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    Evening SBers, I'm taking my own crack of actually posting stuff I write, along with the journal style that's been going around. Well I'll put my own twist to things like I usually do, thoughts and ideas for this particular undertaking have been bouncing around for a while and I do admit it has it's roots along other ideas.

    I'm no artist or anything with this but I would appreciate some help getting better, so onward we go.

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    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...
    Connection to EssBee.exe established.
    Begin Streaming
    Data Recorder: Track 1: Play

    Pain painpainpainpainpainpainpain-

    Jolt, sight bright light, dark surroundings, confusion.

    “Oh, still alive. Fortunate, open processor surgery is such a tricky process.”

    Open processor surgery, what did that mean? He'd gone to sleep, at home in bed last he knew, and the voice, why was that voice familiar?


    “Pay attention now, this is the critical part.”

    He couldn't though, even through the rising haze pain and sparks flying away from his chest after something was lowered down into it, not feeling anything but the pain in his chest. None of his limbs would respond, couldn't tell if they're even there, neck not responding, and he's not breathing whyisn'thebreathingohgod.


    Data Record Track 1: advance through junk data by 50 mega-cycles.

    Sight fades in and out, purple metal of a lab, no it's a torture chamber, they just call it a lab. Having come to looking down his legs and feet, just staring until sight and consciousness was firmly in grasp again. A red and gunmetal gray chassis is just innocently sitting there, but he can feel it, feel the metal flooring under the black metal of the, of his feet.

    He was human, he had been human when he went to sleep, he'd been human for over twenty years. His attempts to hyperventilate weren't working he wasn't actually breathing still. It's several minutes before he was able to push past the panic gripping him and actually look around.

    The metal room was dimly lit past the bright circle of light he was restrained under, two large armored waldos holding fast to his arms, attached to the circle of flooring he was standing in the middle of. Experimentally moving he found they had some give, along with the shackles around his ankles. Other than the large metal door situated ahead of him, the walkways around various points of the room and, the consoles he couldn't see from there, the place was pretty boring, sinister but boring.

    An indeterminable amount of time later after checking over his range of movement twice more, failing to figure out how to actually talk, and trying not to brood over whatever it was that had been shoved into his chest during that surgery, the door shuddered and, rapidly collapsed in on itself before ducking to the side of the door frame with a rapid shuffle of well oiled alloys and gears.

    Oh, Ohshit

    A single purple eye on a hexagonal head, one arm was some sort of tool or weapon, and the decking clanked as the being walked across it. Shockwave payed the terrified stare no mind as he stepped to one of the consoles. Dictating notes or talking to himself, leaving the prisoner to wonder when the Transformer had gotten human sized. He had little time to ponder before four other Decepticons, at least going by their insignias entered the room taking positions at other consoles.

    “Prepare the test for subject Sigma five, hopefully this ones processor does not explode, raise blast shi-”

    Was all he heard before a transparent tube encircled his platform cutting off the sound, or the radio signal or however the cybertronians talked, however the prisoner was too busy panicking to care as he began to thrash. Especially when a bright red stylized message of BEGINNING COUNTDOWN flashed into his vision after a twitch in his head, and the shift in his torso, where the thing, that the prisoner now knew Shockwave had placed, resided.

    The Decepticons ignored him, far too focused to do more than occasionally smirk when they glanced back at the test subject. However it was not to be a flawless execution of Shockwave's sadistic brand of science. A tremor shook the room that he could hear and feel even through the blast shield. Shockwave moved to another console when a bright red form burst through the doorway, blasting the decepticon next to Megatrons scientist, whom wasted no time transforming and rocketing up through a hatch that opened and closed for him.

    The other two cons were not so fortunate as a green and silver Autobot followed another yellow one in through the doorway burning one down immediately and not even flinching as the return fire from the last one deflected off of his chassis, who soon followed his first two fellows.

    Between the two of them they got the blast shield down and the countdown thankfully stopped and the thing is his chest stopped moving around. Sagging in relief and trying to hyperventilate again, the prisoner missed the red Autobot hefting him up so the yellow could get the restraints off. The two weren't quite prepared for when the rescuee just about fell over.

