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  1. Okay I said I would start this to myself, and I am committed to following through.

    It does not matter that my Zelda and Castlevania ideas and recs threads have crashed along with every other thread I have tried to start.

    I am doing this despite my poor track record with threads!

    Okay so here is the deal, Code Geass Loops and discussion regarding them and Fused Loops go here.

    I am also putting up a "Basic Summary" for the loop as a starting point.

    Loop: Code Geass

    Anchor: Lelouch vi Britannia

    Administrator God: Currently undecided but I am leaning towards Loki. However due to the settings strong "Celtic" Connection with regards to Britannia's background and the constant "King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table" references The Morrigan is also a strong candidate I am inclined to favor. This is open to discussion and will be decided at a later date.

    Quirks: Due to their connection to the Collective Unconscious, Code Bearers and Geass users have a limited ability to "Dream" remembering bits and pieces of Previous Loops, and the Baseline from which all Loops are derived. As this ability only exists due to the Collective Unconscious, and the Anchor Lelouch's strong connection to it, it is not always active and does not count as True Dreaming, and only bits and pieces will be remembered.

    Sometimes it is even contradictory information from different Loops. It is subtle and can be dismissed as flights of fancy and ignored unless something that really catches their attention and sticks out as "different from what I would usually think" occurs. Moreover the ones who "Daydream" vary by Loop.

    One constant is that it only occurs in those who have a strong "Emotional Response" to the actions of Lelouch/Zero in the Loop. So in other words Charles and V.V. are the ones who most often start "Daydreaming". However any Code Bearer or Geass User has their chances to "Daydream" increased if Lelouch has had a major impact on their life in a Previous Loop.

    Because it is not Code Geass if there isn't something just waiting to fuck up Lelouch's life.

    Initial Loopers: The first set to start looping will be C.C. Kallen, Suzaku, and Nunnally. Order of "Awakening" has yet to be determined. In the case of "Immortals" like C.C. and other Code Bearers they will not "Awaken" until Lelouch does so in the current Loop. Until then they will go through their lives as usual.

    Variant Loops: The Code Geass Manga wherein Knightmare Frames do not exist, the Suzaku of the Counterattack manga, and Nightmare of Nunnally manga are the most common Loop Variants. The game Lost Colors and other Variants occur less often.

    Okay so what does everyone think of this? Any of the above details are open to discussion and not "written in stone" as of yet.

    I look forward to working with anyone who wants to be involved with this. However as I currently lack an account it will be awhile before I post anything there. PM me if you want to take this position.

    Good luck to everyone, and I hope we all enjoy this project.
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    KageX: Initial Post in Ace Attorney Loops.
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    Added to the Tropes Page. Sorry to say though, all I know of Code Geass is from Fanfiction, so I'm not going to be able to contribute much.
  4. So I would like some input as to who I should have as Admin for these Loops. As I said I am inclined towards Loki, but due to themes and references in Code Geass I also favor the Morrigan.

    Right now I am 60%Morrigan/35% Loki and 5% Undecided. Does anyone else have any suggestions for Admins? I will need to make a decision for the whole "Welcome Speech" wherein said Admin shows up to explain things to Lelouch.
  5. I would go with Morrigan. I it is much more original that loki, and if you really wanted to write Loki for these loops you could have home investigating how the "Collective Dreaming" works. It has shown up in the megaman loops and now here, so i think that Morrigan could be the admin and Loki could come in to help deal with the Collective Dreaming.
  6. If no one has anything truly spectacular by tomorrow night I am going with the Morrigan. I just wanted to put it out there for discussion just in case someone else has a good idea.
  7. Ok.
    You have this dreaming thing going on, and when I first read the summary post I read it as "Collective Dreaming." Since the way the Mega Man loops have explain dreaming can be summed up as a"Dreaming Bug" in the universal code for specific people, what do you think about using the phrase "Collective Dreaming" as the given name for what you have going on in these loops?
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    End result is similar, cause is different.
  9. So are you agreeing with giving it a distinct name to help distinguish it from the Dreaming Bug of the Mega Man loops, or do you have something else in mind?
  10. Crisis

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    If that's necessary. Dreaming as a whole is mostly uncharted territory, probably due to being so rare.
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  11. I added it in because it makes sense that since Lelouch as the anchor is linked to the Collective Unconscious it would make sense that others who also possess "links" would be effected as well. And because as I said it is not Code Geass unless something is trying to fuck over his life.

    Seriously the Universe seemingly having it out for Lelouch is a given in Code Geass, I just wanted something that could be a threat given how dangerous Lelouch with the time and prep of the Loops will be. This seemed like the simplest solution.

    "Daydreaming" or Collective Dreaming occurs because Lelouch literally said "Wake up I do not wish for this to end! Please help me!" with his Geass to the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. As it happened in the Initial Baseline this left an "impression" on it, meaning that on some level the Collective Consciousness itself is "Dreaming" through it's link to Lelouch. Since it is the source of power for all Codes and Geass's this has odd effects on them, which is only amplified by the fact that in most of his Loops Lelouch has a Geass and creates even more "feedback" to the Collective Unconscious.

