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    True Legends never die. Ganondorf, King of Evil, walks the world again.

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    Once upon a time there was a desert people with dark skin and red hair that had lived in the plains of Hyrule, before they turned to desert. They had a custom, they crowned the sole male child of the tribe as king, and tasked him with protecting their people from harm. He was, unlike the other Gerudo, a mage, and a powerful one at that, so everyone agreed it was a good idea. It was before the time of legends, so no I don't have to explain anything- it happened because it was appropriate!

    When the plains turned to deserts they tried to live as they had, but crops withered and died, and monsters sprang from the earth. Many other tribes died, but not the Gerudo. They survived for a time, trading with caravans. Selling weapons and hiring out hands to hold them. They thrived, and praised their king for his wisdom.

    But the sun grew hotter day by day, and the monsters grew more numerous, and the caravans came less and less often. The king knew he could not save his people, and so he swallowed his pride and went to beg the king of all Hyrule for aid.

    "I have considered your case." The white haired man softly spoke from his throne. "And of all the decisions I have made today, this is the one I have the most regret over. I am sorry, but I cannot allow the Gerudo to emigrate into the lands of Hyrule proper, I simply have nowhere to put you."

    Ganondorf went back to his people, and told the Gerudo no help would be coming from the King.

    The Gerudo died out in less than ten years, leaving only a small remnant surviving in the hot desert.

    One day, when the moon was low and the sun was high in the Hylian sky, Ganondorf walked to Castle Hyrule. By the end of that day…

    There was one less high King.


    That was not Ganondorf's only reign as King of Evil. He was killed many times, sealed many times, and many times he reigned triumphant. The same cycle, over and over and over. The land changed, the people changed, but there was always Ganondorf, always a princess, always a Hero.

    And all the while, the Triforce burned bright on three hands, until one time, when Power was sealed so tightly it couldn't break free… Into a small bronze grail.

    He stayed bound nearly forever, through the Age of Legends and well into modern times, until some fool damaged his prison. He would have stayed bound, for his long binding had lulled him to slumber, but he was woken by a foolish mage summoning a Caster, any Caster.

    Ganondorf, King of Evil, walks the world again.


    A thin voice sliced through the dark room. The room was in the basement of an apartment complex, so he had to draw the summoning lines quickly. The summoner couldn't risk being interrupted by the cleaners. Filthy servants never knew their place, not like his Servant, soon to be his.

    All his.

    He wasn't the most powerful magus, but that wouldn't matter soon. All he had to do was stay hidden until most of the others were dead, perhaps half, then have his Servant ambush the others one by one. They'd be fatigued, and would have exhausted at least some of their reserves of od. Every little bit would help, since he'd heard of what the Eisenbern's were doing to win.

    The lines of salt and blood on the floor began to glow red, matching the control runes on the back of his hand. He didn't recognize the unfamiliar designs, but that was only to be expected.

    He finished his chant, waiting breathless as the summoning scheme on the dusty concrete floor glared brighter and brighter, culminating in a burst of crimson light that disappeared in an instant.

    He waited, and gave a savage grin as he heard his Servant's ragged breathing. "I am your master Medea! Welcome to the fifth Holy Grail War." He felt along the wall for the light switch, chattering at his Servant. "Don't worry about strategy, I have one all planned out."

    "Don't bother with a light." A deep voice ground out from the dark room, and flickering fire began to pool around the figure in the circle. "I can make my own."

    "Oh good, you may refer to me as Master, but my name is… Wait, you aren't Med- AAAGH!"

    The summoner, name now irrelevant, fell to the floor. In the morning the laundry lady would find the body of the man from room 108, head crushed, slumped near the light switch. The only door was locked from the inside.

    The Fifth War has suffered its fist casualty. Enter the Bandit King.


    Gilgamesh woke from a long night's sleep with a woman, not his darling Saber unfortunately, wrapped around him, feeling better than he had in years. Last night he'd thought clearly for the first time since he'd had that miserable Grail spilt its mud on him.

    Why, he tried to remind himself, had that seemed like a good thing? He almost shuddered as he remembered what he'd done before, what he'd almost done last night. There was no need for that.

    He was the King of Heroes! No woman was beyond the reach of his sparkling personality. His charismatic grace astounded the gods themselves, he had not need to, well.

    The past was the past, and even he couldn't change it. All he could do was look forward at the new day, and what a new day it was! He felt like himself again, not some mish-mash Servant forced into a role, he felt like he was Gilgamesh and the world was his to with as he willed, full of people the gods played with like toys.

