FBI Investigating shooting incident at Tennessee Nuclear power plant

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  1. Phyphor

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    Ok, THIS asshole I'm betting isn't a muslim terrorist. I'm betting this guy was one of those "No nukes!!!!!" environmentalist idiots.

    Or just a nutball.

    What say you, SB?
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  2. Night_stalker

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    Too early to tell.
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  3. Bacle

    Bacle Just digging around

    5:1/50:1 personal grudge between people gone way out of hand

    10:1 anti-government whacko

    15:1 attention whore looking for fame

    20:1 environmental whacko
  4. MrEmperor

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    We literally know nothing about this other than shots were fired. Could be anyone.
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  5. "Escaped in a Boat."

    What the hell?
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  6. Zorlon

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    If it was an activist style terrorist of sorts, why are people so wedded to using force to persuade others to do things the way they think things ought to be done?

    Me, i'm dedicated to finding solutions which let everyone have their way so far as feasible. Why other people don't like that?
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  7. euph_22

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    Honestly, anything other than "killed instantly in a hail of gunfire" rates a "what the hell".
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  8. ACOG

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    Nuke plants need coolant, and lots of it.
    So most of them are built near nonclosed water sources.

    I mean sure you could build an aircooled closed loop reactor but that is just adding unnecessary complexity.
  9. Gaius Marius

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    Those hippies better not take my nukes! Next thing you know the government will be all up in arms about regulating private nuclear weapons.​
  10. MJ12 Commando

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    You know, if I was a guy with a gun and sanity as well as anger issues a nuclear power plant is probably the last place I'd shoot. I mean holy shit the DOE's SRT guys? Their motto makes US military stuff like semper fidelis or de oppresso liber look like pussy kid stuff. Their motto? Ad finem terram. Fidelis tamquam post mortem. "To the ends of the earth, faithful even after death". They will come back from the dead just to kill your ass they're that badass.

    More seriously this is the difference between shooting up guys who don't expect to get shot at and shooting up guys who do.
  11. Shrike

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    "You'd probably die if you swam in the cooling pond. Not from radiation, but from acute lead poisoning"
  12. Gaius Marius

    Gaius Marius Fluffiest mod Moderator

    SRT unit in action:

  13. Stormwalker

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    Holy shit, I have a friend that works at that plant.
  14. JC - Interrupted

    JC - Interrupted We Are Caltech of Borg

    I hope you realize that said motto is something that was made up for the conspiracy theory book, "The Ultimate Psychopolitics, Mass Mind Control, and the Global Control System".
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  15. DonBosco

    DonBosco 11th century refugee

    They really should just adopt that motto and pay the guy royalties because, quite frankly, that's the most awesome motto ever.
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  16. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Solidarity

    At least one place which sells custom firearms and memorabilia sells that as the DOE SRT badge IIRC. That was where I first saw the thing. It's spread significantly beyond conspiracy theory at this point. Probably because it's ridiculously awesome.

    If it's not originally real I think they've borrowed it anyways because it's fucking awesome.
  17. Amorous Intent

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    With a motto like that, they make fucking Marines sound like pussies by comparison. :eek:
  18. Whirlwind21

    Whirlwind21 The Real Merchant of Doom

    Has he said anything about the incident?
  19. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Solidarity

    In the SWAT world challenge they beat not only GSG9, but some guys I've never heard of called BRUCE POWER.

    BRUCE POWER. That's like "GI Joe" as far as ridiculous over-the-top codenames for HARD MEN go. Anyone who can beat a team of ELITE OPERATORS named BRUCE POWER is fucking fantastic.
  20. Amorous Intent

    Amorous Intent Solidarity

    Look, I'm not saying we've found XCOM's squaddies, but...
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  21. DanTheVanMan

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    Can you post a link to the SWAT Challenge page? Sounds like an epic event.

    Also, were the BRUCE's located at the University of Walamaloo? :p
  22. Or perhaps its something as trivial as that particular security guard banging shooter's wife.
  23. Probably some red neck whacko environmentals
    tend to know all about nuclear secruity and would know bringing guns to a nuke plant would involve dying. As the srt
    just train and train as no one wants to attack a nuke plant.
    Met a Marine who had been guarding Faslane nuclear submarine base. Protesters are normally peaceful as they know slightest excuse and they get clobbered.
    Whatched some loons try to swim into the base on a pink inflatable dragon in febuary! He was impressed they got about half way before they decided to intercept them and then they wouldn't surrender until they were nearly unconscious from hypothermia!
  24. Sadly, it's defunct. It actually looks like all of the SWAT competitions are no longer being held.

    Bruce Power was the security team of the Bruce Power company of Canada.
  25. Flectarn

    Flectarn ¡NO PASARÁN! [

    Not the MO of eco-terrorists. They tend to go in more for sabotage