Conquest Quest [Exalted/Worm] Thread 4: the Revenge of the Thread of Revenge

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    This is the story of Taylor acquiring a Twilight Caste Solar Exaltation at the beginning of her caped career. She then learn to live with this world-changing power, and will eventually work her way to saving the world even if she has to Conquer it first!

    Not just one thread maxed, but two three! So here goes thread three four.
    Here's hoping we go all the way to total world domination.

    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3

    Here is the index, both updates proper and side stories.
    Side stories are canon, but not necessary to read in order to follow the main story. They include funny side scenes (humor), info dumps about Creation or the Exalted's powers (background), and long list of possible actions and their pros and cons to help players choose their next step (guidance). The last two categories are almost always Zeph talking to Taylor. A lot. Because this is here to explain information the players might need for their decisions, but are not necessarily important to follow the story, so if you don't like Exposition you should consider not reading them.
    Or at least not reading them all in a row.

    Side stories are marked with their type so you can decide whether you want to read or skip them.
    1. The Before Time
    2. Chosen
    3. Reboot
    4. I Know Kung Fu
    5. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
    6. Meeting the Family
    7. Bravely Running Away
    8. Discussion
    9. Home Sweet Home, Side story: Magic, part 1 (background)
    10. Playing Hooky, Side stories: Magic, part 2 (background), Training Decisions (guidance)
    11. Training Hack, Side stories: Futures (guidance), Preferences (humor)
    12. Confession
    13. A Night on the Town, part 1
    14. A Night on the Town, part 2, Side story: Masks behind Masks (guidance)
    15. A Night on the Town, part 3
    16. Bloody Hands, canon omake by drake_azathoth
    17. Communication
    18. Response
    19. Sleeping On It
    20. Hanging Out
    21. Checking
    22. Preparations, Side story: Disturbing (the) Future (background, guidance)
    23. New Criminal, Side story: Surprising Swiftness (background)
    24. Cute Criminal, Side story: the Wards (Worm background)
    25. Crafty Criminal
    26. Smooth Criminal
    27. Interlude: the Wards
    28. Party, Movie Debut, Birthday
    29. Halcyon Days
    30. Insult
    31. Anger Management, Cold
    32. Interlude: Michael Phan
    33. Efficiency
    34. Cleaning Up
    35. A Calm Day
    36. Promises
    Not fixed in the chronology
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    Name: Taylor Hebert
    Aliases: Firefly, Sunset_Firefly
    Exaltation: Solar
    Caste: Twilight
    Anima Holographic User Interface: Zeph & Reya

    Strength D- / Dexterity C+ / Stamina D
    Charisma B+ / Manipulation E- / Appearance B-
    Perception C+ / Intelligence B / Wits B

    • Dawn: Martial Arts A- (Fighting Unarmed +++) / Firearms F / Melee F / Thrown F / War F
    • Zenith: Integrity B / Presence B+ (Seduction +) / Resistance D- / Survival A / Performance F
    • Twilight: Craft C- (Wood, Water) / Investigation D- / Lore B / Medicine F+ / Occult F+
    • Night: Athletics C+ (Jumping +) / Awareness D+ / Larceny B- / Dodge F / Stealth F
    • Eclipse: Bureaucracy B- / Linguistics D- / Socialize C+ (Lying +) / Drive F / Sail F
    • Dawn
    • Zenith
      • Integrity-Protecting Prana
      • Friendship With Animals Approach
      • Spirit-Tied Pet
      • Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit
      • Element-Resisting Prana
      • Steadfast Elemental Emperor Stance
    • Twilight
      • 2nd Investigation Excellency
      • Judge's Ears Technique
      • 2nd Lore Excellency
    • Night
      • 1st Larceny Excellency
      • Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise
    • Eclipse
      • Servant-Rewarding Benevolence
      • Sagacious Reading of Intent
      • Poetic-Expression Style
      • Taboo Inflicting Diatribe
    Broodmother Awareness Methodology
    Hive Overseer Authority
    Eyes of the Swarm (x1)
    Thousands Move As One Stance
    Loyal Puppet Technique

    Essence: C

    Past Life AAA - Reya & Zeph
    Artifact E - Silk costume
    Familiar D+ - Ladybug

    Superheroing (Dream)
    Dad (Love)
    Terrible Trio (fear)
    Reya (Respectful Pity)
    Zeph (Exasperated Gratitude)
    Rachel (Empathy)
    Lisa (Curiosity)
    Mary-Ann (sisterly love)

    Motivation: Work to make Brockton Bay a better, safer place for its inhabitants

    Valor B, Conviction E, Compassion C, Temperance D
    Virtue Flaw: Efficient Devastator's Drive
    Last Limit Break: A Calm Day
    Limit Track: ?????

