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  1. my bad then
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    Just because he can pull those sorts of things off, well for one he doesn't even know his top speed. Some little niggling piece in the back of his mind is still thinking of himself as a human, and it will take a bit until maximum turning and G pulling changes from what a human body can handle to, how much can my frame take before it starts shaking apart.

    There are also a few differences between flying a fighter and being the fighter. I'm hoping for his flying skill to go up at a reasonableish pace. Not to mention the... well that would be spoilers and I still can't figure out the tags for that.
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    You know, I'd remark on the Decepticon double post plot but I've had this particular scene rattling around in my head too long to care.

    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe established.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 8

    Thankfully he wasn't called out on rescue ops too often the Autobots had mainly pulled back to focus on the Ark, aside from scouting for Decepticon attacks and keeping on the lookout for Autobot prisoners then making raids to free them.

    This meant he had a good deal of free time at some points, though learning to fly in formation for patrols was interesting, the command structure seemed to keep him in low risk areas to have him available for dispatch as needed. It also meant he was just about always on call, and spent a lot of time on base grounds or on the training range trying to improve his accuracy with the gunpod, both from firing at the hip and aiming down the sights.

    Oft times when he didn't end up chatting with another bot he was looking up at the stars or the skyline, or even watching as the Ark was built. Still he felt like an intruder at times, Autobots had their own groups and he always got nervous trying to approach any. A few times he was invited over to squads he'd managed to help out or members of patrol groups whose member he'd filled in for when one member was getting repaired, but eventually he'd end up drifting back on his own again.

    Though change is a strange thing, it can occur from the oddest happenings, or the most brutal.


    His desperate flight to get to the aid of a group of scouts that were rapidly being over run was interrupted when a recall order came in, that the group had been overrun and it was too late. The bot know what he was supposed to do, he never counted on being in visual range when such an order came in though.

    His sight focused in on the twelve Decepticons loitering around the remains of the scout group, all of them apparently pretty jolly at their victory against what had been a group of four Autobots. Remains were scattered about the area, what drew his attention was one of the massive shield wielding heavy types stomping towards where two Decpeticons were working over the survivor. The larger Decepticon was leaving prints of a mix of oil and energon fluid where he walked, the line of it leading back to one of the ruins, sight locking momentarily on the third of an Autobot symbol on what used to be a shoulder plate.

    Deep down inside, something snapped and he had only one reply to the order to acknowledge his withdrawal form the area, before turning off his transmitter and starting the Spacebridge charging process.

    “One survivor, I'm bringing him home.

    A plethora of missile locks made the Decepticons freeze for just a moment as he screamed out of the sky, that was enough as the gunpod renovated the one of the two Decepticons around the survivor with new holes after the slugs slammed through his overshield, a mere twitch of a control surface bringing his gun into line with the second who met a similar end. Heavy missiles launched themselves after the Decepticons as all but the heavy scrambled for cover.

    The Decpeticon let the missile slam into his shield before bringing up his massive Ion Displacer to let loose on the target, only to find it no longer in the air as the red fighter had chased his missiles right into knife fighting range.

    He'd dropped down after his ordanance skimming against the ground for a moment before transforming, foot thrusters blared as he gained altitude for a moment and the pinpoint barrier lit up. This had taken him just outside the Heavy's guard who tried to bring the shield back for a slam when the Aerial bot spun. Shield tracing over his form until his right elbow lit up brightly, just before it slapped the edge of shield hard knocking it aside slightly, but more importantly giving him a leverage point to spin even faster for just a moment and adding all the more momentum to the left hand as it was shielded and the fingers knifed into the Heavies optics.

    The servos in the larger transformers neck couldn't take the strain and snapped, sending the head tumbling off as the main body started to fall, the other Decepticons were only starting to pop back out of cover now that the missile barrage had ended to see the red Autobot vaulting the falling body of the Heavy, thruster on his back blowtorching, and foot thrusters reigniting as they came close to an outcropping of jagged wall, letting them 'skate' down it's curve and gain speed again.

    A battle cry ripped through the Decepticon lines as they began firing on the would be rescuer who replied back in kind. The red bot was blindingly fast zipping and strafing through their fire back and forth, great gouts of flame sending him from one side to the other as he rapidly closed the distance. One Decepticon went down to a burst from the Gunpod as the displaced human turned bot shifted back to fighter form, barriers shining brightly against the forward curve of his wings.

