Cost of US Carrier Battle Group

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    First, Approximately how much would it cost to build a normal US Carrier Battle Group?
    Second, Approximately how much would it cost per year to operate a US Carrier Battle Group?
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    According to a Time magazine article (April 25, 2011 issue) a US aircraft carrier, like the Gerald R. Ford that currently is being build, costs around 15 billion $.

    No mention of operating costs, but certainly in the high millions (after all around 5000 crew members + spare parts + jet fuel + food etc. need to be paid for).

    The page linked below gives a yearly operating cost for the Nimitz as ~$160,000,000
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    The reason why is because I am comparing it to something else in the US Budget (although might be partially state as well) at 42 billion dollars.
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  5. 15 billion $, air wings and weapons included or not?
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    Some sources claim 6.2 billion for a newer Nimitz class, as it's about 3/4 billion for its air wing it's more than possible that's the cost of the carrier when fully stocked.
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    The article doesn't say, so your guess is as good as mine (I guess they mean complete with weapons and air wings).
  8. Then you have to factor in the escorts. A sub, couple of cruisers, 2-3 destroyers, a few frigates for good measure, throw in a supply ship to round it off. Then you have to arm all those ships. Missiles don't come cheap.
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    after reading that article i'm still puzzled how the hell the price went up ~200% from a nimitz to ford class.
  10. Isn't a little bigger and incorporating more advanced tech like the EMALS?
  11. Desert Fox

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    New reactors as well
  12. Inflation?
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    Very likely the Ford's price includes development costs. If a second carrier of the class is built, it should be significantly less than the prototype. Otherwise they're significantly reducing crew size, making its operational costs much less than its predecessors.

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    Well given that the average carrier is going to be around for at least 50 years of fleet service. They more than pay for themselves by the second decade.;)
  15. The normal force of a carrier strike group includes a carrier, the embarked airwing, one Ticonderoga cruiser, two or three destroyers, and occasionally a submarine.

    Normally from what I understand the carrier strike group concept of the past decade has been to allow the composition of the strike group to change or be modified as needed by the O-7 in charge of the strike group, depending on the mission.
  16. My quick estimate of the price of a carrier strike group.
    If we assume that the carrier is the mentioned 15B two cruisers at the price of a type 45 10B two destroyers at the price of 3.5B each (Arleigh Burke cost 1.1+.778B in 1988 adjusted for inflation) and a single Virginia class for 1.8B totals 43.8B without including the aircraft and only weapon systems for the AB.
    If you add 75 superbugs it bumps the price by another 4.4B and an equivalent number of F-35Cs would cost another 10.5Bill.
    Including weapons I'd expect it to be around 50-60B low end.
  17. And when the alien space bats invade we'll thank God, and democracy, that the money was spent.
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    But only if they invade coastal regions. :p
  19. Yeah you've overlooked a major detail.

    A Standard carrier air wing has around 70+ aircraft, but only 48 of them would be Super Bugs or later on the F-35.

    A Standard CVW usually has four strike fighter squadrons, each having 12 aircraft.

    As previously mentioned, normally a carrier only has a single cruiser with it.
  20. I took the number of fighters based on the planned number of aircraft for the ford class and used that as a base line. Those AEW etc planes aren't excactly cheap either.
    And I used the composition in the link.
    It also lacks supply ships etc and most of the weapon systems you'd use on the ships and fighters.
    It's not excact, but a pretty good estimate.
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    Yeah I misread the OP, nm.
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    That looks entirely too much like The EMAILS. I think I spend too much time dealing with the elderly in retail electronics...