    type: heroic​
    rank: D​
    state: confident​
    currently on: Promises​

    Mote pool: (warning, I often forget to update the state of mote pools, check the "currently on" part)
    Personal: full​
    Peripheral: mostly full​
    currently on: Meeting New People​

    rest: well-rested​
    wounds: none​
    integrity: perfect​
    ailments: none​
    currently on: Meeting New People​

    Experience: 19
    currently on: Meeting New People​
    Resistance (2/6 days) / Larceny (1/6 day)
    Appearance (4/24 days) / Stamina (1/24 day) / Intelligence (1/24 day)
    Solar Counterattack (2/4 days) / God-Mind Algorithms (1/2 day)

    We are using a house rule with flat cost, see rule post for details.

    Charms wish list:
    Martial Arts Excellency(1), Infinite Martial Arts Mastery(4), Solar Counterattack(4), Immortal Blade-Deflecting Palm(4)
    Tireless Sentinel Technique(5)
    Presence Excellency(1), Hypnotic Tongue Technique(3)
    Bestial Traits Technique(4*), Pack Trainer's Wisdom(4*), Swarm As One Prana(5*)
    God-Mind Algorithms(2), Harmonious Academic Method(5), Chaos-Repelling Pattern(3)
    ????, Know the Soul's Price(4)
    Reflex Sidestep Technique(2), Lightning Transformation Methodology(4)
    Bureaucracy Excellency(1), Bureaucratic Concealment Technique(3)

    * near-instant training?
    color marks a bonus from training with the right tutor

    Total: 164 XPs
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    That's the post meant for the stats of your minions friends and other Backgrounds you acquire.


    Name: Mary-Ann Hebert
    Aliases: Ladybug
    Heritage: Solar Half-Caste
    Inheritance: D

    Strength E / Dexterity A+ / Stamina D
    Charisma D / Manipulation E- / Appearance C
    Perception B / Intelligence D- / Wits C+

    • Dawn: Martial Arts C (Fighting Unarmed +) / Firearms F- / Melee F- / Thrown F- / War F
    • Zenith: Integrity D+ / Presence F / Resistance C- / Survival F / Performance B (Insects +)
    • Twilight: Craft F / Investigation F / Lore E- / Medicine F / Occult F
    • Night: Athletics E / Awareness C / Larceny D (Stealing +) / Dodge B+ (Ranged +) / Stealth C
    • Eclipse: Bureaucracy E+ / Linguistics F / Socialize D / Drive F / Sail F
    Call - Insects
    Domain Manipulation Scenario - insects
    Shapechange - wasp queen, wasp swarm, little sister

    Insect Speak (Affliction)
    Venom (Affliction)
    Tiny (Affliction*)
    Chitinous Carapace (Blight)
    Wings (Abomination)
    True Immortality (Abomination*)
    Vulnerability - Insecticides (Deficiency)
    Hungry (Deficiency)
    Hideous Form (Debility)
    Great curse (Deformity)
    Relay (special - works as a relay for Broodmother Awareness Methodology & Hive Overseer Authority)

    Essence: C

    Motivation: Please her big sister Taylor

    Valor E, Conviction B, Compassion B, Temperance E
    Willpower 7
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    That's for the rules of the Quest system. How you can stunt, how to vote, what the vote means, that sort of stuff.

    see here: Rules for stunting (it's the last paragraph of this post)
    If an option wins the vote, the leading stunt for said option will automatically be chosen.

    The important parts:
    A stunt describe the action you are taking by choosing a specific option. This gives you greater control over the next update. Interesting descriptions grant a bonus to your actions.

    A stunt that somehow makes the situation worse (because it was actually a bad idea) will be adapted to avoid causing that problem. Although it might shift the type of problem you are having. That's because stunts are supposed to be good for you, not a double edged sword.


    Sojiko is not responsible if machine does not count your votes.
    When voting, please copy/paste without modification. Modification will make votecount harder.
    I am using an automated vote-counting script. It will count
    [X] option A
    [x] option A
    as the same thing, but it will ignore votes in quote, and with the box un-checked.
    So [ ] vote A would get ignored

    As long as there is a [X] on a line, it counts as a vote. But all the line is counted and he won't count two lines together if they differ by a single character.
    I vote for [X] option A
    will NOT be counted with
    [X] option A

    Every time you shorten the vote by removing something from the line I wrote or you make a typo while repeating it, it creates a new vote to keep track of. And this is really annoying to handle in the end. I've spent up to an entire HOUR sorting votes, and half an hour more than one time. If you screw your vote up it causes a non-negligible amount of unnecessary work for me. Very much not negligible.
    So please, don't be a dick and just repeat the line verbatim. Copy & Paste makes that easy enough.
    So if there is even one character off in your vote line, I can just ignore it. And I have ignored vote that were badly written. I have also spent several hours correcting small mistakes in votes, so I'm not merciless, but please, I don't have much time as it is. Don't make things harder on me.

