Disney buys Lucas Film and Confirms Episode 7 for 2015

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  1. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I'm just hoping this doesn't totally ruin the franchise.
  2. Dragoon

    Dragoon On to Berlin!

    You guys are implying that Star Wars had any integrity left for it to lose.

    Besides, Disney didn't cock up Marvel too badly. I'll wait and see.
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  3. DaftTechno

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  4. Unintended Consequences

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    I'm a Disney Shareholder. I'm listening to the conference call. I am confirming this is true, or an elaborate hoax perpetuated by Disney itself.
  5. Karamozov

    Karamozov Retired "Special"

    Lucas has already done his damnedest to try that. That's why I'm optimistic: this might be the direction the franchise needs to stop sucking.
  6. Necron_Lord

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    They're basically going to lobotomize an already-crippled child.
  7. Widowmaker

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    You did this. :mad:
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  8. Holy shit, there's going to be an episode seven? Color me very interested!
  9. DarkOZ

    DarkOZ Warsie

    This does explain why disney was going to build a star wars themed section in disneyland paris
  10. Caboose

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    Here's hoping they do something established from the EU, and don't just make shit up.

    Though, one just thing is the CGI is going to be amazaballz.
  11. Sven

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    This is a good thing.
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  12. ttestagr

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    Holy fucking shit.

    Joy to the world! Lucas no longer has any say in canon anymore!
  13. Widowmaker

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    And they were doing so well. Now...

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  14. Dragoon

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    I really need that "WE'RE DOOMED" picture.
  15. Good point :p
  16. Stargazer

    Stargazer Finding Light in the Dark

    Exactly. Disney took control of Marvel, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing really well. Of course this could end badly, but could also be the breath of fresh air the Star Wars franchise needs.
  17. [​IMG]
    EDIT: Though considering how well Marvel's been doing with its movie universe, I'm not going jump on that train yet.

    Yet being the key word. :p
  18. Cody Fett

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    . . . The frak? :confused:

    This is some sort of joke, right? A really elaborate joke. George Lucas does this sort of thing all the time, right? . . . Frak it. The world stopped making sense a long time ago. If Lucasfilm and Disney want to engage in what was previously considered a farce for 4.04 billion USD, who are we to stop them? Who knows, maybe something good will come from all this.
  19. Luke Danger

    Luke Danger That would be so cool if it wasn't going to hurt

    Will this suffice?

  20. Widowmaker

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  21. DarkOZ

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    I thought that Walt was content with cuban children! WHY ARE THEY FEEDING HIM STAR WARS!

  22. Dragoon

    Dragoon On to Berlin!

    Ah, yes, thank you.
    The Star Wars franchise has continued to make money hand over fist, as far as I know. It's not exactly a failing intellectual property.
  23. white_rabbit

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    I had to check the calendar. Wow, Star Wars 7, the Quest for More Money.

    I can't wait to see the madness this causes in versus, and you thought the frothing canon debates were batshit before.

    Hands up who checked the Calendar, or thought very fucking hard about it?
  24. Qeveren

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  25. Luke Danger

    Luke Danger That would be so cool if it wasn't going to hurt

    Yeah. After calming down and considering that fact, I'll adopt a 'wait and see' approach.

    I'm still not confident, though. Really not confident. I mean, 'Episode 7 in the saga'? Sure, some saw TCW as that and hated it because of it, but it was really three episodes thrown together to the theater, which was part of its problem.

    I would of hoped that Disney would learn from that and take some baby steps considering the mantle they have to fill. This isn't what could become a one-shot superhero film like Iron Man could have been if it flopped, this is a major undertaking
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