Conquest Quest [Exalted/Worm] Thread 5: Friendship and Cleansing Sunfire are Magic

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    This is the story of Taylor acquiring a Twilight Caste Solar Exaltation at the beginning of her caped career. She then learn to live with this world-changing power, and will eventually work her way to saving the world even if she has to Conquer it first!

    Already up to the 5th thread, I can barely believe it. Here's hoping we go all the way to total world domination.

    Story Only Thread

    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3
    Thread 4

    Here is the index, both updates proper and side stories.
    Side stories are canon, but not necessary to read in order to follow the main story. They include funny side scenes (humor), info dumps about Creation or the Exalted's powers (background), and long list of possible actions and their pros and cons to help players choose their next step (guidance). The last two categories are almost always Zeph talking to Taylor. A lot. Because this is here to explain information the players might need for their decisions, but are not necessarily important to follow the story, so if you don't like Exposition you should consider not reading them.
    Or at least not reading them all in a row.

    Side stories are marked with their type so you can decide whether you want to read or skip them.
    1. The Before Time
    2. Chosen
    3. Reboot
    4. I Know Kung Fu
    5. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
    6. Meeting the Family
    7. Bravely Running Away
    8. Discussion
    9. Home Sweet Home, Side story: Magic, part 1 (background)
    10. Playing Hooky, Side stories: Magic, part 2 (background), Training Decisions (guidance)
    11. Training Hack, Side stories: Futures (guidance), Preferences (humor)
    12. Confession
    13. A Night on the Town, part 1
    14. A Night on the Town, part 2, Side story: Masks behind Masks (guidance)
    15. A Night on the Town, part 3
    16. Bloody Hands, canon omake by drake_azathoth
    17. Communication
    18. Response
    19. Sleeping On It
    20. Hanging Out
    21. Checking
    22. Preparations, Side story: Disturbing (the) Future (background, guidance)
    23. New Criminal, Side story: Surprising Swiftness (background)
    24. Cute Criminal, Side story: the Wards (Worm background)
    25. Crafty Criminal
    26. Smooth Criminal
    27. Interlude: the Wards
    28. Party, Movie Debut, Birthday
    29. Halcyon Days
    30. Insult
    31. Anger Management, Cold
    32. Interlude: Michael Phan
    33. Efficiency
    34. Cleaning Up
    35. A Calm Day
    36. Promises
    37. Meeting New People
    38. Morning Meeting
    39. Friendly Takeover
    40. Aggression
    41. Righting Wrongs
    42. Realization
    43. Trust
    44. Truth
    Sorry the index took so long to update, but I couldn't finish the damn Aggression chapter... And it's still isn't done. Dammit. At least those of you who were waiting now have 4 new chapters to read! And they're filled with *FUN*!
    Note: the update previously called "Truth, part 1" is now "Trust", and the part 2 is just "Truth". Much better that way.

    Not fixed in the chronology
    I hate lag. hate hate hate hate hate
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    Name: Taylor Hebert
    Aliases: Firefly, Sunset_Firefly
    Exaltation: Solar
    Caste: Twilight
    Anima Holographic User Interface: Zeph & Reya

    Strength D- / Dexterity C+ / Stamina D
    Charisma B+ / Manipulation E- / Appearance B-
    Perception C+ / Intelligence B / Wits B

    • Dawn: Martial Arts A- (Fighting Unarmed +++) / Firearms F / Melee F / Thrown F / War F
    • Zenith: Integrity B / Presence B+ (Seduction +) / Resistance D- / Survival A / Performance F
    • Twilight: Craft C- (Wood, Water) / Investigation D- / Lore B / Medicine F+ / Occult F+
    • Night: Athletics C+ (Jumping +) / Awareness D+ / Larceny B- / Dodge F / Stealth F
    • Eclipse: Bureaucracy B- / Linguistics D- / Socialize C+ (Lying +) / Drive F / Sail F
    • Dawn
    • Zenith
      • Integrity-Protecting Prana
      • Friendship With Animals Approach
      • Spirit-Tied Pet
      • Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit
      • Element-Resisting Prana
      • Steadfast Elemental Emperor Stance
    • Twilight
      • 2nd Investigation Excellency
      • Judge's Ears Technique
      • 2nd Lore Excellency
    • Night
      • 1st Larceny Excellency
      • Flawlessly Impenetrable Disguise
    • Eclipse
      • Servant-Rewarding Benevolence
      • Sagacious Reading of Intent
      • Poetic-Expression Style
      • Taboo Inflicting Diatribe
    Broodmother Awareness Methodology
    Hive Overseer Authority
    Eyes of the Swarm (x1)
    Thousands Move As One Stance
    Loyal Puppet Technique

    Essence: C

    Past Life AAA - Reya & Zeph
    Artifact E - Silk costume
    Familiar D+ - Ladybug

    Superheroing (Dream)
    Dad (Love)
    Terrible Trio (fear)
    Reya (Respectful Pity)
    Zeph (Exasperated Gratitude)
    Rachel (Empathy)
    Lisa (Curiosity)
    Mary-Ann (sisterly love)

    Motivation: Work to make Brockton Bay a better, safer place for its inhabitants

    Valor B, Conviction E, Compassion C, Temperance D
    Virtue Flaw: Efficient Devastator's Drive
    Last Limit Break: A Calm Day
    Limit Track: ?????

    type: heroic​
    rank: D​
    state: confident​
    currently on: Friendly Takeover​

    Mote pool: (warning, I often forget to update the state of mote pools, check the "currently on" part)
    Personal: full​
    Peripheral: mostly full​
    currently on: Friendly Takeover​

    rest: well-rested​
    wounds: none​
    integrity: perfect​
    ailments: none​
    currently on: Friendly Takeover​

    Experience: 25
    currently on: Friendly Takeover​
    Resistance (2/6 days) / Larceny (1/6 day)
    Appearance (5/24 days) / Charisma (1/24 day) / Stamina (1/24 day) / Intelligence (1/24 day)
    Solar Counterattack (2/4 days) / God-Mind Algorithms (1/2 day)

    We are using a house rule with flat XP cost and training durations, see rule post for details.

    Charms wish list:
    Orichalcum Fists of Battle (5), Ricepaper World Understanding (4), Solar Counterattack(4), Immortal Blade-Deflecting Palm(4)
    Tireless Sentinel Technique(5)
    Presence Excellency(1), Hypnotic Tongue Technique(3)
    Bestial Traits Technique(4*), Pack Trainer's Wisdom(4*), Swarm As One Prana(5*)
    God-Mind Algorithms(2), Harmonious Academic Method(5), Chaos-Repelling Pattern(3)
    Heart-Unveiling Scrutiny (3), Know the Soul's Price(4)
    Reflex Sidestep Technique(2), Lightning Transformation Methodology(4)
    Bureaucracy Excellency(1), Bureaucratic Concealment Technique(3)

    * near-instant training?
    color marks a bonus from training with the right tutor

    Total: 164 XPs
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    That's the post meant for the stats of your minions friends and other Backgrounds you acquire.


    Name: Mary-Ann Hebert
    Aliases: Ladybug
    Heritage: Solar Half-Caste
    Inheritance: D

    Strength E / Dexterity A+ / Stamina D
    Charisma D / Manipulation E- / Appearance C
    Perception B / Intelligence D- / Wits C+

    • Dawn: Martial Arts C (Fighting Unarmed +) / Firearms F- / Melee F- / Thrown F- / War F
    • Zenith: Integrity D+ / Presence F / Resistance C- / Survival F / Performance B (Insects +)
    • Twilight: Craft F / Investigation F / Lore E- / Medicine F / Occult F
    • Night: Athletics E / Awareness C / Larceny D (Stealing +) / Dodge B+ (Ranged +) / Stealth C
    • Eclipse: Bureaucracy E+ / Linguistics F / Socialize D / Drive F / Sail F
    Call - Insects
    Domain Manipulation Scenario - insects
    Shapechange - wasp queen, wasp swarm, little sister

    Insect Speak (Affliction)
    Venom (Affliction)
    Tiny (Affliction*)
    Chitinous Carapace (Blight)
    Wings (Abomination)
    True Immortality (Abomination*)
    Vulnerability - Insecticides (Deficiency)
    Hungry (Deficiency)
    Hideous Form (Debility)
    Great curse (Deformity)
    Relay (special - works as a relay for Broodmother Awareness Methodology & Hive Overseer Authority)

    Essence: C


    Taylor (worship)
    Alec (fun to play with)
    Brian (fun to tease)
    Drama (mwahahaha!)
    Syrup (delicious)

    Motivation: Please her big sister Taylor

    Valor E, Conviction B, Compassion B, Temperance E

    type: heroic​
    rank: D​
    state: unknown​
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    That's for the rules of the Quest system. How you can stunt, how to vote, what the vote means, that sort of stuff.

    see here: Rules for stunting (it's the last paragraph of this post)
    If an option wins the vote, the leading stunt for said option will automatically be chosen.

    Number of dashes in front of the stunt

    The important parts:
    A stunt describe the action you are taking by choosing a specific option. This gives you greater control over the next update. Interesting descriptions grant a bonus to your actions.

    A stunt that somehow makes the situation worse (because it was actually a bad idea) will be adapted to avoid causing that problem. Although it might shift the type of problem you are having. That's because stunts are supposed to be good for you, not a double edged sword.


    Sojiko is not responsible if machine does not count your votes.
    When voting, please copy/paste without modification. Modification will make votecount harder.
    I am using an automated vote-counting script. It will count
    [X] option A
    [x] option A
    as the same thing, but it will ignore votes in quote, and with the box un-checked.
    So [ ] vote A would get ignored

    As long as there is a [X] on a line, it counts as a vote. But all the line is counted and he won't count two lines together if they differ by a single character.
    I vote for [X] option A
    will NOT be counted with
    [X] option A

    Every time you shorten the vote by removing something from the line I wrote or you make a typo while repeating it, it creates a new vote to keep track of. And this is really annoying to handle in the end. I've spent up to an entire HOUR sorting votes, and half an hour more than one time. If you screw your vote up it causes a non-negligible amount of unnecessary work for me. Very much not negligible.
    So please, don't be a dick and just repeat the line verbatim. Copy & Paste makes that easy enough.
    So if there is even one character off in your vote line, I can just ignore it. And I have ignored vote that were badly written. I have also spent several hours correcting small mistakes in votes, so I'm not merciless, but please, I don't have much time as it is. Don't make things harder on me.