    I am insisting because I've said this often and it is still common. In fact I made a comment about a specific thing to avoid today (shortening the vote), but before the day was over there were 6 voters who had done it. Right after my explicit request not to do it, including a quote of what to do.
    So since posters often ignore this, I feel it needs to be repeated. If you are going to add a comment on the same line as your vote ("[X] Option A, because we're worth it!"), shorten it ("[X] A"), or are going to make a typo ("[x] Optin A"), you might as well not bother posting.

    Another mistake to avoid is to spread your votes across multiple posts. I think it only takes the most recent post including a vote into account.

    If you see PosterA has posted a complex plan you like, instead of repeating every vote, you can say
    [x] plan PosterA
    [x] PosterA's plan
    However you need to get the name right, if the poster is "larekko12", saying "[x] plan larekko" won't work.

    Also, the program isn't perfect. Occasionally it bugs and won't count a vote. If you see that your vote is missing in the tally (Ctrl+F "your name" is a good way to check fast) tell me and I'll add it in manually.

    What does it mean?
    Votes aren't just specific reactions, they have MEANING that dictates future behavior.
    Every decision made in the past will influence how Taylor behaves automatically during an update
    If the meaning of a vote is unclear, ask. If you think a choice means doing something which isn't written directly in the voting line, you might be reading too much into it, ask.

    I am going to give a short explanation of what the first link talks about, the structure of the options I give at the end of an update.
    There are two things. First how to handle an issue in the next update. And the other is that the options are usually various degrees of a reaction to what is happening or various degrees of a feeling.
    The first is what you need to look at to know what each option will make happen in the next update. The latter is what sort of meaning it has for Taylor, and how this choice will shape her future actions.
    All the options are about handling the same issue, or achieving the same thing. If you can see what it is, you'll have a much clearer idea of what the difference between each of them is, and what you can expect to happen from choosing one over the other.

    When voting, explaining why you chose this specific vote is important for three reasons. First there is the obvious reason, if other posters like your explanation they can follow you, so that makes your vote more likely to win. Secondly it lets me spot misunderstanding and correct them, so that you don't vote for something completely different that what you actually meant. Last but not least, the vote alone doesn't determine all the details, and one of the important thing that tell me how to write the effect of a vote is why the players chose it.

    Here's a list of the main things that influence what Taylor decides to do during an update, roughly in decreasing order of importance:
    • The vote itself, obviously, but the ones you have discarded as much as the one you have actually chosen ; if one is "explain" and the other is "ask them to trust you", choosing the latter won't have you try to gain their trust by explaining.
    • The stunt. Describing how you go about doing the things you've decided to do is what a stunt is all about. A stunt can make me completely change what I had originally planned during the writing of the options of the previous update. Of course if I don't like the stunt you have provided, it will be ignored, but it's the easiest way for you to control more precisely what Taylor does.
    • Taylor's character sheet. If you choose "fight", your lack of weapon skill and your martial arts mastery means you are going to use your bare hands. Obviously things like Intimacies and Motivation and such will affect your decision if they are relevant.
    • Debates about the vote. I always pay close attention to all sides of an argument when players discuss what they should do. If you bring up an advantage to your favored course of action, unless I have a reason to disagree you can expect said advantage to be represented in the update. If you explain how a problem in the choice can be avoided or mitigated by doing something, there's a good chance I'll use your selection.
    • Reason why each poster has picked a vote. While I won't pay as much attention to those as the properly constructed arguments, I will read each and every one of them. I'll try to fit as many as possible, and try extra-hard for those that are repeated often. For example if many posters who select "Running Away" explain that they do that because they don't want to hurt the misguided heroes trying to arrest Taylor, I won't have her topple a building on them to cover her retreat.
    • Taylor's past decisions. If Taylor has solved problems by talking more often than anything else before, when she encounters a closed door she is capable of kicking down or opening with her burglar tool, she will instead decide to talk the person on the other side into opening it for her.
    • Results of the un-chosen votes. If there is 10 votes for "Ask them to trust you", 8 for "Explain", and none for "Run away", I am going to have Taylor hint at a few things while asking her friends to trust her, which wouldn't have been the case if "Explain" hadn't gotten any vote. So even if the option you had voted for wasn't chosen, it might still not be useless.
    When you have some downtime to do as you please, you vote on how to use it constructively. Every day is split in 3 sections, of roughly 8 hours. A time slot of approximately 8 hours give a full (or major) action, while 4 hours give a half (or minor) action.

