Dead Frontier - Free Zombie "MMO"

Discussion in 'Games & Gaming' started by Esoterica, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I was sort of hoping you'd quit. It was disappointing, coming into the thread and seeing you-all with your amazing equipment and discussions of bossmurder.x

    Especially as my old character was baleeted for inactivity.
  2. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor


    Well yeah, I guess it could be disheartening a bit but it's all the result of looting like crazy for the past (near) 2 years plus participating in tons of outpost attacks since then.

    As for bosses, they're hard but really, really fun. The Giant Spider and the Wraith (let alone their flaming version) can really make your palms sweat when they start chasing you all over the block and do ninja tricks like running through fences or walls. Heck, I find it unnerving at times going up against one of them even at my level.

    Oh, and I really, really hate Sirens. HATE!:rage:
  3. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I've had trouble enough with just the regular burning zeds.

    I want the nice, easy-to-kill Greens back. :(
  4. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    Yeah, I miss the greenies too. Oh, and the Behemoth. If you want to play the old 2D, IIRC you can still access it but it'll be via a link and can only be accessed while you're at Nastya's. I know the option to play 2D was once available at the holdout but AdminPwn removed it quite some time ago.

    Check the Announcement forum. I think it should be in one of the threads there. I wish I could point out where it is but AdminPwn removed the forum search function and I don't follow the forum activities much other than the clan I'm with now.
  5. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I just found an Uzi; it's up for sale since you and I seem to be the only ones playing and I'm not specced for it.

    Also an RX4, but that's apparently worse than my Mini-14.
  6. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    RX4's sold, but the Uzi's still available, as is an MC Chef Knife.

    C'mon folks, it's lonely here. :(
  7. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    You don't necessarily have to sell it. Take a look at the price in the market and then go to the yard and compare the scrap price. Chances are, the lowest sale price in the market will be close to the scrap price. The reason for this is that Pwn increased the scrap price for each item. The only items which are more than 10-20x their scrap price are lvl. 100 weapons and armor.

    If market price is equal to or near the scrap price, you might as well scrap the Uzi and go out to loot some more.
  8. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    Oh, I know. I make plenty off people who sell below scrap.

    I sell enough Steri Strips and random food to make up for the one slot I'm storing the Uzi in.

    ...I guess no one else is coming back.
  9. SamPD

    SamPD The Owl

    Yup, on there as Forlance Abice.
  10. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    A farmer eh? I think starting with a stat-based class is better unless that account is an alt account and you have a main somewhere.
  11. At level 10, should I move out of the starting base ?
    I have Kevlar Vest, Glock 19 9x19mm pistol, and a baseball bat. And some money.
  12. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I don't think so, but that's mostly me speaking; I've got an MC baseball bat, Sports Armor, and Browning HP, plus a Mini-14 I can't use due to its ammo being worth more than it is.

    Still, if you want to team up, just tell me. I've still got that Uzi too, if anyone wants it.

    EDIT: I did it! I did it! I killed my first Burning Zombie!

    Sure, all it had was a Beretta Tomcat, but still! 2600 XP, mine! All mine!
  13. I am actually heading back. The loot is better, but there are these hax monsters with a giant blade arm that does hell of a lot of damage in the safer green zones near Dogg's stockade. Smaller risk with decent enough loot. Once I have the Flak Jacket and better guns I might try again.
    Oh and now I have Beretta 8000 (Beta 8000) and MP5 submachinegun and kevlar.
  14. Gecko4lif

    Gecko4lif Tristitia

    This game worth playing?
  15. It's alot more enjoyable now that it's in 3D, however I can see it getting tedious if you overplay it. Also fighting off zombie hordes can be fun.

    Casual ftw.
  16. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    Reapers. I'd suggest getting lvl 20 and above + a good armor to venture deeper into the city.

    Invest in melee + critical skills and a good melee weapon. If you want to loot, you'll want to do it as quietly as possible. Nothing screws a loot run when you have 20-30 zombies running at you all the time to bite your ass off once aggro is triggered.

    The missions and building interiors aren't implemented yet but it's still fun enough I guess.
  17. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I'm upgrading to a CZ 75. If anyone wants my Gerring HP and boolets, speak up.
  18. Oh god. Ran into a burning mother, inside a 'green' zone. I ran away as fast as I could.
    Nearly died. On the positive side, I should soon have the SN-42 armor.
  19. SICON_Reaper

    SICON_Reaper Señor Seriouso

    I've decided to start playing this game. I've created a new account. I'm just figuring things out now.

    Character name is SiconReaper.
  20. SICON_Reaper

    SICON_Reaper Señor Seriouso

    Slight update.

    I used my first character to figure everything out. That done, I realized I royally borked my stat allotment (as I more or less expected I would) and made a new character, named SiconsReaper. I'm doing a Critical build. Melee focused right now, although my progression is probably going to end up melee/rifle/smg.

    Although I got a chainsaw from defeating a boss, and that's my crowd control right now. Those bosses drop nice stuff. I've killed about four of them by now. Just flaming zombies, but bosses nonetheless.

    I'm now at Precinct13. It's way more intense and fun than the starting zones. I'm a bit low level to be here (Level 13) but... eh. I'm not really stressed about it.
  21. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    Level 17. I'm probably going to head down to Precinct 13 sometime soon, since I have it recommended to me by a dedicated player.

    Should I bring money, and if so how much? Ammunition? Weapons?
  22. SICON_Reaper

    SICON_Reaper Señor Seriouso

    You're walking? Deposit your money. Be VERY sure to deposit it.

    Bring your best weapons equipped. Load up on ammo if you're an ammo dependent build.

    If you see a Spider or tendril any of the other uniques, run for your goddamned life. You can't take 'em yet. Don't hesitate to close the browser and try again if you have to, but don't fight them. (The green vomiting ones aren't all that dangerous as long as you remember to keep moving).

    As I understand, people should head down to P13 at level 15 or thereabouts, and stay there until level 50, when they should head to Fort Pastor.

    I would stick to the road if I were you. It's a pretty decent walk. Getting too distracted by looting will make it a very long trip.
  23. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    If you have to take on a spider or a tendril if you're cornered, remember this:

    Spider - always try to flank it. It can outrun you (i.e low level player) in a straight line unless your Agi is really high & you run but its turning rate is slower. Take advantage of this.

    Tendril - same as spider but her attack, while more damaging than a spider's, is very narrow. All you need to do is to sidestep her attack and you should be fine. low levels and if you don't have a decent weapon, or if you do but you're not confident of taking on one, run like hell to the nearest exit.

    As for Fort Pastor, you should be good enough to head there by the time you're level 30+. Just stay quiet along the way and you should be able to make it there.
  24. OrkKaptin

    OrkKaptin Local STALKER Fanboy

    I use a CK 75, Mini-14, and a Mastercrafted Nailbat.

    Should I go up to a Mastercrafted Luger?
  25. volrath77

    volrath77 Serial Editor

    Yes you should. Try to get better & MC'ed items whenever possible.
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