    The most important thing is that not only does it not always occur, when it does occur it is due to a "strong emotional response" to Lelouch or his activities as Zero. So any Geass User, like the characters from the Spinoffs can potentially "Daydream" due to observing the actions of Zero and the Black Knights. They don't necessarily know who Zero is, and don't need to, but Lelouch is the "trigger" that causes people to Daydream as he is the Anchor, and it is his connection that is making the Collective Unconscious Dream, giving Daydreamers brief glimpses of Previous Loops and the Baseline.

    Which will be interesting to see what happens in Variant Loops, like the ones where Knightmare Frames don't exist, or Nightmare of Nunnally where Geass is implied to be more "well known" amongst certain circles.
  12. It's a bit early but given the lack of responses on this front I am going to say that The Morrigan is Administrator of the Code Geass Loops. I am going to start working on the "Intro Loop" wherein she explains what is happening. I would say that this occurs after about the Seventh or Eighth Loop when the setting has "Stabilized" a bit, at least enough that most of the errors have been ironed out.

    I should note though that there will be some days in the coming week where I will be unable to post, as I am going to help my parents clean out their Old House which they are finally on the verge of selling after moving most of their stuff to a new house over the past year. So that will take up a few days, only two are intended at the moment as we still have a few months before the Closing. Also there is limited space in our cars without a truck as well as a drive that can take between an hour and forty minutes or over two depending on traffic. We will have to see what happens, but I don't think I will have time to be writing or posting anything during that period.
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    The Morrigan? What pantheon is she from?
  14. A Triple Goddess of Celtic Mythology she is responsible for war, conflict, and sovereignty. She is associated with Crows, and is notably linked to Cu Chulainn's death because he insulted her once without recognizing who she was, and at a later date rejected her advances.

    The Morrigan is also responsible for using her magic and calling on other Magicians to aid the Dagda, leader of the Tuatha de Danann the Gods of Irish Myth, in driving out their enemies the Formorians. As such she is related to Magic, especially Magic related to conflict and victory, and believed to be partial inspiration for later depictions of Morgan le Fay.
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    Thank you. I'd recognized the name, but as a character from Darkstalkers.
  16. Her realms of influence actually make sense for the series as I know it. The easiest way to keep those loops in conflict would be to reinstate the status quo as they reset.

    I'd suggest doing some extreme variants however. Somewhere done the line the loops would have a peaceful variant, driving Lelouch up the wall as he tries to guess where the next screwball is coming from and not getting one.
  17. Well scholars believe that originally her "domains" were meant to revolve around Sovereignty, both rule of land as well as protecting it, and that is where her roles in "Conflict" and "War" come from.

    Conflict can simply be between two arguing neighbors, or over the proper amount of tribute to be given to a ruler.

    War revolves around extending or protecting your sphere of influence.

    Both fall neatly into the Domain of "Sovereignty". Still given all the Celtic influences in Code Geass (Geass derived from Geis, and all the Arthurian imagery) it makes sense that a "War Goddess" of Celtic Myth would be the Administrator for these Loops. She is also a shapeshifter, sorceress and minor troll given some of the stunts she pulled with Cu Chulainn.

    This also fits in with Code Geass as many people in it hide behind Masks, both figuratively and literally. Geass is the "magic" of the setting and again derived from the Celtic Geis. And the Universe seems to enjoy fucking with Lelouch at the worst possible moments. So all in all that is more stuff to add in her favor as an Administrator.

    Sure she would not actively sabotage Lelouch, but find amusement in the shit that he goes through, and watching him find ways to overcome it, that I can see The Morrigan doing.

    Plus as a War Goddess she has to love Lelouch's penchant for strategic and tactical decisions, especially using the environment in unexpected ways to fuck up the enemy. Like the time he buried enemy forces with a collapsing mountain, or bogged down pursuing Chinese Forces with mud, blew up Mt. Fuji, and the massive "fuck you" to Cornelia wherein he had the outer layers of the Tokyo Settlement collapse and destroy large portions of it's defenses. I can easily see most "War Gods" that prefer strategy loving that kind of stuff.

    Edit: Oh dear, Lelouch is going to use the Loops to try and upstage his "Blowing Up Mt. Fuji" act as the best of his patented "I am going to fuck you up with the surrounding environment!" schtick, isn't he?
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    Excuse me, but is this a discussion thread or a story thread? Considering what posts there have been this far, I think its the former.
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  19. both. Anyone can submit a snippet
  20. I intend to post Morrigan's "Introduction Loop" wherein she explains to Lelouch just what is going on in the next two days.

    And you really have not seen some of the stuff we have gotten up to in other Loop threads recently have you? Because a lot of it has been discussion in the Transformers and Megaman Loops.

    But then again this is Spacebattles. Quibbling over minor details and adding in new stuff "because it is awesome" is amongst the things we are best at. Derailing over said things as well as others issues is what we are generally best at though. :p

    And I did ask that people PM me if they want any previously made Code Geass Loops added to the thread. Afterall I do have to receive permission before I add them in. So far no one has contacted me as such nothing has been added.

    As it stands this thread is open to all ideas and Story Posts about Code Geass Loops.

    If you have anything you wish to discuss regarding these Loops, whether it be ideas regarding future ones or critiques on the setup please feel free to chime in.

    I desperately want any input I can get. I do have a bad track record of threads I start dying afterall.......
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  21. Sadly I think there just isn't much interest in CG. Am considering adding something small, but with my lack of experience with Loops I'd prefer the groundwork be laid by someone else.
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    Actually, I think there is some potential for CG loops. Maybe not enough to support its own thread, though.
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