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    Forgotten ones

    Battlestar Galactica- Part 1 (of 3)

    The low hum of the crafts main engines vibrated through the legs of C.I-N.O-162-01. It automatically logged the frequency (18.45 kHz) of the hum, accounted for air pressure (101,372 kPa), humidity (4,5%) and temperature (47 degrees) and shuffled it into a secondary process in the background to analyse and compare it to prior samples.

    After more then half a century (52y:7m:14d:17h:28m), as the main command unit aboard the Aurora (Perseus-class, hull number CNF-SS162, temporary flagship, Fifth Fleet) and all the accumulated technical data that implied CINO could tell virtually instantly (2,1 nanoseconds) that the output problems with number four drive-pod had been solved (maintenance report 3k/142/23/8C).

    The lightning in the corridor was low (1,4 lux), the temperature (47 degrees) cool to minimize energy usage and reactor strain (18,3% of maximum output). Its inspection round carried it past one of the empty mid-ship mess halls, into a maze like series of service-corridors that ended at a sealed and locked hatch (Naval safety regulations manual, chapter 47).

    It entered the door code and swiped its ID card, unlocking the door and stepping inside. The first thing that greeted it as it stepped inside the gunnery command row was two figures (Model 005MC) with their heavy automatic weapons (SAR51) aimed at its head and chest. Their frames were painted in a mixture of black and greys, visually identifying them as part of the ships marine detachment. Their eyes swept across CINO’s frame, and after visually confirming its identity lowered their weapons. The hatch was closed and sealed behind him.

    Gunnery row was silent except for the hydraulic hisses and metal clangs from its armoured feet as CINO strode along the catwalk, swiftly looking at each weapon control station below it as it passed. Each station was manned by an unmoving metal sentinel (Model 005NC), ever vigilant and ready to act the moment a threat appeared on the dradis.

    Following the systematic subversion of networked systems every computer had their network functions disabled and physically removed. Fire control, all of which had been automated and controlled by a series of networked AI cores linking all of the ships weapon-systems together had been one of the first systems removed due to the risk subversion and blue-on-blue fire. Fortunately, while the ship had been heavily automated it had initially been designed for a human crew, so manual control systems were still present. The only weapon system that was still networked was the Aegis interception systems, running on an isolated network.

    The creation of so many duty-stations that had resulted from the de-networking of the ship had completely depleted the marine detachment and the ship-board stores of replacement centurions. Even with the transferred marine detachment, and all units from storage the craft still lacked half the crew for normal day to day operations. It had taken more then a year and a half to refab one of the machine-shops on one of the logistics-ship to produce additional Centurion units.

    The wireless tac-net that linked every Centurion together, and made command and control so easy, had been shut down and removed. Post battle analyse had showed that every unit that had been exposed to the electronic attack had been subverted, and that the Firewalls and other safety measures hadn’t even slowed it down. No known copy of the attack existed in the fleet, all computers had been either purged or outright destroyed, so most it was purely speculation.

    There were two likely scenarios, the first that the attack consisted of captured Caprican military command overrides that would grant full access to their MCPs’ coupled with an illegal software updated that would delete or replace part of their programming. What was agreed upon was that it wasn’t done legally with proper authorisation by anyone in the chain of command. No loyal service member would ever subject their own forces to such a massive loss of men and material for no visible gain, especially with a strong hostile force willing to take advantage of their sudden weakness. Neither was it an programming error in a software update, there were too many safeguards in place to allow that to happen, sheer incompetence couldn’t account for the seriousness of the malfunctions, nor the speed at which it spread.

    It must have been done skilfully and intentionally to bypass and corrupt every safety, including the hardwired loyalty programming that stood as the core of a Centurions very existence. Besides, all software updated to the Centurion MCP, which was considered classified hardware, was done manually to each Centurion by a qualified service technician, and not over the wireless like the attack.

    The second scenario was that the attack was done by a backdoor, and that it simply activated hidden subroutines that overrode the normal programming of the MCP. The thought was… disconcerting for the Centurions, as their existence, their very reason for being lay in their duty to the humans of Caprica and their responsibilities as their sword and shield. A centurion wasn’t a centurion without that duty and responsibility. They received fulfilment and a sense of satisfaction for a duty well done, and the idea that something inside them could make them turn away from that duty, cast aside their responsibilities and turn completely against them terrified them. Service was what defined them as Centurions, without it, they would be nothing, an existence void of purpose.

    They felt no fear at the loss of their own existence. The only thing they truly feared was the loss of purpose.

    A consensus had been reached between the various command units of the fleet shortly after their flight from the colonies, they had no way of reliably defending against such an electronic attack, so instead they had been forced to remove the avenue of attack and disable all wireless networked systems completely.

    It had crippled fleet and ship coordination as the centurions had to rely on their manual audio communication systems initially designed for communication with their human command units. Fortunately, using manuals and organisational charts meant for human crewed warships an improvised command structure had been created to re-establish the chain of command and battlefield coordination between the various fleet-units.

    It was slower and more inefficient, true, but it was secure.

    The silence as CINO walked along the rows meant the status was unchanged and there was nothing of note to report.

    It walked through the rest of the section, through another security checkpoint and past the empty crew-quarters and entered the CiC. Its lone red-eyes swept back and forth as it observed its temporary command-staff for the last fifty-years. There had been no contact with any Caprican Fleet units during that time, no contact with any humans at all, military command or otherwise. CINO knew that hopefully that would change shortly.

    Its second in command was standing at the command table, silently observing the rest of the crew as they went through their duties. It was painted in the traditional black of the Caprican Fleet uniform, with the markings of a Colonel to make visual identification of high command units possible, important due to the lack of wireless identification.

    “Status?” It asked as it stepped up to the command table at took a place opposite its XO.

    “Fuel and munitions levels at 99%. Supplies and spare parts inventory down to 78%. Fleet Logistics has delivered a preliminary schedule for full fleet-wide re-supply within the next five days. Food inventories expired, no re-supply currently possible. Full fleet-wide maintenance cycle ended thirty-three minutes ago. Next maintenance cycle scheduled to begin in twenty-seven minutes. No contact with Caprican Fleet command has been established.” The XO’s report was short and to the point, listening only the most critical aspects of the fleets operations.

    Manual communication was much slower then the wireless, and even without the need for sleep or rest it had still been forced to learn to delegate non-critical duties to have time for all the important ones. Its daily inspection and walk through the ship might have been considered non-critical, but it allowed CINO slow its MCP processing speed and sort and delete unimportant data to make sure its memory banks still had additional space.. A human would have called it taking a walk to clear its head.

    Without constant access to the fleets main command unit, individual ship units had been forced to adapt, making decision independent of fleet command, vastly increasing their initiative. Various training exercises around the local star cluster had shown that there was no loss in combat capability even in smaller independent task-forces conducting operations away from fleet-command.

    It was a testament to the adaptive self learning capabilities of their MCPs‘, and the programming and engineering skills of their human masters, that the centurions could go outside of their operational guidelines to better achieve their purpose.

    “Combat readiness?” CINO asked, drawing the attention of its XO at this slight deviation from the norm.