    I am insisting because I've said this often and it is still common. In fact I made a comment about a specific thing to avoid today (shortening the vote), but before the day was over there were 6 voters who had done it. Right after my explicit request not to do it, including a quote of what to do.
    So since posters often ignore this, I feel it needs to be repeated. If you are going to add a comment on the same line as your vote ("[X] Option A, because we're worth it!"), shorten it ("[X] A"), or are going to make a typo ("[x] Optin A"), you might as well not bother posting.

    Another mistake to avoid is to spread your votes across multiple posts. I think it only takes the most recent post including a vote into account.

    If you see PosterA has posted a complex plan you like, instead of repeating every vote, you can say
    [x] plan PosterA
    [x] PosterA's plan
    However you need to get the name right, if the poster is "larekko12", saying "[x] plan larekko" won't work.

    Also, the program isn't perfect. Occasionally it bugs and won't count a vote. If you see that your vote is missing in the tally (Ctrl+F "your name" is a good way to check fast) tell me and I'll add it in manually.

    What does it mean?
    Votes aren't just specific reactions, they have MEANING that dictates future behavior.
    Every decision made in the past will influence how Taylor behaves automatically during an update
    If the meaning of a vote is unclear, ask. If you think a choice means doing something which isn't written directly in the voting line, you might be reading too much into it, ask.

    I am going to give a short explanation of what the first link talks about, the structure of the options I give at the end of an update.
    There are two things. First how to handle an issue in the next update. And the other is that the options are usually various degrees of a reaction to what is happening or various degrees of a feeling.
    The first is what you need to look at to know what each option will make happen in the next update. The latter is what sort of meaning it has for Taylor, and how this choice will shape her future actions.
    All the options are about handling the same issue, or achieving the same thing. If you can see what it is, you'll have a much clearer idea of what the difference between each of them is, and what you can expect to happen from choosing one over the other.

    When voting, explaining why you chose this specific vote is important for three reasons. First there is the obvious reason, if other posters like your explanation they can follow you, so that makes your vote more likely to win. Secondly it lets me spot misunderstanding and correct them, so that you don't vote for something completely different that what you actually meant. Last but not least, the vote alone doesn't determine all the details, and one of the important thing that tell me how to write the effect of a vote is why the players chose it.

    Here's a list of the main things that influence what Taylor decides to do during an update, roughly in decreasing order of importance:
    • The vote itself, obviously, but the ones you have discarded as much as the one you have actually chosen ; if one is "explain" and the other is "ask them to trust you", choosing the latter won't have you try to gain their trust by explaining.
    • The stunt. Describing how you go about doing the things you've decided to do is what a stunt is all about. A stunt can make me completely change what I had originally planned during the writing of the options of the previous update. Of course if I don't like the stunt you have provided, it will be ignored, but it's the easiest way for you to control more precisely what Taylor does.
    • Taylor's character sheet. If you choose "fight", your lack of weapon skill and your martial arts mastery means you are going to use your bare hands. Obviously things like Intimacies and Motivation and such will affect your decision if they are relevant.
    • Debates about the vote. I always pay close attention to all sides of an argument when players discuss what they should do. If you bring up an advantage to your favored course of action, unless I have a reason to disagree you can expect said advantage to be represented in the update. If you explain how a problem in the choice can be avoided or mitigated by doing something, there's a good chance I'll use your selection.
    • Reason why each poster has picked a vote. While I won't pay as much attention to those as the properly constructed arguments, I will read each and every one of them. I'll try to fit as many as possible, and try extra-hard for those that are repeated often. For example if many posters who select "Running Away" explain that they do that because they don't want to hurt the misguided heroes trying to arrest Taylor, I won't have her topple a building on them to cover her retreat.
    • Taylor's past decisions. If Taylor has solved problems by talking more often than anything else before, when she encounters a closed door she is capable of kicking down or opening with her burglar tool, she will instead decide to talk the person on the other side into opening it for her.
    • Results of the un-chosen votes. If there is 10 votes for "Ask them to trust you", 8 for "Explain", and none for "Run away", I am going to have Taylor hint at a few things while asking her friends to trust her, which wouldn't have been the case if "Explain" hadn't gotten any vote. So even if the option you had voted for wasn't chosen, it might still not be useless.
    When you have some downtime to do as you please, you vote on how to use it constructively. Every day is split in 3 sections, of roughly 8 hours. A time slot of approximately 8 hours give a full (or major) action, while 4 hours give a half (or minor) action.

    Every day, 1 slot is spent on a full action for sleep. When you get back late, it can be reduced to a half action, and it can even be skipped (but beware of exhaustion penalties), but nothing short of a full action spent sleeping will grant the roll to recover Willpower when you wake up. Note that 7 hours or 9 hours can both count as a normal full action, the duration isn't set in stone.

    During a normal day, a half action is spent taking care of oneself and handling all the chores. This includes oversleeping a bit, cooking, eating, cleaning the house, shopping for clothes, doing some repair, maintenance on the gear, calling friends to keep touch, and so forth and so on. This can be reduced if you do not have (or take) any responsibility, and thus upgraded to a full action of socializing and relaxing. It can also be skipped entirely... But all work and no play would make Taylor a dull girl. So beware.

    Then there is a full action, which is usually used to go to school for people Taylor's age, or work for those that are older. That can be used for training (which normally takes a full action) or any other major action you want to take in the day.

    Finally, there is a left over half action. This is usually spent on hobbies or personal projects. Those working 12 hours a day use it for overtime. Most often this would be used to socialize with people, spend time with family, watch a movie with friends... It's quite possible to do something constructive with that time without causing undue mental stress as long as it is enjoyable. Even if it isn't, as long as there is some time spent in the day to relax, it will simply be exhausting.

    Of course, a full action can be split in two half actions. If you are going to turn one of the work options given for a full day into a half action, you need to change the line. Turning "[x] <work>" into "[x] Half action: <work>" is the accepted format.

    Finally, there are Free Actions. They are not actually free, but they account for things that last for a few minutes, half an hour at the very most. There isn't a hard limit on how many you can get of those in a day. When voting for how to spend downtime, you can add as a write-in:
    [X] Free Action: <insert description of action here>
    - [x] <insert stunt there>
    As long as enough people support it, and you actually have the time to do it with the rest, it'll be added to the day's activities.

    As for multiple action penalties, they only happen when several things are done inside the same slot. Splitting a full action into two half actions will not cause that (but having less time does mean less result is achieved, of course).

    In this game Traits are represented by letters instead of dots. First that's because it gives the game that Quest feel, rather than being an Exalted game. It is more familiars to non-Exalted players, and I want it to be as accessible as possible. Then it's easier to see the difference between A and B at a glance than between 00000 and 0000.
    Another reason is that the "+" and "-" let me have more granularity. That's good because it lets me represents human with more precision, and show progress more easily. Favorable conditions can let a "+" turn into a rank bonus, and unfavorable conditions can turn a "-" into a rank penalty.

    Attributes (followed by example of Strength, Appearance and Intelligence)
    • F is crippled: unable to stand, hideously deformed, vegetable
    • E is weak: child, ugly, uneducated hick
    • D is average trait: office worker, plain, high school graduate
    • C is good: physical worker (mover, farmer, docker...), high school queen bee, erudite
    • B is excellent: professional athlete, professional supermodel, renowned doctor
    • A is amazing: Olympic athlete, world class movie star (who goes on look rather than skill), world-leading researcher
    Abilities work mostly the same way if you consider professionals rather than everyone.
    • F is unskilled
    • E is trained
    • D is experienced
    • C is professional
    • B is expert
    • A is master
    Someone who never put serious effort into mastering a skill would be at F. Someone who knows the basics would be at E. A skilled amateur or an inexperienced/unmotivated professional would be at D. C is the level at which most professional end their career at if they don't push themselves to keep improving. B would make someone famous at a local level, and able to compete internationally. Only the best in the world reach rank A.

    For example with Martial Arts
    • F: can't throw a punch without risking to break their finger
    • E: know the stances and the mistakes to avoid, has attended the boxing gym for a while
    • D: definitely knows how to fight, possibly a 1st dan black belt in a lenient school, pro boxer
    • C: could be a close combat instructor, may regularly fight for their life, definitely black belt, ranked pro boxer
    • B: special forces, high dan black belt and possibly the head of a small school, title-holder boxer
    • A: elite assassin or spy, 9th~10th dan black/red belt and head of a major school, boxing world champion
    And now with Computers (that's Lore for Taylor & Mary-Ann because they get to lump it together with psychology and history)
    • F: might be able to turn on a computer.
    • E: can handle most bugs by themselves (reset button!), install programs, may have touched some scripts
    • D: can assemble a computer from parts, knows some programming, might have a job in technical support
    • C: often fiddles with the advanced options, can program complex applications, professional programmer
    • B: routinely modify the applications they use, state of the art hacking skills, renowned security specialist
    • A: Kevin Mitnick, world-famous hacker, leading NSA computer experts

    Now you can go ahead and take another look at Taylor and Mary-Ann skills!

    For those who wonder, F is equivalent to - (that's zero dots), and E to 0 (that's one dot). It normally goes up to A for 00000, and if there's a way to break the normal limit for trait it goes up to AA, then AAA, S, SS, and SSS for the max possible trait of 00000 00000.
    For Abilities a F means that one just doesn't have the Ability in question, and a F+ shows some familiarity with the topic. Someone with the ability to do first aid but who doesn't know squat about anything else in Medicine could have F+, and someone with a good enough knowledge of guns to know how to use them but who lacks any sort of practice might have F+ too, so he'd be considerably less likely to crit-fail and shoot himself in the foot since he knows all the safety rules to be observed at all times with firearms. F- means that not only do you lack any actual skill in the area, you are especially untalented, and probably have wrong assumptions likely to make matters even worse. Someone with Presence F- not only has no social skill at all, but he could have a strong tendency to insult others and make them angry at him, so a crit-fail is more likely.

    For those who wonder about Background, they can be purchased for XP or not. If you do pay for them, they become part of you on a metaphysical level. Since XP represents soul-stuff, paying some to acquire something means it you somehow infuse it with some of your being. That is why Charms that protects your Traits from modification (like Integrity Protecting Prana) can be used on them.
    Another advantage is that they are secure from the vagaries of life. A friend who is an Ally paid properly will not one day change his mind, or be subverted by someone else. You will not accidentally lose an Artifact you have paid for. It almost always takes direct actions by a heroic character for you to lose a Background. If you are fighting a parahuman with powerful mind control, they could turn the friend above against you, and your Artifact could be destroyed in a fight against Crawler, for example.
    If you do lose a Background, you can recover it much more easily than you normally would, and the points paid to protect the old one apply to the new one. So if Leviathan ruins your Resources invested in the businesses of Brockton Bay, you'll have an easier time becoming rich again and when you do, you won't have to pay to protect it.

