Cyberman (Nightmare in Silver) vs. All Previous Cybermen

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  1. Disagreeable

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    A Nightmare in Silver Cyberman is put in a room with all previous Cyberman models, all of which want to destroy it.
    Can it defeat them all?
  2. Shadow Archon

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    It hacks them and becomes a Cyber Controller. :p
  3. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    Now I want to write a fanfic about this...
  4. Carrnage

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    it throws a handful of cyber-mites and converts them.
  5. Concept Lord

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    It powerwalks at lightspeed and decapitates all the Cybermen before they can even metaphorically blink.
  6. Disagreeable

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    So, it's this all over again?
  7. mackon

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    Yeah I think it can. Before Nightmare in Silver Cyberman were pretty much mooks. Sure they could make a mess in small measure, nasty against a single town or city or even a planet if there are enough of them but they never really made it to the big time. The only time they tried they got smacked down so hard they were reduced to a bunch of refugees hiding out in the dank corners.

    Silver Cybermen are whole different animals, maybe not up there with Daleks or even Sontarans but still a real viable threat on the galactic scale.
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  8. The Imperator

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    Old Cybermen could planet bust, they just couldn't get enough numbers to become viable, so they had to be Space!Al Qaeda ;) So they were a big threat, as long as their fleet equaled the fleet of their opponents.
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  9. some cybermen could use a cybermen bomb and wait to the new ones come and expolde blow up the planet. Cyber wars cyber man fought in a different galaxy and must be intergalatic they could teleport a cyberbomb down to a planet.
  10. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    They're all stuck in a room together in this scenario.
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  11. the original cybermen have a dalek style death ray bulit in to the chest of a cyberman.
  12. Disagreeable

    Disagreeable Enraged Antimatter God

    I don't see the resemblance.
  13. original cbyermen were only weak to gold. if they death ray works like the daleks. we saw cybermen get hit so the new supercybermen would die.
  14. Deadly snark


    Not really, SuperCybermen are probably already immune to the death rays on the Old Cybermen.
  15. but they got taken down with a laser how can they be immune. Mondus cybermen are not telos cybermen

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  16. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Solidarity

    That was a weapon designed to kill Cybermen. The las-guns that the troops had normally didn't do anything, and even then, that Anti-Cyberman gun was eventually adapted too.
  17. Dalek death ray have not been adepted to their death ray on had some problems to true robots. And not cybers.
  18. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Solidarity

    There aren't any Daleks in this.

    You would have to prove that the Old Cybermen's beams are comparable to them.

    Then there is the nice fact that the New Cyberman can speed rush them the older ones, which is an issue they can't get past.
  19. person falls done dead like the dalek

    dalek later on people fall down dead
  20. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Solidarity

    That isn't enough information.

    Thanks to the EU, we know that Daleks kill people in the most excruciating way possible by causing their organs to scramble around in their insides. Their ray guns literally work like the egg whisks they look like. They can be juiced up enough to disintegrate entire daleks or destroy WW2 planes, and are versatile enough to kill six people at once with a "wide-beam" setting.

    We don't know how those Cybermen guns work except that they kill people.

    By your logic, normal RL guns would be as powerful Dalek Ray guns because you "shoot someone, they die."

    If that ray gun is some type of maser or laser, the new Cybermen could probably shrug it off.
  21. no we also know they work on cybermen who got killed by they own guns are bullet proof and metal.
  22. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Solidarity


    That Telos one wasn't that impressive.

    The Nightmare in Silver one already adapted to a weapon that could disintegrate them, and was designed to kill them.

    Why should it work?
  23. guns dont work they is also primitive cybermen from pete world who the daleks said were weak and the classic cybermen.