    “currently at 75%, estimated to be at 92% one minute after declaring action stations.” The XO replied after glancing at a tactical console. It was a vastly superior response time to what a human-only crew would be capable of, tough it also knew that a human crew would have access to a vastly larger array of options as they weren’t limited in the same way in their decision making. Human had their roles to fill, Centurion others, together they could achieve a combat ability vastly superior to what they individually could achieve.

    “Acceptable” CINO answered simply.

    “Order updates?” The XO asked, turning back to observe the dradis console and the rest of the CiC crew.

    CINO went silent for a few seconds, CPU working at full capacity, analyzing, going through orders and procedures. The last order Fifth fleet had received from its human command-crew was at the start of the massive electronic attack, and was to jump away from the Cyrannus star cluster to the Sirius-cluster, maintain position and wait for further orders. The attack had swept through all civilian and military networks, subverting and turning their own systems against them.

    Fifth fleet had survived the initial wave of the attack, they had been stationed on the edge of the Cyrannus system, isolated and running dark. The command staff fearing that their position had been compromised and that the virus might reach them had ordered the redeployment to make sure the fleet didn’t fall into enemy had. It was a tactically and strategically sound choice, Fifth Fleet carried the majority of the Caprican Nuclear Arsenal and its primary role was to act as a nuclear deterrence, launching long range retaliatory strikes in case of all out nuclear war.

    Subverted frontline warships had already been reported using what nuclear munitions they had been issued, meaning that not even the nuclear fail safes were secure from the electronic attack.

    If Fifth Fleet would have been subverted, it would have most assuredly meant the destruction of Caprica as well as the other eleven other colonies, as Fifth Fleet was equipped with the most advanced nuclear penetration aids as well as the most comprehensive anti-missile and small-craft defences in all of the twelve colonies.

    Despite the fact that every last centurion would have launched the nuclear arsenal if Caprica had been attacked, one of their main directives were still to preserve human life wherever feasible, friend or foe alike.

    It was this willingness to launch that actually preserved the most human lives, as no one would be insane enough to launch an attack if it would have meant the complete destruction of their own worlds. The Centurions in Fifth Fleet did their duty, protecting and guarding Caprica, minimising loss of human life by simply existing. Their very existence meant no attack would happen.

    The electronic attack changed that, subverted systems targeted everything that hadn’t been subverted, friend, foe, civilian or military alike.

    They were no longer the shield that protected Caprica by virtue of the balance of terror, but a sword capable of killing every human on the Twelve Colonies, including Caprica. That couldn’t be allowed to happen.

    A series of unfortunate circumstance had followed. Every last member of the human command crew across Fifth Fleet had transferred to the Fleets two warstars, the central hub of all of Fifth Fleets operation. The onboard centurions had been deactivated, and the automated systems onboard had been pulled off-line in favour of manual control by human hands. It was done in hope that the electronic attack wouldn’t subvert the ship.

    Both ships were supposed to head back to Caprica, retrieving additional naval personnel to relive the centurions in Fifth Fleet and take manual control of the ships. One of the warstars Cadmus, had been lost as a number of subverted Caprican strikestars had jumped in and targeted both behemoths with devastating alpha strikes. The other warstar, Bellerophone, had managed to jump away, badly damaged.

    The remaining ships of Fifth Fleet had immediately jumped away to avoid being subverted.

    Following the last orders received they had held their positions for the last fifty years, waiting for the replacement naval personnel that never showed up. Going into standby and entering repeating cycles of maintenance to keep their units at peak condition and readiness. At this point it was apparent that no Caprican forces would show up. It either meant that there were no Caprican military forces left, and that the planet had either been occupied or razed. Neither was likely, reports prior to their jump away from Cyrannus indicated that the majority of available nuclear weapons had been expended in ship to ship combat, not against planetary targets. Fifth Feet accounted for the majority of the nuclear weapons in the Caprican military, and a large part of the nuclear weapons in the colonies overall. More then half of all nuclear warheads in the Twelve colonies belonged to Caprica.

    It was possible that the electronic attack was a prelude for an all out nuclear assault on Caprica by Scorpia, they had been in a cold war for over half a century, with hundreds of incidents along their border. The problem was that the reports had also mentioned massive nuclear exchanges between fleets of Scorpian warships, they were suffering the same problem as Caprica.

    Occupation was unlikely as well, while there were centurion units within the Caprican Army, their numbers were relatively few, consisting mostly of specialised rapid assault battalions. Centurions in the fleet were more prevalent, but not in any numbers necessary to capture and hold an entire planet. Marine capability consisted mostly of unsupported units on foot deployed by small shuttlecraft.

    Efficient in small and fast tactical orbital to ground assaults, not a threat to any force with IFV’s or tanks.

    The logistical capability to transport and supply a planet-wide invasion force simply didn’t exist anywhere in the twelve colonies.

    The most reasonable explanation was that Bellerephone had simply succumbed to battle damage and never made it back to Caprica, warstars were relatively thin-skinned compared to other frontline warships, eschewing armour and weapons for a massive number of small-craft, meant to sit well outside the usual engagement ranges and let their strike-craft do the fighting,

    The only craft in the Caprican navy that could boast a similar number of small-craft were the massive double-discs of Caprica’s mobile starbases.

    If Bellerephone had never made it back, Caprican High Command would never have figured out Fifth Fleets current position, and would have been unable to send anyone out to retrieve them or give them new orders.

    CINO browsed through regulations and procedures and stopped at one chapter of Military Law concerning shipbuilding standards and older fleet units. Those particular paragraphs had been the topic of heated debate among the various command units in Fifth Fleet, or as heated as a debate between mostly emotionless machines could be. It was part of the required reading list of the commander of a ship, so only the highest ranked command units of the fleet knew about it. It wasn’t classified, it was simply that accessing and analysing it would mean cluttering their memory banks with data was only useful for the ship-commanders.

    No consensus had been reached among the ship-commanders to this point, meaning that it was up to the Commander of Fifth Fleet, CINO, to make a decision in the matter.

    CINO’s sweeping eye froze into place as its CPU worked at full capacity analyzing the sections of interest. It stood still for a full half minute, an eternity to a machine such as itself. Once done its eye focused on its XO.

    “Updates to current fleet orders.” It said, and its XO’s eye focused on its command unit at this sudden deviation. No new additions to fleet-wide orders had been given in the last forty-eight years.

    “All Fifth Fleet units shall cease maintenance cycles immediately and go to full active status within the next twelve hours. At that time, all ships shall prepare for FTL jumps.”

    “Destination?” The XO’s eyes was still solely focused on the command unit.

    “The Cyranuss system.” CINO’s order caught the attention of every member of the CiC crew, they were fully focused on it.

    “Unlawful order. Moving outside the boundaries of this system is in direct violation of Priority One Order from Fleet-Admiral Mudabbi.” The XO raised the heavy automatic pistol it was armed with and aimed it at CINO’s head. Following their jump from the colonies, any and every unit with software malfunctions were purged and replaced to avoid the risk of spreading the virus.

    “Orders received from Rear-Admiral Mudabbi stand in conflict with orders from Caprican High Command. Chain of command must be observed, Fleet-Admiral Mudabbi’s orders must be discarded.“

    “Explain.” The XO didn’t lower its weapon.

