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  1. But what I'm really curious about is the fact who would win a fight to the death Captain America or Daredevil. Many say that Cap would win over DD because he is faster stronger and is tireless due to Super-Soldier Serum.

    The fact is Nick Fury beat up Cap pretty good, yes Cap was downed in their fight, and they call Cap the greatest fighter of all?
    Let's talk about all the fights that Daredevil had against Cap.
    Matt has a great disadvantage fighting against Cap. He can't read his moves, due to the Super Soldier Serum, so he doesn't know when or where Cap is going to throw a punch until he throws it.

    Not exactly. There was one instance when DD couldn't read Cap's heart. But DD has other ways to read an opponent. And unless I'm mistaken, DD was quite tired at the time. Though, it wasn't mentioned as the reason he had trouble reading Cap.

    In another instance, DD could read Cap just fine.

    The two have fought multiple times.

    One was a nearly issue long classic fight in DD's fight. Cap was even using his shield while DD was unarmed and it was a stalemate.

    The next fight was in DD's title again. DD turns off the lights at Avengers Mansion and engages the Avengers (Cap, Hercules, Beast, Black Widow). He casually defeats most of them including Cap. And that's while DD was weakened and delirious.

    I don't think DD was weakened, his mind was not right though. Plus fighting them in the dark really helped DD since they did not know it was him and he DD can literally see in the dark with his Radar/hyper senses. Not regular circumstances for sure.
    What do you think?

    And there was another fight where Cap was off the deep end and became bad. DD engaged him in a warehouse and Cap seemed to get the better of DD. Though, it should be noted that Cap was basically "bad" so not holding back, while DD obviously was holding back.

    And there's the Streets of Poison fight where Cap (mentally unstable, aggressive, not holding back, but not in top shape) beats down DD (who was seriously weakened and just went through hell, literally).

    Also, DD defeated Infomorph, a being who had absorbed DD's and Cap's skills, possibly among others. Though, that's not representative at all IMHO. But if he could beat Infomorph he would be able to beat Captain America.

    This is why I can't say Cap beats Daredevil, it's 5/10 for each when they are not holding back in a fair fight, really.
    I just can't see this fight going any other way.
    What about you.
    So, tell me where did Cap beat Daredevil in a fair fight with no mind controlling or anything like this?

    People say that DD was running away from Cap:
    So, what if he was running away.

    "Now talk. How come you have all of DD's powers, but your strategy is like an amateur's compared to his. who in blazes are you anyway?
    I remember now. IT WAS THE RADIUM---IT AFFECTED ME---MADE ME TEMPORARILY GO BERSERK! BUT THE EFFECT FINALLY WORN OFF!" meaning his head was screwed because of radium.
    The fact remains that Cap has never defeated DD in a straight fight, it was always something:
    mind control, screwed senses or super-soldier serum, being drugged, being weakened or not in top form and etc...

    He's fought with Captain America four different times. The first time DD was under the mind control of some radioactive isotope and it was a fight that took most of the issue and was a through and through bare knuckled brawl which ended in a stalemate. The next time they met, Cap was under mind control and DD fought him to a stalemate until he could figure a way to end said mind control. Then they met again when DareDevil singlehandedly INFILTRATED the Avengers mansion. In rapid succession DD defeated Beast and Hercules in the dark and then took out Captain America in two moves. The latest time they met however, both of them were far from prime condition and Captain America won after a prolonged brawl although DD landed far more hits and WAS HOLDING BACK A LOT.

    -Captain America 234- DareDevil stalemates a mind controlled Captain America while also figuring out a way to cure Captain America of his condition.
    -Captain America 375- DareDevil battles Captain America but is defeated after a prolonged fight. However DareDevil states he is neither in top form and that he is holding back a lot. In the following issue, DareDevil goes on to battle the near peak human villain known as Crossbones.

    -Daredevil 332- Armored DareDevil handily defeats a cybernetic member of HYDRA's System Crash named Infomorph, who had absorbed the data and skills of DareDevil, Captain America and whoever else HYDRA could get her to study or touch. DD defeats her quite quickly as well.
    So, who wins and how much 1 to 10 fights?

    -DareDevil 155- DareDevil infiltrates the Avengers Mansion and takes out the power of the place. He then, in a most impressive display, defeats the Beast in hand to hand combat and then takes on and knocks out Hercules and Captain America at the same time by capturing Cap's shield with his own club and hurling it at the spine of Hercules, felling him, and then beats down Captain America in hand to hand combat. And the Avengers were not holding back since they did not know DareDevil was the one attacking them and at the time DD was suffering from a screwed up radar sense and a severe concussion bordering which was serious enough to give him delusions.

