Feathers and Fire (SW SI)

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  1. AN1// Before you start reading this, you really should start by reading http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/here-be-dragons-sw-si.245659/ as this story is a continuation of that one.

    Index for last story here: Here be Dragons Index
    Index for this story here: Feathers and Fire Index

    Now, on to the story!


    I carefully tightened the last screw before I picked up the small drone, turning it over as I carefully inspected it. Everything looked like it should so I took it in both hands and shook it hard for several moments.

    No sound of anything rattling around and nothing broken.


    I slowly raised my head feathers, inspecting the drone once more, looking for anything that was out of place. It was half sphere shaped, the top bowl shaped and it was the size of a hand. Well...one of my hands. It was the size of a large serving bowl, a pair of half meter long arms with long spindly fingers was folded up tight beneath it.

    Nodding I turned it upside down and pressed the power button before leaving it floating in the air, letting it righten itself as it booted up.

    The drone unfolded it's arms, running a full systems test before it floated up to me “Serving Drone is functioning up to specified perimeters, Khan.”

    “Activate serving protocol one.” I ordered the drone, causing it to float out through the way to small door into the rest of the small freighter in search for something for me to eat.

    As the new drone disappeared from view I sighed and looked around. Well, now when that little project was built, what else should I do to pass the time?

    I could do some more paperwork...I did run a shipping company after all, if a distributed one where each ship mostly handled their own thing...well, there was stillalways more paperwork that needed to be done.

    But honestly, I had forced myself through a hour of it earlier and I simply was not in the mood. Nothing was flagged 'important' anyway. I would likely get a new flurry of paperwork as soon as we dropped back into real space and the signals could reach us again.

    It's been over a month since the...incident...but I have yet to talk to anyone from the Jedi. Yoda was still a friend, but he trained the idiot that destroyed my ship. I do not want to talk to him right now.

    The cargobay of the YT-1200 freighter had been furnished with large pillows and some drapes along with an entertainment unti. A quarter of the space was taken up by a bathroom made for Hutts. With some modification it worked for me as well, at least it was the right size.

    A pair of beaten up ship safes were sitting by the other wall. I could not express how thankful I was toward Commander Swan for keeping her head on her shoulders.

    While I was in the bar, getting drunk off my wings after losing the Clear Skies, she kept her wits with her and took the Honor sisters, Jack and Tel'te to salvage them before the local vultures found them.

    I have no idea how I would be able to handle this company without her to catch my mistakes.

    Being ship safes, They are made to survive unpowered atmospheric reentry while keeping their contents safe.

    It took a while to get them out of the impact and heat resistant hardened foam that had automatically filled the safes, but my lightsabers and the holocron was safe. Everything else, was lost in the destruction of the ship at the hands of Jedi Dooku.

    My armor had been destroyed and been spread across half the city moon with the rest of the ship and most of our belongings.

    I'm just glad that most of the ships and crews papers along with their valuables was stored in the ships main safe and as such survived.

    The drone floated back inside, it's top covered with a pile of assorted fruits. I sighed and picked up a purple fruit, crushing it in my beak, before enjoying the taste of sweet fruit juices.

    The insurance company had refused to pay for the destruction of Clear Skies. Not only were the controls not locked, which according to ship policy they should have been as soon as we were on the ground, but Jedi were involved.

    Apparently, the fine print said that the insurance did not cover 'Act of Jedi'. I dropped that company then and switched to another one for my fleet of YT-1200 freighters. One that covered Jedi based damage.

    But that did not give us the money for another Clear Skies, even though there was plenty of money in the company accounts from the sale of the Black Pearl.

    Sure, I could afford a new one, but it was the principle of the thing.

    Still, the lawyer we contacted said there was nothing we could do, so fuck it. I ordered a new Corellian Star Shuttle with the same modifications as the old Clear Skies directly from the manufacturers.

    The delivery time was five months into the future. We were in the cue, but they had other ships to build before us.

    Which meant me and my crew had five or so months of doing nothing until it was finished. Well, there was no way I would pay my crew to just sit around. The company have a ton of money just sitting in the account, but I am not made of it.

    So, instead I figured we might as well make use of that invitation from Queen Ni'Korish. She did invite us to the Hapes Consortium, giving us a transponder code that would get us through the Mists without being destroyed by raiders.