    Use of downtime:
    To explain quickly, there are three action slots per day, one per 8 hours. One is spent sleeping, one is spent working/training (8 hours), and the last one is divided in two simple actions (or half-actions). One for eating, cleaning, washing, and generally taking care of yourself and your place. The other is spent relaxing one way or the other. Most relaxation options I gave you are about spending time with someone, and it'll be about 4 hours.

    might write more rules things and stuff here later

    Health status:
    This describes your state of health.
    Rest tells you how you are with your general energy level. Eating, drinking and sleeping all obviously contribute to this, but mental energy is a thing too, so remember that all work and no play makes Taylor a dull girl. You usually wake up rested, but if you've really been taking care of yourself you might be pumped. After a day of work, you usually go to bed tired. Being tired isn't fun, but it's completely normal, and doesn't really give penalties. If you push it too far you'll be drained, and while it won't give normally direct penalties to actions it can still be a problem. Being overtaxed will cause penalties, and once exhausted it will extend to almost all your actions.
    Integrity tells you if your body integrity is maintained or not. Ongoing penalties from missing limbs would go there. Having no problem whatsoever means that the line will say it is perfect. However it tracks more than the state of your body. Mental issues Taylor recognizes she has would be here, except for the Great Curse which has its own lines.
    Ailment tracks diseases, poisons and other transient problems with your health. This line should read none when it's not listing what's wrong. It means no known ailment or visible symptoms, though.
    Wound tells you if you are wounded and how badly. This is rather straightforward. Hopefully you won't ever see anything other than perfect on this line.

    This indicates if one is an extra, a mundane, or a hero. Normal people have a Willpower trait that usually range from 1 to 5, and while they can go above that (even if it's rare) at Willpower 0 one is a mere automaton. So the usual range is from E to A even if they can theoretically go from F to SSS (0 to 10).
    Heroes normally go from 5 to 10, which is ranked from F to A. So a heroic willpower ranked at F is roughly on par with a normal willpower at A. It is actually superior because those with heroic willpower can use it for more things.

    Taylor has gained enough self-awareness that you have a rough idea of how much temporary willpower points she has at any given moment. But it is not yet enough for me to give you an explanation of what the terms mean. Use your own judgment.

    canon!Taylor = Skitter
    Conquest!Taylor = Firefly

    Here is an index of posts I made that say things about how the game works, some of them have been mentioned earlier when they were relevant. We can thank drake_azathoth for gathering those.
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    This post is for Exalted (and Worm) rules.
    Almost done.

    Parahuman powers:

    Parahumans use Knacks.
    Taylor's parahuman powers:
    • Broodmother Awareness Methodology: awareness of bug presence
    • Hive Overseer Authority: can command bug through BAM
    • Eyes of the Swarm (x1): can share Touch with bugs within BAM (repurchases for more senses)
    • Thousands Move As One Stance: supernatural coordination
    • Loyal Puppet Technique: absolute control

    Stunts are good for you, use them.
    When a stunt is voted, it will determine the general level of stunts for action related to the described vote. So the bonus can apply to more than one action.
    A stunt gives its rating (from 1 to 3) in bonus dice/ranks to the action it is enhancing.
    A stunt that succeeds grants bonus motes of essence (which are usually personal), and if the stunt is 2 or above it can give a Willpower point instead.

    Stunts can be used to accomplish things that wouldn't usually be possible, but are still within the realm of mundane skill. For example defending against a blade with your bare hands (maybe hitting the flat of the sword to deflect it?), or dodging on a slick shaking inclined surface (use your fall to go under the shots?). Those effects never go beyond what an Essence E effect could generate reliably, and are instantaneous.

    Stunts can also be used to wrestle temporary and limited editorial control over the scene from the GM. If you need something reasonable from the scenery to be properly awesome, a stunt can arrange that.
    Need cover while fighting in the streets? You stunt leaping behind the nearby car, no need to ask the GM if there's one when you can just edit it in. Worried about the safety of the bystanders? Explain in your stunt how you can return fire because they've started running for cover from the first shots.
    It needs to be a reasonable thing that could be expected to be there or happen. That goes double when manipulating extras (which you can do since extras are literally part of the scenery in Exalted).

    For example, in an update there was a tourist with a camera filming a fight. Once that fight was over the character went and started another a short distance away. So a stunt was used to have the commotion from the action draw the tourist there so that he could keep filming.


    Experience points come from different sources.
    As in the normal game, 3d stunt give +1XP. There is also the +5 XPs from the Story completion each time an arc is completed, like in the regular game. Due to the different of pace between the pen & paper game and play-by-post, the arcs are closer to what is normally a session. For example here Updates 1-9 and 10-19 form two different arcs. They are centered around one significant event each, Taylor's Exaltation and Taylor joining the Undersiders respectively.
    Then there are XPs per update, which are the equivalent of XPs per session. A normal story update is worth 1 XP, +1 if you made a good stunt & choice for the RP bonus. Occasionally an update will be very short and not much will happen, so it'll have -1XP, but on the other hand if it is particularly long and eventful it can warrant a +1XP. Interludes are normally worth 0 XP since they are not supposed to feature any character development. But if I spend a lot of time writing a large one (like Preferences), it'll give 1 XP. Omakes written by other posters that are good enough for me to include in the main index are normally worth 1XP.
    Finally you can get XPs from OOC things, as first mentioned here. Mostly, it is about guessing things about the game. Discussing what is happening and how the world works is good for the Quest, so I am encouraging it this way. Guessing what lies beneath one of the seals of the Maidens is worth some XP, depending on how important and hard to guess the secret is. Guessing plot points ahead of time is also worth XPs.

    As for Experience cost, we are using flat cost for every Trait except Essence, meaning that it isn't more expensive to improve an Ability as its rank raises. Mostly because the more you advance and the more each Charm is powerful, while Traits don't get the same effect, so giving a flat cost to magic and not Traits makes things way too unbalanced and leads to almost no one increasing them after chargen.
    This also allows the unification of chargen and regular game to avoid pushing the players to munchkinize and create ridiculous stats. To see how it works exactly, see table below.
    Sojiko said:
    Here are the XP costs used here (for the Traits this is the cost for a full letter rank increase, partial payment removes a '-' or adds a '+')​
    • Attribute : 8/6 XPs
    • Ability : 4/3 XPs
    • Specialty : 2/1 XPs
    • Native-level Magics : 10/8 XPs (includes Charms and spells)
    • Unfavorable magic : 9 XPs (includes heretical Charms, Infernal spells, and Knacks)
    • Superior Magics : 12/10 XPs (includes mortals learning TMA and TCS, or DB learning CMAs)
    • Essence : Rating × 8 XPs
    • Virtue : 3~2 XPs
    • Willpower : 3 XPs
    • Backgrounds up to 3 dots : 3 XPs
    • 4th and 5th dots of background : 3~4 XPs
    • Stuff not on this list already : normally it's the old XP cost.

    Training for Charms takes the normal time (for the non-Exalted players: as many days as the Charm require ranks of Ability if Favored, and add the ranks of required Essence on top if it is unfavored). Training for Traits is as flat as the XPs costs, 1 week for unfavored Abilities (if favored, it is instantaneous) and 1 month for Attributes, regardless of rating.
    Your HUIs are very good tutors, so they can reduce the time to train the stuff they knew best in life.
    Things you do during the game can count as training to related things. For example spending a week crafting things count as 7 days of training Craft Charms. Spending a day planning a heist with your group counts as training for Larceny. Etc ...
    The best way to do that is to specify in a stunt for the action that you want it to count as training. When that happens I roll a number of dice equal to the stunt rating, and success means that the action also counts as training.
    You can occasionally mix several training together but Abilities are all technical knowledge, even Athletics and Resistance. The part you can train with mindless work are Strength and Stamina, not the Abilities. Trying to focus your mind on several things at once is hard, so you won't get the full effect from both.

    Finally, you can stunt your pure training actions, which will reduce the time needed for something to count as your day of training. Same goes for having a good teacher.

    Errata of Existing Charms/Spells and some custom material that is available to you:


    Berserk Anger as written is stupid. It's one of the conditions that's the hardest to avoid, that cannot be mitigated in any way, and it is by far the worst effect of all. Small but significant modifications were made:
    Note that Berserk Anger may or may not feature in this Quest.

    Here is another Limit Break that could be relevant:

    Destiny-Manifesting Method also extends IPP's effect to the Solar's destiny.


    Adding new Craft abilities costs the same as raising Craft. Training times are as normal.
    The only Crafts are the 5 elemental ones, Magitech, Genesis and Fate/Concept/Quintessence/Reality (different names for the same thing).

    Available Charms:
    To the question "is X Solar Charm available for us to learn", the answer is "almost certainly, in some shape or form". Whether the Charm is canon, written by a big name like TDO or Earth Scorpion, or one of your own creation, it works the same way:
    • If I judge the Charm is OK in the game, you can just use it.
    • If I notice some issues with the Charm, I'll tweak it to correct them
    • If the Charm is badly problematic or has a fundamental flaw, I'll rewrite it entirely
    • If the concept of the Charm is garbage, the answer is "no" and "kill it with fire"
    Here are some guidelines on what to expect:
    TDO Charms are almost all fine as is, he writes in a way that is eerily similar to mine (except way faster). Jon Chung doesn't write a lot of Charm, but they are very solid mechanically (although some stuff is now out of date since they were written to address some rule issues that have been corrected this game). Things by Earth Scorpion and Revlid are usually just fine, they are very good Charm writers. Plague of Hat isn't bad, but most of his stuff is old and written for an old metagame, tweaks will often be required.
    A number of 1E Charms can be adapted to 2E with some simple tweaking.

    Here is my first post on the topic: On acceptable Ink Monkey and custom Charms

    And here are a few unusual and custom Charms that are available and relevant to you.

