Concordiat of Man in 40k

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    Rather than the Melconian Empire, the Concordiat runs into a small Imperium of Man outpost. It seems that, thanks to ROB, Boloverse Earth isn't the original homeworld of humanity; that would be Holy Terra. Instead, Old Earth was a long-lost colony world that had forgotten its own history.

    But now they're back on the Galactic scene, how are things going to proceed?

    Will they be welcomed back into the Imperium?
    Will they want to give up their independence?
    Will we seen an Adeptus Dinochrome?
  2. 1. Maybe, depends whether or not they pretend to revere GEoM, or if they are deemed heretical and burned for shits and giggles.

    2. No. And lets just say that entire Chapters of Space Marines will burn in the fires of the Holy Hellbore/Hellrail for trying to wrest it away from them.

    3. Wasn't there some kind of law against AIs? So probably not, unless they get sanctioned by the Inquisition.
    If this happens, Chaos gets fucked. No one will be able to take an Imperium planet, because Bolos are fucking nasty at ground combat, and they can shoot into orbit.

    BTW, how does this work. If I remember, the Concordiat's war with the Melcon Empire ravaged an entire arm of the galaxy. Do they just get added as another smaller arm of the galaxy?

    They could transfer the Emperor's essence into a Personality Center and make one down right nasty Bolo (What Lazarus did to Maneka in Old Soldiers). Then he could rule the Imperium again.

    Oh, and the Necrons might come and fuck them up too, non-Warp FTL and all that.

    And depending on what you go by, they could either be useless or extremely powerful in space. For instance, the 610 Gigaton Torpedo would pretty much fuck up any Concordiat ship. Unless the Imperium is throwing around Megatons they're pretty much screwed. All though they might be able to improve upon the Imperium Plasma Weapons. Screens and industrial potential might also be useful (they'll build ships faster than one every 10 years anyways). Their Material Science (Durachome bitch!) would probably be extremely useful.

    Then you have ground weapons. Anti-tank Hellbores, 15 Kiloton mortar rounds, nukes like water, Hyper Velocity Weapons, flechette rifles, screens, powered armor galore, and other crap that I'm probably forgetting. Imagine, Guardsmen that have power armor! And you said it was impossible!
  3. No they use AI's and Value human life.

    Hell no

    Nope but we will get to see the enjoyable sight of Bolo's going wtf at there ground forces before flashboiling them all with it's hellbores.

    As for a Vs of IOM vs Concordient well the IOM looses on the ground and likely looses in space as projectile type weapons are next to useless because of the Concordient's mad AI controlled point defenses.

    As to those handy Giga-Petaton torpedo's that W40k is so fod of they have a slight problem in that any shockwave will travel at light speed so the ships in question as they are AI controlled could jump to hyper to avoid it and if they try and get the torpedo's in close they will get killed by said previously mentioned point defenses.
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    A Bolo on the next planet that will be conquered by the Imperium war machine, fights a valiant but futile battle against the Imperium. It will outsmart and stomp the ground forces, hold off most dropships, kill the spacemarines that are dispatched but every time it will be more and more damaged. In the end with half of its mobility crippled, all mortars and VLS expended with its Hellbore barely functioning it will battle the almighty Titan. It will dodge, evade, hide and strike like a viper. In the end the Titan will have wounds and holes from the now Almighty Hellbore and thinking it won will approach the battle fortress and claim its carcass. The Bolo with its final death throws communicates with the machine spirit and rip its knowledge from it and signal's its creators, the humans it was made to protect with all that it learned. Giving the death blow to the Titan that follows it into its demise.

    Later Concordiat come to the planet find a ass load of tech to be scavenged and reverse engineer Imperium space ship tech. Then they and more specifically the Bolos become even more unstoppable on the ground than they already are.

    In the end they remain in a constant state of war with the Imperium but manage to hold them off.

