Errant Steel (SI)

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  1. Fellgar

    Fellgar Wandering Psychic

    Duh, I don't mean permanently. I'm referring to his many temporary deaths.
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  2. Sea_Leon

    Sea_Leon Arf Arf

    No, this isn't even really temp death for Megatron.

    Edit: Don't want to sound like a broken record, but really Losing a head really is not deathly to a Cybertronian.
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  3. Nightblade

    Nightblade I will protect those who cannot protect themselves Banned

    Man is Optimus going to be surprised when he gets there.
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  4. Madfish

    Madfish For Integrity

    I want to congratulate you on quipping after pulling the trigger. Either way run! Run Run RUN! There is no guarantee that that shot took him out of the fight
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  5. Fellgar

    Fellgar Wandering Psychic

    It probably stunned him though.
  6. Madfish

    Madfish For Integrity

    Hence the 'run run RUN' he now has a clear shot at fleeing. : )
  7. aeroprime

    aeroprime Power Lurker

    After this the response of the Decepticon's rank and file upon coming face to face with 9 Ball is going to be to have the Cybertonian version of a brown pants moment. :)
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  8. TerraBull

    TerraBull Getting things done, RIGHT!

    I think Optimus arriving about now, at Full strength would be in a Favorable Position to Finish off Megatron.
  9. Bah, Soundwave would just grab him & do a runner
  10. TerraBull

    TerraBull Getting things done, RIGHT!

    Unless of course, Soundwave was being distracted.
  11. If not Soundwave then Shockwave. There are plenty who would curry favor from Megatron
  12. Stormwind

    Stormwind Yuusha Destron

    So. let me guess. Megatron just got a shattered jaw.
    I think you are about to eat this sniper rifle, piece by piece, aided by helpful punches at STR 10.
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  13. Wouldn't be surprised if you guessed it right
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  14. TerraBull

    TerraBull Getting things done, RIGHT!

    I do not think that sends the right message.

    Make him eat his own separated arm first, after being beaten by it.
  15. Tikitau

    Tikitau Attention span of a ma-OH SHINY!

    Nah, nah. See, here's what is gonna happen, yeah?
    <Megatron> *INAUDIBLE WITH ANGER. and sniper round to face* GRAHLKJGLKEJLKJFHEALKJ! *menace*
    <Nineball> Sh-shit.
    <Prime> Damn, I'm not going to make it in time. Wait, this shortcut isn't on the maps...
    <Decepticons> ...oh crap. :wtf:
    <Megatron> *plays pattycake with Metroplex*
    <NIneball> Welp, i'm gonna pass out now. tell ratchet to save me my usual spot in his bays.
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  16. Norgarth

    Norgarth insert witty title here. Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    You know, if Nineball still has Shockwave's face, and Megatron's chestplate, he can start a collection, 'Trophys of people I've really torqued off'. :p
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  17. Ryune

    Ryune Hotel Manager

    I'm still waiting on him infiltrating the Decepticon base wearing Shockwave's face.
  18. Technically, Megatron's chest plate got slagged in that Warp Cannon's reactor
  19. Valiant

    Valiant Support Personnel

    EX19 OS Transmitter Reconnect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe restablished.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 11

    .Nope he's still movin, shit... Are my thrusters still on? ohcrap

    Megatrons gurgled growl was cut off as Nine kept going forward, tipping the now off balance tank over and taking them both into the ground and shoved the crumpling sniper rifle into the damaged neck cavity. Finally getting the thrusters to shut off for a moment, one errant thought brought the head mounted laser into alignment. Megatrons optics screwed themselves shut to protect them but that wasn't where Nine was aiming.

    This is going to suck

    The sniper rifles powercell exploded spectacularly, sending the chrome helmeted head tumbling across the ground, along with sending armor shards and sniper rifle bits into Nines head and optics. The still mostly red flier recoiled spitting curses while falling and rolling to the ground beside the body.

    As the combat high wore off he found everything hurt, even his sensors were aching, how that worked he had no idea. Freezing from where he was weakly trying to either stand or lay in a position that didn't hurt more. Hands helped him up to his feet, and steadied him when he started to fall.


    A feminine voice hovering between amused and something else answered him.

    “Not quite Big Bot.”

    Probably the Femme Decepticon, he deduced after a painful few moments of thinking.

    “Well this is awkward”

    “By the way, I surrender~”

    What could that be leaning on his shoulder actuator? Finally the more familiar voice of the leader of the Autobots spoke after he was lead, somewhere...

    “This... isn't what I was expecting Autobot.”

    Really awkward.

    Data track 11: Advance through Data 15 Mega-cycles

    Darkness, but at the very least he wasn't in large amounts of pain at just this moment, on the other hand everything was numb if a little cold. Voices seemed to go from gibberish to coherent over the course of several minutes, as he lethargically listened.

    “Primus... It's like he was made to torque my gears...”

    “How so?”

    “See these parts in his back? Got fused halfway through that fight with Megatron, he shouldn't have been able to move like he was, and according to scans of his memory he was in enough pain... Optimus most bots couldn't even move through that sort of feed back, no way he could have the fine control necessary to release some of the interlocks for his transformation to free up movement.”

    “Ratchet, do you think his frame did it automatically, that he was made, to attack and fight like that?”

    “I'm suspecting it Prime, that whole last soldier of the Ancients grease that's been tossed around the base gossips... I'm starting to wonder if any of it's true.”

    “Just keep me appraised Ratchet, Grimlok and his team headed into the Sea of Rust after the battle I believe they were following Shockwave and Soundwave, so for the moment you won't have to comb the base for Lightning Strike to get them examined just yet.”

    A soft curse after the clanking of what he assumed was Prime walking away faded, then awareness faded away after he couldn't muster the energy to speak up.

    An armored figure, the color of old blood was simply there within the expanse of darkness, it's helmet was a pointed thing, rounded across the back, with a crest on top. The visor reminded him of a glowing fanged maw


    Don't keep me waiting Calibur, Or I'll come find you.

    Nine screamed as he woke up.

    Data Recorder: Track 11: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe

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  20. joe6168

    joe6168 Just a humble lurker

    ... Sorry but who was that at the end there? I don't rececnoize him.
  21. Nightblade

    Nightblade I will protect those who cannot protect themselves Banned

    Does anyone know what that thing is. Also did you just take out Megatron.
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  22. Blade4

    Blade4 Angry Marine

    You... decapitated Megatron? Damn you are going to be legendary for your crazy awesome. Did you seduce that female deception by accident?
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  23. Ryune

    Ryune Hotel Manager

    This. I have no freaking clue either.
  24. Nightblade

    Nightblade I will protect those who cannot protect themselves Banned

    Whoever that is he doesn't sound like a good person. Also was that memory or Him contacting you some how. Especially how you woke up screaming.
  25. I hope you're not making up a new bad guy just cause Megatron got highlander'ed. You know as well as I do that he'll be back & likely upgraded to better beat on 9Ball's arse.
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