    “Whoa, hold on we'll get you to Ratchet. Looks like whatever Shockwave did diverted most of your energy flow back into your core, must have used most of your power you had free struggling like you did.”

    He, what was his name? The prisoner felt weak now that he was trying to stand on his own, and red threw one of his arms over his shoulder, hoisting up most of his weight, even with feeble attempts to motion that there was something inside, something wrong were futile as blackness began to sweep over his vision, and sound cut out entirely. The green autobot he felt he should recognize yelled something before sight cut off entirely.

    Data Record Track 1: advance through junk data by 1 mega-cycle.

    Sight came back on as if a switch had been flipped, a red and white helmeted head was leaned up above him and closing up a chest panel, energy shots and missiles whizzed by far over head but they were outnumbered by the sheer amount of stars twinkling in the sky, even though it did not seem dark enough to be night.

    “I'm not getting that thing out of him without a couple of mega-cycles with his chestplate off and this is not the time Hound.”

    An explosion cut off whatever reply was said, the flare of the blast was visible in the chromed metal of the cover Ratchet had been working in. Attempting and finding his head able to swivel to look what he saw surprised him. The reflection that greeted him in the metal, was a rust red head with gray lines and a green visor with two bright spots on it that were likely his eyes. A lazy thought that everything didn't seem to be tinted green floated through his still disoriented head, before he was able to focus on the voice of Ratchet calling to him.

    ”All right quick retinal scanner test, follow the light.”

    A quick battery of tests followed, energy flow, how certain pieces of anatomy were reactivated and acclimating to the influx of fresh energon.

    “Don't think we have much time left in this spot, can you stand?”

    Unsure he gave it a try, limbs responding a little sluggishly at first but far better than when he'd tried to stand when initially let loose. Ratchet took his arm when he stumbled on the uneven ground,

    “You're doing good, have a name, friend?”

    Name, what was his na- his free hand took hold of his head as a sharp pain raced around his skull, and panic welled up in his chest.

    “I-I don't remem-Argh, why does it hurt?!”

    “Easy there, take it slow let's just focus on getting you and the other prisoners we rescued out of here.”

    Slowly the sharp ache faded, just in time as Decepticons discovered and started encroaching on the small medivac, several Autobot troops moved to cover their injured comrades as Ratchet dragged his latest patient behind the cover of an outcropping. Unfortunately as the combat medic turned to add to the counter fire, a flanking Decepticon crested their little bit of cover, seeking to toss a grenade into the rear of the Autobot line. What no one expected was for Ratchets last patient to surge up and try to grab him, closing one hand around the grenadiers throwing hand.

    The two struggled atop the small rise, giving none of the Autobots a clear shot, the other Decepticons had little qualm about it though and several shots whipped past the two. Two impacts made the recently recovered bot stumble slightly but nothing seemed to hurt, however the grenadier took a shot to his free hand and reeled back the smoking limb flailing. Stepping into the opening in his guard, Rachets patient punched his fist forward intent on slugging his opponent and knocking him away. What he hadn't expected was for the jaw and cranium to outright shatter as his fist claimed the space for it's own, shining with green light. His eyes widened behind the visor in horror, time slowing down as the pieces of the cybertronians head tumbled down and the body went limp. The only thing that saved the rear line from the grenade was Ratchet smacking it back over the rise as his patient and the Decepticons body tumbled down.

    The panic and horror thrumming through every part of him was increased ten fold when the body landed on top of him, scrambling back nearly into the line of fire as the body was kicked away.

    “Easy, EASY! Kid, look at me, it's gonna be all right!”

    Eventually the trembling optics behind the visor managed to look up from where the decepticons head used to be and found Ratchet had a hand on his shoulder, looking him dead in the eye.

    “It's ok kid. You did what you had to, saved everyone here.”

    The shaking didn't seem to stop but the kid wasn't trying to toss himself into enemy fire to get away from the body, Ratchet turned to call for for a status report on the transport, and when he turned back it seemed the nameless autobot had pilfered the decepticons Photon Burst Rifle, hands tightening on the weapon and mostly stopping their shaking with attempts to crush the weapon grip through sheer pressure applied.