    Flame roared from thrust nozzles as the Autobot rapidly closed the distance with two decepticons that had strayed a bit too close together, one bot behind them threw himself to the ground as he figured out the madbots intention but the others weren't so lucky as the distance closed to nothing and they found themselves picked up, hooked into the crook of the wings with enourmous pressure on their midsections, being carried along, until their lower halves hit low walls of cover their fellows were using.

    The bodies tumbled back behind the Aerial bot as his engines clawed for altitude directly over the Decepticon forces transforming again and whirling in the air even as two fliers in the group transformed and tried to fly after him, weapons belching flame.

    That was stupid of them, his missiles just reloaded.

    The two found themselves suddenly preoccupied with four missiles each, the last four he saved for the Decepticon behind them racing for either the Autobot scout for a hostage or the Heavies weapon. It didn't particularly matter as four proximity missiles were dumbfired into his trajectory.

    With now half their original number remaining as explosions wracked the fliers sending them down, the Decepticons scrambling to reacquire cover from their rapidly moving foe who rocketed back down through the dissipating smoke of the two con fliers, rapid staccato of the Gunpod burning down another of their number. The rapid decent was only halted when his feet came down on a Decepticons shoulders , knocking his weapon free and damaging the actuators with the heat of the thrusters braking the last of the decent allowing the Autobot to drop behind him as he staggered.

    The shield arm came up around the Decepticons neck bringing the red bots new shield back up as the other cons opened fire and he lifted his captive/shield, skating backwards toward the barely awake scout who had shoved the two downed con's off of himself with some effort.

    “W-Who are you?”

    The decepticon wheezed over the crack of gunfire and chuff of missiles launching after two of his fellows even as the fliers arm pressed his voicebox into his neck servos.

    I am...“Nine Ball

    The hand around the Cons neck tightened for a moment before the red bots thrusters cut off and the con stumbled as he was finally released then kicked forward as the red bot dove towards the scout, there was a flash and the two were gone as was the spot the scout had taken cover in, spherical cut into the surrounding metal and the devastated remains of three con patrols were all that remained.

    Data Recorder: Track 8: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe

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    Holy crap that was epic. :eek:
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    Crazy shit shit like that is going to make you a priority target.
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    Gotta say, you write an absolutely excellent combat scene. Just one thing to remember, pinpoint barriers can be used offensively as well. Remember the Macross' "fuck you (I'm punching you with an aircraft carrier)" attack was done using pinpoint barriers and your model is entirely capable of much the same. Also, you definitely need some kind of sword modification to your wings. Needing to find a sheering surface to lop those bots in half is entirely unacceptable.
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    Parts of that are going to be addressed, there would need to be modifications to the shield system to get an actual edge going for it. Against the Heavy, Nine's left hand had a barrier around it for the knifehand to the optics. The shield projector isn't quite refined to give the shielded areas an actual edge, though if he'd been able to get more speed at the wing section of the snippit he wouldn't have needed the cover to do that.

    EDIT: What I was actually listening to writing that scene.
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    did....did he just pull a Double Lariat with his wings?
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    Darn it muse! Weekends are my time off!

    EX19 OS Transmitter connect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe established.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 9

    Nine had been outside the infirmary since he'd gotten that Scout inside, he'd have preferred to stay inside to be out of the way than in the hall but Ratchet shooed him out. A messenger had come by gotten something from the good doctor and run off, that had been something like and hour and forty minutes ago. Which a mental chime his systems informed him that the Space bridge was ready again, which meant he was officially on call, a quick signal into Communications and he was set. One last look at the closed door and 'in surgery' light above Ratchet's door then Nine was walking out to the Tarmac, maybe some fresh air would do him... right he didn't breathe, still the sky would be nice to see again.

    Of course the last one Nine expected to be outside the door to the tarmac where he usually hung around when there a host of operations going on was Optimus Prime, the red and gray bot froze in surprise.

    “Walk with me for a moment, Nineball.”

    With his voice having deserted him to run off and hide, lucky little bastard, he silently followed the last Prime out of the building, his gaze would normally drift up to the sky when he'd gotten to his usual spot but Optimus kept walking, and so did he. It was a little strange, Optimus' presence, in reality he was actually taller than him, but Nine felt like he was looking up to him. The Older Autobot made everything seem a bit more... sturdy, just by being there.

    “That was a very brave thing you did out there.”

