Cookie Clicker!

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  1. Darkally

    Darkally Dost thou desire to construct an ice person?

    88 tn in bank
    309 tn all time
    2.8bn cps

    haven't started the grandmapocalypse yet
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  3. Guderian2nd

    Guderian2nd Your (Current) Emperor Moderator

    So, after seriously abusing the cheats, I got all the achievements and upgrades, without using the Game.RuinTheFun(); cheat.

    Around 8~9 hours of total playtime.

    All the upgrades(Pre-reset):

    All achievements(Post-rest, got the "noclick" ones via automatic golden cookie click + instant gold cookie regen cheat, and then waited for around an hour):

    Stats by the end of the game:
  4. Vehrec

    Vehrec HAB Mecha-Hater you won the game by infinitely respawning golden cookies and having a script that automatically clicks them?
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  5. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    Seems that way. Ah, cheating...
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  6. Darkally

    Darkally Dost thou desire to construct an ice person?

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  7. Speckled Burd

    Speckled Burd Free Falling

    Why did I start playing this.

    Why am I still playing this?
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  8. Free!



    No more will I click a cookie. No more will the grandma stare at me with eyes made of the dark hearts of stars. No more will cookie dough infest the universe.

    I am done. And nothing can take me back.
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  9. Guderian2nd

    Guderian2nd Your (Current) Emperor Moderator

  10. That's what they all say...
  11. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

  12. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar?

    You goddamn maniacs.

    Yes, that is a Cookie Clicker figure from one of the foremost figure makers in Japan.
  13. Guderian2nd

    Guderian2nd Your (Current) Emperor Moderator

    I, for one, welcome our new cookie(grandma) overlords.

    Oh, and since Cookie Clicker has now conquered Japan the only place left would be Africa and Europe. Quick! European SB members! Spread the Gospels of the Cookie!!
  14. Alectai

    Alectai Mercenary Captain

    Just wait until Dungeons are implemented.

    Because apparently Girl Guides fighting eldritch abominations will make Cookie Clicker even more horrific.

    (One of the poor things has some terrible markings on her face as the result of a "Cooking Related Accident" in her youth :( )
  15. That's one really buff grandma.
  16. Sir Bill

    Sir Bill Situation... Not Quite Normal

    Hah! The computer that I first started playing Cookie Clicker is weak, and I started playing it on Internet Explorer!

    I'm not sure which, but one of those qualities made it so that the game froze and reset frequently, losing progress. I swiftly grew frustrated with the game and quit, even before I became aware of its full addictive qualities.

  17. Been there and freed myself after only a few measly million cookies per second
  18. CuriousStranger

    CuriousStranger WRITE ANYTHING

  19. 100thlurker

    100thlurker Outlander Magistrate and Enemy of the Lie

  20. vel10

    vel10 Seriously?

    Apparently they are adding a ton of dungeons, each of a totally different style, to each of the various methods of making cookies.
  21. So do the Cthulhu Grandmas actually do anything other than fuck up the background and create "creepy" news reports?
  22. Red cookies that show up like gold ones but have negative effects.
  23. Aiyel

    Aiyel Space Communist

    ....aka and one REALLY amazingly powerful effect. Rather than a 7x multiplier for a minute or two, you get 666x if I remember right, for a few seconds. Oh, and a base multiplier of 5% to your cps.

    EDIT: giving the computer a rest today, but currently my cps is about a billion and a half, I have earned about 8-10 heavenly chips, and am planning a soft reset as soon a s I finish the tech tree. I figure by that time ( which should be about three days from now with the amount of time I can actively be monitoring my cookie production ) I should have about a 50-75% global boost from chips. Maybe even 100, if my production scales higher than I'm anticipating, which is possible as many facility number achievements as I'm getting close to.

    And, with that level of boost plus the boost level I'll be getting from achievements as soon a s I get my first cat, should mean my next play through will accomplish what I've done over about a week will take a couple of days. My next play through goal before reset is 2 trillion cps, barring major. Update.
  24. As of right now, the apperance of Red Cookies (Orteil calls them "Wrath Cookies") as they get more angry.

    Though Orteil did say he was thinking of an update for the Grandmapocalypse around Halloween...
  25. SotF

    SotF Apocalypse How

    And there's now a mod to add the grandmapocalypse in skyrim...