    Summary: Warhammer will get jacked for all its worth and assets will be used as competently as possible and Concordiat forces will hold off Imperium forces indefinitely after a couple of decades of tactical revision and improved weapons by the Concordiat forces that adapt and improve.
  5. I guess they are the base unit of curbstompage.

    The only problem is they would have to capture some IoM tech to survive. They could rape every ground force sent against them, but in deep space they would die. (Although using the 'Void shields will destroy a planet' quote, IoM ships can't raise their shields near to the planet if they want to take it, and a Hellrail might be able to kill an unshielded IoM ship, and than they could capture tech...)
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    It would very much depend at what point in the Concordiats history we are, whom from the IoM that takes contact, under what circumstances, the Concordiats knowledge about the rest of alien races in 40K verse IE if they have had wars whit some of them. HOW the BOLO's AI would be viewed IE as true Iron Men copies or Avartars of human heroes ala Dreadnaughts and the like, all in all there are a LOT of things that can go wrong, also whether the Concordiat has experience whit Chaos and how that came about.
    In short it could go either way of the extremes.
    But all in all the BOLO's would be a godsend vs Tyranids and Necrons.
    If the BOLOpedia is correct the Concordiat had more than 3000 civilized planets under its domain and at least 10 times that in colonies, outpost, resourse systems and the like. in short they would be quite a handful for the IoM not least since the amount of material an resourses needed to break them would be consideral enough to affect wars on other fronts vs other enemies.
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    Imagine a Chaos corrupted bolo.
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    Never happen
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    So in 40k terms there is a new race that has control of an entire arm of the galaxy and has a titan equivalent on the vast majority of the plants and sometimes more then one. No mater how bad they may suck in space compared to 40k they will be a tough nut to crack for all the factions. If they can trade/scavange some 40k space tech... well the Concordiat knows what to do with aliens. Dakka... more dakka.
  10. In which case all chaos would have is a giant tank.

    What is scary about a bolo is not it's weapons, shields, or size it is it's AI and that AI cannot be turned against Humanity.
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    Hector was
  12. Which book was that from?
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    Bolo Rising

    But in his defence, he was disabled by a shot the blew clean through to his command cabin and then hard-wired into acting as a prison guard by a race of AI's. As soon as he was repaired, he unleashed some great vengeances and furious anger upon them, including shooting down several large KKV's.
  14. Isn't that basically what I described?

    They bypassed his AI control not reprograming the AI itself.
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    A few of his subroutines were still working, but he was locked away in his survival centre for a couple of years.
  16. Yea which is what I was saying you can't corrupt a Bolo AI all you can do is take over it's systems and without the AI it's combat effectivness goes down by like 10,000%.
  17. So would the Emperor decide to eliminate the enemies of man by redirecting a Bolo at them?
  18. More likely the Concordiat of man doesn't care in the slightest what the IOM asks them to do and totally ignores any attempts of it to get them to fight the IOM's wars for them.
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    It's difficult to continue ignoring people when they turn up and melt your continents.
  20. They don't have energy weapons that do that only Torpedo's and those are useless VS a Bolo's Point defenses.

    And well they lack the ability to do that to the 3,000 worlds of the concordiat anyway.
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    OH, lances and all the other weapons found in Weapons Batteries? Wow, you clearly ignore those.

    Pft, all they need is for the local ships to bombard the nearest planets considering how they are spread out across the galaxy...
  22. Which lack the yields necessary to glass a planet.

    And than the bolo brigades that are stationed on the border plants WTF own the single ship sent to the planet.
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    ricrery1 It's spelled XEELEE

  24. Thats nice now provide proof of Lance's doing that.

    You mean the Titans that lack the ability to get to the surface because there transports get shot down the second they enter atmosphere?
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    Lances leveling a continent, anyone? And this giant fireball.

    Not before the Bolos get blown apart by lances, and I stated that they stand a better chance, not that they'd fight them. How bad is your reading comprehension?