Filipino Coast Guard Kill Taiwanese Fisherman, Taipei Flips Out

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    Shouldn't a small patrol vessel be able to dodge an oncoming fishing vessel?
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    Nien. Depends on what you mean by fishing vessels.
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    Heh, I saw this story a few days ago and was wondering when Alamo would get around to posting it.
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    Where do you get that idea from? :wtf:

    You do realize that Taiwan (AKA the Republic Of China) occupies two Spratly islands and claims as much of the South China Sea as the PRC, right? The PRC's territorial claims are based on ROC territorial claims.

    Seriously, Philippines is on a roll. First they nail a few warships (Chinese and American) with their attack-reefs, then they invade Malaysia. Now Taiwan, you are next.
  5. Correction

    1. A stupid US Navy captain didn't listen to the park rangers stationed at a lighthouse, crashing a minesweeper at a world heritage site reef.

    2. Just a week or so after the minesweeper was removed Chinese smugglers smuggling pangolin hits the same reef. Not a Chinese warship.

    3. The Sultanate of Sulu tries to force the issue of Sabah on both Philippine and Malaysian governments by sending their armed followers. Not condoned or supported by the Philippine government. In fact they are in trouble for that stunt.

    4. Much like what happened with a Japanese patrol boat which was rammed years ago a Taiwanese boat tried to ram a Philippine Coast Guard vessel. That was not a bright move whoever does it on anybody's coast guard.
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    I know, I was just having a bit of fun bending the truth.:p But there was a Chinese warship that was briefly grounded by a reef too.
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  7. Oh the one that grounded on Half Moon Shoal.
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    ReddyRedWolf, are you physically incapable of admitting that the Filipinos might be at fault?

    All areas within 200 kilometers of a nation are part of its EEZ. The reason why that map doesn't show that is because parts of Taiwan's EEZ intersect with the Philippines EEZ and is currently under dispute.

    There is no discrepancy. This occurred in a disputed area.

    I think you should read the article again. The Japanese Coast Guard rammed the Taiwanese fishing boat. Do you think that we're all blind?

    Also, the Filipinos have apparently killed and shot Taiwanese fishermen before.

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    I should feel outrage but I don't.

    I do know this. In what fucking circumstance do you fucking feel the need to light up a goddamn fishing boat? Were they blinking lights and in a sudden bout of idiocy you decided that they were shooting at you?
  10. Have there been precedents of Chinese killed entering our territory or EEZ?

    No they are caught, sent to jail, and processed to be deported.

    Your own cited source states this has never happened before.

    Plus there have been a precedent of this done before by a Taiwanese vessel ramming a Japanese Patrol boat.

    Oh your its inaccurate it is called the Philippine Coast Guard, nobody calls it the Filipino coast guard. And you used Flip personally not offended but has to be said. That's racist.
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    You were saying?

    You're literally flat out lying about the article. The Japanese Coast Guard rammed the Taiwanese Fishing boat.

    How the fuck is the term "Filipino" racist?
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    I'm not defending them pinoys. But in the circumstances of someone charging you at full speed with the intention of ramming you, you attempt evasive maneuvers and open up on them with you guns. A small fishing boat could be packing enough boom to sink a cruiser, if they get close enough, they sink you.

    This is of course, reliant on the fact that they are trying to ram you.
  13. So says Taiwan but Japans say it was the Taiwanese vessel that rammed them.

    You're being obtuse you know Flip is a racist term.
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    Why is it that my countrymen feel the need to ram stuff. I know we're next to Japan, but please, don't try to emulate them.

    There must be a china sea triangle or something.
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    Dude, what are you smoking? I'm Filipino, and I think you're being ridiculous. FLIP OUT is not the same as FLIP the racial pejorative. What the hell man? "Flip out" means "go nuts" or "get angry." It's in the goddamn dictionary.

    Also, really? Semantics. Filipino coast guard just means that it's the coast guard run by Filipinos. Just because he's using a general term instead of an official term doesn't mean it's wrong the same way I can refer to the US Coast Guard as American coast guard casually.
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    No bloody idea. They figure ramming would get them through their shoddy, shoddy PCG cutters and allow them to get away?
  17. Flip is a racist term directed at Filipinos. It is like the racist term Jap in referring to Japanese.

    Now deadguy may find the use of it funny but the way he used it context with Filipino in the title is racist.

    He thought nobody would bother to point it out.
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    Yes, a small dinghy is going to ram a fucking coast guard cutter. Look at the picture of the thing. It also sank man. Nowhere in the article does it say that the Japanese claimed that the Taiwanese rammed them.

    There's actually a US embassy cable about this incident.

    Again, the Japanese Asahi Shimbun claims that this was an accident. Care to continue on this blatantly untrue tangent again?

    "Flip out" is American slang for "go crazy" not a racial slur. Stop being obtuse.

    Look, I understand if you're feeling butthurt about being proven wrong about pretty much everything you've said in this thread, but unfounded accusations of racism will get you nowhere.

    The fishing boat in question is barely the size of a small truck. I don't think that PCGs are that shoddy.


    Also, Taiwan is considering putting the Philippines under sanctions. Hopefully the situation will be put under control, but it looks like the Taiwanese are out for blood.

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    REDDY. Just stop. You're making your point look worse. Flip out is a slang term much more in common use than Flip is as a racial pejorative, which is now mostly archaic.

    Right now you just sound like you're pissed because someone is badmouthing Filipinos. PLEASE, stop doing that. I really hate it when we Filipinos react to criticisms of our country like they were a declaration of war.

    And it's not like the possibility of our own authorities being in the wrong here is that farfetched, as much as I hate to admit it. Remember that incompetent handling of that tour bus hostage taking that resulted in foreign tourists needlessly dying because the police handled it in the worst way possible? Then again, I remember people being butthurt then too when foreigners pointed out the incompetence.

    Gods, one of the things that annoys me about some of my countrymen sometimes is that reaction to any criticism from outsiders sometimes results in overly defensive histrionics. It just makes us look childish.
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    No because anyone remotely familiar with American English or even just English in general would know exactly what deadguy meant. In addition you had a chance to call him out his "supposed racism" with your post #13 in this very thread. You had plenty of time to bring up the "racism" yet you chose to do so only after deadguy proved you completely wrong about past events. So in other words, it's clear to everyone with half a brain and a command of the English language that you're simply playing the "race card" in a vain attempt to discredit deadguy.
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    Reddy's okay. You should some of the America FUCK YAR threads.
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    It's just that the way he's acting reminds me of all the Filipinos who go "Boycott Jay Leno/Oprah/Mariah Carey/insert outsider here" because they said something (or were rumored to have said something) negative about the Philippines. There's always a big public outcry, and one of those had the goddamn government threatening a travel ban for the person in question.

    It's like we're trying to corner the market on butthurt.
  23. That boat appears to be the size of Taiwan.
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