    I could be paranoid and think it is a trap of some sort, but I honestly did not see the point. We were running around in a cargo ship, if a well armed one.

    If Queen No'Korish wanted us dead, we would be, but she wouldn’t. I saved her life when her own bodyguard turned on her.

    No, I did not suspect a trap. If I did I would not have gone, yet alone brought my crew along.

    Besides, the way she was able to resist my Glamor was really hot.

    “Captain, was that your droid I saw in the galley?” Commander Samantha Swan asked as she poked her head in through the open door.

    I nodded and shifted my position on my pillows “Yes.” I answered, picking another fruit from the top of the drone, popping it into my beak “It is finished and so far it appear to work correctly.”

    The human girl crossed her arms and leaned against the bulkhead next to the entry into the hold “I still can't believe you made a entire droid design from scratch just to have it follow you around with fruit, Captain.”

    I raised my headfeathers in amusement “Do not underestimate the convenience of having a servant drone with food in easy reach. Besides, It was a hobby project.” I answered her before I sighed, tossing a fruit over to her “And now when it is finished, I am bored.”

    Swan smiled and started to peal the purple fruit.

    Heh, humans.

    “Well, we drop out of hyperspace tomorrow at the edge of the Transitory Mists, Captain. It should not take that long after that until we can get out of this thing. I wish we were in the Skies...” She said, looking down on her fruit.

    “So do I, Commander.” I said with a sigh as I laid down, resting my large head on my arms, my wings relaxed down my sides “Still, I was able to get a good price on a used YT-1200 from a Hutt I know and when we are done with it, it is somewhat compatible with the rest of the company fleet, it will just need a small refit and a new crew. It might not be a YT-1300, but it's close enough.”

    She shrugged “Yeah, I know. It is just a bit cramped...though I don’t suppose we should complain. You have been in the cargo hold for the entire trip. We can at least walk around.”

    I shrugged my wings “Well, at least now nobody need to bring me food, I can have my drone handle that. How are everyone handling things?”

    Swan sighed and turned her fruit in her hands “Most of us are doing ok. I think Cornac and Sarah are taking the loss of the ship worst. Cornac blames himself.”

    Well, it was partly his fault. If he locked the controls, Dooku would not have been able to steal her in the first place.

    “He will get over it. I didn’t fire him, just dock his pay for a couple of months. What's this about my chief engineer?” I then asked her.

    My second in command shrugged “That ship...it was her baby. She knew every single part of it and had mostly modified it in some way to make it work better. She is a bit depressed and not even Tel'te seem to be able to cheer her up for long.”

    “I'm not entirely sure what to do about that.” I said after a moment “She should feel better when she have a real ship to work on again.”

    Swan nodded “Her sister have been dragging her into the engine room of this rust bucket. Sarah does seem to cheer up a bit when she have something to do.” she said before she pushed from the bulkhead “Thanks for the fruit, Captain. I should go get some sleep.”

    “Good night, Commander.” I said as she left before I closed my eyes, thinking forward towards the meeting with the Hapan Royalty again, not for the first time wishing that my armor had survived the destruction of my ship.

    Descending to a planet to meet a Woman in a shuttle instead of proper armor was humiliating. She may be a human, a dustling, but her resistance to my Glamor made her sexy enough to count.

    AN// Many thanks to frozenchicken for betaing this section.
  2. I forgot all about Dooku destroying the last ship. Had to re-read the last few parts.
  3. After not being ripped to literary pieces over the budding Dawn/Winter romance Hiver seems more willing to venture into the nebolous, mysterious and terrifying art of writing relationships. This will be interesting - although I do hope for more Jedi dress downs.
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    This really was a nice place to start a new thread. The Clear Skies was destroyed, Atreus is upset with the Jedi, and the whole crew is off taking a vacation in an exotic locale. Let's see where this story arc leads.
  5. Heh, always good to see more Morrigi antics.
  6. Very nice to see this one back, Hiver.
  7. /agreed.
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    YAY! More Spacebird time!
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    Please tell me you also got the black box and mailed it to Yoda.
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    Just some minor suggested corrections:

    Cue should be "queue", a "cue" is what you play billiards or pool with.

    This is third-person, so "have" needs to be "has".

    The subject is plural here, so it should be "were" instead of "was", I believe. You could probably do with a comma and "and" instead of "along with their" to make it scan better.