    Going over what he'd seen, Ratchet figured the kid was barely out of protoform, but the shield ability, combined with what seemed to have be advanced area sensors directing them, looked like a heavily revamped overshield. High power shield circles directed to intercept incoming fire, along with being able to focus them into a hefty melee attack over the fists. It was a bit odd to find that sort of likely experimental tech on an aerial bot though, you'd think one would want something with better armor testing that. Probably less than helpful with a grenade, but given the speed and reaction time displayed...

    By the time Ratchet, had checked over another wounded Autobot, the kid had worked his way over to cover with the other Autobots holding the Medivac defense line. It looked like Hound was giving him shooting tips despite him seeing what the kid went through less than a cycle ago, just perfect.

    The red aerial bot crouched next to Hound, tried to let his limbs relax, though all the work and progress on that evaporated when he peeked over the top of their cover and spotted Shockwave seemingly looking right at him. Words flashed into his vision, as the hexagon headed transformer tapped at something on his arm, the same font and color as they had been back in the lab, the twitch in his head, the clunk and shift of the thing moving in his chest.


    The world dissolved into static, and the rapid decent of red numbers racing down from 100.

    Data Recorder: Track 1: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe
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    Oh HELL yes. I will be watching this with great interest. :D
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    Oh man, this is good. Watching it and nice cliffy.
  4. Well...This is ominous.
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    Posts for the Post God!
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  6. subscribed
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    In the middle of the Cybertronian wars?
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    Yes it is actually, right before the events of fall of cybertron, though don't expect our hero to be there all too long. I have horrible plans for him, and given the relative power and ability of a transformer he's not ending up anywhere nice for a while.

    So yes it going to be a multicross, by errant I mean really really errant, but we're starting in the Cybertron wars.
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    You realize how big of a sandbox that is. Even without going into Michael Bay's timeline, the end of the Cybertronian wars caused a veritable diaspora as autobots and decepticons alike spread all throughout the galaxy. Heck, one even managed to get onto the Quintessons' planet.
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    That it is, but not everything is taking place in universe. Also if you all have some rock music, I'd suggest putting it on.

    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe established.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 2

    For ten seconds the world was ruled by static, then for another forty seconds of darkness, only the numbers existed.




    Then the world snapped back to normal, or as normal as it was going to get with him being a transformer all of a sudden. There was only one way through this, make Shockwave turn it off somehow, and if it didn't.... better to explode in the middle of the Decepticons.

    “I'm sorry.”

    The rust red aerial bot rolled away from where Hound had been checking over him, thrusters in his back and legs roaring to life. Hound covered his optics with his arm yelling for him to wait as energon flooded the conversion cog deep in his body, and a change was brought about.

    Fly! I have, to fly!


    The transformation to a forward swept winged fighter overtook him in an instant, thrust nozzles tilting to aid the fast bank towards the Decepticon lines. Cannons under the fuselage coming to life and stitching a line of shells into the cover of Megatrons forces.

    “Kid! Wait!!”


    For a moment the sheer joy of being in the air, of truly being free even if only for a few seconds flushed through him, but it was swept aside by the grim thought that he was probably about to die. Screaming down at Shockwaves position like a red bat out of robot hell, and peppering the position with cannon fire and shots from the burst rifle, that seemed to have made it's way to his undercarriage somehow, forced Megatrons second in command to transform and get into the air as well.

    "Turn if off!"


    Radar showed other Decepticon fliers transforming and giving chase even as he maneuvered into the six slot on the tail of the purple jet that was the logic driven Decepticon. Shockwave's order for non-lethal ordinance solidified one fact, he wanted whatever it was to go off, to see his experiment go through. Even so, it was a crash course in flight staying on his tail as the Decepticon juked and weaved through his fire.


    “Turn. It. OFF!”

    A few things became abundantly clear as they flew, Shockwave was the better flier, the Decepticon literally had thousands of years of experience on him. But the Autobot was a little faster aerodynamics lending to that, and just a hairsbreadth quicker on his turns. Taking vicious advantage of these and the fact that Shockwave didn't want him dead yet, he kept up his fire to try and box in the decepticon even as the barrels began to redden under the heat of the constant shooting.