    Perfect Actualization of the Ideal Self
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Integrity-Protecting Prana ; Mins: Integrity E, Essence E

    The Sun's Chosen has attained such a level of self-definition that defining his own reality becomes inherent and trivial to them. This Charm Permanently upgrades its prerequisite such that it cannot be denied. Whenever a Shaping effect would alter the Solar, that effect becomes Obvious to the senses of the Solar, and she can use this to decide whether to activate its prerequisite or not. Additionally, she may decide not to defend against a specific Shaping effect.

    The Solar can waive the either the mote cost or willpower cost of its prerequisite for a point of Limit, or both for two points. If the motes are waived, the first 5 motes recovered are immediately committed to Integrity-Protecting Prana. If two points of Limit are paid, it doesn't count as a Charm activation.

    Empowered by the symbolic rebirth of the sun at sunrise, nothing can prevent the Solar from taking her reality in his own hands. At Sunrise, her player can always activate this Charm's prerequisite, no effect can prevent this. Additionally, at Essence D reactivating the Charm at sunrise requires no Willpower, and at Essence C its duration is simply extended to Indefinite.

    There are two final benefits to this Charm. First the Solar's player can activate Integrity-Protecting Prana even when Inactive, and second, no effect can remove either this Charm or its prerequisite from the Solar unless he wills it.

    Radiant Sanctuary Meditation
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Perfect Actualization of the Ideal Self ; Mins: Integrity B, Essence C
    Allows to extend IPP around the user. (full write up to come)

    God King Aegis
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Sun King Radiance, Integrity Protecting Prana ; Mins: Integrity A, Essence B
    Allows to extend IPP to the followers of the Solar. (full write up to come)

    Pack Trainer's Wisdom
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Bestial Traits Technique ; Mins: Survival B, Essence C;

    Pack animals can work, and under the guidance of the Lawgivers, they can learn as one. This Charm allows the Solar to use its prerequisite to train an organized social group of animals, like a pack of wolves or a colony of ants. In addition, it has other benefits:
    • The loyalty it induces in the train animal now lasts beyond the training, allowing him to give an Intimacy of loyalty toward himself to all those who benefited from the Charm.
    • Bestial Traits Technique can now be used to train specialties, Dodge, Integrity, Investigation, Presence, Stealth, War, or Wits. For the animals that have the required talent, it can also train Craft, Performance, or Larceny.
    • When improving the animal's health, instead of increasing the animal size by 10%, the Solar can give a point of mutation to be used on size or health related mutations. For example this includes Big, Exalted Healing, and Longevity.

    Master Teacher's Techniques
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Harmonious Academic Method ; Mins: Lore A, Essence C;

    It is the nature of the Solar exalts to not only attain greatness, but also to grant it to others. This Charm permanently enhance the Chosen's ability to teach with one of the following tricks:
    • The Twilight's mastery of theory is so great that they have no need for practical experience. The exalt can teach from purely theoretical knowledge as if they actually had the trait. When using this Charm's prerequisite, they don't need to have a Trait to teach it to others.
    • A good teacher has good assistants, a great teacher make them. A Solar can empower a group to serve as assistants, paying a mote per rank of Magnitude (up to Essence), and they will teach as well as the Solar himself as long as they are committed.
    • To a true scholar, the sharing of knowledge could not be taxing. Teaching never count as a mental effort for the Solar, and he can spend a number of motes equal to the magnitude of his student to make them effectively tireless for two hours.
    • Knowledge is a treasure, and the Lawgiver's teachings are even more valuable. The exalt benefits from 3 additional successes on any attempt to convince someone of the value of their teachings, or to make students pay attention and put in the efforts required to learn.
    • The master's eye evaluates the disciple with accuracy. By spending one mote when looking at a potential student, the Solar learn their Favored Abilities as well as any Ability they have mastered capability to teach.
    Characters with this Charm can purchase additional tricks from this list for two experience points. Using these
    abilities does not count as a Charm invocation – this Charm permanently enhances the Exalt’s capabilities.

    Worthy Companion Technique
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Spirit-Tied Pet or Any Survival Excellency ; Mins: Survival C, Essence C;

    The Solar heroes are as one with their Familiar. This Charm lets a character use his reflexive Charms to assist a Familiar he can perceive within (Survival x 10) yard. This counts as the character using that Charm, but adds one mote to its invocation cost. Because this counts as the character using the Charm, it must abide by all of the normal limitations on Charm invocation. For example, the character can’t use a Martial Arts Excellency to enhance an attack and also use Reflex Sidestep Technique to help his Familiar dodge in the same action without a Combo. However, he could use either of these to help both himself and the Familiar in a single action.

    Swarm-As-One Prana
    Type: Permanent
    Prerequisite: Spirit-Tied Pet, Pack Trainer's Wisdom ; Mins: Survival A, Essence C;

    Through the correct breathing exercises, an entire swarm can be turned into a cohesive whole.
    Allow to consider an entire swarm as a single animal for Survival Charms? Most likely. Possibly also for other Abilities. Might have some limitations or restrictions. Developing new Charms (or as the case may be re-developing them) has some drawbacks, including that you can't know for sure what you'll be getting ahead of time ...

    Heart-Unveiling Scrutiny
    Cost: 4m ; Type: Reflexive
    Duration: One scene ; Keyword: Combo-OK
    Prerequisite: None ; Mins: Investigation D, Essence E;

    The lawgiver knows the heart of man. This Charm greatly enhances their ability to understand others, while it is active, all attempts to read the motivation of other characters (see Exalted, p. 131) receive an additional Essence bonus successes.
    A second purchase of this Charm at Investigation A, Essence A gives the Solar the option to add 2 motes to the cost in order to reduce the difficulty of all these actions to 1. The Charm also acquires the keyword Merged (Web-Cutting Eyes)

    For those who don't know what the Read Motivation action does, here is the effect of a successful roll:

    Bureaucratic Concealment Technique
    Cost: 4m ; Type: Supplemental
    Duration: Instant (or Indefinite) ; Keyword: Combo-OK
    Prerequisite: Any Bureaucracy Excellency ; Mins: Bureaucracy B, Essence D;

    Solars excel at every action they decide to undertake, but they need not show their prowesses to the world. This Charm enhances an attempt to conceal a bureaucratic action taken by the character. Any attempt to uncover the operation that is not backed by magic specifically meant to uncover secrets of find hidden things see its difficulty increased by the same number of successes it obtains on its roll. If such an attempt does have the right type of magic, the difficulty is still increased by 4.
    At Essence C the Exalt can also enhance attempts to hide an item within the bureaucracy by Indefinitely committing the motes spent on the activation. Doing so the character can effectively cause the subject to disappear in the depths of the bureaucracy, remaining hidden from all efforts to hide it. Investigation attempts to find the subject have their difficulty increased by the number of committed motes.

    Forgetful Bureau Charm
    Cost: 10m, 1wp ; Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant ; Keyword: Combo-OK
    Prerequisite: Bureaucratic Concealment Technique ; Mins: Bureaucracy A, Essence C;

    Forgetful Bureau Charm allows the Lawgiver to erase all evidence of one item or individual from a particular bureaucracy. Records are lost or destroyed, officials misremember facts, and so forth. The effects take some time to make themselves felt. A small bureaucracy is affected within a day. Larger organizations take weeks, or even months before the process is complete. So far as the Bureaucracy is concerned, the item or individual in question has never existed. Those with direct contact with the subject still recall it normally, but official records and other documentation do not support their recollections. New records can come into being after this Charm is used, but previous records are lost permanently.
    At Essence B the Solar can empower this Charm further, spending an additional point of willpower to turn it into an edict of obliteration. The effect becomes Obvious, but the process is over in a matter of seconds, regardless of the size of the organization. ID cards are slagged by cold white fire, brilliant golden auras surround server farms as they are cleansed, words fly from the pages and flee toward eternal darkness. Additionally, those who retain any memory of the taboo subject are compelled by the Lawgiver's innate authority to stay silent on the matter (which adds the Compulsion keyword), it takes 3 willpower to overcome this.
    This Charm allows the Chosen to create difficulties for others by eliminating all official records of them or for the Exalted to protect their own secrets, such as removing evidence of their group's activities or of the location of their lair.

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  6. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    Finally found out what I was going to do with this post, but I forgot to edit it in for a while ...

    • Notes to self go here.
    • Spend time with Amy
    • Spend time with Rachel and her dogs
    • Spend time with Lisa (best friends forever!)
    • Spend time with Alec and Brian, need to get to know them better
    • Spend time with dad. Don't lose contact
    • Spend time with Mary-Ann. Sisters need love and she isn't a tool.
    • Spend time with Dragon. She's interesting.
    • Get to know your new minion, Oni Lee
    • Talk about Dinah with the Undersiders
    • Handle the E88's moves on your territory
    • Darwin Bark Spider acquisition project
    • SIMURGH AWAY! Extra strength! Keep pesky bird-girls away!
    • Learn how to sleep less to do more stuff
    • Learn how to warp or create time to do more stuff. Wait, I meant that as a joke, but could should I do it?
  7. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    Meeting New People

    [X] Do not go to the ABB's headquarters today. You need to prepare, and you'll only recover your personal pool by the time you get there.

    [X] You promised to answer Tattletale's questions, but if she doesn't ask you aren't going to bring it up.questions in 48 hours, but you don't have to look for her to answer them! If she doesn't call, you don't have to go.

    [X] Do it right or don't bother trying to fit in today. No shortening.

    [X] Take your time with Amy, you can't rush making friends.
    -[x] To be the best friend we can be we need to know more, ask about things she enjoys, as well as her sister, her cape life and her family.

    Tonight Amy Dallon is going to be meeting:
    [X] Taylor Doe, the mysterious civilian identity of Firefly. No real disguise, just the make-up and padding to make yourself look fabulous.
    -[X] Before your meeting you take a minute to mentally prepare yourself. You've already made a fool of yourself with your gushing during the robbery. Remember what Amy really needs, and what you want to be, is a friend not a fangirl.

    You call Dragon as soon as:
    [X] you finish working. You really have nothing to hide beyond your true identity, and you are honest about keeping it a secret. Let's keep things as straightforward as possible.
    -[X] Record the conversation and give the recording to Lisa later.

    As soon as you are done working (and more importantly, as soon as the last trace of the Mark of Twilight disappears from your brow), you go out and buy yourself a phone. Then you find a quiet spot, turn on the call recording feature of the phone, and proceed to call Dragon.

    There is no ringing, only her voice saying, "Hello, mister Jones."

    "You were monitoring my online activities, and when they stopped you started expecting my call."