    Every day, 1 slot is spent on a full action for sleep. When you get back late, it can be reduced to a half action, and it can even be skipped (but beware of exhaustion penalties), but nothing short of a full action spent sleeping will grant the roll to recover Willpower when you wake up. Note that 7 hours or 9 hours can both count as a normal full action, the duration isn't set in stone.

    During a normal day, a half action is spent taking care of oneself and handling all the chores. This includes oversleeping a bit, cooking, eating, cleaning the house, shopping for clothes, doing some repair, maintenance on the gear, calling friends to keep touch, and so forth and so on. This can be reduced if you do not have (or take) any responsibility, and thus upgraded to a full action of socializing and relaxing. It can also be skipped entirely... But all work and no play would make Taylor a dull girl. So beware.

    Then there is a full action, which is usually used to go to school for people Taylor's age, or work for those that are older. That can be used for training (which normally takes a full action) or any other major action you want to take in the day.

    Finally, there is a left over half action. This is usually spent on hobbies or personal projects. Those working 12 hours a day use it for overtime. Most often this would be used to socialize with people, spend time with family, watch a movie with friends... It's quite possible to do something constructive with that time without causing undue mental stress as long as it is enjoyable. Even if it isn't, as long as there is some time spent in the day to relax, it will simply be exhausting.

    Of course, a full action can be split in two half actions. If you are going to turn one of the work options given for a full day into a half action, you need to change the line. Turning "[x] <work>" into "[x] Half action: <work>" is the accepted format.

    Finally, there are Free Actions. They are not actually free, but they account for things that last for a few minutes, half an hour at the very most. There isn't a hard limit on how many you can get of those in a day. When voting for how to spend downtime, you can add as a write-in:
    [X] Free Action: <insert description of action here>
    - [x] <insert stunt there>
    As long as enough people support it, and you actually have the time to do it with the rest, it'll be added to the day's activities.

    As for multiple action penalties, they only happen when several things are done inside the same slot. Splitting a full action into two half actions will not cause that (but having less time does mean less result is achieved, of course).

    In this game Traits are represented by letters instead of dots. First that's because it gives the game that Quest feel, rather than being an Exalted game. It is more familiars to non-Exalted players, and I want it to be as accessible as possible. Then it's easier to see the difference between A and B at a glance than between 00000 and 0000.
    Another reason is that the "+" and "-" let me have more granularity. That's good because it lets me represents human with more precision, and show progress more easily. Favorable conditions can let a "+" turn into a rank bonus, and unfavorable conditions can turn a "-" into a rank penalty.

    For those who wonder, F is equivalent to - (that's zero dots), and E to 0 (that's one dot). It normally goes up to A for 00000, and if there's a way to break the normal limit for trait it goes up to AA, then AAA, S, SS, and SSS for the max possible trait of 00000 00000.
    For Abilities a F means that one just doesn't have the Ability in question, and a F+ shows some familiarity with the topic. Someone with the ability to do first aid but who doesn't know squat about anything else in Medicine could have F+, and someone with a good enough knowledge of guns to know how to use them but who lacks any sort of practice might have F+ too, so he'd be considerably less likely to crit-fail and shoot himself in the foot since he knows all the safety rules to be observed at all times with firearms. F- means that not only do you lack any actual skill in the area, you are especially untalented, and probably have wrong assumptions likely to make matters even worse. Someone with Presence F- not only has no social skill at all, but he could have a strong tendency to insult others and make them angry at him, so a crit-fail is more likely.

    For those who wonder about Background, they can be purchased for XP or not. If you do pay for them, they become part of you on a metaphysical level. Since XP represents soul-stuff, paying some to acquire something means it you somehow infuse it with some of your being. That is why Charms that protects your Traits from modification (like Integrity Protecting Prana) can be used on them.
    Another advantage is that they are secure from the vagaries of life. A friend who is an Ally paid properly will not one day change his mind, or be subverted by someone else. You will not accidentally lose an Artifact you have paid for. It almost always takes direct actions by a heroic character for you to lose a Background. If you are fighting a parahuman with powerful mind control, they could turn the friend above against you, and your Artifact could be destroyed in a fight against Crawler, for example.
    If you do lose a Background, you can recover it much more easily than you normally would, and the points paid to protect the old one apply to the new one. So if Leviathan ruins your Resources invested in the businesses of Brockton Bay, you'll have an easier time becoming rich again and when you do, you won't have to pay to protect it.