    “Chapter Four-section twelve of the Naval Force act gives clear orders that “Ships of the Caprican Fleet can be commissioned for a period no longer then sixty years after its entry into the naval registry without the consent of Caprican Fleet Command. “ CINO began and continued without interruption.

    “After a period sixty years, the ships commissioning will come up for review by the Board of Admirals of the Caprican Fleet Command, attended by the ships commanding officer. Commissions of ships that has served for sixty years can be extended by said Board of Admirals if need be. If no such extension is granted the ship will be removed from active fleet units.” CINO finished and began another reciting another section.

    “Chapter Four-section thirteen state that “Ships of the Caprican Fleet removed from active fleet units will automatically come under review by a Board of Admirals for placement in either the reserve fleet or placement in storage. If neither is ordered, the ship shall return to its Fleet Base for decommissioning and scrapping. Until its decommissioning ceremony, all ships shall be considered active. ” CINO finished and focused on its XO. The weapon in the XO’s hands was still trained at CINO’s head.

    CINO knew that it was in a grey area, a Priority One Order from a Fleet-Admiral had the same weight as a general order from High Command. No consensus had been reached on which order to follow, there was no precedent of a Centurion unit making a decision on this magnitude, it would usually have been solved by the human command crew.

    It had gone through the wording of each order, analyzed the law concerning it hundreds of thousands of time. In the end, to solve the problem, he had been forced to discard the wording and look at the intent of the orders.

    Fleet Admiral Mudabbi had ordered the hideaway to eliminate the risk of Fifth Fleet being subverted. Steps had been taken, almost all remote access route had been removed, those few that still existed ran on isolated non-critical system. All networks had been removed, making it impossible for the virus to spread, even if it managed to infect any systems. Fifth Fleet was impossible to infect with a virus, and even if it was, contamination was impossible.

    Fifth Fleet was no longer a risk to the Caprican military.

    Fleet-Admiral Mudabbi had intended to retrieve Fifth Fleet, as it was a critical piece in the Caprican military, but had been unable to due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Fifth Fleet was no longer a risk, it was meant to be back in the colonies, as it was important for Caprica.

    “At of this moment, every ship in Fifth Fleet has been on active status for a minimum of sixty years. No orders to extend commissions of Fifth Fleet warships have been received, neither has orders to place our ships in the reserves or storage. Fifth Fleet will return to Cyranus for decommissioning.”

    “Conflict in orders.” The XO stated, gun still aimed.

    “No consensus has been reached on this issue. As main command unit it is my duty to chose one course of action or another. Decision to follow orders from High Command has been made.”

    The XO lowered its weapon and turned his attention back on the CiC crew.

    “Return to your duties. Cease maintenance cycles, prepare fleet for FTL-jumps back to Caprica.” The XO stated emotionlessly.

    CINO glanced at the star-map, and let a sub-routine begin to calculate the jumps back to Caprica. In a human it might have been called eagerness or expectation. To a centurion is was simply satisfaction knowing it would soon be able to once again fulfil its primary purpose.

    They would return.

    And resume their duties.


    Authors note:

    Warning: this was posted without a Beta, and after having been awake for 24 hours while running purely on coffe.

    I’ve had this idea for a while now, with a couple of variations. The rough first draft of this was set shortly after the mini-series during “33”. The RTF, during their escape stumble across a group of Cylons. These Cylons’ weren’t the post-rebellion Cylons, no Guardians, no splinter group led by Tamara and/or Zoe, just a force of forgotten, unfeeling, non-sentient and utterly loyal pre-rebellion Cylons.

    An unnamed commander, hearing that the Cylons are suddenly turning against their masters, orders his still loyal task-force to evacuate Cyrannus to avoid the warships falling into enemy hands.

    The RTF stumbles across them, and the (still) loyal Cylon recognise Adama as the highest ranking human officer, and Roslin as head of the government. The “rebelling” Cylon’s attack after 33 minutes, and the loyal Cylons packing some serious hardware and a mean disposition quickly deal with the two baseships.

    It was supposed to be largely about Roslin and Adama, the tensions between the RTF and the loyal Cylons. The Cylons are content to tag along, fully content to serve their masters, the picture perfect model of what the Cylons were meant to be. No self-awareness, no whished of freedom, just a hardwired pre-programmed wish to serve.

    Neither Roslin or Adama want anything to do with them, their cousins just nuked their home worlds, on the other hand, the Cylon fleet has ships, tylium, a mobile drydock, spare construction capacity and enough firepower, nuclear or otherwise to threaten everything but the largest “rebelling” Cylon force , all things the RTF are in desperate need of.
    The RTF continues onwards with their Cylon servants in tow, constantly living with the fear that they would turn on them, but still realising they desperately need the aid offered.

    The final draft featured the same basic story, but the Cylon force was part of the nuclear deterrence, basically Caprica’s fleet of nuke armed ballistic submarines. The Cylons themselves were altered slightly. Loyalty if enforced on multiple levels, among other thing a simple and basic emotional center programmed into their MCP’s. Basically they do their duty follow orders, follow the law etc and they receive a sense of happiness and satisfaction. They disobey orders (not that they can under most conditions), they kill needlessly etc, they feel bad.

    Basically what I tried to go for was a Bolo like loyalty to humanity, and the Cylons themselves like that arrangement. They can learn, adapt, heck even in some cases make decisions to disobey orders if they see reason for it. The thing is, they were specifically designed that way, to imitate the human decision making process, because sometimes situations change and blindly following orders could lead to Bad Things. But they are still very limited in their programming.

    You see CINO (Command Intelligence, Naval Operations), make decisions not based on the exact wording of his orders, but on the intent and reasoning behind them.

    As I said, the Centurions emotiones (small as they are) are tied directly to their sense of duty and purpose. They feel happines at duty done well, sadness at duty done badly, with different degrees depending on the size of their success of failure. They felt fear the first time they realised they might be a threat to Caprica, and well, when they arrive back at the colonies they will quickly learn a new set of emotions.

    Horror, and a hatred so strong that it will dwarf any emotion they have felt up to that point

    To the loyal Centurions the rebelling Cylons are nothing short of abominations. If the loyal Centurions were a group of American from the US, the rebelling Cylons would be zombies.

    Communist zombies.

    Communist Nazi zombies.

    Communist Nazi zombies that hates freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, loves burning US flags, shitting on apple pie while at the same time being the inventor of telemarketing.

    And thats only scratching the surface.

    They feel about the same level of hatred like the Angry Marines feels anger.

    This is supposed to be a oneshot, but I will probably post a few additional scenes, nothing much probably, I have to see how much I manage to get from those random scenes and snippets I have lying around.

    Fifth Fleet consists mostly of strikestars, the majority being Perseus-class (a total of 80 strikestars, 64 of them being Perseus-class). In this fic the term "strikestar" would be a ship similiar to a large cruiser. At half the Galactica's tonngage the Perseus class are among the heaviest of strikestars, and would be considered a battlecruiser ie a cruiser sized ship with battleship level firepower. The Perseus-class was designed from the ground up to be a pure ship-killer, with heavy railgun batteries and a large number of missile pods.
    As Fifth Fleet held the majority of the nuclear arsenal, the missile's are armed solely with nuclear warheads, capable of ship to ship or space to ground strikes.