    "Yes." She admits shamelessly. "You took a little bit more time than strictly needed." Her tone is less reproachful than inquisitive.

    "If you managed to find me, others could have done the same thing. I had to change locations." You answer matter-of-factly, then you point out, "You were expecting this from me."

    "I was expecting you to move immediately."

    "I finished working first. I am cautious, not paranoid."

    "I see, John." Dragon pauses. "May I call you John?" You are not entirely certain if using the name before asking for permission is part of her game or not.

    But it doesn't really matter. "Go ahead, you can call me whatever you wish."

    "This is not your real name, is it?"

    "Of course not." For the first time you let your tone betray some emotion. The idea that you'd give your real name at the place where you connect when you are going to such efforts to hide your identity is patently ridiculous. "I do value my anonymity."

    "Won't you tell me? I'm not going to hurt you."

    "Can you absolutely guarantee that no one will learn of my identity from you if I do reveal my name?" The tone makes it clear that you already know the answer to that question.

    She begrudgingly admits, "No. I can't."

    "There you have it. My identity will stay my secret. You'll have to make do with getting to know my work and personality."


    The discussion lasts for a while longer without either of you really getting into the heart of the matter. You dodged her questions about your identity and skills, and she dodged yours about the way she found you and her capabilities as a hacker. Eventually, you ended up discussing the main topic. Your "illegal" activities, and the need for you to join the Protectorate.

    Through this discussion, you remained honest. You told her you would not be revealing your identity and powers, but beyond that you were open. You really are in this to help people, and you don't want to go with the Protectorate because, on many levels, you don't trust them.

    You intended to acquire more computer skills and get a couple of achievements under your belt before you went to the Protectorate, using those as leverage for concessions about your identity and the flexibility of your schedule. If you get the negotiations to last for another day you could still do it. Or maybe even directly convince Dragon to help you.

    And you guess you managed to more or less do that, because she made you a very intriguing offer. Work with her for a day. She'll give you access to the resources you'd get in the Protectorate, and whenever you'd be about to do something you wouldn't be allowed to do, she'd warn you. You could then either work around the limitation or ignore it. That would give you a better idea of what you'd get if you accepted some supervision by the PRT.

    "I ... was not expecting you to make that sort of offer."

    "So you were expecting another type of offer."

    "Several, yes."

    "And you had answers already prepared for those, but you don't have any for this one." Once again, she guesses what situation you are in, and what your strategy had been. After you did it to her a few times, she started to return the favor. She is very smart, but you don't think she's on the same level as either Tattletale or you when you are at your best.

    "Could I ask for some time to think it over?"

    "Of course. But don't make me wait too long."

    "That would hardly be the polite thing to do. But I do have a very packed schedule. I am putting this decision at a high level of priority, and I will get back to you within an hour of making a decision."

    "That sounds just fine. See you soon."

    And this is how your conversation with Dragon ends. It opens some interesting possibilities. But right now, you need to hurry to get to the tearoom before Amy gets there. She'd probably wait for a while, but you want to give a good first impression.


    You are sipping your cup of Darjeeling when you spot her coming up from the stairs. She takes in the room and looks at the few customers in here. There are only a few men and only one of them alone, a serious-looking man in a suit who is reading a newspaper. After looking at him for a few seconds, Amy starts hesitatingly walking in his direction.

    "AMY! Over here!" You wave her over, with a wide grin on your face.

    She turns in your direction, slightly surprised, before she sees you and freezes for a second. Then she stands there slack-jawed for a moment longer while a slight blush starts to appear.

    She slowly makes her way to your table and then sits. After a few seconds of silence, you gently reach for her face, touch her underneath her chin, and close her mouth. When she realizes she had been just sitting there with her mouth still open her blush intensifies further.

    "Why are you so surprised? Were you expecting some old man or something?"

    She doesn't say anything, but she nods. You laugh, and instead of the creepy dry thing it used to be it is clear like crystal. She relaxes somewhat, but her complexion doesn't change.

    "You're really cute when you don't know what to say, but I was hoping we could talk, you know?" You raise your eyebrows a little and look straight into her eyes as you say this.

    She seems a bit surprised at that, and embarrassed to be caught at a loss for words given how she reddens further. You anticipate the objection she might raise and push a plate of cookie toward her.

    "Here, that's for you."

    She barely glances at the plate and prepares to say something. You cut her off, "Really, that's for you. You should get that before anything else."

    She looks down and notices the micro-SD card on the edge of the plate. She gingerly takes it, as if it were going to bite her. Then she looks at it as if she could guess what's inside with her naked eye. She really doesn't have a clue how to act, does she?

    "You probably have a phone you could use to look at this," you tell her. She reaches for her phone, and easily removes the cover to access the micro-SD slot. Then as she's about to insert it, she hesitates. You push a small cellphone next to her with earbuds already plugged in.

    "If you're worried it might do something to your phone, you can use that instead."

    She hastily reaches toward it and grabs your hand along the device. You wait for her to let go, but she doesn't. So you tell her, "You'll have to let my hand go if you want to take it."

    Surely, blushing that much can't be healthy.


    She is now quite pale as she puts the phone down after watching the video.

    Then she slowly raises her head until her eyes meet yours. She simply asks, "What do you want?"

    You ponder that question for a moment, then you answer, "I want ... a strawberry shortcake. Yes, that'll be perfect."


    You lean to the side to look behind Amy and snap your fingers. "Waiter!"

    Amy looks at the approaching waiter, then you, and at the waiter again. When he gets there, she seems to settle on you. Ad for you you simply say, "I'd like a strawberry shortcake, please." Then to her, "And you Amy, what do you want?"

    She stays silent, so you try to coax her into answering your question, "Come on, it's my treat. Don't hesitate."

    She finally asks for some Lady Grey and the waiter leaves you.

    She watches him walk away, and as soon as she's confident he's far enough she snaps back to you, hissing, "Who are you, anyway?"

    "You don't recognize me. Can't say I'm surprised, we only met once and I didn't give you my name or anything." You take a sip of your tea while she takes this in.

    You put your cup back and say, "I'm Taylor, by the way. Nice to meet you!" You hold your hand out, with a welcoming smile on your face. She shakes it without much hesitation. Progress!

    "What do you want for this." She says pointing at the card.

    "Nothing." You shrug.

    This time she seems more doubtful than surprised. Not unexpected.

    "Really. I intercepted the video when it was uploaded on the internet, I made sure Mr. Torsen didn't get to keep a copy, and then I took a look at it. After doing that, I was left with the question of what to do with it. It took some thinking but I decided that you were the best person to give it to."

    She recognizes the name of the amateur cameraman. The tourist stated his name to the camera and started going on about how he was about to face great danger at the beginning of the video. Then he abruptly stopped when the fight started outside.

    "Why me?" She's still not really buying it, but she wants to. Almost there. Being truthful about this makes it much simpler. You confuse a few details (like the fact that the video wasn't uploaded by Mr. Torsen) but nothing you say is false and the vast majority is completely honest.

    "Did you see that she nearly killed the bank manager?"

    "That's not true!" She immediately exclaims.

    That was more vehement than you expected. You just throw her a couple of strings of numbers. The apparent non-sequitur takes the wind out of her sails. You then explain, "Take a look at those times in the video. Pay attention to what's directly around the manager at those first two moments. Pay attention to the audio in-between."

    She hesitates, again. But then she takes the phone and start doing as you asked. You seize this chance to tell her, "And you might want to keep your voice down to avoid attracting attention."

    She finally see the two shots of the manager, and more importantly the chunk of debris that landed next to his face. Then at the third time (which is just before the second) she hears the yelp of terror from the manager, as he narrowly escapes becoming collateral damage.

    "I'm not going to comment on how she hurt Ladybug. She might be the type that ruthlessly attacks even a kid as long as she feels justified, or she might have missed her. If she did hit that table without checking, though, that could have been anyone there. Not just a supervillain with enough powers to survive that hit."

    "But as I've said, maybe that was on purpose, in which case this doesn't make her my favorite hero but she wasn't recklessly endangering civilians. So I'm going to let that drop. The manager, though? That was serious. What would have happened if the thing had landed a few inches to the side? If he had been hit in the head like this?"

    She doesn't answer. Instead, she just hunches her back and lowers her head.

    "Given how unconcerned she was about the lethal amount of force she was throwing around, including at Tattletale who isn't tougher than your regular high school girl, I think I can make a few educated guesses."

    "When someone pisses her off, and when that someone is an 'acceptable target', someone who doesn't deserve protection as far as she's concerned, she has serious troubles holding back. In fact, she has already hurt people grievously. Probably wounds that would have never recovered without your help, at one time or another. You might even have prevented her from becoming a killer." Your voice is clinical as you state all this.

    She makes herself smaller and smaller as you talk.

    "She doesn't stop to think about the consequences of what she does. She thinks she can get away with pretty much anything, and her experience has proven her correct. No doubt in great part due to her power. Up until now, that is. This can't last. If she keeps acting like that, she'll eventually do something she can't talk her way out of. Something you won't be able to undo."

    She's completely silent, and doesn't even seem to have noticed the waiter coming with her tea and your cake. You take a few sips and bites to give her enough time to compose herself. It doesn't seem to be working. It looks like she has a lot of experience worrying about this and blaming herself for not being able to do anything about it.

    "You probably tried to make her face her emotion. The one who would be hurt the most by the fallout of something like that would be Victoria herself, and you care about her. But she doesn't want to, she's very good at fooling herself into thinking she's always right and that there's never anything wrong with what she does. That they deserved it."

    And you hit home again! Using her reactions as a map of their past you continue this discussion disguised as a monologue. Each comment from you both to tell her something, and to ask her to fill in the blanks.

    "You thought that refusing to heal a wound that wasn't life-threatening could get her to realize what was going on. Would force your parents to recognize what is going on."

    Hmmm, let's take a shot in the dark. "Force them to recognize that something was wrong with their favorite daughter, for once."

    Bingo. Her bitterness and helplessness tells you all you need to know about that.

    "You actually tried to go ahead with it." Another sip of tea, and another bout of cold reading. "But she wouldn't let you. And she has you wrapped around her little finger, she always get what she wants from you. Always."

    She looks at you, and you might have gone too far because she looks borderline terrified. Nothing close to what she was when Tattletale was working on her, but it's still farther than you wanted to push her.

    "How can you know that?" She whispers at you.

    "Educated guesses based on some good sense of observation and knowledge of psychology. I won't say it's obvious, but once one actually take the time to pay attention to you, it's not that hard."

