barely drew Derflinger in time to be grateful that the young nobleman wasn't really any better of a swordsman than herself, as a bronze blade clanged down against him.

    "Y'know, I like you, boy. Be a shame if I had to tickle your guts. Of course, I'm a sword, it's what I do, so no hard feelings, right?"

    Guiche grunted, pressing down a little harder, and Louise felt her knees start to buckle for a moment before Tabitha's voice rang out and Guiche floated up and away. Tabitha's wand remained focused on him as Louise took a deep breath, regaining her footing, and Kirche quickly bound her wound before raising her own wand, anger burning in her eyes.

    ... Louise's neck began to itch, and seeing the slight smile on Guiche's face, she was ducking before Derflinger had a chance to call out the warning. Kirche was ready this time, and melted both the one ambushing herself and the one targeting Tabitha into slag in the time it took Louise to blast her own assailant apart.

    Guiche was still smiling.

    .... How many was he able to call forth at a time, again?

    That's right. It was six.

    "Worrying." Tabitha mumbled, as bronze melted down into the flagstones of the road.

    "If he keeps doing this, he's got to run out of Willpower at some point. There's three of us, and one of him-"

    Tabitha was frowning and shaking her head. No, that was right...

    "My valkyrie suffer limitations, yes. But when all is said and done... they are flimsy, and weak for a golem, and above all, they are easy to create." Guiche said, smugly, as more metal hands tore their way free from beneath the earth, golems rising as fast as golems fell. "My own limitations... I can only control a certain number, at a time. But I have practiced their creation frequently, to find the spell less and less taxing, and of late... of late, the spell itself has suddenly become even less difficult. I can only control a certain number at once..."

    Guiche smiled more widely than before, as he fell to the ground with a heavy clunk, Tabitha jumping away from her position as blades stabbed upwards and into the space she had occupied before. They were crushed almost instantly, or so it seemed, beneath a mountain of ice, but even so. Tabitha had been forced to relenquish her spell.

    ".... But I can create a very great number indeed, all at once." Guiche finished, lying flat on his back in the encasing armor. "And as it happens, it does not matter if I do not move them immediately, so long as I only move a certain number at a time..."

    There were five golems on the battlefield at the moment, Louise suddenly noted, in a moment of stark clarity. Five, in contrast to what Guiche had said, and Kirche had just been forced near to Guiche.

    She was in motion even as the armor encasing him moved to his will, springing up to its feet as his arm raised, sword in hand. She rammed into Kirche with a shoulder, forcing her out of the way, preventing him from cleaving her spine, and lifted Derflinger to the guard.

    She allmost got the sword there in time.

    Not fast enough to block it completely. Just barely enough to deflect it, just enough that the edge didn't sink into her neck. Instead, the tip dragged across her collar, and from there down, at a diagonal, scoring a gash across her ribs.

    A large chunk of ice flew over Louise's head as she dropped to her knees, forcing Guiche back before he could make a second attack.

    This wasn't good at all. They could destroy the golems almost as fast as they appeared, but each time it required a spell to be cast, and though Kirche could destroy two or three at once, Tabitha four or sometimes five, if they were close enough together, those were likewise stronger spells that taxed the caster more dearly. If they could destroy his stockpile of golems in mass before they could be animated, or even see where they were or how many of them were left, that would be another thing. If they were willing to just cut down their mind-addled classmate where he stood, everything would be solved at once, the weakness of a mage who relied on golems. As it were...

    The tide of valkyrie halted, for just a moment. And then, around the ice, arms appeared. Two, then four, then six reaching around the ice, heaving it aside. Then more, as metal arms sprang from Guiche's back. Swords re-appeared in the first six arms, shields having seemed to have been set aside, but the ones on the back...

    From the outstretched metal palms, another arm grew. Then another, from the furthest reach of the last, continuing onward until a number of what almost seemed like grasping tentacles waved ponderously in the wind, clawed fingers at the furthest reaches snapping together and driving sparks against each other.

    It was enough to give Louise pause for a moment, though Tabitha simply hurled another large icicle at Guiche, this one to find itself cleaved apart rather than striking home.

    And then the battle renewed in earnest.

    Guiche howled like mad, seeming to be everywhere at once, closing with one person while the armor appendages reached across the road to harry another, drawing fire with a golem only to drag it away with a mass of claws, or sinking them into some surface only to rip himself across the battlefield, swords whistling through the air as he made his way to the new location.

    It was maddening.