    Like Kyoko. He'd seen her last night, before his head cleared, on the side of the road. She'd failed her entrance exams and her landlord had evicted her, since he only took students.

    He'd invited her back to his apartment, and had been about to-

    He'd remembered. He'd remembered what he'd learned when Enkidu died, his humanity. To struggle beyond your means, to fight the gods and their ordained fate.


    Enkidu had been beside him through everything, and even as he died he had not forsaken his King.

    How could he have dishonored such a noble man's memory!

    Kyoko sat up, the bedsheet falling away to reveal she hadn't even taken off her clothes before going to bed, and yawned.

    Gilgamesh smiled at the sight. He might not be able to make up for the past, but he remembered what he was now, human. He'd been so much like the gods he hated. He could change though, that was human.

    "I don't know if you remember Kyoko, but my name's Gil. I hope you slept well, you were very tired." He slid out of bed and pulled on his robe. "I know you're having trouble with money right now, so how about we go and grab a lottery ticket before breakfast? I've been told I have excellent luck."


    A young warlord, in the prime of his life. His schemes are daring, the risks he takes are monumental. He walks into the very stronghold of the King he will kill, and explains his plan in detail, before carrying it out. He kills the previous ruler with his bare hands and force of personality, vibrant and full of motion.

    He defies fate itself on two fronts, snatching his greatest weapon from the treasure room it rests in. A hero breaks what will become the laws of magecraft with a musical instrument, traveling through time itself to outflank the young tyrant.

    He barely succeeds.

    The Great King of Darkness and shadow kneels humbly before his executioners, and barely moves, save to expel his final breath, as the Execution Sword of the sages plunges deep into his flank. Their surprise when he kills the sage to land the blow was like the sweetest nectar. Their horror at the atrocities he commits with it made the unending pain of the wound bearable.

    He is stopped, though not until he again drags Hyrule into shadows. Even then, run through with a holy blade and pierced with the Arrows of Light, it was no easy victory.

    The Victor is old. He won. He slew the heroes, took from them their thirds of the Triforce (a feat that had remained beyond the greatest of mages and wise men), and made his wish- vengeance. His victory was taken from him by a sore loser.

    The King of Hyrule drowned the land beneath the waves.

    The Tactician is wiser than he was. He knows he will never be free of the cycle, never live a life where there is no hero to oppose him. That he might not be the villain never crosses his mind. He knows he is Din's favored piece, the destruction that tests the world, and he relishes his role.

    His castles grow more ominous, his minions more overtly evil, and he makes a point of becoming the very image of Evil. He hunts down the first of the dragons, their molten steel breath reminding him of the desert of his youth. He polishes his swordcraft, mastering all aspects of bladed weapons, no matter how impractical they are. He hardens his skin until arrows shatter on his chest and maces dent themselves on his skull.

    He is, in truth, a heroic spirit of magnificent caliber.

    Excerpt from "The End of the Time Before", by the Sage of Earth, Property of Rin Tohsaka.


    Shirou and Sakura waited by the side of the road to let the procession of ambulances and police cars pass. "What do you think happened senpai?"

    Shirou shook his head in response. "I don't know, Sakura. I hope nobody was hurt."

    The pair continued without a second thought.


    "Hey Shirou! Did you hear about the accident at the cinema this morning? It was crazy!"

    Shirou turned to face his classmate with a frown. "No, I didn't, but I think the emergency response teams passed by Sakura and I on the way to school today. What happened?"

    "It caught on fire, and the people inside were all dead!"

    "That's terrible, but what's so strange about it?"

    His classmate leaned in close and whispered "The people inside all died in their seats, last night, but the fire was started this morning! Someone must have closed up the theater like normal, and just left the bodies there overnight!"

    "That's terrible! What kind of evil person would do something like that?"

    "I don't know Shirou. I don't know."


    Shirou sprinted across the floor of the Archery Club's dojo, bent nearly double so he could scrub the floor as he ran. "Almost- huf huf done!" He stood up, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

    Shinji had asked him to clean up after practice so he could make it to dinner with his friends before the resteraunt closed. It wasn't that big a deal, and Shirou was happy to help a friend. He'd just have to hurry to make it home in time for dinner. Sakura made great-



    "There is another Servant nearby," Archer's voice whispered from behind Rin's shoulder. She'd had him stay behind her during school after the third time he'd distracted her. She may be a magus, but there was no reason not to do well in school.

