Death's Head, A Worm fanfic

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by gideon020, Oct 23, 2013.

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  1. Gore17

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    Captain Nazi.
  2. Axiomatict

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    I didn't know that, but in my defense, Taylor's power is much more about APPEARING Nazi-ish than actual historical accuracy.
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  3. You do know that practically up to when Hitler won the elections Nazis were considered sily and even after that the Nazi ideology was considered sily and an odd, but harmless idiosyncrasy of Hitler?

    Thinking of them as silly and harmless and not to be taken seriously did not cause WWII, but it definitely made it much worse.
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  4. Given she has shown flashes of changes to her thinking I think it plausible she is under some mental influence, the attitude might be a symptom of fighting that influence.

    My pet theory: Taylor actually got a Draka-style genetic upgrade from an alternate Nazi-themed universe* and besides the augmented abilities her master race genes are encoded with their knowledge- including some social programming that is telling her the swastika is supposed to be a symbol of a good cause(remember that fascism is based on the idea of a group working together towards common good and that is usually a good thing, get rid of the assholes** and Nazi Germany could have been a nice place). This means part of her new mental makeup is feeling as if she was Captain America who woke up and found that USA is the symbol of all things evil.

    *: I know it doesn't really make sense the Entities would have a shard from such place, but maybe Taylor's real power was something like "summon things from alternate universes" and she was looking at her WW2 notes so that's what it targeted. This would also explain why swastikas are the only limit on her power: the limit was put in by the Nazis, not the Entities. Her summoning power's limit could be "cannot be used again as long as previous summon is active" and because the changed genes aren't going anywhere she can't use it again.

    **: Yes, I am aware this was essentially what the nationalism and death camps were about.:(
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  5. EnderofWorlds

    EnderofWorlds Der netteste SS-Offizier meldet sich zum Dienst!~ Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    ...Way to be a fucking killjoy, dude.
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  6. Have this picture for lifting mood. I mean look at this heroic pose and swaying fringe, hilarious
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  7. Sorry, I do enjoy the story but some of the discussion is very disturbing.
  8. Gore17

    Gore17 Lord of Insanity

  9. wkz

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    Certainly, the German people of the time disagrees to the point of going into wars on his decisions (for Germany's future than for the ambitions of the chancellor) ... But ahead in this conversational track lies poison, so I'll stop here.
  10. Wasn't speed or the precursors to it invented by Nazi's?

    She needs to start on the drugs side of things to give her boosts in combat :D
  11. She should turn herself into a cyborg. I mean it's obviously, every nazi superscience experiment end with cyborgs, zombies or both
  12. The people who voted for the NSDAP certainly didn't considered them to be silly. The problem was that the educated elite didn't take them seriously, including idiots like Franz von Papen or Alfred Hugenberg who facilitated Hitler's rise to power because they thought they could control him, one of the most tragic miscalculations of the last century.

    The use of amphetamines as combat stimulants wasn't a German thing, the Allies used them too. Also, I think someone like Taylor, who can conceive and discard a thousand plans in a few seconds, doesn't need stimulants...
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  13. Atlan

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    Nah, she totally needss powered armor.

    Just scrape the Cobra off and put some eagles and such on it, and this would be perfect:

  14. Actually a lot of the people who voted for Hitler, and even more of those who voted for the other parties which formed his coalition did think his views of Jews were quite silly. The voted for him because he promised to make Germany great and get rid of the restrictions the allies forced on them after WWI, not because they took his rethoric against jews seriously.
    Granted he did have some supporters who did take it seriously but not that many.
  15. Night_stalker

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    That, and the other choices were not anywhere NEAR as appealing as the NSDAP.
  16. Carrnage

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  17. Inverness

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    Taylor should (re-)create that medic gun from TF2. Being able to temporarily give a target and herself invulnerability would be pretty great, and OP. Siberian style invulnerability optional.

    Edit: You know, if Taylor ever comes up with serum that enhances parahuman powers, Eidolon would be highly interested. :p
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  18. If Taylor has set up shop in an abandoned office building, why hasn't the power company noticed that there is an increased electrical draw there? Or did she build a generator that she's running her workshop off of? Also, has she considered heating, Brockton Bay is somewhere in New England and it gets damned cold there in the winters.
  19. Night_stalker

    Night_stalker SB's resident Advocatus Diabolis Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    My guess is the power company has bigger fish to fry.

    Alternatively, she went and Tinkered up a generator to supply the juice.
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  20. Axiomatict

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    Yeah, 'cause what Earth Bet really needs is turbo-powered Endbringers.
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  21. Selonianth

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    With swastika's and eagles and lightning bolts all over it.
  22. don't forget the redundant Tesla Coils and electrical Jacob's Ladder things.
  23. Inverness

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    The Endbringers hold back as it is already. Even if the serum somehow applied to them through Eidolon, even though there is no indication their actual power comes Eidolon, that would still be useful for dealing with Scion.
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  24. Ain't the fourth kinda still under cualdron control. While Dragon's Shackled of course and enough for government work? And wouldn't Unshackled still be okay for their interests? Dragon's firmly on the side of the Angels and they can easily get the skinny that there will be no fourth Reich.
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