Duncan: Economic "Death Spiral" threatens not just daily lives but basic survival for all Americans

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    This is the exact scenario predicted by economist Richard Duncan as, according to him, inflation will skyrocket to the point where purchasing food or shelter will be a virtual impossibility for most Americans.

    Link: http://moneymorning.com/ob/economist-richard-duncan-civilization-may-not-survive-death-spiral-3/

    I present this article for discussion without further comment, as I do not feel I have sufficient background to add useful opinion.
  2. Has already shown to be false. Not only that, but taking on more short term debt is the only way to get the economy going again so we can fix the problems.
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    American debt is basically what you'd expect it to be when you decide to have a minor recession, cut taxes, fight two expensive wars, then have a major recession and extend the tax cuts. However, its important to realize the nature of the deficit:
    The current deficit exists because of reduced employment and increased mandatory entitlement use as a result of the recession. Once the recession ends, the deficits will fall to around the level where natural growth and inflation cancel them out, meaning that our "debt as % of GDP" will become static at worst. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

    That said, the absurdly large derivatives market does exist, at least according to this esteemed source. I doubt that it means anything especially doom-worthy.
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    Things can get pretty bad, but I don't see how a depression could be civilization ending, unless all the infrastructure and factories explode, and all agricultural land, everywhere in the world, magically spoils.
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    I sufficiently long, sufficiently severe depression would see fixed capital gradually degrade, and the skill base gradually erode, so it's conceivable. it's just not particularly likely.
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    Dude that url is crazy.
  7. Thanks for letting me know.
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  8. It's the austerity bullshit that causes death spirals, not government debt.
  9. Inflation does not work that way.

    Inflation can cause disastrous social problems, but that requires the social elites to be particularly stupid.
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    Damn Whirlwind you going to let RayCav steal your shtick like that
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    I wasn't trying to be alarmist, I just wanted to see what Spacebattles thought of it (hence "presented without comment"). Frankly I'm glad of the responses it's been getting.

    "MoneyMorning.com" is apparently under the umbrella of Viacom/CBS so I assumed it was halfway credible. Shows what I know.
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    America and Britain should've imploded halfway through World War II; hell, Germany should still be a Somalia-esque anarchy thanks to the Treaty of Versailles.

    Japan should have sunk into the sea like Atlantis a decade ago instead of experiencing modest per capita GDP growth.

    Wut. :wtf:
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    Their are potential cirsises looming in all those areas, if we have spectacularly bad luck they'll all go to hell at once.
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    America has more than enough food and water to feed its own population. Although the water issue will eventually be a big issue due to environmental damage, but that's not due for another few decades.
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    Isn't the article global in scope?
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    Given how it specifically cites Americans and the American national debt, I'd wager not. :(
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    All of civilization is located in America now? We really are doomed.
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    Dude the OP even says that the article is about Americans. And the article is peppered with "America"
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    I was going from the line that "Civilization may not suvive 'death spiral", inferring that although the article was most concerned with America, especially as a trigger it wasn't limited to it. On the other hand the article mostly consists of repeating that total credit market's, money supply, food and energy are like a pyramid scheme 3 or 4 times without explaining why so I'm not sure why we're lending it any credibility by discussing.
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    The great civilization of "America". :p
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    Goodbye America!

    Australia promises to pretend that your still Politically relevant when we take over the world!

    Enjoy the death spiral
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    I missed that part, because the rest of the crazy blindsided me, but yeah. :(
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    ...RayCav? Wasn't he a poster from SD.Net who got banned for writing a fic of extremely questionable content? Or is this one some other idiot with the same name?