    Use of downtime:
    To explain quickly, there are three action slots per day, one per 8 hours. One is spent sleeping, one is spent working/training (8 hours), and the last one is divided in two simple actions (or half-actions). One for eating, cleaning, washing, and generally taking care of yourself and your place. The other is spent relaxing one way or the other. Most relaxation options I gave you are about spending time with someone, and it'll be about 4 hours.

    might write more rules things and stuff here later

    Health status:
    This describes your state of health.
    Rest tells you how you are with your general energy level. Eating, drinking and sleeping all obviously contribute to this, but mental energy is a thing too, so remember that all work and no play makes Taylor a dull girl. You usually wake up rested, but if you've really been taking care of yourself you might be pumped. After a day of work, you usually go to bed tired. Being tired isn't fun, but it's completely normal, and doesn't really give penalties. If you push it too far you'll be drained, and while it won't give normally direct penalties to actions it can still be a problem. Being overtaxed will cause penalties, and once exhausted it will extend to almost all your actions.
    Integrity tells you if your body integrity is maintained or not. Ongoing penalties from missing limbs would go there. Having no problem whatsoever means that the line will say it is perfect. However it tracks more than the state of your body. Mental issues Taylor recognizes she has would be here, except for the Great Curse which has its own lines.
    Ailment tracks diseases, poisons and other transient problems with your health. This line should read none when it's not listing what's wrong. It means no known ailment or visible symptoms, though.
    Wound tells you if you are wounded and how badly. This is rather straightforward. Hopefully you won't ever see anything other than perfect on this line.

    This indicates if one is an extra, a mundane, or a hero. Normal people have a Willpower trait that usually range from 1 to 5, and while they can go above that (even if it's rare) at Willpower 0 one is a mere automaton. So the usual range is from E to A even if they can theoretically go from F to SSS (0 to 10).
    Heroes normally go from 5 to 10, which is ranked from F to A. So a heroic willpower ranked at F is roughly on par with a normal willpower at A. It is actually superior because those with heroic willpower can use it for more things.

    Taylor has gained enough self-awareness that you have a rough idea of how much temporary willpower points she has at any given moment. But it is not yet enough for me to give you an explanation of what the terms mean. Use your own judgment.

    canon!Taylor = Skitter
    Conquest!Taylor = Firefly

    Here is an index of posts I made that say things about how the game works, some of them have been mentioned earlier when they were relevant. We can thank drake_azathoth for gathering those.
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    This post is for Exalted (and Worm) rules.
    Almost done.

    Parahuman powers:

    Parahumans use Knacks.
    Taylor's parahuman powers:
    • Broodmother Awareness Methodology: awareness of bug presence
    • Hive Overseer Authority: can command bug through BAM
    • Eyes of the Swarm (x1): can share Touch with bugs within BAM (repurchases for more senses)
    • Thousands Move As One Stance: supernatural coordination
    • Loyal Puppet Technique: absolute control


    Stunts are good for you, use them.
    When a stunt is voted, it will determine the general level of stunts for action related to the described vote. So the bonus can apply to more than one action.
    A stunt gives its rating (from 1 to 3) in bonus dice/ranks to the action it is enhancing.
    A stunt that succeeds grants bonus motes of essence (which are usually personal), and if the stunt is 2 or above it can give a Willpower point instead.

    Stunts can be used to accomplish things that wouldn't usually be possible, but are still within the realm of mundane skill. For example defending against a blade with your bare hands (maybe hitting the flat of the sword to deflect it?), or dodging on a slick shaking inclined surface (use your fall to go under the shots?). Those effects never go beyond what an Essence E effect could generate reliably, and are instantaneous.

    Stunts can also be used to wrestle temporary and limited editorial control over the scene from the GM. If you need something reasonable from the scenery to be properly awesome, a stunt can arrange that.
    Need cover while fighting in the streets? You stunt leaping behind the nearby car, no need to ask the GM if there's one when you can just edit it in. Worried about the safety of the bystanders? Explain in your stunt how you can return fire because they've started running for cover from the first shots.
    It needs to be a reasonable thing that could be expected to be there or happen. That goes double when manipulating extras (which you can do since extras are literally part of the scenery in Exalted).

    For example, in an update there was a tourist with a camera filming a fight. Once that fight was over the character went and started another a short distance away. So a stunt was used to have the commotion from the action draw the tourist there so that he could keep filming.