    "I can't tell anything else, I'm not Caster, but they seem to be broadcasting their presence."

    Rin turned her head, checking the deserted hallway behind her. "We're alone. You can materialize now Archer." As her Servant faded back into view she remembered why he distracted her earlier. He looks so familiar, but I can't place who he is.

    "Can you feel it master? There's a foreboding feeling in the air, like something familiar and strange at the same time. That's what another Servant feels like when they get close. Remember that." He gave Rin a reassuring smile, and she felt more confidant.

    Maybe her Servant wasn't so bad after all, even if he wasn't a Saber. Archers were supposed to be hard to kill, most of the other classes could only deal damage close in, so as long as they kept their distance, they should have a better than average chance.

    They'd just have to watch out for Caster, because that class of Servant could sense others from- what was that! ?

    Archer suddenly materialized and leapt backwards, pushing his Rin behind him as a spear cracked down where she was just a moment before. "I guess that makes you our mystery Servant, Lancer."

    The blue-clad Servant's eyes widened. "How did you know?"

    "The giant spear." Archer smirked and drew his swords, positioning himself between Lancer and Rin.

    "Then, judging by your choice of weapons, you must be Saber, strongest of the Servant classes."

    "No, I'm Archer. Good guess, though you're right about one thing though. I am probably the strongest Servant in the war."



    Shirou fell on his knees as a shockwave slammed down on the dojo, reducing it to burning kindling around him. The fire changed was changing colors from red to black, Magecraft. He was being attacked by a mage!

    His father's lessons flashed through his head, and he lay still in the rubble. If the mage was after someone else they'd ignore him, and if they were after him they might think he was knocked out in one attack. The first rule of being ambushed by powerful mages was simple. Don't be.

    If you get jumped anyway, don't let them pick the battlefield. A surprising number of modern mages don't have a well conditioned body, so running is usually an option.

    He glanced up out of the corner of his eye and saw a cloaked magus standing where the sliding door had been, silhouette d by the setting sun. Shirou blinked, and the figure was sliced in half before disapearing, replaced by a man in a blue jumpsuit, wielding a serrated spear.

    "Drat. It was fake." The new man turned to look at Shirou. "Sorry about this, but normal people aren't allowed to know."

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    Huh. Bandit King Ganondorf the Servant, and Gilgamesh gaining a few levels in Not A Complete Ass. Interesting!
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    Ganondorf as a Caster? With no Link to keep him in check? Oh dear...
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    Meh, I think Gilgamesh will step up to oppose Ganondorf, personally.
    He's blonde and he likes swords and archery, so.
    All he needs is a Legendary Green Hat. Or the Master Sword. He's Gilgamesh, he's probably got 'em stashed somewhere in Gates of Babylon.
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    This should be amusing. Any other fictionals in this, or just Gan?
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    No other fictionals! The central idea is that the Zelda games took place before the Age of Gods, when there were no humans and Gaia hadn't solidified her reality marble. I will say that Ganondorf is not going to like fighting Gil, though, for obvious reasons.
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    'Mongrel! Gate of Babylon, OPEN!' *Rummagerummagerummage*
    '...What are you-'
    'Shhhh, mongrels wait their turn.'
    'Ah, here it is. *plops green hat on*
    '. . . . . .*BERSERK RAGE*'
    'Come at me, King of Evil, and fall to the King of Kings!'

    ...what can I say, even with Something (which I has a hunch on) smacking Gil out of 'mwahhaha' mode, I still figure him as a bit of a troll. :p
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    Because Gil has to get to him first since he's obviously the final boss?
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    You have my attention.
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    The real question is, How is Ganondorf going to disguise himself? By the way, for those of you who followed this from the Nasu Ideas thread, some of the things I mentioned out-of-story there might not be the same here.

    Have fun with that!

    What happened last night?

    The previous night-

    Ganondorf walked out of the cheap hotel's lobby and flared his senses outward, noting the relative position and power of the other 'Servants' in this war he'd been released into. Information about his surroundings, about cars, planes, fashions, internal combustion, the decline of magic, and, most importantly, the rules of the Grail War, all poured into his head, channeled through the marks on his summoner's hand.

    He'd moved the marks to his own hand, a delicate bit of necromancy, but it should be well worth the magic expenditure in the long run.

    Magic, even after ages had passed it still bent to his command. The portal behind him closed, and Ganondorf peered up at the night sky, bordered below by the city lights, and saw the moon. It was the same moon, looking as though a giant fist had flattened its face.

