Christian reactions to Loaded Bible: Jesus Vs. Vampires

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  1. Sirius Mynde

    Sirius Mynde "the thinkings hurts us"

    A correlation to current events. I garentee Christians won't take to the streets, rioting and murdeing people. They certainly didn't do so in response to "The Last Temptation of Christ". True they might protest as they for that movie. But violence? No. Just goes to say something about the values of the Christian faith vs. those of some others.;)
  2. Ladiesman

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    Yeah, Christians will just cry about the children and attempt to revoke freedom of speech. Only slightly better.
  3. Sirius Mynde

    Sirius Mynde "the thinkings hurts us"

    But that is precisely what hundreds of thousands of Muslims are attempting to do right now, through use of senseles violence and threats of death. Christians will attempt it through peaceful democratic means and when they fail will not resort to violence but continue to try to resolve the issue civily.

    That is the difference. Christians only bark loudly when their religion is offended, because The Bible preaches peace and non-violence. But Muslims bite back with threats and acts of out right murder to force their will, though they "claim" Islam teaches peace.

    And don't get me started on the whole "most Muslims are peaceful and the Koran teaches peace and the violent ones are ones are not true Muslims and only a small minority" thing. Well the currents stats show that there are close to 2 billion Muslims worlwide and that only about 10% are of the extremist radical kind. Well last I checked 10% of 2 billion is still 200 million and that is a number with which to be very afraid.

    On the the flip side there are some 3 billion Christians worldwide yet only a fraction of a tenth of a percent promote any kind of violence toward those who do not agree with them. 1% of 3 billion is 3 million. A tenth of that is 300,000. A fraction of that is somehwere around 3,000 if that. Not even the population of your average rural American town.

    200,000,000 vs. 3,000. Radical Muslims scare me more than Radical Christians.

    EDIT: Sorry my math was off. In my hurry I forgot a decimal point. A tenth of a tenth of a percent is 30,000 not 3,000. (I thought that number was a bit low.) But still compared to 200,000,000...
  4. Karamozov

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    Mind telling me exactly what the Crusades were, ebcause that seems like a helluva lot of unprovoked, religious hate that went spiralling into violent crusades to throw people out of their homes murdering as they go. :rolleyes:

    No faith is perfect, and I'm tired of ANY faith trying to say it is/was compared to any other, ever.

    I'll give you that the current numbers are a tad bad, but I also question where you get that information.
  5. Ladiesman

    Ladiesman Spacebattles Resident Racist

    I'm more afraid of Christians myself. The scariest about them is that more often than not, they get their way. Sure, Muslims go about it alot worse, but then again nobody really listens to them. While a Muslim will blow himself up and that's the end of it, the Christians are like a cancer that grows and grows, slowly killing you.
  6. Sounds like something that Hitler would say. Comparing human beings to cancer and all. :)
  7. Ladiesman

    Ladiesman Spacebattles Resident Racist

    Meh. Not the acual people so much as the religion. It's like the friggin dark side of the force. It twists people, turns them. It infests them until they have no choice but to turn into a fundie.
  8. Like Mother Theresa, Florence Nightengale, Francis of Assissi, Joan of Arc, Pope Jean Paul II, and other poisonous miscreants eh?
  9. Seth

    Seth Ian astaslem

    The Crusades were a response to the Islamic conquest of Eastern Roman territory. Granted, a delayed response to most of it, but the loss of Anatolia was recent, although the Emperor wasn't asking for anything like the Crusade.

    And it was far from unprovoked, as Muslims had conquered Iberia, North Africa, Egypt, Sicily, the Levant, and Anatolia, and then even invaded France and Italy, although they were turned back. Of course, the loss of some of the most important centers of the Christian world might be "unprovoked," in your view, as many of the early church fathers and important Christian figures came out of North Africa and Egypt and never mind that Muslims occupied what could be considered the Holiest and most historic Christian cities. Jerusalem, Bethleham, Antioch, Damascus, Alexandria, etc. It was most certainly provoked, the reaction was just delayed.
  10. Seth

    Seth Ian astaslem

    Ah, pearls of wisdom from ladiesman, who probably couldn't tell you the difference between a liberal or Charismatic or Pentacostal or evangelical or reformed Christian to save his life. It's quite amusing, I've been a Christian for going on 16 years now, and I'm far, far from a "fundie."

    But as with the vast majority of statements made by ladiesman, he is wrong. This should not surprise anyone, except maybe those who have a similar bias and lack of education about Christianity.
  11. CaptainChewbacc

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    Man, thank you SO MUCH! Up until now I've been a mild protestant, not knowing I was obligated by my faith in god to hate and oppress others. Now I know what to do with my life!

  12. areoborg

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    Which is exactly what you're doing now... Telling them that they shouldn't be offended, and if they are, tough shit. :rolleyes:
  13. Athene

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    I'm against the comic because its fucking retard and juvenile.
  14. Big Steve

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    We're not interested in hearing commentary from the peanut gallery, so why don't you scurry on back to a topic your little jock mind can more easily handle, like sports or cars or what-have-you. Leave the history and theological conversations to the people with two brain cells to rub together.
  15. senor_kickass

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    Religion is not a problem. The fanatiscism some people embrace, however, is.

    Religion is not a cancer. Fanatiscism is.
  16. Big Steve

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    So says the guy with the Lenin avatar.:p
  17. areoborg

    areoborg Would you like to make a contract? Moderator

    Are you actually supporting their twisted and, dare I say, dangerous ideas of "forgive people who wronged you," "help those less fortunate than you," and "be nice to each other." :p
  18. St_Maggot

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    Just where do you get these "stats?" I've always wanted to know what the whole population of each major religion thinks myself, but it costs a lot of money to make all those phone calls.
  19. Memphet'ran

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    No, it just says that since predominantly Christian US and Europe are more developed societies the religious fanaticisms have had more time to be worn down by abrasion. It's a function of the nature of the society, not the nature of the religion.
  20. Harbinger

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    Irony strikes again! :D
  21. Seth

    Seth Ian astaslem

    Holy Crap, he's a fundie fanatic! He's like a cancer! What's next, he'll be advocating turning the other cheek!

  22. 404

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    Do you work hard to think up crap like this?
  23. senor_kickass

    senor_kickass ATOMIC ROCKET CRUISER

    Of course, ideology can do that too. Stalin built a personality cult that rivaled major religions, and if the Soviets weren't avowed atheists Lenin and Marx would have been saints.

    As it is the Russian Orthodow Church has a saint of strategic nuclear bomber forces, so meh. I heard they're working on Zhukov. :D
  24. 404

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    Just an FYI, the Abortion Clinic and Mosque firebombings have been postponed for Tuesday. On Monday, we'll just do the regular beating-up-gays and athiest-hunting routine.

  25. Chris Sapiano

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    Don't forget the book burning :p