    Experience points come from different sources.
    As in the normal game, 3d stunt give +1XP. There is also the +5 XPs from the Story completion each time an arc is completed, like in the regular game. Due to the different of pace between the pen & paper game and play-by-post, the arcs are closer to what is normally a session. For example here Updates 1-9 and 10-19 form two different arcs. They are centered around one significant event each, Taylor's Exaltation and Taylor joining the Undersiders respectively.
    Then there are XPs per update, which are the equivalent of XPs per session. A normal story update is worth 1 XP, +1 if you made a good stunt & choice for the RP bonus. Occasionally an update will be very short and not much will happen, so it'll have -1XP, but on the other hand if it is particularly long and eventful it can warrant a +1XP. Interludes are normally worth 0 XP since they are not supposed to feature any character development. But if I spend a lot of time writing a large one (like Preferences), it'll give 1 XP. Omakes written by other posters that are good enough for me to include in the main index are normally worth 1XP.
    Finally you can get XPs from OOC things, as first mentioned here. Mostly, it is about guessing things about the game. Discussing what is happening and how the world works is good for the Quest, so I am encouraging it this way. Guessing what lies beneath one of the seals of the Maidens is worth some XP, depending on how important and hard to guess the secret is. Guessing plot points ahead of time is also worth XPs.

    As for Experience cost, we are using flat cost for every Trait except Essence, meaning that it isn't more expensive to improve an Ability as its rank raises. Mostly because the more you advance and the more each Charm is powerful, while Traits don't get the same effect, so giving a flat cost to magic and not Traits makes things way too unbalanced and leads to almost no one increasing them after chargen.
    This also allows the unification of chargen and regular game to avoid pushing the players to munchkinize and create ridiculous stats. To see how it works exactly, see table below.
    Sojiko said:
    Here are the XP costs used here (for the Traits this is the cost for a full letter rank increase, partial payment removes a '-' or adds a '+')​
    • Attribute : 8/6 XPs
    • Ability : 4/3 XPs
    • Specialty : 2/1 XPs
    • Native-level Magics : 10/8 XPs (includes Charms and spells)
    • Unfavorable magic : 9 XPs (includes heretical Charms, Infernal spells, and Knacks)
    • Superior Magics : 12/10 XPs (includes mortals learning TMA and TCS, or DB learning CMAs)
    • Essence : Rating × 8 XPs
    • Virtue : 3~2 XPs
    • Willpower : 3 XPs
    • Backgrounds up to 3 dots : 3 XPs
    • 4th and 5th dots of background : 3~4 XPs
    • Stuff not on this list already : normally it's the old XP cost.

    Training for Charms takes the normal time (for the non-Exalted players: as many days as the Charm require ranks of Ability if Favored, and add the ranks of required Essence on top if it is unfavored). Training for Traits is as flat as the XPs costs, 1 week for unfavored Abilities (if favored, it is instantaneous) and 1 month for Attributes, regardless of rating.
    Your HUIs are very good tutors, so they can reduce the time to train the stuff they knew best in life.
    Things you do during the game can count as training to related things. For example spending a week crafting things count as 7 days of training Craft Charms. Spending a day planning a heist with your group counts as training for Larceny. Etc ...
    The best way to do that is to specify in a stunt for the action that you want it to count as training. When that happens I roll a number of dice equal to the stunt rating, and success means that the action also counts as training.
    You can occasionally mix several training together but Abilities are all technical knowledge, even Athletics and Resistance. The part you can train with mindless work are Strength and Stamina, not the Abilities. Trying to focus your mind on several things at once is hard, so you won't get the full effect from both.

    Finally, you can stunt your pure training actions, which will reduce the time needed for something to count as your day of training. Same goes for having a good teacher.

    Errata of Existing Charms/Spells and some custom material that is available to you:


    Berserk Anger as written is stupid. It's one of the conditions that's the hardest to avoid, that cannot be mitigated in any way, and it is by far the worst effect of all. Small but significant modifications were made:
    Note that Berserk Anger may or may not feature in this Quest.

    Here is another Limit Break that could be relevant:

    Destiny-Manifesting Method also extends IPP's effect to the Solar's destiny.


    Adding new Craft abilities costs the same as raising Craft. Training times are as normal.
    The only Crafts are the 5 elemental ones, Magitech, Genesis and Fate/Concept/Quintessence/Reality (different names for the same thing).

    Available Charms:
    To the question "is X Solar Charm available for us to learn", the answer is "almost certainly, in some shape or form". Whether the Charm is canon, written by a big name like TDO or Earth Scorpion, or one of your own creation, it works the same way:
    • If I judge the Charm is OK in the game, you can just use it.
    • If I notice some issues with the Charm, I'll tweak it to correct them
    • If the Charm is badly problematic or has a fundamental flaw, I'll rewrite it entirely
    • If the concept of the Charm is garbage, the answer is "no" and "kill it with fire"
    Here are some guidelines on what to expect:
    TDO Charms are almost all fine as is, he writes in a way that is eerily similar to mine (except way faster). Jon Chung doesn't write a lot of Charm, but they are very solid mechanically (although some stuff is now out of date since they were written to address some rule issues that have been corrected this game). Things by Earth Scorpion and Revlid are usually just fine, they are very good Charm writers. Plague of Hat isn't bad, but most of his stuff is old and written for an old metagame, tweaks will often be required.
    A number of 1E Charms can be adapted to 2E with some simple tweaking.