    The sorcerer raised his hand, channeling his magic into the earth beneath him and twisting it, creating a ring of black in the moonlight. His lesser magic still came just as easily, also good.

    The Grail supplied him with more information. True Magic, magecraft, Prana, Od, terms he'd need to know to discuss his magic with his master- if he hadn't killed him.

    Ganondorf's armor, regal black plate trimmed in gold, dissolved into his shadow. Another spell turned wrapped him in what he knew to be appropriate garments for one of his physical stature in this time. How would he disguise his sword? It was too large to hide inside his shirt, and too out of place to explain away.

    Ah. He changed his clothing again, the lost prana instantly replaced by the Triforce on his hand, and walked into town. He'd need a place to spend the night.

    Not many places would be open, and surely one of the other contestants would be watching the hotels. Where could he find a business open this late that had a place to rest that had beds (or chairs- he couldn't be picky) was large enough for him?


    The same night- CinemaLand Theaters

    The security camera saw everything.

    It saw the cashier slip a few thousand yen out of the register and into his pocket. It saw him selling tickets to the elderly, school age children who should be sleeping, salarymen who's wives would miss them, and a large red-haired surfer dude who insisted on carrying his board inside. He'd sit in the back row, he said.

    It didn't see any of those people leave, and the man at the cashier never clocked out.
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    And now the image of a Surfing Ganondorf is burnt into my mind.
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  13. Really? I see Ganon like this. [​IMG]
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    Surfing Dancing Ganon. He will do BOTH at the same time.
    Because he is the KING OF EVIL.
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    Truly, there is no end to his Evil.
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    Nah, he could get worse.
    'And Then Ganon Summoned Tingle.'
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    *frantic notes*
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    HOOT! Are you not sure that there are not other, worse things which the King of Evil could summon? Yes, the King of Evil. A title he well earned when he corrupted the Sacred Realm eons ago, bathing it in darkness. In his centuries of life he saw and met many terrible creatures, you know, and I'm sure you've met many of them and know what I mean. Your adventure is just beginning, never underestimate the villains, hoot!
    Do you want me to repeat this?

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    ....you bastard.
    Edit: I hated that f'iking owl. so many times hitting 'yes' by accident trying to get by his talking. >_<
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    Ooh, this has real potential. Looking forward to where things go.
  21. Very interesting and a good flow of events, I would like larger chapters but that's my opinion if this works for you keep doing it.

    Though I am expecting an competition of Evil between Ganondorf and Zouken.
  22. Everytime I hear the Zelda backstory I go "Ganon, you old motherfucker! Kill them all."

    Hyrule kings are all kinds of dicks.
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    I love the title name, and how Ganondorf is working through this war so far. Still, if he could only be beaten by the other bearers of Triforce... would this make Gilgamesh the bearer of Courage? Would make a weird amount of sense, since Link too was a constant by the gods to fight the never-ending King of Evil.

    Or maybe Shirou can later trace the Master Sword? ...nah, very unlikely.

    Still, what we need is a good old fashioned epically long quest of fighting baddies and finding items. Maybe from the leftover servants if possible. Heck, maybe Ganondorf can summon a few servants under his command, like Gilles de Rais and Lancelot.
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    Heh. That's what I figured had happened. Ganon never seems to be able to hang onto all three pieces of the Triforce (I think? Canon is always hazy), and the things are linked, so if you pull one of them, decent chance you pulled the other.
    Now, the real question, if Ganon has Power, and Gil has Courage...where the frak did Wisdom go sneaking off to? *grin*
  25. Actually Obfuscated given the information we now have one had to wonder how much of the Hylian King's dickishness is the "Curse of Demise" setting things up so that his "Incarnation of Hatred" develops properly.

    Given Demise's demeanor I can easily see his "curse" skewing things in his favor to always make Ganondorf suffer and accelerate his eventual "fall from grace". So that raises the question, how much of Ganondorf's suffering was a result of the "Curse" and how much was due to circumstance?

    Honestly it makes you feel somewhat sorry for Ganondorf as no matter how he starts out in any incarnation he will eventually descend into Evil and begin practicing wanton cruelty. Remember in A Link to The Past it is stated that he slaughtered half of his forces back when he was the "King of Thieves" in order to get his hands on the Triforce. And since his fellow thieves were all Gerudo, members of his own race who he initially was trying to create a better future for......... well it paints a rather sad picture as to what he is doomed to become every time he returns.
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