    Shockwave however did his best to lose his tail, threading between a series of towers, low altitude maneuvering under overhangs and down alleys standing up on a wing tip, as his forces tried to fill his pursuers tail end with the ion fire. Warnings began to play up the sides of the aerialbots vision as the shield circles blocked shot after shot. Advisories to disengage and allow his power plant to catch up with the energy demand.

    "Turn it off, NOW!!"



    Resignation swept over him, the calls for Shockwave to turn off the thing inside tapered off as earnest attempts to kill the Decepticon changed the staccato of his fire. His concentration devoting itself wholly to not crashing and killing that slagstain, but a tiny corner of his mind recited something, it was comforting, familiar


    I will do my duty to... to...

    Who, who did he vow to?

    the innocent!


    I will do my best to help others, whatever it costs me, and no other.


    I know... I... I know...

    Who? The only one he knew remotely, the only thing he could make sense of were the feelings that welled up from...

    My heart, and will obey it.


    That others may live, I will be a shield.

    Punishing Shockwave's attempt to lead him into the Decepticon AA fire with a line of rounds walked up one wing and three into his fuselage, he only noted the order to kill him with the increased variety of fire chasing his tailfins, the pursuit continued as he barely heard himself talking, just about too low to be heard.


    That evil be vanquished, I will become the ultimate sword.


    Shockwave peeled upwards into a powerclimb, before whirling and transforming, attempting a trap shot with his Slingshock. Only the Aerial bots flinch into a barrel roll saved him, the projected energy envelope still flash heating his upper fuselage to cherry red before continuing on to slam into two of the Decepticons own.


    Transforming himself as he closed into melee, his left fist roared in as the barrier cloaked it, smashing aside the Slingshock and wrecking part of the projector. Then the right came in smashing through Shockwaves right elbow as he tried to raise it to protect himself.


    Not even paying attention to himself the red aerialbot continued to speak, even as the sheild circles raced to the back of his chassis as the Decepticons poured on the fire. Rounds beginning to pot mark armor and pierce through into his internals.


    And a Calibur all my own.


    You FOOL!


    “Now. Give. Me. YOUR FACE!

    A hand clamped over the front of Shockwaves hexagonal head and pulled even as he tried to beat his assailant off with the now useless weapon. The airbots other other arm hung uselessly at the shoulder down as more rounds overwhelmed his defenses, nearly being held aloft by explosions as much as his own now barely functioning thusters as red warnings filled his vision.



    The world went white.

    Data Recorder: Track 2: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe

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  11. ...Did you get chosen as some kind of Cybertron-verse Green Lantern?
  12. Valiant

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    No rings of any sort involved, I'd have used his main color for the talking but red's already being used for the device interface. And well the the visor is green. I suppose I could have used blue...
  13. Nah, it's good. Embrace the parallels. :)
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    Let's see... if we go by modern G1 comics, Shokwave was a well known experimentalist and developer of tech like multiple altmodes and gestalts, with variety of bybroducts, like Duocons - mostly through trial and error.

    So, what kind of fun things he have done to you? Multiple Sparks in one body?
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    This looks interesting. It's generally been hard for me to find decent Transformers Fanfics; I'll keep an eye on this.
  16. Seems to me that there's a little macross in there. The pin point barrier for his shield.
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    Hey, Op, are you normal Excalibur or are you Fire Valk?
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    Normal with a different paint job, though there might be a FAST pack built in. Maybe....
    And I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. Give yourself a cookie Russel.
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    Silly SB, making me double post.


    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe established.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 3

    Initiating Repair Systems

    Incandescent white fires crackled at the edges of a ragged hole in a tower wall, he wasn't sure of the material composition to get something with that sort of phosphorous flame, but then he wasn't familer with all the elements on Cybertron anyway. It was all the view he really had confined to lay on his back until either his legs or thrusters were repaired enough for a rapid retreat back to Autobot lines. The sound of combat outside still raged, he hadn't gone far it seemed, but then Shockwave had probably set the coordinates when he wasn't expecting a rescue operation to break down his doors.