    "Really. Let me explain." You wait for her to relax and start paying attention to you, instead of her inner turmoil.

    "Come on, relax. I'm here to help you." This seems to grab her attention.

    "You seem to be worried about how I guessed all that. So let me guide you through the reasoning, OK?"

    She nods. Good.

    "So, first I'm going to address why no one told you any of that before. As I said it takes observation. Of both Victoria and you. And not many people do that, do they? Many see Panacea, the solution to their problems, and they don't even stop to think that there's a teenage girl named Amy Dallon behind that. Those who pay attention to Victoria almost never notice you. Your parents do, but they are very busy and too close to the situation. You don't really have any friends. In fact, the only person who really paid attention to Amy Dallon was Victoria, right?"

    Right. That would explain a few things.

    "And she's too close to see anything. She's especially blind to her own flaws. The greater the hero, the greater the chance they suffer from this problem." Not that you consider GG to be great by any definition of the word, but you won't say that to Amy's face. Not yet at least.

    "So there you have it. No one would have seen it, except for Tattletale and me." That surprises her, obviously.

    "Tattletale has a Thinker power, so she didn't need a lot of effort to see all that, and she did have ample motivation when you were holding her hostage. As for me ... after we met I eventually realized we are quite similar. So I started thinking about you. Which lead to this:"

    And now you get into the explanation proper. Now she is reassured that her secrets aren't open to the entire world she is calm enough to pay attention.

    "First there is Glory Girl's behavior on the video. This isn't new or exceptional for her. You don't particularly react to it, so it isn't new to you either. A quick look at GG's interviews show that she's a classic narcissist teenager archetype. Psychological archetypes aren't entirely accurate but they exist for a reason. Applying that to her willingness to hurt felons and lack of concern for collateral damage leads one to easily concludes that she's prone to abuses."

    You look straight at her for the next bit.

    "In fact, it is highly suspicious that nothing ever came out of her reckless behavior. Given that she obviously doesn't have the control to avoid those incidents, someone has been covering them up. Given your familiarity with this sort of excess, that would make you a prime suspect."

    Yes, the obvious guilt you were expecting.

    "Looking closely at the video of the negotiation, you were trying to curb her violent tendencies. To help her in spite of herself. But she didn't want to hear anything about it. Repeating this pattern to the usual situations lead to the picture I've drawn before."

    She can't help but nod. It is the time to strike to the heart of the matter.

    "And applying some more basic psychology to your personal situation as siblings lets me conclude that she probably has control over you. You couldn't have helped developing an obsession about her. Some sort of worship for her. Hell, if you were a boy you'd almost certainly be in love with her."


    "Keep it down, will you!"

    She looks around the place, afraid and ashamed. There are not a lot of people, but her disruption of the quiet atmosphere didn't go unnoticed. She fixes her gaze on the table and finally notice the tea. She takes a sip as she waits for the attention to die down.

    Finally, you resume talking, "As I said, it's just basic psychology. When you take into account the situation you and your sister were in, there's really no way it could turn out differently. I'm not saying she brainwashed you or that you're wrong for having the feelings you do or anything like that. But feelings aren't entirely random. If someone killed all your family, you wouldn't like them, for example. And the situation with your sister is similar, in that it was very strongly pushing you toward one direction."

    She seems decidedly uncomfortable. Unfortunately it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    "The human brain is still a mystery, but we did manage to discover more than a few things. So it's not entirely predictable but in the right situation it's possible to say how things are going to turn out. Those patterns are nothing new or esoteric either. You know the classic story of a couple going through terrible dangers, having no one else to rely but each other, and eventually falling in love?"

    She nods, of course. There are too many movies and books with that plot for her to have escaped it. "That's something real, and we roughly understand how it works. To put it simply, the human capability to care about others is sort of a limited resource. Not exactly, but it's a good analogy. And having only one person to rely on makes you put all of it on that one person, creating a very strong bond. You were isolated when you grew up, because of your power and family. Your parents were too busy to really take care of you and you were left with only Victoria to take care of you. Unless you grew out from under her, you would create a very strong bond. And I can see that you still care about her and defer to her."

    She relaxes a little bit. You almost feel bad for going through with the next part.

    "Then there's the Skinner Box."

    "What's that?"

    "It's an experiment that illustrated a very simple principle. Stick and carrot. If you repeatedly give positive feedback when someone does something, and negative feedback when they fail to do it, you condition them to repeat that action on their own. They'll end up naturally doing it without even thinking about it. And your sister's power is a very strong tool for that.
    "Every time you do something that she approves of, her aura makes you feel good about it. Any time you set yourself up as her enemy, that you stand up to her, her aura makes you wish you hadn't. And even if you have the mental ability to tell yourself it is only her power, your body doesn't."

    She is struck speechless.

    "I'm not saying she deliberately brainwashed her family, but since she can't turn it off that was inevitable. Any time your parents ignored you in favor of her, her power made them feel good about it, even if she didn't want them to. She can't help herself from being happy to be taken care of. Months of conditioning would significantly affect anyone's behavior, but years of daily treatment? There was no escaping it."

    She seems to be thinking back on a lot of things now. When she turns her attention to you, you continue before she can say anything.

    "And for you, given how much you relied on her and her natural charisma and tendency to take the lead, it would mean that she would become the most important person in your world by far, and that you'd end up unable to stand up to her. Simply put, a human that is raised with a sibling that has a strong personality and habit to take charge but doesn't have any other way of constructing herself will end up with a personality that has extreme difficulties in standing up to said sibling. A power that would have harshly punished any attempt at opposition for years would cement that into a certainty."

    "Then why are you giving me this video!"

    "Because you are trying to stand up to her. You are trying to help her in spite of herself. Humans are not machines, and we have free will. You can outgrow this in time. I have confidence that you'll get there, eventually. When you do, this video might help you convince Victoria she needs to change, and in the meantime it will help strengthen your resolve.
    Without anyone to come from the outside and help you break that pattern, it's going to be very difficult to do. But if you have some help? You can do it." This last sentence is pronounced with absolute confidence. After all it might take some magic to let Amy find her courage, but you can make sure it happens, no matter how difficult it is.

    "This relationship isn't healthy for either of you. By giving you this video, I can help the both of you move on to something that will be better for everyone in the end. I like helping people."

    She stays silent for a while, struggling to integrate what you told her. She seems to be horrified by the idea, but at the same time she wants to believe it.

    "I don't believe you. You are lying."

    You simply shrug. "You asked me a question, and I answered. If you don't believe me you can look up books on psychology. In fact I'll send you a batch of sources to look up. Specific chapters, articles, the works. You can judge by yourself. As I said there's nothing magic about it, it's just basic psychology."

    A simple combination of Lore and Investigation Excellencies isn't really magic, right? Yeah ... it's a good thing she doesn't have Judge's Ears Technique.

    She comes back with something else, "What you said about me being in love with her if I was a guy. That doesn't make sense."

    "No, I don't expect it does, I haven't explained to you how it works. Let's see ... the gist of it is that teenage crushes are a rather well known physiological phenomenon. I'm guessing that with your power you know that Nietzsche's 'the mind is nothing but a plaything of the body' is more accurate than most people want to admit."

    OK, that was a safe bet, but it's good that you won't have to convince her of yet another thing.

    "First, teenage crushes are very common, and there's not much one can do to prevent them. Also we roughly know how they are triggered. That's why those Boys Band are so reliable hits with the teenage girls despite an abysmal lack of talent. The producers know how to shape them up to trigger that reaction and have so many girls drool over them. And boys are not in any way less vulnerable to this.

    "And Glory Girl does have a lot of boys who crush on her. She hits most of the right spot to cause confused teenagers to fall in love with her. And you wouldn't be hit by the 'Cape Glamour' part, but the aura is huge here. Huge. Crushes are almost entirely physical reactions to emotions, totally irrational, and her power creates raw emotion. Any time your teenage boy body would be exposed to her aura, it would be receiving the message that Victoria is the greatest girl there is, any any other affection you might be building up would be shoved to the back.

    "When your body going through puberty would be looking for the ideal partner, Victoria would be there. No one could appear better than her. And you wouldn't have the pheromone incompatibility causing you to dismiss your sister as a sexual partner, since you two aren't related by blood."

    She almost shouts again, but she's getting the hang of it. She let out the lungful of breath she had reflexively drawn in, and hisses, "What are you talking about?"

    She's clearly on the defensive.

    "I'm talking about the process that select teenage crush when one goes through puberty, I thought that was obvious."

    "I meant about me not being related by blood to Victoria!"

    "Well, I'm talking about it because that's relevant. There's a number of markers that tend to make closely related people reject each others as sexual partners, the fact you don't have them is an important factor."

    "Where did you get the idea we aren't part of the same family?!"

    "You are part of the same family. You were raised together and you both consider each other sisters. That's what matters. I'm saying you don't have the same biological parents. And for how I got that idea? I thought that was obvious, what with your powers having no relationship to anyone else in New Wave."

    A pause.

    "You do know that Second Gen capes have powers related to the predecessors, right? Sometime the connection isn't obvious, but with a sample size as large as New Wave, it's rather easy to see you don't fit the pattern. They have power over forcefields and energy, you ... don't."

    "It is pretty much obvious to everyone that you are the child of another Cape, given that you're a second gen Cape that doesn't match them. So probably the daughter of some hero who fell in battle long ago and left you an orphan."


    "Well, yeah. As with everything I've said before it's another educated guess, but that's clearly the scenario that makes the most sense."

    You finish your shortcake, and suddenly say with a cheery voice.

    "Enough with the heavy stuff! I brought you in this nice place so that we could have a good time and enjoy the delicacies!"

    "Are you for real?"

    "Of course I'm for real! And I really think you need to sit back and relax. If you worry too much you are going to snap, eventually. Stressing about what I told you isn't going to help. For now take a couple hour to enjoy yourself and leave all that stuff behind. You'll be much more prepared to take care of it when you get back to it."

    She doesn't really seem to be inclined to follow your advice on this. You sigh, and fiddle with the phone you gave her for a bit. Then you suddenly get up and lean forward, your forehead nearly touching hers. She yelps in surprise and you put the earbuds into place, letting the soothing music flood her.

    You call another waiter, and gesture toward her cup of tea, which is still more than half full. "If you want to worry about it, you can do it while listening to music and sampling the goods. I bought you this tea so it'd be rude to let it grow cold. And you're going to ask for something to eat to go along with it, thinking takes sugar.