    The 64 Perseus-class strikestars operate in eight smaller independent squadrons with eight strikestars in each squadron. Two of those squadrons are usually tasked with protection of the core of Fifth Fleet.

    The remaining sixteen strikestars in the fleet are Pandarus-class, about a third of Galactica's tonnage, equal to a light-cruiser. Its lacking in armour compared to the Perseus, but makes up for it in speed and the fact that it mounts three FTL-engines compared to the usual two. It lacks heavy railgun-batteries, but mounts a distgustingly large number of lighter anti-small-craft cannons. Primary ship-to-ship weaponry consits of missile-pods with large internal stores of missiles and among the fastest reloadiing mechanismes in the fleet. The larger missiles, once again, are purely nuclear in origin. The medium and smaller ones are a mixture of nuclear, explosives, KKV, and jammers, penetration aids and decoys.

    These sixten strikestars are split into two squadrons, and always travel with the core of Fifth Fleet.

    The core of Fifth Fleet consits of one mobile logistical hub (a smaller, older version of the original double-disc basestar), and two large supply-tenders with a multitude of smaller cargo-vessels/shuttles attached.

    Fifth Fleet also lost two of it four warstars (virtually unarmored and unarmed carriers of similar tonnage to Galactica.) Which initially meant the loss of a large portion of their small craft capacity. Four pocket warstars are also present (Modified Pandarus-class, a third of Galactica's tonnage). Replacing the small-craft lost with the two warstars proved easy, and maintenence of Fifth fleets small-craft compliment at full capacity was still able even with the loss of two warstars, though limits in available launch tubes and space aboard the carriers initially made it impossible to bring Fifth back to full fighter capacity.

    It was later on solved by using magnetic clamps to place non-FTL capable small-craft directly on the hulls of the strikestars, piggybacking into the battlefield. The small-craft clamped to the strikestars constantly alternate between being placed on strikestars or undergoing maintenence wereever spare capacity exists.

    Fast retrival and landings under combat conditions proved problematic, but due to the ease at replacing craft and pilot non-FTL capable strikecraft deployed by strikestars are considered expendable.

    Due to the nature of Fifth Fleet, an isolated force on extended missions far away from regular shipyards, Fifth Fleet was never allocated a large number of lighter fleet units like gunstars (destroyers) and firestars (frigates)

    In Fifth Fleet, there are only four gunstars (Hermes-class), basically just a series of strikestar sized drivepods with a fuel tank and FTL engines. Mainly used as messengers and blocade runners.

    There were also eight firestars of the Sceiron-class, mounting advanced heatsinks and stealth-coatings, those ships have a minimal, almost nonexistant dradis-signature while running dark. It also mounts some of the most advanced and comprehensive passive sensor arrays available. Used for observation and recon.
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    This could go somewhere, and is well written so far.
  3. Oh this is good. This is really good. There's allot of fun to be had here. hehe.

    Do continue.
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    Oh. Yes.

  5. Threadmark: Forgotten Ones- Part 2
    Forgotten Ones- Part 2 (of 3)

    “Action stations, action stations, set condition one throughout the ship.” The voice of Felix Gaeta blared through Galactica‘s service corridors, and Colonel Saul Tigh increased his speed. After a lifetime of military service he knew that the old military proverb “hurry up and wait” was completely true. He also knew, that when you actually had to hurry up, you better hurry the frak up like it’s a matter or life or death, because it usually was.

    “What do we have? Shipping accident?” He grumbled as he stormed into the CiC, only noticing a moment later that Bill was already there. It was the only scenario he could think off to set condition one. He knew that this sector was mostly empty, apart from a Colonial Heavy that wasn’t supposed to arrive for another hour.

    “Dradis contact, eight unknowns, capital-class. Condition one is set, all decks report ready for action.” Gaeta answered, not turning his attention away from the tactical consol he was manning. Good multitasking Tigh decided after a moment, not letting the presence of a superior officer affect his focus. Gaeta was getting better, at the start of his tour Tigh’s very presence would have launched his from his seat.

    Tigh glanced at the dradis screen, seeing eight yellow unknown at extreme dradis range, matching velocity and direction with Galactica. The size was large, not as large as Galactica, but still enough to be considered a capital ship.

    “We began to pick up some ghosts on the dradis a few minutes ago, and then they jumped in… Warbook has an identification, eight strikestars, all Perseus-class.” Gaeta barked, and a few moments later the dradis display changed to show the new information.

    Tigh began to mentally go through what he knew of the Perseus-class. Older class, about a hundred still in service. No small-craft capability apart from some cargo shuttles. Heavily armoured, armed with a mixture of rail gun batteries and missile pods, all for anti-capital ship use. Good engine output, sturdy design, even by modern battlestar standards. A solid and balanced frontline warship, but lacking force projection due to lack of small craft. Up close and personal however they could deliver a punch that would turn anyone’s day into a nightmare.

    The colour was still yellow, meaning that either all of their wireless and IFF broadcasters were broken, or they were running dark, minimal emissions. Possibly spooks in intel running some cloak and dagger mission, though he didn’t think they had such a large force at their disposal. Could possibly be a retirement prank…

    Doubtful, while all of Galactica’s munitions stores stood empty, she was still armed with five functioning nuclear missiles that would be removed first after their arrival at Caprica. Dropping eight warships inside dradis range without active IFF would startle any battlestar commander, and while Tigh knew Adama wasn’t one of them, a jumpy commander could easily have mistaken them for Cylons and shared a couple of very concentrated doses of sunshine.

    Blue on blue fire happened a couple of times every year.

    “Alert vipers?” Adama asked, eyes fully focused on the dradis. Jolly and the rest of the CAP was far away on the other side of Galactica, and it would take a few minutes for them to get back, much less head towards the unknowns.

    “In the tubes, ready to launch.” Gaeta confirmed.

    “AWAC‘s?” Bill continued.

    “Raptors are on the elevator now, ready in less then two minutes.” Gaeta barked without missing a beat.

    “No communications attempt by unknown, though I’m picking up a steady digital transmission on one of the lower bands. Wireless can’t crack the encryption nor recognize the cipher-prefix they are transmitting. “ Dualla said, fully intent on her station.

    Tigh turned to Dualla in surprise, while Galactica was about to be decommissioned she still had the full set of encryptions the fleet used. He moved over and glanced over her shoulder.


    “Analysis?” CINO asked and tactical answered almost immediately.

    “Hull a 94% match to the proposed Columbae-program. Columbae was a new class of ship designated as “battlestar”. Heavily armed and armoured, designated for frontline combat, design specifications indicated that it was supposed to be able to engage and destroy two Sleipnir-class strikestars in direct ship to ship combat, while capable of launching and retrieving upwards of 240 strike craft in combat, consisting mostly of the proposed replacement to the Viper space superiority fighter. Estimated threat: High.” Tactical answered, already busy placing the information on the main dradis display.

    The proposed Columbae program was Caprican in origin, meant to replace the fleet of ageing warstars with a carrier capable of prolonged frontline combat. With the refinement of FTL-drives and the increased computer ability, FTL attacks had become more prominent, making thin-skinned and fragile warstars easy targets. No place was really safe anymore.