    Was this, still, just the same spell that let him control his golems? They almost couldn't keep up at all, against the seemingly relentless tide of bronze. It was taking just a little longer to destroy the golems, they each did just a little more, and they were beginning to react just a little slower.

    Even as one or two of the grasping limbs were severed, and even as golems fell in droves until it seemed like there wasn't the slightest patch of the battlefield that was not covered in shredded or frozen or melted bronze, Guiche, foppish and romantic Guiche, alone against three other mages, was actually wearing them out.

    It was infuriating, almost.

    And then those grasping limbs drove into the ground, propping Guiche into place, a smile that simply screamed that he'd had an Interesting Idea coming across his face, and it was barely in Louise's power not to blast him right there, to prevent whatever fresh horror he'd imagined from coming into existence.

    Armor formed around her. Mostly. Around her arms and legs, certainly, though her chest and midsection were left distressingly, worryingly, bare.

    It only took a moment to discern the intention, as Louise's own arms moved, raising and turning Derflinger about, much to his confusion. From there, she began to fight with every ounce of strength she had.

    It was enough that she didn't immediately impale herself, as was likely his intent.

    It was not enough to stop the effect entirely, and even as she strained, teeth grit and arms aching, the tip of the sword moved ever closer to her already blood-stained blouse.

    Tabitha was the one who hesitated, eyes flicking between them, just for a moment uncertain of what to do. Kirche did not, passionate flame gathering at the tip of her wand in preparation for incandescent rebuke.

    "That's quite enough of that, Guiche." Montmorency's voice called from the inn entry, and the inexorable force driving the armor on Louise's limbs trailed off. She dropped Derflinger, heedless of his indignant replies, and clutched at her chest as her heart pounded.

    Montmorency stepped out, two chalices of wine in her hands.

    "You have come for me, correct? I am here. Will you not drink, in the wake of your succes?" She asked dryly.

    "Ah... indeed, my love. To success. To your beauty. And to things to come." Guiche said, voice deepening meaningfully as he strode past the battlefield, ignoring Kirche, Tabitha, and Louise as now unimportant.

    He reached out as Montmorency extended a chalice. And then past it, gauntlet clinking as it claimed the one she had kept in reserve. Montmorency frowned, but drank herself, nose crinkled, even as Guiche drained his wine without any pause for breath.

    He tossed the chalice aside, eyes hooded.

    "Annow m'der." He slurred.

    .... His eyes widened a little as he seemed to realize the sound of his own voice.

    "... Pssn. Drg dyer own c'p?" He managed, tottering in place, armor seeming suddenly heavy.

    "Not at all. I drugged them both." Montmorency explained, as Guiche crashed into the ground, asleep before he struck it. "I simply took the liberty of drinking the counteragent in advance. Well, if you want something done properly, I suppose you do have to do it yourself. In any case, he should slumber for several hours now, and I really must return to the brew. I cannot leave it alone for long, even having reached a slightly less critical stage. Excuse me."

    .... a nasty part of Louise wanted to kill the both of them right there. It would solve nothing, and cause many problems in the long run, but it would make her feel so much better.

    She restrained herself, though, and simply gathered up Derflinger to seek some form of medical assistance before the light-headedness from all of this blood loss left her actually losing consciousness.

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    Ah, I DO so love it when Guiche gets his own... and Monmon too.

    Heh, poor Louise. A mage in love is a creative beast in deed. That was well done.
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    Guiche was a bigger problem than expected. Sure, they were limited in what they could do to him but still. Then again, restricting someone without hurting them is difficult. Even more so when they can use magic.
  19. That seems extra callous of Montmorency to just walk away like that, given that both Louise and Kirche are bleeding from not insignificant wounds.

    One would think that the person with a murderous spirit class entity on call would warrant just a tad more wariness about giving offense.

    Ah well, callousness and stupidity go hand in hand.
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    Most probably at that point in time shes too tired to give a fuck, tired as in the I'm sick of dealing with this shit tired.
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    Monmon will be seriously under red line with favours owned at the end of this quest.
    Good that she has like 3 x GDP of Tristain in a bottle.
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    So, Guiche went full-on Asura in the fight what with the additional hands? Interesting.
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  23. Don't worry Louise. I'm sure Kirche and Tabitha are feeling the same about the two of them too.
  24. that was an interesting way to show the proper way to use earth magic. Most authors seem to go for the "Bigger Golem" route

    Kudos to chous Chibi!