    -Captain America 375- DareDevil battles Captain America but is defeated after a prolonged fight. However DareDevil states he is neither in top form and that he is holding back. In the following issue, DareDevil goes on to battle the near peak human villain known as Crossbones."
    These are all your posts that I managed to collect.

    Cap beat Black Panther:
    Cap defeated Panther in contest of champions.
    So, who wins and how much 1 to 10 fights?

    Just look at Cap's words: "That's enough of that. Over 3 hours. Fury said you were good. But I'm better."
    So, the answer is Daredevil gets beaten by Cap in about 2 hours, when Cap says these same words (not to mention BP is above (slightly) DD in terms of fighting skill)).

    But what I bet is that DD would outsmart and beat Captain America, just like he beat Nuke.
    -DareDevil 232- DareDevil battles the super soldier Nuke who took incredible amounts of punishment and resisted everything from bone breaking maneuvers, eye gouges and nerve strikes until DareDevil finally found a way to defeat him and the gunship that was supporting him with cannon fire.

    Also Daredevil vs. Wolverine (fight to the death), and Daredevil vs. Black Panther (fight to the death)- does DD wins this?
    So, who wins and how much 1 to 10 fights?
    Thank you for your time and patience.

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    WALL OF TExT!!!!!


    Cap wins because he's Cap. He's faster, stronger and Wont ever get tired. He's genrallu a smarter fighter as well. No disrespect to Matt, who is also one of my favorites but still.
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  4. Almost every battle between them, DD would for some reason not be at his prime or he would use amateur tactics because of some weird mental state he is in or "CIS". In Cap # 375, he couldnt anticipate Caps moves? Because the super soldier serum frustrates his senses? Then it was hard for him to "read" Crossbones moves? Thats PIS and bad writing IMO. He is able to read spiderman who is many times more faster than captain america and crossbones combined. DD has already anticipated Caps moves before when he invaded the avengers. Thats just inconsistent writing. Also he has mentioned he was off his "game" and was exhausted from a metaphysical struggle before that arc. So he wasnt even 50% IMO lol But he also got taken down pretty stupid in that issue with a punch to the back of the head after a punch to the gut and he calls that a beating? it was So bad he still couldnt recover when he fought crossbones?

    Cap is still human and can be hurt like any other human. If his own momentum can be used against him to throw him into a wall head first he will certainly knockout! If i remember correctly Korvac through Cap into a wall head first and died. Daredevil would use a fatal nerve strike against Cap just like he has on wolverine. As well as the Avengers fight.

    Writers needed to screw DD's superhuman senses so Cap can fight him to a draw, or weaken DD so Cap can beat him-but the fact remains that Cap never KOed DD, unlike DD did in Avengers mansion.
    And I agree with him. Cap would lose to DD because of superior agility/dexterity. If it's fight to the death, DD would win, because he is willing to use any means to kill Cap with greater agility, superhuman senses and strategy.
    Not to mention that DD is the most fearless human on Earth.
    DD takes 6/10 over Cap.
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    Cap has fought Hulk 4 times. Cap has beaten hulk 4 times. Knocked him out twice.

    He would take DD
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    Whatever, all that matters is that DD is going to shine next in Marvel.

    Fear Itself? The God of Fear?

    Pft. Meet the Man with No Fear.
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    Problem is Cap holds back Alot as well, and his agility and strategy isn't better than Cap. Cap lives in bullet time and he is a much better strategist.
  8. When did this happen?
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    On 4 different occasions. The most recent one had cap 1 shotting hulk.
  10. Issues? Context? 616 or crappy Ultimate? Anything beyond 'it happened 4 times'?
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    Sigh Ill find em
  12. Look at their 5 fights, it really shows that DD will fight against Cap 5/10.
  13. DD has done funny stuff like take Caps shield away from him. And while evidence of Caps rogue gallery will probably give him the win in these kind of debates, DD is just a thousand times cooler and more badass. So don't let it get you down if the consensus in this thread ends up favouring Cap.

    I'll just throw this one into the mix though: DD has taken on a 100 Yakuza gang members, armed with firearms of all types as well as melee weapons and were all high on MGH that gave them temporary superhuman abilities. While the fight was eventually interupted by the FBI, Matt was giving out as good as he got till the very end - even after being shot, kicked/punched, thrown, smashed and finally slashed open by a katana.

    Other cool factor about this fight - he did it in his business suite armed only with a normal cane (which either broke or he lost after taking out the first few guys). After that it was pure kicks and punches.
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    Meh. I like both. I give DD an edge in fighting styles and skill but not in a few other areas. The Yakuza fight was bad though. I love that comic.