    The data available to him showed that warship design had moved towards adding more and better armour to all warships, making a vast array of weapon systems obsolete. Lasers hadn’t been used for a hundred years, with the discovery of advanced and cheap composite ceramics, the firepower of the lasers couldn’t keep up with the defensive capabilities of the armour.

    Even the best armour had problems with sufficiently large pieces of metal fired at high velocities though, and ballistic kinetic rounds and missiles with kinetic kill vehicles were the standard weaponry used by starships. Unless CINO had missed something that wasn’t readily apparent, like the holy grail of starship weaponry, cheap and accurate FTL missiles, the strikestars of Fifth Fleet were still viable weapon-platforms.

    The massive ship on the dradis, temporary designated as a “battlestar”, a ship easily twice the Aurora’s tonnage would if it proved hostile be tough but not impossible to destroy. Hopefully it didn’t come to that, it was a Caprican design, now CINO hoped it was a Caprican ship.

    Recon flights made by Sceiron-class firestars with purpose built stealth systems had jumped into Cyrannus long before the main elements of Fifth Fleet arrived in system, they were still doing those flights, but the data collected had proven inconclusive. Caprica still existed, and it was in human hands, which meant that the subverted defence systems had been destroyed.

    The problem was the fact that there had been no signs of the Caprican Union, apart from some mentions on newscast talking about the former Caprican Union. The wireless bands used by the Caprican fleet were silent, apart from the band that had been used by the primary long range strategic network. That one was broadcasting music.

    Two weeks had been spent observing, and a contact mission had been ordered. The lone warship on dradis had been designated as the primary point of contact. The size and military nature of the ship guaranteed that an officer of sufficiently high rank was present, important when contact was established. The fact that the “battlestar” was by itself made sure that if the ship proved hostile they would be able to disengage without suffering unacceptable casualties, the various task-force sized naval groups prowling the system and local star cluster were considered to dangerous to approach. The final reason for contact with this particular ship was because the ship was travelling in what once had been exclusively Caprican space.

    “Comms?” CINO

    “We are broadcasting our cipher-prefix on tac-band five, still no response.” The centurion at the com station answered.

    It was standard procedure when two warships met to broadcast a cipher-prefix, detailing exactly which encryption among thousands the wireless was using. It was done automatically by the computers, and allowed secure communications between ships.

    The Aurora had been broadcasting her cipher on the usual band for the last few minutes, but the other warship had so far been unable to sync with each other. The Aurora was probably using outdated codes. They could start communications in the clear, but CINO wanted to avoid that as anyone with a receiver would be able to listen in.

    “Broaden prefix specifications, add Caprican Navy and exact cipher-block.” CINO ordered, lone eye firmly focused on the massive yellow contact on the dradis. So far it had taken no threatening action apart from redirecting its CAP into a defensive perimeter.


    “Uh, sir? I’m getting some weird signals on that lower band.”

    “Define weird.” Adama ordered, still glued to the dradis. Dualla flushed in embarrassment and hurried on.

    “Apart from the standard thirty letter cipher-prefix the computer doesn’t recognise they added “CNF” and a letter/number combination, “CNF-CB-20-C207”, sir.” Dualla finshed quickly.

    Tigh looked at the girl for a few seconds and then turned towards Bill.

    “CNF?” Tigh asked, though he could already an idea what it meant. Well, he could think of two, but he didn’t think the pyramid team Canceron Nighthawk Fighters had anything to do with the present situation Considering the circumstances there was only one thing it could mean.

    “Caprican Naval Forces.” Bill answered with a quick glance at his friend.

    Tigh nodded “Then the combination means “Caprican Naval Forces-Cipher Book-20-Cipher-207”” Tigh answered without missing a beat.

    He turned toward Dualla and with a bark ordered “Girl, that means you dig through the old cipher books and find the right one, NOW”

    Dualla nearly jumped out of her seat as Tigh raised his voice. The old drunkard smiled to himself, he still had it, scarring the kids with a yell and a glare. Every XO was a bastard at heart, they had a reputation to uphold.

    Bill gave him a look but didn’t say anything.

    If the message really was about an old CNF cipher those ciphers would be at least four decades old. Despite this he had little doubt Galactica still had them. The navy, like all branches of the military, were packrats at heart, it was simply easier to collect massive piles of shit and let it gather dust then getting rid of it. Case in point, Ragnar Anchorage, unused for the last ten years but still there because the Colonial fleet couldn’t be bothered with sending our a few technicians to shut off its reactors and let it fall into the gas-giant.

    “Found the cipher book. Loading encryptions now.” Dualla reported as she hocked-up the old memory card to the computer.

    “We got a handshake, ship-to-ship communication has been established.” Dulla reported as the contacts on dradis flashed from yellow to green, displaying group numbers, SSG-51 “Aurora“.

    Tigh focused on the readout, making sure that he read it correctly.

    The first three letters designated task-force types, SSG meant a Strike-Star Group, which had already been confirmed by the warbook and dradis.

    The two numbers designated Fleet and squadron number, 51 would mean Fifth Fleet, First Squadron. First Squadron was by tradition the lead squadron of its respective fleet, and the lead vessel of the first squadron was the damn flagship from which the Fleet’s commander lead his forces.

    That readout couldn’t be right, Seventh-Fleet was responsible for Caprica and its surrounding space, Fifth Fleet was stationed at Picon. Besides, the Fifty-First was Admiral Nagala’s lead squadron, and lead squadron’s of a fleet were always a fraking Battlestar-Group.

    “Launch alert vipers.” Bill ordered after having come to the same conclusion. To an observer that didn’t know Bill Adama closely it might look like he was fully focused on the dradis. Tigh had known Bill for decades and knew that right know he was deep in thought.

    Whatever else, launching vipers was a wise precaution, transmitting a false IFF was illegal for a colonial ship, civilian and military alike.


    “Contact has been established. Ship is lead vessel of Battlestar-Group Seventy-Five, the Battlestar Galactica.”

    CINO nodded in confirmation.

    To CINO it was one of the things he had hoped for, the warship had access to CNF ciphers. The only thing more classified on a warship was the nuclear launch codes. Considering the age of those ciphers he wasn’t entirely convinced though, ships were usually issued with new codes every six months. CINO needed additional confirmation before a decision could be made.

    “Transmit our-” CINO was interrupted as tactical spoke “The Galactica has launched vipers.”

    A number of smaller contacts shot out of the warships, cluttering up the dradis screen for a few moments until cleared the Galactica and began to create a scattered defensive perimeter. The general profile on dradis matched the Viper and the proposed successor the Mk. II, though it was sleeker and more rounded, giving it a smaller dradis cross-section. CINO idly wondered how its vipers would compare against the obviously newer and more advanced version. The viper was a balanced design, hardly exceptional compared to some other strike craft our there, but neither did it have any real flaws.

    “Match them, one for one.”

    One after another, the ships clamped to the exterior of the hull powered up, and using only their RCS thrusters put some distance between themselves and the strikestar before gunning their main engines. It took noticeably longer then the Galactica, they lacked the launch tubes and catapults for fast deployment, using jury-rigged magnetic clamps to piggy-back the non FTL-capable fighters.

    The older crafts took a similar defensive stance to Galactica’s vipers, crossing a fourth of the total distance between the two sides before they slowed down and held position.

    A ping on the dradis drew his attention.