    Here is my first post on the topic: On acceptable Ink Monkey and custom Charms

    And here are a few unusual and custom Charms that are available and relevant to you.

    Perfect Actualization of the Ideal Self
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Integrity-Protecting Prana / Mins: Integrity E, Essence E

    The Sun's Chosen has attained such a level of self-definition that defining his own reality becomes inherent and trivial to them. This Charm Permanently upgrades its prerequisite such that it cannot be denied. All Shaping effects become Obvious to the senses of the Solar, and she can use this to decide whether to activate its prerequisite or not. Additionally, she may decide not to defend against a specific Shaping effect.

    The Solar can waive the either the mote cost or willpower cost of its prerequisite for a point of Limit, or both for two points. If the motes are waived, the first 5 motes recovered are immediately committed to Integrity-Protecting Prana. If two points of Limit are paid, it doesn't count as a Charm activation.

    Empowered by the symbolic rebirth of the sun at sunrise, nothing can prevent the Solar from taking her reality in his own hands. At Sunrise, her player can always activate this Charm's prerequisite, no effect can prevent this. Additionally, at Essence D reactivating the Charm at sunrise requires no Willpower, and at Essence C its duration is simply extended to Indefinite.

    There are two final benefits to this Charm. First the Solar's player can activate Integrity-Protecting Prana even when Inactive, and second, no effect can remove either this Charm or its prerequisite from the Solar unless he wills it.

    Pack Trainer's Wisdom
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Bestial Traits Technique / Mins: Survival B, Essence C;

    Pack animals can work, and under the guidance of the Lawgivers, they can learn as one. This Charm allows the Solar to use its prerequisite to train an organized social group of animals, like a pack of wolves or a colony of ants. In addition, it has other benefits:
    • The loyalty it induces in the train animal now lasts beyond the training, allowing him to give an Intimacy of loyalty toward himself to all those who benefited from the Charm.
    • Bestial Traits Technique can now be used to train specialties, Dodge, Integrity, Investigation, Presence, Stealth, War, or Wits. For the animals that have the required talent, it can also train Craft, Performance, or Larceny.
    • When improving the animal's health, instead of increasing the animal size by 10%, the Solar can give a point of mutation to be used on size or health related mutations. For example this includes Big, Exalted Healing, and Longevity.
    Master Teacher's Techniques
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Harmonious Academic Method / Mins: Lore A, Essence C;

    It is the nature of the Solar exalts to not only attain greatness, but also to grant it to others. This Charm permanently enhance the Chosen's ability to teach with one of the following tricks:
    • The Twilight's mastery of theory is so great that they have no need for practical experience. The exalt can teach from purely theoretical knowledge as if they actually had the trait. When using this Charm's prerequisite, they don't need to have a Trait to teach it to others.
    • A good teacher has good assistants, a great teacher make them. A Solar can empower a group to serve as assistants, paying a mote per rank of Magnitude (up to Essence), and they will teach as well as the Solar himself as long as they are committed.
    • To a true scholar, the sharing of knowledge could not be taxing. Teaching never count as a mental effort for the Solar, and he can spend a number of motes equal to the magnitude of his student to make them effectively tireless for two hours.
    • Knowledge is a treasure, and the Lawgiver's teachings are even more valuable. The exalt benefits from 3 additional successes on any attempt to convince someone of the value of their teachings, or to make students pay attention and put in the efforts required to learn.
    • The master's eye evaluates the disciple with accuracy. By spending one mote when looking at a potential student, the Solar learn their Favored Abilities as well as any Ability they have mastered capability to teach.
    Characters with this Charm can purchase additional tricks from this list for two experience points. Using these
    abilities does not count as a Charm invocation – this Charm permanently enhances the Exalt’s capabilities.

    Worthy Companion Technique
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Spirit-Tied Pet or Any Survival Excellency / Mins: Survival C, Essence C;

    The Solar heroes are as one with their Familiar. This Charm lets a character use his reflexive Charms to assist a Familiar he can perceive within (Survival x 10) yard. This counts as the character using that Charm, but adds one mote to its invocation cost. Because this counts as the character using the Charm, it must abide by all of the normal limitations on Charm invocation. For example, the character can’t use a Martial Arts Excellency to enhance an attack and also use Reflex Sidestep Technique to help his Familiar dodge in the same action without a Combo. However, he could use either of these to help both himself and the Familiar in a single action.