    Though from the view he'd gotten before falling to the floor when he'd appeared in here it was far behind the Decepticon lines, would he have been trapped if not for the missing wall? Had their been guards that got called away when he went after Shockwave?

    There was no real use pondering it, considering he'd brought some of the front portion of Shockwaves head along, just part of the optic and some armor. So he probably wasn't dead, just missing his face. Doing his best to relax, at least as much as a bot could on an expanse of cold metal flooring he let his thoughts drift, there was little he could do if a Decepticon came in anyway, vaguely he wondered if Transformers could sleep.

    Commencing Sleep Mo-

    All sense of relaxation fled as he tried to sit up and find the voice only to roll and end up laying tilted on the floor the nose cone that was part of his chest not lending any help at all to laying flat.

    Sleep Mode Aborted


    Did any transformer have a separate onboard AI outside of those on Beast Wars? He didn't think so, but there wasn't anything around that he could detect-

    Open processor surgery is such a tricky process

    What did Shockwave do to him besides that mini space bridge?

    The red aerial bot would get no rest.

    Data Record Track 3: Advance through Junk data by 45 Cycles

    Standing shakily the wayward bot leaned against one of the rounded tower walls, his self repairs weren't even close to being done, in fact the only thing that had been repaired was the thruster in the right leg, and even that was a patch job. But he had to go now, the big shiny Autobot transport that just broke through the Decepticon outer perimeter to start loading the wounded for a fighting withdrawal kind of decided the issue for him.

    He'd come up with a sort of plan, granted it was lock his useless limbs into the proper position and transform, then hope no one looked up. Well it sucked as a plan but it was better than getting left here. Limping towards the hole he prepared for the next part of his suicidal stupid plan, jump out the window cause your wings won't fit through while transformed.

    Trying not to look down, because really what sort of flier transformer got nervous about heights?


    Him apparently... did he just do a censor beep? Shaking off the thought for later, if there would be a lat-

    Stop that!

    For lack of being able to take a deep breath, he just leaned forward out of the hole, letting gravity do the rest as he immediately began to transform. It was slower than usual, but he got himself into the air after an almost encounter with the ground that was far closer than he would have liked. Unfortunately he was seen almost as soon as he started climbing again, and the Decepticons helpfully filled the air with AA fire for him to dodge. This particular bout of flying was far more difficult with his right thrust nozzle locked in place, he had to rely a whole lot more on using his control surfaces.

    It had been a whole ton easier when he was chasing Shockwave and not actually thinking about all the moving parts and how his humanoid body was contorted in inhuman ways. Dialing up the afterburners as far as he could was the wrong idea as he started to approach the top of the transport way faster than he would have li-


    A beam of energy had cored through his left wing, and he had felt that, could feel small pieces falling out and the control surfaces going limp and ohgod!

    The metal hide of the transport rushed up to meet him, and in a panic he transformed, back mounted thruster sputtering wildly as he tried to correct the falling spin he'd gone into, he mentally reached for anything that would save him from becoming a mess on top of the transport. A thrum of hope raced through him as he felt the barrier system come on, and died when he couldn't see it anywhere.

    Another energy beam grazed his right side just before he hit the deck rolling and somehow not crumpling immediately, it was the least of his worries when the right arm snapped off at the shoulder with a wrenching squeal of tortured metal. Rolling and sliding until he impacted against a raised section of metal, things were still for a moment, pain notwithstanding, he was alive, sort of. Then his detached arm smacked him right between the optics.

    It was, his mind decided, far too troublesome to be awake right now.

    Commencing Sleep Mode

    Data Recorder: Track 3: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe


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  20. The slapstick was nice.

    Is it going to be this kind of conversation: :p
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    Well, at least you are not aquaphopic. Unlike a guy named Broadside - a triplechanger with altmodes of a jet and aircraft carrier.
    Has fear of height ans water.
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    Metal fires?!
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    You've never seen magnesium burn before?
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    By the way. Your story needs more of these.
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    Yes. Bright white light. I've seen potassium burn too. Sodium too.
    Not really that indistinguishable to regular fires aside from the bright colors.

    My point is, this is one instance where technobabble might actually be good. Say describe it with more detail as the alloys oxidize into various colors of the spectrum.