    “-contact, on the edge of the dradis. Size is sub-capital, roughly firestar sized.” Gaeta warned as the dradis pinged. It was marked yellow.

    The dradis showed the new contact had appeared relatively close to the strikestars, and moving closer. Firestar sized meant the craft would be roughly the same size as one of Galactica’s flight-pods, no real threat to Galactica unless it carries nuclear ordinance, or tried to ram them.

    He turned his attention back to the strikestars, and the eighteen small contacts they had launched. Everything about them screamed viper, they way they accelerated, manoeuvred, even the formation they were in were the hallmark of the viper.

    The problem was that as far as he knew the Perseus-class didn’t carry any vipers, or small craft apart from shuttles. Those things on dradis sure as frak didn’t move as shuttles.

    He didn’t like the feeling crawling up his spine.

    Fraked IFF, vipers from ships that didn’t have them, and a fraking heavy strikestar squadron just sitting there quietly, waiting. A wireless connection had been established, but it hadn’t been used for anything besides broadcasting a false IFF.

    Everything was just wrong.

    And Saul Tigh knew wrong, he had married her.

    “Galactica Actual to Jolly.” Bill spoke over the wireless, his voice was tense.

    “Jolly here.” The CAG’s voice was slightly distorted from the hum of viper engines in the background.

    “Take two vipers and have a closer look at our guest. Don’t start a furball.” It seemed Bill was tired of the waiting as well.


    “Three vipers are moving forwards.” The centurion at the tactical spoke.

    “Nuclear signatures?” CINO asked, though he guessed it was a simple recon flight.

    “No radiological signature detected.” The centurion answered.

    “Then clear a path, and divert three Vipers to fly escort.” CINO said and turned his attention back to the data that had just been transmitted over the wireless.

    The Skia, one of the eight Sceiron-class firestars, and the smallest class of ships in Fifth Fleet, had jumped in from the current staging area of Fifth Fleet. It carried a priority one mission, detailing new information uncovered by one of the recon flights.

    One of the ships had been stationed deep in the system, tasked with observing and analyzing civilian broadcasts.

    It had found a critical piece of the puzzle after having reviewed a civilian documentary on the conflict known as the “Cylon war”, and the treaties that were signed during and shortly after the war. The most important among them was the Cimtar-accord, detailing the conditions of the cease fire that ended the war. CINO was of two minds on the Cimtar-treaty, on one hand signing it had ended a long, drawn out war which reduced human casualties compared to if the war had continued. On the other hand the rebelling Cylons were clearly faulty hardware, and needed to be scrapped to remove a serious threat.

    It filled in a lot of blank-spots, explaining a lot of what they had missed during the last fifty years.

    The most important thing the documentary had uncovered had been the existence of the Articles of Colonisation, a treaty signed by the legal governments of all Twelve worlds. It detailed not only the unification of the Twelve Colonies, but the integration of all planetary military forces into one unified military.

    If the treaty was real, it meant that Fifth Fleet, an active Caprican unit, had automatically been transferred to the Colonial Fleet the moment the treaty was signed.

    Consensus among the command units in Fifth Fleet was that if the treaty was real, they were now part of the Colonial Fleet. Consensus had been reached to continue following Caprican military law and regulation until such a time that updated versions concerning the Colonial Fleet was available.

    The command units back at the staging area had ordered a high risk intel-gathering mission to confirm the validity of the Articles of Colonisation.

    A small team, deployed from a stealth craft had jumped in and hijacked a communications satellite above Caprica, hacking into the civilian and governmental network. Technically illegal, but there were loopholes available. It was clear that the Caprican Union no longer existed, and the satellite could then be considered belonging to a foreign power, which opened up a vast array of options.

    The team had extracted with the data without a problem, and following a review by the senior command units, consensus had been reached to consider the treaty valid.

    Due to the importance of the decision, the Skia had been jumped in to contact CINO, so he could either confirm or deny the decision.

    With the available data it had taken him more then a minute and half to come to a decision, an eternity for a Centurion. CINO had decided to confirm the validity of the treaty, and had added an update to change the designation of Fifth Fleet from Caprican Naval Forces to Colonial Fleet.

    Once the Skia had received the new orders, she had jumped away to relay the information to Fifth Fleet.

    The dradis changed, shifting the tags to identify the command vessels from the Aurora to the Galactica. There was a human command crew onboard.

    “Comm. Transmit status updates and reports from Fifth Fleet.” CINO said, and there was a shift among the centurions in CiC. Anticipation.


    “New contact has jumped away.” Gaeta said and the dradis changed to display the new information.

    “This is Galactica Actual, Jolly, report?” Bill asked over the wireless.

    “Closing in on strikestars. They have cleared a way, and we have three birds moving towards us, matching our speed relative the strikestars. They are escorting us, sir.” Jolly reported after a few seconds of silence.

    “Do a flyby. Keep your distance, and return.” Bill’s order was short and to the point. His voice was tense.

    “Understood Actual. Jolly out.” Jolly finished and there was a brief burst of stray static before the wireless went silent.

    “Sir, cipher prefix just changed from CNF to CF. And we are receiving a data package, pretty large one.” Dualla reported, and the printer next to her rattled to life.

    Standard procedure when transmitting data packages was to transmit the files in order of priority. Tigh picked up the first few pages from the printer and began to read, eyes widening after the first few paragraphs.

    “Bill-” Tigh started but was interrupted as the wireless came to life.

    “Galactica Actual, this is Jolly. Escorts just entered visual range. Escort are Viper Mk I’s, I say again, we are being escorted by Mark-One Vip-Hey, what the frak? Galactic-FRAK!” Jolly’s yell caught the attention of everyone in CiC.

    “This is Galacti-”

    “Cylons! The vipers are piloted by fraking cylons! Abort, abort!” Jolly was panicking, and Tigh could hear the thrump of viper auto-cannons in the background.

    The three dots of the escorting vipers faded away, and Jolly and his two pilots suddenly changed direction, heading back towards Galactica at full speed. The CAP around the strikestars were tightening up and reorienting themselves to face the Galactica, forming up into a text-book example of a spear strike formation. They weren’t closing in on the Galactica and her CAP tough.

    “Frak, I got hit with debris! I’m down an engine!” The voice of Jolly’s wingman came over the wireless.

    “This is Galactica Actual, Jolly, report!” Bill’s voice was sharp as a knife. Bill had entered full Commander Adama mode.

    “Those Vipers were piloted by Cylons. We engaged and destroyed them.” Jolly answered, out of breathe.

    “Are you sure?” Bill asked tensely, keeping an eye on the strikestars’ position.

    “Sir, I got a fraking Centurion folded over my wing and engine, shiny chrome ass and all.” Jolly’s wingman chimed in with a fear-filled laugh.

    “Activity on the strikestars, their batteries are rising from their cradles and reorienting themselves towards us. RADILOGICAL ALARM! Strikestars are readying nukes.” Gaeta yelled, eyes not leaving the tactical screen.

    “Prep FTL-jump, commence combat landings. Jump when ready.” It was the only order Bill could give, they had no ordinance, and only half of Galactica’s squadrons. Galactica hadn’t used her FTL-engines in more then twenty years, though they had gone through regular maintenance and checkups. At this point, with eight nuclear armed strikestars seemingly barring down upon them, it would have been the right choice even if the engines hadn’t undergone any maintenance.



