Errant Steel (SI)

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    Besides, metal fire gives the impression of a hail of bullets.
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    Silverbolt, leader of the Aerialbots combiner team for one.
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    All right that's a fair point, I'll change the master copy then get the post tweaked when I have more than a minute long break.

    Well we know that. How many of the small details do you remember when under a couple tons of stress?
  4. This story is weird I going to wait for more to decide how I feel.
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    how much of your aerial beat down and mutilation of shockwave did the rest of the autobots see? also did you invent weaponized spacejumping or did you already peal shockwaves face off before said jump. and is there enough of his skull to do a poor Yorik impersonation.
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    That would be telling.

    That bout of teleporting is what yanked the front front of his face off, essentially Shockwave is now running around with an exceedingly thin faceplate, and half an optic. Well depending on how much of the fire he soaked up before the Decepticons realized their target was gone. So he might not be 'running' per say. I suppose you could hang the faceplate on the wall or something, but it's a bit flat for a proper poor yorik impression.

    As to weaponizing the Spacebridge, well that countdown was the time it needed to engage not to mention drawing hard enough on the Airbot's powercore that all non essential to survival systems just shut down for fifty seconds, so not yet, and certainly not in a rapid fire manner.
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    You could also put his discomfort down to his injured state.
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    Shockwave sock puppet!
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    what else could one do with most of a Shockwave face plate.

    you've brought up the sock puppet. there is also forging it into a set of brass knuckles or a hammer head so you can hit him in the face with his face, the next time you see Shockwave.

    Pulling a TF2Spy.

    Making a kickass belt buckle/codpiece.

    Do transformers have the equivalent of refrigerators? if so place it in there for shits and giggles.

    If you end up with several other decepticon heads you could do a highly disturbing version of "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts"
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    It's not a lot of face plate. Shockwave's head was minimalist as far as transformers went. Just a black hexagonal plate with a mono-eye.

    So let me get this straight...

    Shockwave tried to install a portable spacebridge on a younger transformer's chassis.

    Which is a skill/modification typically available only to older, more experienced transformers with better developed power reserves.
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    'Developed' is probably more accurately 'upgraded'. As to control issues/ability well Shockwave did do brain surgery on him.
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    It was probably either to add a navigation module or to allow him remote access.

    By developed I'm going by the assumption that being biomechanical creatures their power reserves improve over time as well. I could be wrong though.
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    As far as I know there's no bio involved at all until the Maximals and Predicons (of the Beast Wars era, not the G1 Predecons). I don't think even the Pretenders were bio at all either but some sort of synthetic.
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    Yeah.. Not that much more really beyond a the "Spark", which is often implied to mean a transformer's life force.
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    Which isn't biological either, it would be spiritual if it's a soul or from what is seen with the likes of Starscream, energy.
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    Which would then be proportional to the amount of power a transformer's power units can put out.
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    Why? It's a coherent energy (of some sort) construct which has nothing to do with their Power Rectifier Circuit's that control a Cybertronian's special abilities like Skywarp's teleportation. Also transformers run on liquid or solid energy in the form of energon, which can be refined from other sources. Their Spark/Laser Core makes them 'alive' but not a lot else.

    At best better power units would allow them to store more energon and *might* allow better redistribution though that's probably a product of their damage control/self repair systems. More efficient use of that energon would lie with the upgrading of different parts making use of it.
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    Nothing concrete. But the oldest and most powerful Transformers are often implied to have more powerful Sparks.
  19. Madfish

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    Which might give them more of something ephemeral like willpower but not power power if you know what I mean. I mean it's clear that some older bots are more powerful But in Primes case it's an upgrade from being Orion Pax or from being the Matrix Bearer and/or a Prime. There are plenty of older bots like Kup, Alpha Trion and even Ironhide but while their older than Optimus or even Megatron they don't have more power than them in any sense.

    Which basically brings it back round to construction being as much a factor as experience.

    Also there are bots like Omega Supreme, Metroplex and Tripticon that have vastly more raw power but are far younger. (I'm ignoring Gesault Teams as they're 5 or 6 robots combined into one)
  20. Valiant

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    Well I know Skywarp can teleport, though the only outright personal space bridge generator only seemed to occur in the Bayformer-verse. And I was actually looking into it for a bit, and still am admittedly.
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    That's because the old transformers cartoons didn't delve too much in the intricacies of interstellar travel. Space bridges were primarily used to transport cargo in lieu of passenger ships. If cargo was not required, individual aerial/space transformers were often implied to be able to make the journey by themselves. Starscream and Jetfire by example. Skywarp's teleport skill was more of a tactical battlefield ability.
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    You know...When/if you run into the Dynobots/Dinobots...they're probably going to buy you at least an Energon Beer if it's post FoC.
    'Wait, you're the kid who ripped Shockwave's face off?'
    'Talk Quieter, Swoop, or Grimlock Punch You.'
    'Erm, sorry boss.'
    also, I find this fic amusing and relevant to my interests. Keep it up!
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    Oh if only, but this is pre-Fall of Cybertron. Right before it in fact. but speaking of the fic...