    Of all the responses to him going cowboy in the field, that was what he'd been expecting least. Optimus chuckled at his expression, no that was kind of hard to pull off with no mouth and a visor. His body language was probably telling the Transformer all he needed to know.

    “While we do need soldiers that follow orders, we also need those willing to take initiative and stand up for those that can't do so themselves Nineball.”

    Nineball suddenly found his feet exceedingly interesting as his gaze just locked there.

    “That... that wasn't what I was doing though, I was angry, I-”

    Optimus cut him off, hand raised to get him to quiet.

    “I know, but all things start with a beginning, you wanted vindication. Still your priority was saving Skipshot, and you actually departed while there were still three Decepticons active.”

    Nines head snapped up, startled at the amount of information the last Prime had.

    “Skipshot handed off a recording of you, and you should know Laserbeak was sighted was there. It's very likely that he's what gave away that pickets location, and that several of the stronger Decepticons will be on the lookout for you.”

    A cold weight settled somewhere around his midsection as the thought set in.

    “Not the most comforting line of thought.”

    “Just be careful Autobot.”

    Data Record 9: Advance through Data by 2 Mega-cycles

    Apparently what one really had to do to get noticed was be recorded trashing over two units of Cons solo within fifteen seconds. Arcee had actually come by and lent him a Circuit-Su primer, saying no one on base really had time to be teaching anyone else, but he had the most free time out of anyone sans Ratchet when bots weren't getting hurt.

    It had been after several sets of well wishes, pats on the back and offers to get him some energon in the base messhall that he'd retreated to the roof of the complex, this had the bonus of hiding him from Warpath who had found out the flyboy had been holding out on him.

    One thing though, he couldn't believe he'd never noticed the Nineball symbol right there on his wing, granted it was covered up when the wing was tucked beside his leg, but holding it out and getting the servos to partially transform it made it rather plain as day, right there where the UN Spacey symbol usually was.

    A glint of something caught his eye and his head barely turned toward the Iacon ruins before he saw it, a small purple dot meandered up his chest towards his head and his metaphorical blood ran cold as the threw himself to the side, a lance of pain scored across his back and he transformed going evasive. Speakers going to full blast as he screamed out over the resulting crack as the sound finally reached the base.


    Data Recorder: Track 9: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe

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    There really did need to be retaliation after that stunt, there was no way whoever the local commander was (Megatron?) could leave that unanswered. Now can you get the sniper befor the sniper gets you.
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    Just remember, Nineball, that tis well and good to show off if you see Decepticons or Laserbeak, but run like the dickens if Buzzsaw shows up.
    He's an unstoppable killing machine! He ko'd Omega Supreme!
    Decepticons don't advance into battle, they're just fleeing Buzzsaw!

    ...hee, sorry, just had to mention it since Laserbeak popped up, and I hold far too much affection for Buzsaw and his terrible memetic murderbird status. Wonder who the sniper is, assuming it isn't Sneaky Decepticon Elite Mook #490.
    Also, highly amused at hiding on the roof to avoid Warpath. That bit cracked me up. Liked the fight scenes well enough, as well as everyone offering to buy you a drink. Keep it going, matey.
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    Gee, why would the Decepticons want Nineball dead?;):p

    Lets see, ventilated 2 targets during Nineball's dive, a missile barrage to keep the rest occupied while he got in close and decapitated the Heavy, shot up 4th, then hooked a pair on your wings and basicly cut them in half when their lower bodies were suddenly stopped by walls. Then, shooting down a pair of fliers with missiles, shooting up another Con on the ground during descent, and landing on yet another, followed by using that Con as a living shield as Nineball moved to the survivor, while firing more missiles at the last pair of Cons still shooting.

    so out of 12 Cons, Nineball left 2 in combat condition (maybe, depending on how well they avoided that last missile barrage). The Heavy and the two he hooked with his wings are terminated, maybe some of the 4 that he shot and the 2 fliers he knocked out of the sky survived and will (eventually) return to duty, and his Decepticon sheild will need repairs as well.

    And that's before they realize he's the 'escaped test subject' that (temporarily) blinded Shockwave while tanking weapons fire from a dozen Cons.