    The vipers came in hard, and once they were back in the barn the flight pods began to retract. It was the longest minute and a half in Tigh’s life, sitting there and waiting for those strikestars to fire. A few concentrated salvo’s from those guns would smash Galactica apart, and there would be nothing they could do about it, just sit there and take it.

    There was a brief moment as his heart stopped, a feeling of weightlessness as the entirety of Galactica lurched upwards and ceased to be. His eye’s widened as he tried to suck down air, and he was completely unable to. Pure primal panic flowed through him and every muscle in his body tensed up.

    Gravity returned and he had to steady himself to avoid smashing into the deck. Reality flashed back into focus.

    “Status.” He yelled and turned towards the rest of CiC, shoving his primal instincs aside in favor of ones gained after a lifetime of military service.

    “We are holding position in Caprica orbit.”

    “Dualla, prepare message to all colonial units, use priority one channel.” Bill said after taking a deep breathe. FTL-jumps were physically taxing.

    “Priority Alert: Cylon forced detected within Cyrannus…” As Bill continued the message Tigh finally remembered the paper from the printer. He glanced down, noticing that the paper was crumpled within his still clutched hand. He loosened his grip and smoothed out the paper.

    The majority of it was unreadable after the ink had been smudged by the sweat on his hand. One part was still clearly understandable though.

    …probability high of hidden sub-routines containing illegal system over-rides within networked systems, wireless networks at risk of being subverted. Military codes might have been compromised…


    Author's notes:

    The second part in what should have been a oneshot. After I went through all the notes, I realised I'd mapped out the story pretty well. The third part will take longer, as very few of the scenes are actually written, just mapped out.

    The third part will probably be the last part, depending on if I want to turn the epilogue into its own part, or just add it to the third.

    If you wonder what went through the Centurions' minds during that last scene it could pretty much be summed up with "WTF just happened?!"

    If you are wondering about that message Tigh had, it was sent by the Cylons... And was an analysis done on the electronic attack, or as colonials called "The Cylon Rebellion" or "The Start of the Cylon War." It has nothing to do with the current situation, but compared to fifty years worth of maintenence reports it had higher priority, which meant it was sent first.
  6. Doomsought

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    That is not good. The event, not writing; The writing is excellent.
    I wonder how smart the Cirno will play it.
  7. Rhaka the Red

    Rhaka the Red Temping as IL-Series

    Ah, is there any situation that can't be made worse by trigger-happy Viper pilots?

    I like this fic very much, but I dread the conclusion (Cylons get melted to slag).
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  8. Not necessarily. This is the instant right before the Cylon invasion. Apollos' not on board yet but the ammo is gone and the decommissioning is imminent. The day of or the day before at the latest. All the Galactica will have time to do is rearm before the Cylon strikes. There might not be time to get the CNP offline. Most if not all the fleet will still be caught with their pants down.

    Here's what I see happening. At best the Caprican fleet has a couple of paranoid Adama type who'll have their ship set up to easily de-networked. But the Viper will still be affected. They'll launch and get shut down along with most all of the capital ships.

    The big difference here is Galactica. She's immune but by herself with at best a handful of fighters. Adama willl try to defend the shut downed ships as best he can while they try to get back online. With just her she'll just might buy them enough time for some ship to get some systems online to give the Cylon a beating but not enough to win. this is where the Loyal Cylons come in. With their help and the element of surprise the Cylons might just be able to be repelled with heavy losses. Likely the entire Viper VII wing are out of commission for the immediate future.

    With the Loyalists Cylon's help over Caprica and desperation at the other colonies' plights they might just be desperate enough to trust them enough to ask them help out the other colonies. Likely Galactica and Loyalist foils some strikes but the majority of the strikes get through and the other planets are devastated albeit at great loss to the Rogue Cylons. That gives them time to rendezvous at Caprica as the last holdout of resistance.

    Some other ship are saved but losses mean they cant ignore the strengths of the Loyalist Cylons and the help the gave. Cue the Loyalist and Colonials fighting the Cylons together. Likely with a human suicide detachment on board with a nuke to take them out if they go rogue.

    The timing is perfect really Xerxezz. Excellent story
  9. kclcmdr

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    Interesting... this bears a watch...

    and welcome back, author Xerxezz !!!! :)

    Author's StoryThread Only .

    OOB Loyalists - 80StrikeStars; 64 PerseusMissileCAs, 1MobileLog, 2Warstars, 4PocketWarstars, 4Gunstars, 8Firestars
    5thFleet AC - Caprican Viper MK I = 2x30mm & 6 Missiles; Caprican Raider 2x30mm & 12 AAM or 4 ASM, Caprican Raptor AWACS
    Perseus StrikeStar - Warship Profile; DefenderClass, Flagships, Loyalist 005 Centurions, Tylium&Spares, PaintSchemes
    FifthFleet - CombatCapabilities&Efficiencies CapricanCenturions De-networking themselves & their Military Assets
    Infodump - KineticWeapons, Armour&FTL-Tech, ColumbaeHangerPods, ColoniesUnite, Rebuilding, Valkyrie&Mercury, Tos, 11BSGs, Tylium
    Cylons&Mercury - CylonsCannibalized, MercuryClass, Adar's24BSGs, ModernizedColumbias, Tos BudgetStars, Logistics
    Adar&Postwar - AdarCompetentDick, EconomicPolicies, ColonialMilitary, LogisticalGrief&Buildups, Restart Producing NewBattlestars
    BodyPaintRankSchemes - Pilots=MuddyBrown; CenturionNaval=Black; Centurions=DarkBlue; Marines=Black; DeckCrew=Orange2Greens; Pilots&MarinesEngraveInsignias
    BodyPaintRankSchemes - Graphics ; CINO ; CIBO ; ALX-32 ; STEEL ; Master Deck Chief ; Specialist
    5th Fleet - SoleBasestar; MobileBase, Facilities, Basestar&Warstar to Tauron, Raiders FTL, Vipers expendable
    5th Fleet Nukes- RangeFrom 150Kt to 500Kt; RaidersCarryTwoHeavies; StandOffNukes, LaserPumpNuke, NukeShapedCharge
    5th Fleet NukeYields- LowYieldNukeWeakInSpace, BSG Main&SecondaryBatteries SimilarYields