    "Have" should be "has".
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    Going off into the mysterious Hapes Consortium with your core crew for an unspecified length of time, while also finding the current reigning queen, who's life you have previously saved? Oh, and because of a quirk of your biology and psychology, you find her incredibly attractive? Well, this should be interesting.
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  12. Hopefully she'll give them one of those aesthetically pleasing cruisers they have.

    I wonder if Dooku will make a continuous nuisance of himself? Like he'll keep popping up and bothering you because the force keeps pushing you two together. It could be funny.

    But alas. Only the author (you) knows the future.
  14. You need to open a droid manufactory.

    High quality servant and defence droids for the rich. Also, start mass producing the MK.II drones for the republic navy asfter getting them interested. Shielded, small and packing a bite is something they would go nuts for.
  15. At this point in the timeline....what Republic Navy?

    Almost every 'navy' in the decades prior to the clone wars was a local system defense force, and those were all controlled by individual system or sector governments. There was the Judicials organization, which operated as part of the republic. But they were very small and mostly oriented for law enforcement, not combat.

    Also, what forces existed had rather strict limits on combat capability due to the Russan Reformation restricting ship construction etc.
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    Let's hope Yoda is apologetic about what happened. I think Yoda would be one to realize just how integral space travel is to a Morrigi.
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    You know what would REALLY screw with Palpatine's plans? If the CIS won, like take control of them and create you own empire! bwuhahahahaha
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    I suspect he would. That ship was home, and Yoda gets that. Also, the armour was like a Jedi's lightsabre, and I think Yoda understands that, as well. Dooku likely got a lecture, rapped knuckles, and a load of shit jobs "because trust you with complex tasks, I cannot."
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    Contacts in the Trade federation would be useful. What was the Causus belli for the clone wars anyways?
  20. To try and collapse a very very long series of causes:

    The Republic abolished any sort of central military organization, while at the same time placing hard limits on what local systems were allowed to maintain for defense. This was an attempt (successful) to curb the abuse of military power. However, it also left many systems, especially rim and colonies systems, without legal means to defend themselves from pirates or other problems.

    This drove many systems to then 'buy in' to the growing mega-corporations like the Trade Federation and the IGBC, among others. In exchange for the protection of these corporate group's PMC forces the various systems would support the corporations in the senate and offer favorable trading rights.

    Eventually, by about the time of the Naboo incident, the corporate groups were so powerful that they actually had official seats in the Galactic Senate. In fact the Trade Federation alone had hold of so many systems that it's bloc could literally stymie legislation nearly indefinitely. This of course made many, many senators nervous as hell, and a fairly sizable group of Reformists started organizing to try and topple these corporate bloc and re-establish some sort of law. One of their legislative bids was to attempt to repeal the declaration of the rim territories as a free trade zone with no taxes to cut into the Corporation's funding.

    The Corporate blocs fought back of course, this was the spark for the Naboo incident, the blockade and invasion were basically an attempt at asserting their power and forcing a powerful senate position into their pocket.

    At the same time, another group of senators formed the Militarist faction, pushing to re-establish a central military in order to restore law and order to the regions that had grown increasingly dominated either by corporate interests or outside states like the Hutts. The senate was so wracked with feuding between these factions that eventually the senate basically split, with many going off to form the separatist movement.

    There was a bit of diplomacy at the beginning, but then Geonosis happened and at that point open war was basically a fact that the Senate had to accept.

    And thus began the Clone War. It's actually rather more complicated than that of course. There are entire storylines and character biographies of influential members of all the factions etc. Complete with detailed family histories and comics or books talking about their adventures.

    But this is Star Wars, that's par for the course.
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    Of course, all of that is Palpatine's fault.

    Really, what he just said can be summed up as "Palpatine did it because he saw the Vong coming." How long that'll be canon with Disney incharge is debatable.
  22. Eh, not really. For one thing the original decisions on military power and the like were made before Palpatine was even alive. The roots of the conflict can be traced back at least as far as Russan.
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    He's still cited as the reason it ended up happening when and how it did, arguably why it happened at all instead of being solved peacefully.
  24. True enough.
  25. Yay!
    More bird-dragon shenanigans.

    Hopefully you've learned from your mistakes and know to stay wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy the fuck away from anything Jedi related, and if they call you are conveniently not there.