    Not finding an argument against it, she complies. Perfect, your master plan is going along smoothly, you have to make an effort to stop yourself from stroking your hands together while smirking victoriously. Oh yes, soon you will turn Amy Dallon into a well-balanced and happy person, and you'll have another friend to spend a fulfilling life with.


    "Well, personally I'm more strawberry than banana. Although I am going through a 'chocolate' phase right now. And what about colors? What's your favorite? Do you have a lucky color?"

    She frowns, which is the first time she is showing displeasure since you coaxed her out of her funk and got her to tell you more about herself.

    "You keep asking questions about me, what's your game here."

    "I thought that was the sort of things friends did. I have to get to know you better if I want to become a good friend for you."

    "Wait, friend? Where does that come from?"

    "I need friends, I don't like being lonely and not having anyone that I matter to, that I can trust. I like you. I think you could use a friend. So here I am, trying to be your friend. It's all pretty straightforward."

    "You said before that we had met before. Did I heal you? Or someone close to you? Is that what this is about?"

    You can't help but laugh at this. "No, no you didn't heal me or anyone close to me. You weren't very helpful. In fact I'd say you were more confrontational than anything else. You can be a real bitch when you don't like someone."

    That surprises her, definitely not what she was expecting to hear. She starts thinking hard.

    "I don't believe it, I wouldn't have forgotten someone as p–", she stops herself. Then she concludes sullenly, "Well, you have a memorable face, I'd have remembered it."

    "Don't focus on the face, you didn't get to see it."

    She wasn't expecting that either. She thinks for a while, and then something hit her: "You said 'the face', not 'the body'! You're a Cape, and we met in costume."

    You smile warmly at her success "Yes, that's it." Then you encourage her, "Come on, you can do it."

    She thinks hard, going over various Capes in her memory. Then suddenly she freezes. As she stares at you her eyes go wide and her face gets paler. She recoils against the back of her chair, dragging it a couple inches away from the table.

    She whispers one word, "Firefly."

    You answer merrily "In the flesh!" Then you chuckle and tell her, "You can stop that, I'm not going to eat you up."

    She blushes, no doubt ashamed of her childish display of fear.

    She whispers urgently, "You. Are. A. Supervillain."

    "That is a label that I've been given, yes. And a role I'm fulfilling in Brockton Bay."

    "Supervillains don't help people!"

    "Of course they do. A number of them don't, and most of them only help a handful of persons -family, friends, their neighborhood, stuff like that- , but there's no rule against supervillains doing some good."

    "That's ridiculous!" She's no longer whispering now ...

    You put your hand on hers, and hush her up. She doesn't really relax, but you get the feeling she won't have another outburst. So you start explaining the cops and robbers game, and more importantly what good you do for Brockton Bay as Firefly.


    "You are crazy."

    "I think that it is more important to help people than it is to do what the establishment tells us to do. In the end, I want to look at what I've done and see that I've helped Brockton Bay become a better place. And I can stop villains from hurting innocents just fine as a supervillain. Everyone knows supervillains fight each others all the time. The only real difference between the two sides of the fence is that heroes have to ostensibly obey the law and they are expected to help. Villains are free to follow or ignore the law, and they are also free to help if they decide to. Like all those villains giving their lives to fight off the Endbringers."

    That shuts her up.

    "Are they less heroic when they make the ultimate sacrifice despite no one asking or expecting them to? Have you wondered how many Capes are heroes only because it is an easier jig than dodging the law? Just look at all those who don't go help against S-class threats, and the fact that the Protectorate had to make a rule that the local heroes were obligated to help. If they were all truly heroic at heart, they wouldn't need that rule."

    You finish with this, "And long ago it has been decided that all the Undersiders would help in case of a S-class threat. We're not selfish self-serving assholes who just do whatever they want. We care about Brockton Bay. But there's more than one way to live your life."

    You cross your arms across your chest and stare into her eyes for a long moment, eventually you tell her, "Now I have one question for you: is your tea still hot, or do I have to ask for a new cup?"

    Thankfully, no tea was wasted that day.


    After describing your isolation, in broad terms and being careful to avoid specifics, and how the Undersiders welcomed you, you tell her what they did for you. How they were the first to ever really care about you outside your family, how they helped you and are nice people behind their gruff exterior. But even if none of them want to hurt others (even if for Rachel it's more of a matter wanting to be left alone), you are more strongly opposed to it than they are.

    So even if you finally have some people you feel close to, you were longing for a friend that would not be in such a violent business. Someone you could use as an anchor into morality, and who is closer to you on the altruistic side than they are.

    In the end, you think you managed to get through to her. Eventually it is time for you to leave because the store is going to close. You point toward the phone you gave her and tell her it has your number, that she can use it to call you and set up another date.

    "You are still a criminal."

    "That doesn't make it a crime to hang out with me as long as you don't help me do anything illegal."

    "I'm going to set a trap for you. The next time you come we're going to arrest you."

    "Do whatever you feel is best. If you call me and ask me to come, I will. I trust that you won't lie to me and lead me into a trap."

    "How can you do that!?"

    "You're smart. You can see this won't hurt anyone, so it can't be a bad thing. More importantly, you are a good person. So I trust you."

    As you leave, you don't hear her muttering "I'm really not."


    As you get back home, you juggle your five cellphones. The one the Undersiders gave you, the one for Amy to contact you, the one you use as Mr. Jones, the one you keep unused in case you urgently need a clean one, and finally the last one. Taylor Hebert's phone.

    You showed it to your father, and gave him the number. That way he'll be able to contact you if he ever starts to worry. You told him you'd keep it shut down almost all the time, so that it wouldn't risk distracting you at a bad time. That you'd check it every couple hours or so. That seemed to assuage his worries about it, and will ensure he doesn't panic every time you take the time to make sure no one can listen to you.

    You first used that phone to tell your father of when you were going to come back home, and then warn him you were going to be a bit late because of a detour to see Lisa. You wanted to give her the recording of the talk with Dragon as soon as possible. You also explained to her why you didn't want to call her anywhere or anytime close to said discussion, and that you'd have wanted to talk with her tonight but the appointment with Amy combined with Dragon's unexpected call made it impossible. She didn't seem to mind and wished you a good night.

    You can tell her tomorrow, along with Mary-Ann. You're happy that she spent the day at the loft, playing with Alec and Grue. You asked them for a week before telling them, but if she's away all day working for you for that entire week, it won't help at all.

    You do a little debrief with the voices in your head (God, that's still weirding you out), and then go to bed. You are going to have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. Again.


    As you go through your morning routine and cook breakfast, you go over what you can do today. There's the talk with Tattletale about Ladybug, of course. But speaking of things you delayed from yesterday there's also the ABB. You might want to move on that pretty fast.

    But there's also something you want to do today. That offer from Dragon is very alluring. You could spend your day doing heroic things to help the world, and grow closer to her as you do so while improving your image as a hero worthy of the PRT. And that would help a lot handling the Simurgh, since you can probably convince Dragon to pitch in. That's two major projects and a number of side benefits. And it would be really easy to continue working on your magical internet access idea while you do so. Or you could make it a marathon session and push yourself, resuming your training for endurance. Or maybe, you could focus on your interactions with Dragon, and finally learn that silver tongue Charm you've been wanting for a while.

    You're pretty sure that's a good thing to do. On the other hand, that could wait until tomorrow. Maybe. That deadline with the Simurgh is drawing closer. You wonder how many days are left according to Zeph's count as you watch the rising sun, but then dismiss that line of thought. There's no way she can predict that sort of thing with that much accuracy.
    2. Deviations in Hong Kong and Gallarate reaching critical levels.
    You go back to thinking about what you could be doing. There's training of course. You still haven't mastered the counterattack trick, and you might want to learn that skill to stop ninjas from stabbing you in the back. Or snipers from blowing your head off. You shiver despite the warm red sun bating you in the dawn light.
    Locating source now maximum priority.
    Well, sunlight is all well and good but the air is a bit fresh. Back to the kitchen! Those double-chocolate cookies won't bake themselves. Or maybe you could make them bake themselves with the right Charm. You start thinking about how to induce that type of self-sustaining motonic pattern on your way there.

    Then there are a few things you've been meaning to do for a while, like testing out of school and investing your money. With Dragon looking over your shoulder, you don't think moving your money is a priority, and testing out can wait another few days. You have enough on your plate right now.

    But then, there's your costume. You really should go ahead and finally add a real helmet so that you'd be able to survive a headshot. Running around in an unfinished costume isn't smart. On the other hand, your costume would be so much better with darwin bark spider silk ... And you've discussed an idea to get just that yesterday evening. You could buy one with your newly acquired funds, and then when it gets here reinforce it before it can die from the climate. You won't even need to inject as much power as you did with Mary-Ann, or make it fully sapient. And you might get even better silk out of it!

    Another way to go about it would be to set up a place, a lair of your own. And then get some high-end terrarium with environmental control, before shipping a large amount of them. Even getting all the black widow spiders you could get your hands on in Brockton Bay together, it took them a long time to spin enough silk for your costume. You don't even want to think about how long it'd take a mere handful of spiders.

    The first option would be fast and cheap, and it might give you better silk. The quantity, however, you are not sure. How much silk can your magical bullshit get you? You'll have to test it. The second option would be costlier and take more time and efforts to set up, and would leave you with a logistic liability, but it wouldn't cost you precious soul-stuff.

    Decisions decisions...

    You take the cookies out of the oven just as the bacon finishes cooking, and bring everything to the table. You can decide while you eat.

    And as you watch your father enjoy the fruit of your labor, another idea you've discussed yesterday comes back to you. If you focus on learning the Presence Excellency, you might learn it long before the day is over, and then be ready to go to the ABB hideout. On the other hand, you could go there even earlier armed with only Tattletale's information and your awesome powers fully charged. You shouldn't need that Charm for a first contact.

    Thinking about all you have to do, you decide that you are feeling full of energy today. You could get 12 hours of work in, no problem.
    [ ] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.
    [ ] Regular work day. Spending time with friends is important too!


    [ ] Dragon combo!
    -- [ ] learning God-Mind Algorithms
    -- [ ] learning Presence Excellency
    -- [ ] training Resistance
    [ ] Training for battle
    -- [ ] Solar Counterattack
    -- [ ] Reflexive Sidestep Technique
    [ ] Presence Excellency training, then visit to the ABB headquarter
    [ ] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    -- [ ] Visit to the ABB heaquarters
    -- [ ] The Dinah Problem
    -- [ ] Turning the Undersiders into a force for good, Vigilantes can make money too!
    -- [ ] Socializing: <insert person here>
    -- [ ] Costume and equipment
    -- [ ] Investing money wisely and discreetly
    -- [ ] Testing out of school?