  15. Captain America has has fought the same opponents as DD and had the same results.Where are you getting that Cap has far superior showings? I could agree with you saying Captain America is the better fighter because Marvel has been pushing that for years, that Captain America is supposed to be a top level martial artist on Earth..but when you say silly things like DD isn't getting through his shield and Cap has far better showings against other fighters it makes me wonder what you're actually reading.The only characters Captain America has defeated on a higher scale than Daredevil are superhumans and that has nothing to do with fighting skill only Cap's physical ability which is barely above Daredevil's.Lastly (and this is most important) alot of writers favor Captain America so alot of these wins vs. superhumans have been forced and written carelessly.Spider-Man couldn't beat Rhino with a how could Captain America? See what I mean?
  16. err matt has more legit...bullet timing feats then Steve from what i recall making a speed blitz the most logical out come

    either that or Classic Fisk comes in trolls both of them..seriously that was guy was WTF level (I mean seriously flat out no selling instant kill pressure points..Matt nearly breaking his legs on his pwning Steve and Red Skul. .the fuck this guy supposed to be "just a really tough normal dude" my balls was that sh*t?!!)
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    Either the Hulk was only mildly annoyed at the time or we have a Gary Stu here.
  18. Well clearly he's not superhuman he's with in human limits as Marvel fans will tell you.;)
  19. who steve? he's a comic book peak human big difference

    which basically means "the best a man can do..multiplied by eleven..because we have no idea what the actually "normal"

    him batman Richard Dragon Daredevil...punisher..fisk..BP Cassandra and her mom have all survived shit that obviously requires meta level durability..but because they don't use chi (well matt may so he may not count) or are called "supers" they don't count and are just exceptional joe's (which is blatantly BS by real world standards)

    you may as well call 'em that though

    as for Hulk vs peak humans...Batman choked him out once too in a cross over...him and Steve doing that is ming bogglingly retarded mind you...these guys aren't the worse offenders that'd be Karate Kid...

    Leob Wrote those comics..or at least one of you can probably just dismiss it out of hand..I mean its Leob induced stupidity after all
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    That doesn't count the 5th time then when Cap and Doc Samson fought Professor Hulk outside Rick Jones' home and were both completely ineffective against him. :p
  21. They have fought some of the same opponents yes. It's just that Cap has a far longer showing, not necessarily superior (a word I did not use by the way, you did).

    Also, I think you need to slow down a bit when reading someones post Solar. I didn't say DD can't get through the shield - on the contrary I actually made a bit of fun of Steve when I said DD has taken it away from him.

    As for physical ability - I do believe that is the point everyone is making in this thread. It is very tough to gauge which of the two has better skill. Matt has the whole blind ninja thing going for him while Steve just seems to know exactly what to do in most situations. The factor that gives Cap a slight edge over DD is indeed the physical disparity. So trying to dismiss it by saying 'bah, that's just the physical difference and means nothing in a fight' isn't really fair when that physical edge Steve has is combined with his awesome fighting skills.

    I agree with Matt about this one - it would be extremely close fight and could go both ways with the serum maybe giving Steve a slight edge in combat.

    I do agree with you on the Hulk/Rhino thing - it is absolute crap that he should be able to physically take either down. As Splattercat pointed out, when the two clash without the writer being on drugs we see Cap has zero chance against Hulk. And Rhino is certainly tough enough to weather any blow Cap could dish out. Spider-Man can mess up Rhino though via brute force - not with a single punch or kick mind you but with a whole bunch.

    So yeah, in closing, very close fight but almost impossible to tell which is the more skillfull fighter. It is only the serum that gives Cap say 6 or 7/10 wins in this vs.
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    Nick's good enough to get an odd win, but Capt's still better overall.
  23. low showing too

    but in all fairness fury's got about a century of combat experience and is extremely crafty..he should by right be a hard fight for any one..that';s not an obvious bullet timer or meta human

    mind Ye matt's still got from what I remember way better speed feats Steves got some broken ones that like that Crazy kenshin style RPG blitz..but they're outliers

    you know I remember either busiek or some one giving an in character explanation that Cap basically survives those fights because he knows how to run away and role avoid being splattered..and what have you

    like dealing with so many class 100's the mans made himself a master of the "run the heck away while being agile enough to keep himself from being smeared" tactic

    mind you it's a bad justification and Leobs Steve verses Hulk was really atrocious
  24. Those are pretty old cap and DD comic pairings aren't they?

    I've never seen the Nick vs Cap fight, but I'd presume (no evidence, just my sense of their relationship) is that Cap would tend to hold back vs Nick, who would not.

    I'd like to see a Nick vs Bucky (Cap) fight, that'd be a dirty mean fight.
  25. I think nick verses bucky did happen in canon...probably was dirty too