    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe established.

    Processor Transmission Mode

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Interim Track 1

    “Wakey, Wakey Electric Sheepy!”

    His view solidified into a haze of color, a solid forest green, blinking and startling when the haze around him changed to a radically different hue between eyeblinks, this one a searing yellow. Covering his eyes against the influx of bright color. He was quickly unsettled by a few startling revelations. One, he was human! Hell YES! Two, some woman with the biggest shit eating grin he'd ever seen was holding out a... was that a teeny Mareep?

    ...Yes, yes it was a mini-pokemon, why is this wierding him out he was just a transformer.

    His blank stare seemed to eventually bore the woman who's shit eating grin was replaced by a smug smirk before she held the miniature living pokemon and started stroking the thing like a cat.

    “Evening Tinker Toy! How's tricks as a living jet?”

    His brain kind of blanked out there, that hadn't been a dream, this wasn't a dream?


    She rolled her eyes and the Mareep purred as her fingers found a spot it liked behind it's ear... cone... thing.

    “I'm a busy girl so I can't stick around and explain everything, besides entertaining as 4D space is it's boring to be here myself. So the short of it is, you ticked someone off higher up the food chain, now your living out your little plan and a bit more besides, while I watch you shake things up.”


    Some slight amusement seemed to pass over her face as she let the Mareep onto the non existent ground, said pokemon trotted over to some dark purple grass that grew out of no where for it, which clashed horribly with the haze that had now looped back into a neon yellow with all his confused blinking. As the woman drew closer, her blonde hair lengthened, the comfortable clothes morphed into an ornate toga, a hint of some sort of rounded gold clasp drew his attention before she forcibly drew his eyes to here with a scarily strong grip of her fingers on his chin.

    “Time to go put on a show, 'Nine Ball', or should I be calling you 'Calibur' now? Either way, you still need to have that title fight. So, try not to die on me, I fully expect you to earn your ending, one way or the other.”

    In his next blink there was darkness.

    EX19 OS Transmitter connected

    End Processor Transmission Mode

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 4


    Darkness cleared away slowly a metal room met his sight, a bit hodgepodge, and a lot of gadgetry strewn around work shelves, but very clean for the most part. The sounds of welding and work echoed faintly, but the steady clank of multiple footsteps on the steel flooring was clear and getting louder.

    “-pected him to be dead really. If I had to guess I'd say that shield system was protecting all of his vital systems, they were essentially untouched, and it was just a lot of bodywork and looking for Shockwaves handy work.”

    “How is our young friend faring then?”

    “He's been better, I can't get that device out of his chest. Shockwave put direct linkages into most of his systems, mostly power reroutes, no wonder he couldn't remember his name, power draw like that on his memory probably wiped it the first time it came on. Not to mention it looked like he had half another processor mated to his own, I was able to find and remove the transmitter though, but from what I can tell it's a variable area Space bridge.”


    “Is there still no word on where he came from?”

    “Afraid not, no recent protoforms matching his make anywhere, Primus some of his systems are strange as can be too. Made some work on the make of his sensor suite, but the power plant... No noticeable drop in his reserves Prime! All the maneuvers he pulled, shielding sustained fire from seven Cons, the device draining his insystem power, twice. If we figure it out we could spare a lot more for the Ark.”


    “I know old friend, but for now we'll continue as planned. Keep me appraised I need to talk to the others.”

    “I'll let you know Prime.”

    Ratchet strode into the room, the raid aerial bot continued to stare at the ceiling in shock.

    “Bet you'll be up in no time kid.”

    The older Autobot had turned to gather a few things, probably to check his patient over with, though he jumped slightly when he got an unexpected reply.


    “Startled me there Kid, it's good to see you up though.”

    Blinking away some of his confusion, and keeping an eye out just in case the walls started changing colors, He rubbed at his head, pausing in surprise when he realized he was doing so with his right arm, one he vividly remembered coming off. Looking down at himself he seemed fairly well repaired bar some scratches in his paint.

    Looking up to find Ratchet offering a hand to help him up, he took in gingerly standing, though none of the phantom pain he'd been expecting after all that damage appeared. Ratchet it seemed was damn good at his job.

    “All right Kid, now that you're up I'd like you to meet a few friends of mine. We've made a schematic of what we can but Wheeljack and Percepter want to ask you a few things.”

    “I, uh... all right.”

    Data Recorder: Track 4: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe

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    Nice! Also, I'm sure letting Wheeljack even have scans of a Pin Point Barrier and or a superior power system totally won't end in explosions. Somehow. It's Wheeljack, there always be explosions!

    Also, my point on meeting Dinobots was because, well, he might end up bouncing back into post-FOC or somethin' after he bounces around other universes or what have you. Look, I just find the idea of this rather confused Aerialbot being forced into celebrating with the rough-and-tumble Dinobots, okay? :p
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    So now that the autobots know your alive and will make a full recovery. what are the chances that they are watching a recording of your beatdown of shockwave and are just pointing and laughing at him