    Better spider silk:

    [ ] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.
    [ ] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead

    If a long work day is voted, and you do not decide to handle ABB as the main action, do you want to use the additional time to do it before going to work for the day:

    [ ] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    [ ] Caution is a parent of safety, no going there before more preparations get done.
  8. Sojiko

    Sojiko Smiling Witch

    Can you believe that the Dragon part took me more time than the Amy part? Blarg.

    On another note, I started writing before 5 p.m. and it is now way past 4 a.m. so I am going go the fuck to sleep now. And here I was promising myself I wouldn't stay up late today ...
    No comment on the vote, I'll do something once I'm awake.

    I sure hope you enjoy this.
  9. Xexilf

    Xexilf Solidarity

    Difficult decision. Not doing anything could mean she dosent see us. or it could mean that she isnt sufficently led away from BB.

    If we go with no further interference, we should minimize disrupting fate here, aka no big stuff.
  10. Evillevi

    Evillevi Ba dump

    Based on this my opinion is to flat out not take Dragon's offer until some time has passed. Active interference would be a fast way of being caught

    Votes for me are
    [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.
    >>> Need to deal with the ABB

    [X] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    >>>We have a full mote pool. Getting teh excellency is overkill for now
    [X] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    --[X] Socializing: Lisa
    ---[X] Stunt: Talk to her about Dragon and Mary Ann
    --[X] Costume and equipment
    >>> Paranoia is a problem for me and better equipment is something that sates it

    [X] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.​
    [X] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead​
  11. Evillevi

    Evillevi Ba dump

    Also can't edit because of lag but the addendum is that we should avoid using our essence/mote* that screws over the future. So I'm a little woried about anything which cannot be solved with enough essence/motes.

    Ps: Handling Abb now is the only way we can limit future mote used since it would minimise the inevitable gang war

    *I don't know the proper term
  12. DeAnno

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    Reposted from other thread...

    [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.

    We had a pretty fun time talking to Panacea yesterday, and Alec and Ladybug on ABB day, and a lot of stuff really needs to get done *right now*. I want to socialize tommorow if we do this though, no need to become a complete workaholic.

    [X] Dragon combo!
    -- [ ] learning God-Mind Algorithms
    -- [ ] learning Presence Excellency
    -- [X] training Resistance

    I like this because more and more it seems that we are constantly busy with our everything, and TST is looking more and more attractive. Especially if we are going to be managing multiple groups of friends/minions and personalities there are just not enough hours in the day.

    The Simurgh looks like she is confused a little (probably by spending motes on Dragon), so I would like to confuse her some more while we're at it, and not draw her back to BB with mote expenditure only here just before the impending event.

    Lastly, our focused time with Panacea went very well and spending similar time with Dragon can hopefully reap some good results too.

    [X] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.

    EDIT: Changed my mind on this, since it seems we'll get way more spiders later as well. 3 XP is pretty cheap for a large amount of the best silk quickly.

    [X] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    - [X] Try to recover the loot in Bakuda's lab

    We've left this hanging long enough, and are full of motes and energy from a relaxing sleep. Oni Lee is a braindead joke, even if he's in the way he's no real obstacle to be afraid of. Plus if we act fast we may get access to Bakuda's materials, and could use them with the large scale silk production to create costumes.

    I'd have liked to do the talk with Tattletale last night, but it is already late now and she hasn't called us on it, so bleh. If she does call us on it I want to definitely take time to explain it though.

    Edit: in case other options win:

    -- [X] Solar Counterattack
    -- [X] Visit to the ABB heaquarters
    -- [X] Socializing: Lisa
  13. we should really look into simplifying our cell phones some how. A custom hardware and software build perhaps?
  14. [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.

    [X] Dragon combo!
    -- [X] training Resistance

    [X] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.​
    -- [X] Preferably female. Or a mating pair.​

    [X] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    -- [X] Try to recover the loot in Bakuda's lab​
  15. Alectai

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    Simurgh's getting pissed, we really can't afford to slack off on the disruptions at this point.
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  16. Evillevi

    Evillevi Ba dump

    First of I think that there is a problem in the question of

    WILL Essence/Motes use make it easier for Sigmugh to track?

    I personally think that yes it will because even if we don't interact just using motes will change our personal future. This alone is a big sign that we are in BB.

    At this point my idea is that we shuold go full out interference and pray we blind Sigmugh, (Unlikely since she can Post cog Dragon), or law low for a day or two.

    PS: Going to edit my vote since we have no real reason to get the ABB. when the lags done at any rate
  17. wingnut2292

    wingnut2292 Happiness is a choice; one chooses to be happy.

    .... I hate lag.
  18. If we use Dragon a second time to influence Simiurgh it might be her Ziz goes after... thats almost worse then it going after us.
  19. EVA-Saiyajin

    EVA-Saiyajin Seeker of Enlightenment and Endless Entertainment

    Man, Solars are just made of hax.
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  20. Hester

    Hester mouse

    Thinking about all you have to do, you decide that you are feeling full of energy today. You could get 12 hours of work in, no problem.
    [X] Regular work day. Spending time with friends is important too!

    [X] Presence Excellency training, then visit to the ABB headquarter

    If we go with any of the other options:
    [ ] Dragon combo!
    -- [X] learning God-Mind Algorithms

    [ ] Training for battle
    -- [X] Reflexive Sidestep Technique

    [ ] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    -- [X] The Dinah Problem
    -- [X] Costume and equipment

    Better spider silk:
    [X] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead
  21. Daemir Silverstreak

    Daemir Silverstreak Master Slacksmith

    [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.

    [X] Training for battle
    -- [x] Reflexive Sidestep Technique Because nothing instills additional awe in minions like dodging without seeing the attack. Usful AND intimidating without wasting short mortal lives.

    [X] Dragon combo!
    -- [x] learning Presence Excellency. Your future subjects can't be allowed to not pay attention to you after all.

    [X] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    -- [x] Costume and equipment
    -- [x] Visit to the ABB headquarters. Leaving your the future minions alone too long is a bad move. You have already instilled a proper sense of awe into them, now for discipline, loyalty AND SCIENCE!
    ---[Stunt] Remove Bakuda's bombs for additional loyality, laying the groundwork for future cult.

    Free Action: Better spider silk: Look into high-end terrariums. Lovely SCIENCE (Craft: Genesis) will allow You to Breed BETTER SPIDERS FOR BETTER SILK!

    Twilight caste must do more Twilight-y Things.
  22. Flipnash

    Flipnash Not today.

    I had this amusing thought of creating a charm that causes computer monitors to pop out of no where and fly at the target at high speeds every time the user points at the target and yells "HAAAAAX!" at the top of their lungs.
  23. [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.
    [ ] Regular work day. Spending time with friends is important too!


    [ ] Dragon combo!
    -- [ ] learning God-Mind Algorithms
    -- [ ] learning Presence Excellency
    -- [ ] training Resistance
    [ ] Training for battle
    -- [ ] Solar Counterattack
    -- [ ] Reflexive Sidestep Technique
    [ ] Presence Excellency training, then visit to the ABB headquarter
    [X] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    -- [ ] Visit to the ABB heaquarters
    -- [ ] The Dinah Problem
    -- [ ] Turning the Undersiders into a force for good, Vigilantes can make money too!
    -- [ ] Socializing: <insert person here>
    -- [X] Costume and equipment
    -- [ ] Investing money wisely and discreetly
    -- [X] Testing out of school?

    Better spider silk:

    [X] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.
    [ ] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead

    If a long work day is voted, and you do not decide to handle ABB as the main action, do you want to use the additional time to do it before going to work for the day:

    [X] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    [ ] Caution is a parent of safety, no going there before more preparations get done.


    I have no idea how the 'Today' section works.
  24. Flipnash

    Flipnash Not today.

    I'm not worried about the simurgh finding us through our active use of essence on the interwebs.
    We spend essence all the time. The alternative is never spending essence at all.
    Thinking about all you have to do, you decide that you are feeling full of energy today. You could get 12 hours of work in, no problem.

    [X] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.

    We started the charm, might as well finish it off so we can actually use it while we train others....The ABB should be next...Kind of wish we could get that bullet proof helmet. If someone makes a good argument not to vote for heading to the ABB headquarters I might change my vote.

    [X] Dragon combo!
    -- [X] learning God-Mind Algorithms
    [X] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    Better spider silk:
    [X] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead
  25. RCa


    For those not sure how to vote, select one of each colour (except where it says to choose two). Copy and paste and put an X inside the box of your choice.

    Do not add anything else to the line: if you want to specify or stunt something not here, put a - [X] (just one dash) on the next line and type it there.

    Once you're done, select it all and hit the 'remove formatting' button at the top-left to ensure there's no weird indentations or whatever to screw up the vote counter.

    Thinking about all you have to do, you decide that you are feeling full of energy today. You could get 12 hours of work in, no problem.
    [ ] Long work day, can't get anything done on top of training/Dragon without it.
    [ ] Regular work day. Spending time with friends is important too!

    [ ] Dragon combo!
    -- [ ] learning God-Mind Algorithms
    -- [ ] learning Presence Excellency
    -- [ ] training Resistance
    [ ] Training for battle
    -- [ ] Solar Counterattack
    -- [ ] Reflexive Sidestep Technique
    [ ] Presence Excellency training, then visit to the ABB headquarter
    [ ] Getting stuff done (choose two)
    -- [ ] Visit to the ABB heaquarters
    -- [ ] The Dinah Problem
    -- [ ] Turning the Undersiders into a force for good, Vigilantes can make money too!
    -- [ ] Socializing: <insert person here>
    -- [ ] Costume and equipment
    -- [ ] Investing money wisely and discreetly
    -- [ ] Testing out of school?

    Better spider silk:
    [ ] Free Action: See about importing a Darwin bark spider from Madagascar.
    [ ] Free Action: Look into high-end terrariums instead

    If a long work day is voted, and you do not decide to handle ABB as the main action, do you want to use the additional time to do it before going to work for the day:
    [ ] The early bird gets the worm, go for the ABB this morning.
    [ ] Caution is a parent of safety, no going there before more preparations get done.