Fate/Zero Kirei vs Kaleidverse Irisviel

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Who wins?

  1. Kirei

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  2. Irisviel

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    Scenario 1
    The battleground is in the same place as they fought in Fate/Zero albeit with plenty of space for Irisviel to drive her car.

    Scenario 2
    The battleground is along the route Saber and Rider fought on but with all traffic being redirected by a magical barrier.

    Who wins the rematch of the century?

    This is Kirei from the time he fought Irisviel in FZ so he doesn't get any extra Command Seals.
  2. Arcman

    Arcman Curse You, Being X! Amicus

    Are we using Command Seal Kirei?
  3. Nah he's strong enough without them. Especially since Kaleid Iri doesn't have many feats.
  4. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    Is this manga exclusive? This Kalaidverse?
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  5. EFA

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    The anime will start next month, it is the first season of the manga through.
    In the Third season, Iris was nearly strong as a servant so I will give her win.
  6. Doesn't the power of comedy normally trump seriousness in debates?
  7. True but in the Kaleidverse comedy seems to be put quietly to the side during serious fights, it might pop back up again but it doesn't affect the outcome of the fights.

    Unless you can provide translated chapters of that please use spoiler tags.
  8. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    This amuses Kirei.


    But seriously, I think he might a good contender to win here.
  9. Amuses him in a "this situation is really funny" sort of way or in a "she doesn't stand a chance" way?

    Cause Irisviels alchemy already gave him trouble in the original fight and Kaleid Irisviel seems to be a lot stronger and more skilled than her Fate/Zero counterpart (which isn't surprising since she's had ten more years to refine her skills).

    Also something important that we need to ask ourselves: How well would Kirei really fare against a car?
  10. Forgetful

    Forgetful Nuka Chemist

    It amuses him because he is sustained by Angiush.
  11. :wtf:

    This is pre-revelation Kirei though. And its not like he's ever laughed in any of the other fights he's been in. In fact while suffering amuses he's only laughed once in his life.
  12. willyvereb

    willyvereb Migratory Thinker

    Even before his revelation, Kirei was twisted to the core.
    When her wife died Kirei was sad because he missed the chance to kill her with his own hands.
    It also tells volumes that he chose a death-sick woman who's constantly suffering as her wife.
    Yep, that was the explicit reason he had married her. To watch her suffering first-hand.
    From many viewpoints, Kirei is a twisted freak of the nature.
    But he had a decent character and upbringing which had brought his soul into constant turmoil.
    Until the latter parts of 4th Grail War.
    Albeit even then Kirei was secretly suffering from a severe existential crisis.
  13. What combat feats for Irisviel have we seen in Kaleid, considering her alchemy seems to be on the same level in Fate/Zero? And frankly she didn't give Kirei might trouble there even with tying his hands to that tree.
  14. :wtf:


    Tiny bird that tied a man to a tree



    Giant fist that smashed a Servant level fighter into the ground and ended the fight in one hit

    If you think Kirei would win thats fine but how on earth did you get the impression that Kaleidverse Irisviel is on the same level of skill as Fate/Zero Irisviel?
  15. Are you sure that Fate/Zero Irisviel couldn't do the same as Kaleidverse Irisviel? Is it mentioned in the light novels that the bird is all she's capable of?
  16. The Nomad

    The Nomad Not Elsewhere Either

    If she had another ace up her sleeve at the time, and did not use it in a life or death situation... what does that make her? Totally fucktarded?
    I mean, she had not started to suffer from containing Servant souls, so it's not like her performance was downplayed.
  17. willyvereb

    willyvereb Migratory Thinker

    That scene seems to be have done more for the comedic effect.
    Otherwise the feat (making a crater on the ground) is comparable what a serious Kirei can do in base (punch comparable to a grenade explosion).
    Anyways, what other feats this Irisviel has?
    TBH, I forgot to follow with the KaleidPrisma manga after somewhere midway the 2nd "season".
  18. I got more of a "yeah you guys are badass and stuff but you're still nowhere near the level of your parents" vibe from that scene. That sort of stuff often shows up in fiction where the main characters parent(s) or mentor(s) show up and utterly curb stomp either the protagonist or a really strong enemy that they were struggling with. See the Sand ninja's invasion of Konoha where the parents of the protags show up and use more advanced techniques than their children for one example.

    Also don't look at what it did to the ground look at what it did to Kuro the girl who was toying around with Rin, Luvia, Illya (nerfed) and Saber form Miyu. Comedic or not it was still an absolute stomp against one of the stronger characters in the setting.

    She also managed to somehow pull a dynamic entry with a car inside a forest as you can see on the picture on the top of the page. Kirei better be careful, even Saber was scared by Irisviels driving skills.

    Other than that there's also the fact that in Fate/Zero the one who taught Irisviel to fight was Kiritsugu. In the Kaleidverse Iri has spent the last ten years traveling with him while fighting an unknown enemy so its very likely that her combat skills and experience has gone up quite a bit.