Could Obamacare be in deep shit?

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    Of course, this all assumes the sources are reliable, given that this comes from the Daily Mail:
    You know what would immediately clear the air here? The government actually providing numbers.
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  2. Holy Wall of Text, Batman!

    The thing is, even if it is as bad as the article says (unlikely), most media attention is currently on the shutdown and they have time to fix it quietly. Thank the Tea Party!

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  3. That is of course the ultimate irony in this whole fiasco. If the Tea Party had not badly overplayed their hand by shutting down the government and threatening default the bill that was set to pass had spending levels very much in line with what Republicans want and we'd be hearing around the clock bad the Obamacare exchanges are performing, etc.
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    They predicted ahead of time that the biggest implementation issues would likely be IT related. I think that the distraction caused by the shutdown is not only taking focus away from it by the public, but to counterbalance that, the focus on the shutdown is probably distracting attention from fixing the problems it's having.

    That said, through all this, through it not even working for it is on the rise...

    So to answer your title question in a word: No.
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    What we know so far, it depends on which state, and which measure you use, hits, unique visitors, phone calls fielded, accounts created, applications filed, successful enrollments. While the ultimate goal is successful enrollments, lesser measures indicate people likely to enroll in the future, when the website is less glitchy, they've had more time to think on options, those that already enrolled start touting its benefits, and the deadlines start approaching. For example, in DC, by the end of the first day, 3,356 people had created accounts, 398 actually completed applications, and 4 completely enrolled in coverage, though that set of figures is itself out of date at this point, if it ever was really.

    Here is one guy's attempt to compile some early figures:
    The results vary wildly, and that assumes the figures on states that are included are remotely accurate. However overall they seem to indicate that the Daily Mail article is full of shit or massively misinterpreting the figures, a case I suspect is also true for the "1 out of every 100 applications is filed successfully" figure I've seen bouncing around.

    While its possible that in the first week only 51,000 people have successfully enrolled, ie completed all the steps, up to and including paying the premium, such a figure, if true, would still be very misleading as to the broader picture. New York alone managed to get 40,000 applications started in the first four days.
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    I would say it's in the woods, as in "not out of them yet." If the website can be made to work soon enough, I think Obamacare will probably be fairly successful in the medium/long run.
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    normally right now with the early problems obamacare would have to have some reforms now with the shut down people are going to support it out of spite. Tea party folks really F'ed them selves over.
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    I've heard that because of ACA the fine (or tax as they said) someone had to pay went up from 300 to 1200 dollars and that North Carolina is getting hit hard by it. Could this be because of improper application of ACA?
  9. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    Exceptions to the individual mandate include if are uninsured for less than 3 months, or the lowest cost plan available exceeds 8% of income, or your household has less than 9,350(individual) or 18,700(family) income. Penalty is the greater of either 695 a year, or a % of your income, which is phased up to 2.5% by 2016, which in effect means you need to have 27k+ income at minimum to be paying more than the 695 rate. Fine can't exceed a bronze plan premium though. In any case the fine is not supposed to be an issue till at least March, possibly longer. I'm not sure I understand your "because of the ACA, the fine went up" statement, there was no fine before ACA, the ACA set the fine, there is no part where the fine goes up, unless you happen to have a large income. Do you have a link?
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    It was said by a friend of mine (who is libertarian but not follower of Ron Paul-ism), someone he knows is paying a lot more for their plan now that ACA is around. I suspect that the person's plan is being deliberately raised because the other insurances are tryign to squeeze every last dollar out of their customers before being replaced but my friend blames ACA.
  11. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    Employer health insurance should not be affected much by Obamacare, especially since the mandate isn't in effect for another year. There are few requirements and regulations being added, but unless your company has plenty of very sick people that they were refusing to cover, it shouldn't drive up prices like that.

    In any case, person your friend knows should look into the exchanges, and see if they have a cheaper plan. BTW did you mean 300 and 1200 per month, or per year? Because if its the former, the new exchanges can offer cheaper plans than that easily.
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    It was per month.
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    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

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    What's the difference between Alamance and Alleghany that lets people in Alamance get Gold coverage for less than the Alleghany residents pay for Bronze?
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    Probably factors like local hospitals costs, age of population, demographics, etc.
    Those and all the other things an actuary takes into account.

    Keep in mind, these prices are not set by the exchange, but by what the insurance company is willing to bid.
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    Major Insurance providers in that area
  17. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    While what Dracul says is also true to some extent, the big thing is what Sucal said. Obamacare is, for the first time ever, creating a truly competitive market for health insurance. This benefits regions with more and bigger health insurance companies over those with fewer and smaller ones.