    No, I just can't see why the Cons would want him dead at all. :rolleyes:
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    He also defaced Shockwave.:testsmilie:
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    well Starscream will probably want to see if he could use him, and Thunderblast if she is in this continuity will want to see if she can use him.

    also stay away from Soundwave. Fullstop. dont go around the very compitent con with the full ECM suit
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    You know you have pissed off someone when their response is a sniper.:D
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  16. I always thought that it was you know you pissed someone off when their response is a carpet bombing.
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    Yep but this is a special hate. I hate you so much I send one guy to cap your ass out of a entire base full of people I hate.
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  18. Out of curiosity, since 9Ball is modeled after the VF19 Calibur, can he carry 1 or 2 minibots or drones in his cockpit & thus emulate Soundwave?
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    Well he could but he wouldn't be able to quickly deploy them in Battroid mode, or when pulling crazy maneuvers in the other modes, he'd end up missing his canopy then.

    Wait a minute... ARGH Muse!!! AGAIN?! Day off! It's my Day off !!! Why don't you listen?!

    EX19 OS Transmitter Reconnect...

    Connection to EssBee.exe restablished.

    Begin Streaming

    Data Recorder: Track 9B

    His intent had been to either get inside or find and shoot the Sniper, he didn't get much choice in the matter as soon as he breached into the sky over a dozen missile locks lit up his vision, and another bolt from the sniper lanced over his cockpit section making him flinch involuntarily. A storm of anti air fire lit up the night just under him, as he started juking and dodging desperately as more and more missile locks lit up his sensors.

    'Nineball! Do you read me!?'

    'Blaster! Is that you? How many are there?'

    'Kid! I'm gonna need you to take a peek up in high orbit, all of our top side scouts have gone silent.'

    'Shouldn't I go after the AA fire?'

    ' I have teams working on it alre-WATCH THOSE MISSILES!!'

    The chaff had only done so much, just how many Cons were tracking him anyway? Shifting to Battroid form after another sniper round passed his chassis, he let loose with the gunpod, burning down the closer of the missiles before changing back and pointing his tailfins at the ground while he gunned it for orbit.

    'Since when can you do that?'


    'Nevermind, keep you channel open and get us some intel we're counting on you Nineball.'

    'All right, I'm on it.'

    When he'd reached the edge of the atmosphere what greeted him was the sight of the remains of Autobot highwatch sats and Aerialbot patrols. What was coming over the horizon was however worse by another order of magnitude. Several squadrons of Decepticon seekers being led by what he thought was Starscream were in turn leading a group of five massive ships whose bows were barrels to massive cannons.

    'Blaster! There's squadrons of Seekers up here! They're leading five bombardment ships over the base!'

    'Yeah, I know.'


    A host of more AA fire lit up between him and Cybertron as the Seekers charged him as one.



    Thrusters lit the starry sky as he climbed to get above the formation.

    Oh shit!

    Going evasive as missile locks lit up his tail, the chaff puffs defeated tens at a time but it wasn't enough. Transforming and turning to burn down the incoming missiles he was nearly jumped as a Seeker was right in his face once he turned to go back to maneuvering, desperately trying to get through Soundwaves radio jamming distracting him enough that the Decepticon nearly blew his head off. Only the pinpoint barrier saving him at the last moment and even then the kinetic force that did leak through was making his head ring.

    A counter strike with his shield sheered off the Decpeticon's arm and he was off before the overeager con was finished off by friendly fire. Nineball couldn't allow them to just continue massing fire against him if he was going to escape or do any damage to their numbers before they descended on the base. With a jerk he made a sudden turn towards the group of warships flying towards their formation full speed, sensor system giving him missile locks on turrets, even as he led a small host of missiles after him.

    Decepticon fire lit up the night, several Seekers and more than a few missile straying into 'friendly' fire, Nineball flew for all he was worth dodging the ship fire, letting his barrier system intercept the lesser shots coming at him from behind that tried to box him in. Just seconds later he was skimming over the skin of one of the barrage ships, another really stupid plan formed as he scanned this ships structure, and he feathered his engines to keep himself in tantalizing range of the missiles, some of the Seekers were even helpfully firing more. Giving a wide berth to the turrets as they tracked and took shots at him, he led his procession towards the engine section.

    Looking for and finding the groove where the nozzles of the thruster met the ship, Nineball peeled away from the ship in a wide arc before bearing down again leading a rain of missiles down against the ship as he strained his frame pulling himself away from the erupting storm of flame and metal. As he pulled back up looping above the fireball he was able to spy rents in the armor. It was a start he took advantage of, stagger firing two full salvos of missiles into the wound, the drives nearest him on that ship flickered and died eventually making the craft list and start to lose altitude.

