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  1. Jennifer Hale versus herself in a battle between Sarah Palmer and Cyborg!Femshep. In the first scenario, it is a straight up fistfight, armor on but without helmets. In the second scenario, it is a shooting match between them, but both are given the same weaponry.

  2. Commander Palmer due to MJOLNIR. Shepard arguably has better augmentations, but MJOLNIR armor puts a Spartan IV at Spartan II level strength. A shooting match would be more interesting. Palmer would probably still win due to Spartan Time, but if Soldier!Shep maxed out Adrenaline then things would be much more evenly matched.
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    The calcs on Shepard upgraded actually puts Shepard as strong or stronger than a Spartan-II. If it's Biotic Shepard, Biotic Shepard will win both fights.

    Mind, on the flipside I think Spartans weigh more than Shepard(by a rather large amount) so that may edge out the fistfight to the Spartan.
  4. Really? If that's true I would be interested in seeing them.
  5. Stronger in what sense, strength? For instance Spartan-IIs can lift up to 4 tons I believe when in armor. The Alliance certainly practices more gene-enhancing compared to the UNSC, which is good overall because that means everyone is stronger and better than baseline-humans, but the UNSC appears to have had more dramatic results in those successfully augmented.

    Though you're correct about Biotic Shepard winning both fights.
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    Cmdr Shepard can outshoot Garrus. Think about that a moment.
  7. Do we actually have any sniping feats for Garrus outside of gameplay?
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    Meh. That part annoys me. I think Garrus is a better shot. Or if he isn't, he should be.
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    Three dudes with one shot.

    Technically, the third dude had a heart attack, but still. There's also the whole 'hold a position, alone, against thousands of mercenaries for multiple days' stunt he pulled in ME2. :p
  10. That sounds vaguely familiar. Was this in a cutscene?
  11. We have some information on some of the equipment he uses. We also have statements from the mission where you recruit him in ME2 like him shooting down that gunship that's getting repaired. He wasn't using rockets to take it down, but his sniper rifle and it wasn't a Widow anti-materiel rifle either.
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    There's basically no way that Shepard can beat Palmer in a fistfight. Palmer is like a solid foot or more taller, hundreds of pounds heavier and definitely stronger.
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    I believe it's actually closer to 1-2 metric tons, going off the strength enhancement quotes in the threads(Spartans can lift X times their own bodyweight, armor increases their strength X times.)

    Scaling off of the stuff Shepherd lifts(like the giant metal plates in the Collector base) Shepherd can lift from around the same to nearly double, depending on the metal's density.

    And there's the whole "fistfight a Yahg" bit as well. Shepherd after ME 2 has some pretty heavy-duty enhancements.

    Of course, Shepherd apparently doesn't WEIGH that much more, which actually is a bit of a disadvantage in a fistfight; the Spartan has more mass behind the punch. So even if they're the same strength, it doesn't matter as much as the fact that Spartans weigh quite a bit.

    The gun-fight, as long as they're both using projectile weapons, could also go Shepherd's way; ME kinetic barriers are pretty good.

    And, of course, Biotic(Vanguard, etc) Shepherd is going to win, because of crazy space magic.
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    I'd give you two out of three. =P

    Stronger is an iffy thing, but those hundreds of pounds and foot+ of reach are pretty decisive measures.

    Vanguard Shepherd, however, has BIOTIC PAAAAAUNCH to win with.
  15. Ford Prefect

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    Do you think Shepard could flip a Humvee one handed?
  16. Sidewaysvision

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    Maybe, depends on the bracing. Shepherd can potentially LIFT the weight of a humvee, so flipping should be possible. Dunno about 1 handed.
  17. Ya know, flipping a light vehicle one handed is really pretty much on the bottom for the list of crazy shit Spartans have done with their fists.
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    A Humvee is rather more than a warthog.
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    Actually, is the Spartan here actually 7ft tall like most (average) Spartans are? Cause I vaugely recall her appearing to be of roughly uniform height with the people around her when you first see her giving the introduction to the new spartan team on the infinity.

    Also this depends entirely on what class Shepard is. A biotic would rip the spartan chick apart, but otherwise probably wouldn't do too well unless she was a soldier with max adrenaline rush or an infiltraitor with the Widow and all of the slow-time sniping stuff (in which case the Spartan chick is *boned*).

    edit- Speaking of Humvee, it would also depend on the type. The difference between a soft-shell and an up-armored frag-5 humvee is on the order of a couple of tons after all.
  20. You're kind of missing the poing here.

    A Spartan's crazy feats aren't "oh they can totally lift four tonnes, not two." A Spartans crazy feats are "Tear six foot gouges in heavy steel deck plating with only one hand to arrest their momentum" or "arm wrestle a species who can not only punch multiple tonne security doors off their mount, but send them careening down a corridor in the same blow." Which is kind of a whole order of magnitude or more beyond seeing who can do the most roly polies with a humvee.
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    How fast is Shepard/Palmer in comparison to old school Spartan II's? I know that Spartan IV's would have speed augmentations and the MJOLNIR armour would enhance their reaction times etc etc, but the same can be said over Shepard's gene therapy, cybernetics and overall enhancements from the Lazarus Project.

    Speed would be a major factor in both the fist fight and the ranged combat.

    Also is it default soldier Shep? Or can anyone just call Biotics and laugh in Palmer's face?
  22. Why is it that when I read the thread title, automatically assumed ME? And Oh look! Palmer doesn't have book plates!
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    And yet we have explicit terms for their actual physical strength, which is literally around a 1-2 metric ton deadlift in Mjolnir armor. Mind, this was Spartan-IIs, so I dunno if Spartan-IVs are some sort of massive upgrades here.

    Someone earlier said that the armor made the Spartan-IVs the equivalent of Spartan-IIs, so that's the info I've got here. And Shepherd's got the "fistfight a giant monster" bit down pat as well, along with comparable weight lift feats.

    The downside is that a Spartan-II weighs a LOT more than Shepherd, and is apparently a foot taller. That makes this fistfight thing a bit problematic, even if Shepherd were moderately stronger; there's a limit to how much force you can apply with a punch, and it's basically dependent on how fast you can punch, how much you weigh, and how good your shoes are.
  24. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar?

    A Humvee is like a whole ton slimmer at the absolute heaviest. I was just using it to gauge what you think Shepard can do. A SPARTAN can flip a Warthog one-handed which is much more impressive.
  25. No, we don't.

    We only have explicit terms for the predicted outcome of their augmentations. Which we know for a fact they radically exceeded.

    Not to mention that those explicit terms are mentioned all of once, and are never seen again, while the rest of the silly shit Spartans do turns up over and over and over. In everything they do, all of the time.

    No, she doesn't, because the giant monster I'm talking about displaces a piece of metal similar to the one you're basing Shepard's strength off of by punching it, causing it to achieve flight. In addition to freeing aforementioned metal from it's mount, which as it was a secure door, was presumably a signigifanct proportion of the operation.

    This is a radically different mechanical process to an "oops I think I just shat myself" deadlift.
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