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  6. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    This is reserved just in case I need some more space at the beginning of the thread, like I did in thread 2. It's probably going to stay blank, but who knows?
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  7. Jack_Trade

    Jack_Trade Chasing the Green Fairy

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )
  8. [X] get even. Maker her pay. ( Roaring Rampage of Revenge )

    Taylor already does this in canon. You fuck with her, she fucks with you. HARDER. Then she stops giving a damn.

    This option ain't gonna win, but it seems like the best to me, even if the other one sounds cooler.

    But the other one... Taylor's feeling are what DRIVE HER, throughout the entire story, they're her center. No matter how much she fakes not having them by offloading onto her bugs.

    A Limit Break that makes her stop feeling... Is a Limit Break that makes her stop being herself.

    Hell no.
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  9. Alectai

    Alectai Mercenary Captain

    [X] get even. Maker her pay. ( Roaring Rampage of Revenge )

    Targeted vengeance is much better then random rampages.

    We're still a monster, but at least we'll Probably only be a monster to those who really, really seriously provoke us.

    That being said, this is "Better", because the more explosive a Limit Break is, the less time it lasts. Efficient Devastator's Drive is the kind of thing that probably lasts days.
  10. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    If you have questions about the Limit Break, I'll try to do what I can to clarify things. I don't really want to have you decide on specific game mechanics, though.
  11. [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    In character limit break is in character. You could almost spin it that she already has it in canon.
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  12. ryuan

    ryuan What a drag...

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )
  13. Arkeus

    Arkeus Crazy cat guy

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    Given this, i am too wary of Roaring Rampage, given that it seems to be Berserk Anger, but without the fun parts that made me want to try for Berserk Anger: Basically, it's easier for Taylor to rationalize it as Not An Issue (I only hit those that deserve it!), and it's also possible to be harder to negate it's trigger, given you possibly can't just use Presence or UMI to make them apologize.

    This is why i didn't want to go for that 'rational' vote :-(
  14. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    Targeted vengeance is Roaring Rampage of Revenge. EDD makes you generally more destructive and less restrained, not exactly focused. It is more focused than Berserk Anger, but what isn't?
  15. Alectai

    Alectai Mercenary Captain

    I know, I corrected that bfore you even posted that!

    Incidentally, what would have happened with the other options?
  16. [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )
  17. Kataphraktos

    Kataphraktos Remove gringo from premises

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )
  18. ultima333

    ultima333 Porcelain Soldier

    [X] get even. Maker her pay. ( Roaring Rampage of Revenge )
    Once again.

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  19. [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    Someone mentioned hunting down Emma with this. That's far, far, far more likely from the revenge one, especially if it gets the duration rather than the wider trigger.
  20. Flipnash

    Flipnash Not today.

    She's making a list, checking it twice. gonna find out who's naughty or nice. firefly is kicking, your ass.....
    She'll come when you are sleeping, she'll come if your awake, she'll kill you most atrociously. So don't piss her off that way..
    [X] get even. Maker her pay. ( Roaring Rampage of Revenge )

    and cold rage is bad ass
    [] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    [ ] don't do anything. Your friends don't need you out there. In fact, no one needs you. You're just going to stay there and sulk rest. ( Self-Aggrandizing Sulk )

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  21. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    This. So much this.

    In a game? OK, why not. Not the funniest, but why not. In a story I am writing? It means skipping over the good stuff, especially for things with a limited PoV like this one.
  22. Xexilf

    Xexilf Solidarity

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )
  23. You could always switch to a different PoV if you wanted. The only one limiting us to Taylor is you~
  24. Porting my votes and latest post:

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    Compassion's flaw, while rather well done range from downright debilitating to merely debilitating.

    Red Rage of Compassion is slightly more directed Berserk Fury, except it also makes you suck at fighting (no charms, empty hands. It's slightly less terrible if you specialize in martial arts).

    Heart of Tears is Self Aggrandizing Sulk with more tears if outside combat, and makes you completely defenseless and useless for the whole combat if it happens in it.

    Compassionate Martyrdoom is the least terrible of the three, since you are at least still active and if you do a partial control you don't need to do it in a stupid way.

    Oh, btw, Sojiko, how was that other Custom Flaw we could have gotten, Blind Fury?
  25. ZiPeppe

    ZiPeppe *giggle*

    [X] think. Anger is inefficient. ( Efficient Devastator's Drive )

    Sounds way better than the other two options. Plus I like the word Devastator. It's like Mahogany.

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