    He made a mistake taking too long to actually watch it go to make sure it didn't just recover, it was the only chance the Cons needed.

    “Hello Sigma Five.”

    His whole chassis erupted in pain then the world went dark.

    Data Record Track 9B: Advance by 5 Cycles

    He came to being dragged across the floor, lances of pain were shooting up from his legs, someone had bolted the ports of his missile bays closed. A pair of restraint cuffs were around his wrists and he realized he could actually feel the thing restricting his transformation cog painfully.

    “I have brought Sigma Five as you ordered Lord Megatron”


    “Excellent work Shockwave, you may yet reclaim your position.”

    Fingers put a vice like grip around his head forcing his gaze up to look at the Decepticon leader. Megatron mostly eclipsed the view screen behind himself showing a view of the decent into the atmosphere.

    “You should feel honored whelp, your technology will finally allow my victory over the Autobots”

    ...Why hadn't he thought they might have copied things too? Shockwave had had access to his chassis for who knows how long before he'd woken up. Nineball was only half listening to Megatrons monologue as he took stock of which systems he still had access to with his Transformation Cog locked down.

    “-and once Shockwave has pried every secret from your miserable body, I'll give you over to Buzzsaw to-”

    A mental twitch at an impulsive idea, started his Jump system which seemed unaffected aside from the disconnection from the system that dictated it's coordinates being offline He probably only had a short time before they did something really unpleasant. It narrowed down his options quite a bit but if he could disable the ship... He had to keep this simple or he'd never get through the calculations before the timer ran down.

    Another lance of pain rushed through him as Megatrons grip on his head strengthened and something was jabbed into his neck giving Nineball a sever shock.

    “Listen when your Betters speak, insect!”

    Something about that sentence...ticked him off.

    “My, Betters...”

    A crack appeared in his visor from the pressure of Megatrons hold.

    “Yes, your betters.”

    “This frame... is named for the sword of Promised Victory.”

    Mentally watching the countdown on the spacebridge jump ticked down into the single digets, he'd have to fudge it a it, this was probably going to suck,

    “I too, make that Vow.”

    The pinpoint barrier flexed and the restraint cuffs shattered, his head mounted laser tilted forward and fired into Megatrons optics as the timer hit zero and Starscream fired off a shot.

    White. hot. PAIN.

    Oh hell where was he?

    The front half of Megatrons torso drifted by then fell into something and started melting, it was only then he noticed the glow and strain of his barrier system as he turned in place. Two baffled looking Cons were looking in a glass window at him, past them he could see some of the energy reactions he was aiming for. Nineball was in one of the reaction chambers, it was probably lucky he wasn't in a wall. The laser barrels mounted in the roots of his wings and atop his head all tilted forward at the transparent section and lit it up.

    To no real effect, panic thrummed through his frame and he surged forward, shoulder rushing the viewing window managed to make him an exit, one that quickly started vending energy. The two Decepticon techs were fleeing the room screaming. Glancing over his shoulder he looked at the gout of blue enregon flame reaching higher and higher out of his exit. Wait, where had he seen that hue of blue before?


    The Decepticons had copied his power system! Breaching one of those was verybad! Veryverybad!! Ninball had transformed and was racing down the corridors that were quickly heating up to a cherry red, and then white hot followed by the blue of the energon reaction as it lost stability.

    There! Weapons blazing he blasted through the a window and into the heated air of reentry.

    Data Recorder: Track 9B: End Stream
    Disconnecting from EssBee.exe
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  20. Ooh, slagged Megatron AND the Decepticon flagship. He's gonna be more feared than Optimus Prime or Omega Supreme.
  21. Brellin

    Brellin Bolos are magical

    Did he just gank Megatron? Thats ... a bit of a change.
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    Holy crap did you just off Megatron? Holy shit the butterflies.
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    Nah he took off his chestplace, Megatron is damaged not dead. The Restraint cuffs suppressed the computer that normally makes all the teeny little calculations that allow him to make those jumps. Shockwave thought it would be too illogical and suicidal for him to make the attempt.

    He did however nick Megatrons Spark chamber, which he was trying to bisect.
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  24. Oh, pity... Still, that places 9Ball in the same league as Optimus as being one of the few Bots to have damaged Megatron so severely, while being restraint to boot!

    If 9Ball gets some minibots, he can deploy them while in Gerwalk mode.
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    That still sounds horrifically painful and debilitating.
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