Cole MacGrath vs. Mikoto Misaka

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  1. Shockz

    Shockz Red like roses

    A one-on-one themed matchup for you today, ladies, gentlemen, and eldritch monstrosities from beyond reality: In one corner, hailing from Empire City, we have Cole MacGrath, former bike messenger and current superhero (or possibly supervillain). Facing off against him is Academy City's pride and joy, Mikoto "Sparky Railgun" Misaka. Both are masters of all things electric, and both have been given an irresistible compulsion to kill each other dead. The battleground, pick a big city, any big city, but one that neither of them is familiar with. The power is on, so there will be plenty of juice to recharge with. Cole is as powerful as he is at the end of the game, assuming he primarily took the "evil" path but did not detonate the Ray Sphere again.

    The winner gets a Ray Sphere power-up courtesy of the loser and all 20,000 MISAKA clones, becoming a being roughly on par with your average mythological thunder god. Why?

    Because the next round is against Alex Mercer. Who's just OM NOM NOM'd Accelerator.
  2. sainen

    sainen Eleint

    i think that Cole has the advantage against Mikoto do to the fact that he is an athletic adult going up against a 14 year old girl.
    EDIT: scratch that mikoto's railgun has a physical component that can probably kill cole.

    but there is no way mercer could possibly eat Accelerator.
  3. Shockz

    Shockz Red like roses

    True. Keep in mind, though, that despite her age, Mikoto has FAR more experience with her powers, and is capable of all sorts of electromagnetic hax Cole probably hasn't figured out yet. Not to mention that she's actually a natural generator, whereas Cole is merely a battery.

    Act of ROB. (And that part was only half-serious, anyway.)
  4. sainen

    sainen Eleint

    I point was that since they're both immune to electricity it would come down to physical attacks.
  5. marvelous stan

    marvelous stan Welcome to my hell, Christmastime

    Mikoto plays Magneto all the time. Her iron sand attacks, I-beam throwing, and of course the 'railgun' can all potentially kill Cole depending on how strong Polarity Wall is supposed to be.

    And since the iron sand vortex she used against Accelerator was omnidirectional I think he's pretty screwed regardless.
  6. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar?

    While Biribiri isn't exactly Kuroko when it comes to hand to hand combat, that roundhouse kick she uses to rob vending machines seems pretty lethal.

    I kid, I kid. Cole is perhaps unlucky that Misaka seems to have no real conception of holding back, she pretty frequently tries to hit Touma with extremely lethal attacks mostly, like that iron-sand chainsaw blade. That said, she only appears to do this against Touma out of frustration, and she might be more hesitant to actually hit someone with her railgun.
  7. sainen

    sainen Eleint

    I haven't played infamous that much but doesn't cole heal himself buy absorbing electricity?
  8. Krogan

    Krogan Krogan Mercenary

    Yes he does, not knowing much about the other series the only thing I'd really point out is that Cole isn't simply immune to electrical attacks, he is completely healed and refreshed by any electricity he gets hit with. Once again I don't know the other series but would bio-leech work on Masaka? Because if it does then no matter how good the girl is all he needs to do is knock her down once.
  9. I'm not sure anything electrical would effect Misaka at all. Though all we really know is she's immune to a taser. I'm not sure there's an established upper bound for her electrical immunity. It might not matter though. Does he have anything that can defend against this?
  10. marvelous stan

    marvelous stan Welcome to my hell, Christmastime

    Screw the anime, read her fight with Accelerator in the manga. The stuff she does there would flat out kill Touma.
  11. Shockz

    Shockz Red like roses

    I don't think Cole is autohealed by ALL electricity. Doesn't Kessler use lightning against him?

    ...okay, regardless, new rule. Both combatants are stripped of any immunity they may have to electrical attacks more powerful than Cole's basic mash-on-R1 lightning bolt.
  12. Krogan

    Krogan Krogan Mercenary

    End game if you took the second upgrade from the Ray Sphere Id be willing to say Polarity Wall would hold against that. As for Bio-Leech he isn't hitting her with anything, he forcibly draws the natural electricity that a body functions on out of a living body and absorbs it, if according to the OP most immunity is gone then I think it would do the trick.
  13. You'd say? No link showing what it can stand up to? There's gotta be a clip someplace. Plus the op specified that he didn't detonate the ray sphere again, so would he have that upgrade?. As for Bio-Leech, if it draws electricity out, sustained use might effect Misaka, but it'd probably take a while. Remember, she generates her own electricity, and that shot in the clip didn't drain her at all. She can sustain about 8 shots per minute. The velocity thing there seems a bit low given what her railgun is observed to do to that car in the clip I linked. (The same scene happens in the manga too, so it's not an anime only thing.) Though it is possible Misaka is accelerating the projectile all the way to the target or not using full power there. Of course the latter calls that 8 shots per minute stat into question and both are mere speculation.

    Misaka's railgun isn't her only trick though. As marvelous stan mentioned before, she can use her powers to seperate iron out of the ground and use the particles to attack. Normally she uses them as a sword or a whip, though she can do more with it too, like this. By the way, both those guys she's using that technique against have pretty hax abilities, so her lack of success against them isn't really a point against her. The first one has an ability that cancels out other abilities completely. The second has an ability to alter vectors anything that he comes in contact with, and can do so automatically. The problem is she doesn't really go out against many people and when she does it tends to be someone who has some trick to cancel her powers out.
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  14. Krogan

    Krogan Krogan Mercenary

    Sorry about that, I didn't see that about not taking the second upgrade. There aren't too many great clips floating around but Ill start with this one of the base version.

    The base version can easily take sustained point blank fire from a .50 caliber machine gun so without knowing any sort of calculations I was willing to go on a limb and say that the souped up version could withstand a round possibly more if he has something to recharge from. However if shes capable of eight shots per minute then Im fairly certain that would drain the shield before it could make a difference.

    Edit: Coles abilities lie fairly much in the lightning manipulation however he can do an incredible variety of things with the lightning.
    This video isnt the best but it covers a lot of stuff.
  15. Daemos

    Daemos They POKED out my EYE!

    I'd give it to Misaka, all she needs is time to play magneto and use her powers to make a dome of that iron sand around her that will ground all cole's attacks, or even better use it as sand armor ala gaara from naruto and voila he's not so scary any more.
  16. Considering that Cole can bio-leech electricity from people, can he also use their very bio-electricity to puppeteer them? And use them against Mikoto?

    Or better yet, use Mikoto's bio-electricity and commandeer her body?

    Edit: I've just read about Mikoto's ability. Did she just combo chainsword whip?
  17. Actually she does hold back as seen with Telestina. Which is why Mikoto only uses a coin not a bigger object for her Railgun. Just that Touma is the only one who can take the punishment so she doesn't have to hold back.

    The first time they met he was this helpful stranger which insulted her assets. When in fact she is taller than girls her age. He was so cool with his arm streched out nullifying her electric attack. She thought he was a powerful Esper. When in fact he isn't an Esper which is why Aleister Crowley uses him as a pawn for those troublesome magicians.

    The only time Mikoto was homicidal was when Accelerator killed the Imouto she bonded with as a sister. She was lucky the Sisters managed to convince Accelerator not to kill her.

    Yes. She can also walk on walls and the ceiling not to mention as per the Railgun novel set in Academy City's US counterpart Liberal Arts City she can fly too.
  18. Cole has his work cut out form at the lest, but I do not think he has a good chance at this.

    Though both have ability's the other dose not have and both have ability's that are smiler to each other.

    Though Mikoto dose have a advantage that Cole dose not have, she has no issue fighting in an area with no power (at lest I do not get the feeling that she draws power from out side sources, though I do believe she can use it). Where as Cole is at a disadvantage in an area with little no no electricity available.
  19. Magni

    Magni Let's all welcome 2017

    She does indeed generate her own electricity. Which also puts Cole at a disadvantage in the sense that if she ever finds out that he doesn't, she's pretty likely to simply short out the local power grid and leave him dry.
  20. Krogan

    Krogan Krogan Mercenary

    I don't agree necessarily, while its true she could do something like you described which would indeed put Cole at a disadvantage its also true that Cole is perfectly capable of sucking electricity out of people and with this being evil Cole he has no compunctions what so ever about doing so. So in essence what it comes down to is, if the girl gets prewarning then she could do so but all Cole has to do is touch her and he gets a living battery while shes kinda fucked.
  21. Magni

    Magni Let's all welcome 2017

    Of course, once the show starts, you'd expect the area to be pretty devoid of people on short notice. God knows I'd try to get out of dodge if something like these two fighting was going on. :p

    And, of course, there's also the issue of wether he can suck her dry fast enough to not have her do something unpleasant in return, even if he gets her.

    That being said, she wouldn't actually need to find out. Misaka going all-out with her powers tends by itself to cause the local grid to go haywire.
  22. Krogan

    Krogan Krogan Mercenary

    Lol fair enough on the pedestrians, I was referring more to draining her though:p. But now that you mention it I think depending on whether or not there were civilians there though I would say it almost unbalances things a little unfairly in Coles favor because essentially what he has are a large group of reset buttons. She can wail on him a ton and all he has to do is go and suck one dry and hes completely restored and rejuvenated.

    Also even if she were to attack him while he was leeching her it wouldn't matter much unless she more or less vaporizes him on the spot because he's being continually regenerated by the electricity he's absorbing as well as simply getting more and more juice for fun shit like his Storm trick which I'm curious why no ones brought up. Its a pretty beast trick, he creates a gigantic thunderstorm and calls down an enormous continuous bolt of lightning from the sky which annihilates everything it hits. He can also easily guide it around.
  23. Sorry to bump this old thread. I'm getting ready for Infamous 2. :) Anyways, when I was playing Infamous 1, I couldn't help but keep thinking that Cole is a weaker version of Mikoto (Maybe around level 3?). So yea, end game Cole vs Mikoto at level 5, Mikoto will own Cole for sure.

    Mikoto's Railgun attack is freaking powerful, and in ep.1 of Railgun, it is said that she can shoot 8 shots per min, the max speed of the Railgun is 1030m per second, and the error is only 18.9mm. With an attack that fast and that powerful, I doubt Cole can dodge it or deflect it. Also in ep. 12, Mikoto fought the Aim Burst child by using electricity to vaporize the outer skin to weaken it then shot the core with the Railgun. I don't think Cole can even withstand the vaporizing attack.

    Hopefully Cole will gain some abilities in Infamous 2, I've read he might gain some new forms of ability, making him Dual Skilled. Now that would be a more interesting battle. :D
  24. KamigamaRakuro

    KamigamaRakuro This pup has seen things

    I'm gonna go ahead and say it anyway since I barely even go here. The only chance for Cole to win against Misaka, is to be the inifinite overcharged version at end game of infamous 2. The one where he destroys cities in seconds and launch beams of electricity and giant fireball. Kessler with full potential is debatable but overall Good Cole would not win against Misaka unless he gets close enough to melee.

    On the other hand ever heard of Prototype ripoff Delsin Rowe, absorber of powers?
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