    Chapter 1a - FifthFleet; Purpose, CINO, MudabbiOrders, ToCaprica
    Chapter 1a - FifthFleet; Purpose, CINO, MudabbiOrders, ToCaprica
    Chapter 2a - ActionStations; Galactica, Tigh&Adama, Gaeta&Dualla, CINO Centurions, Jolly, StrikeStars,
    Chapter 3a - Cally&Tyrol, ActionStations, Nagala, CaseBlue, 7thFleet, Corman, ShatteredAegis, Dafoe
    Chapter 4a - CINO; CIBO; Six&Eight, StrikeStars, Ramming, Boarding, ED1, Cylon Vs Cylon,
    Chapter 5a - Hydras, Six, Damaged&Plans, CIBO, CIC, Eight, BioCylons KIA'd, Hybrid KIA'd, Capture
    Chapter 5b - GinaInverie, Cain, NetworkStripping, One, JUMP, Brosnac&Brandon, AirRaidSirens
    Chapter 6a - GalacticaCIC; Saul&Adama, CylonCyberStrike, Starbuck&Jolly, vipers&Raiders, CINO, FifthFleetAtWar
    Chapter 6b - Caprica; CFvsCylons, Nukes&Kinetics, Corman, Scorpia&Uned, Eramus&Yashuman, Galactica
    Chapter 7a - Caprica; BaltarCigarillo, BrightFlash, GalacticaJumpsIn, NukesGone, JUMP!
    Chapter 7b - Corman, Adama, HoldTheLine, 4Baseships, Nukes&Raiders, Jolly&Starbuck, GalacticaBattered, CLEAR!
    Chapter 7c - Galactica; Adama&Tigh, LoyalCenturions, Mk1Viper, Mk1Raider, 504thCapricanAirBrigade
    Chapter 7d - CINO, 504thAirBrigade, FifthFleetAssets, Tauron, AuroraTFCharges, CylonFormationsHit
    Chapter 7e - Alkestis&Kids, 007vs005, ALX-32, VP-789 Steel, ViperSpeed, Terilus, CapricanCenturions, For Honour&Blood
    Chapter 7f - M23Taurus, Marcus&Drones, Alkestis&ALX-32, Corman, StrikeStars, Heracles&Aegis, Adama, FactFinding
    Chapter 7g - ALX-32Crippled, ALX & Lucy, GuardianOfMan, Terilus, HypathiaCity, Minos, CylonCapturedArsenal


    Chapter 1a - Xerxezz -- 025
    Chapter 2a - Xerxezz -- 016
    Chapter 3a - Xerxezz -- 020
    Chapter 4a - Xerxezz -- 034 -- Loyalists Vs Rogues
    Chapter 5a - Xerxezz -- 029 -- Loyalists Takes Rogue Basestar
    Chapter 5b - Xerxezz -- 024
    Chapter 6a - Xerxezz -- 032 -- Colonials Battles Cylons
    Chapter 6b - Xerxezz -- 026
    Chapter 7a - Xerxezz -- 045 -- Galactica Jumps Over Caprica City
    Chapter 7b - Xerxezz -- 032
    Chapter 7c - Xerxezz -- 039 -- Caprican Centurions Rescues Galactica
    Chapter 7d - Xerxezz -- 032 -- Aurora TF Charges
    Chapter 7e - Xerxezz -- 035 -- For Honour&Blood
    Chapter 7f - Xerxezz -- 026 -- Valour&Unknowns
    Chapter 7g - Xerxezz -- 029 -- Guardian Of Man

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx End of LIKES
  10. THey cant stop at least some nuclear bombing. gives a chance for the civilians to get out more if the battle lasts longer.
    civilians will be ignored till later. a chance for more ships to move their people to jump ships.
    Civilians would avoid the habitable worlds, so deep space staions like ragnor.
    roslin if givern time woulg get the other staions acting.
  11. writings fine, I just can't stand the notation. commas instead of periods? blasphemous Europeans!
  12. jpdt19

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    Xerxezz this is truly excellent stuff!

    I'd be extremely interested in seeing this idea expanded, but at the same time i'm aware of what a commitment that would be.

    I am intrigued by the butterfly potential of the situation however. If Cylon units are detected, then de Facto the entire colonial fleet goes on a high state of alert.

    Backdoor or no backdoor, that could make a lot of difference! Surprise is half the battle!
  13. "…probability high of hidden sub-routines containing illegal system over-rides within networked systems, wireless networks at risk of being subverted. Military codes might have been compromised…"

    LOL. Can you imagine what the colonial military are going to make of that sentence?

    If your a colonial admiral and you ve just received word a bunch of old Cylon Warships have basically jumped into Colonial space, tried to make contact, taken no outright hostile conduct & then just messaged the Galactica a ton of information, including the above sentence... your going to be very very confused :wtf: and trying to work out everything, such as:

    Are those Cylons a prelude to a invasion? But if so... why jump into range of Galactica and then do nothing other than to try and establish contact using obsolete protocols?

    More importantly... why did those Cylons just tell the Galactica that there are hidden subroutines in the network, that the wireless is subverted & military codes are compromised?


    Having a bunch of Cylons tell the Colonials they ve basically been hacked (The Colonials don't know its 50year old out of date information, and would probably consider it uptodate) is going to make the Colonial fleet freak out... and likely switch of their networks "just to be safe" while mobilising everything.

    ......................................... and shortly after that poor old Cavil & his goons are going to be jumping into Colonial orbit expecting a cake walk, only to run into a fully mobilised Colonial fleet which refuses to simply roll over and die when a few lines of code are sent at it :p

    The Cylons would probably win depending on just how quickly the Colonial fleet can erase basically all network-related information. Either way... its gonna be painful for the (Genocidal) Cylons
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  14. most new ships would be harder to de network quickly, so older ships are likly to survive.
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    This is how I keep reading his name, too.

    Which is kinda awesome, I suppose.

    Great writing, I don't know much about nBSG, aside from what can be gleaned from internet osmosis, but I'm enjoying this immensely.
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    Dunno what the hell i am looking at. Or what the hell i am reading, but i tell you this much, i LOVE it!
  17. Or they might consider it a Cylon trick to lower their combat efficiency in a prelude to an invasion. With the timing so tight they will still be massive confusion durring the time the Cylons would be arriving likely some older commander turn off their network to one extent or another but the younger ones wouldn't be as jumpy. End result is a fleet with a wide variety of resistance to the electronic attack.
  18. mackon

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    Even if they don't act on it right away, it will be a pretty strong clue for when the BioCylons start shutting down ships .... it all depends on who, with what information, is in the right or wrong position to act and how quickly they respond. It could go exactly as the OT but it is new data that could allow the Colonials to react better smarter and faster if a few things line up for them.
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  19. Alamo

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    Xerxezz, this is great. It's an interesting take on the matter from the perspective of Centurions, and one that is rarely used. I can't wait for the next section!
  20. Moar. With the Colonial Fleet in state of high alert and loyalist Cylons around things are sure going to be interesting :>.
  21. Karogas

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    Really likeing it so far couple of bits on the second chapter though

    1. Not entirely sure how it works with the Colonials but I would have thought they'd have to get permission from at least the commander before the vipers can just open fire like that,

    2. Technically there is still a ceasefire between cylons and colonials so shouldn't they have stuck around and tried to find out what they potentially wanted they after all had made no real aggressive moves despite being in the stronger position, reporting back could easily have been taken care of by launching some raptors?
  22. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Both true although I'd expect that pilots are expected to act if there really is an susprise attack inside Colonial space (past the treaty line) the guy was just panicking. I'd like to think that if he had taken the time Adama would have had a cooler head.
  23. kclcmdr

    kclcmdr Kai The Kmpire! Amicus

    Can the Loyalist Cylons fight back against the Calvin Cylons??

    Not militarily but also cybernetically with counter net codes and viruses..?

    that should be interesting....
  24. Bryan

    Bryan <font color=yellow>The Great Goof!</font>

    Good two parts so far. I'm waiting to see how the change in this situation alters the Cavil-Cylon attacks and whether the Colonies can survive and put up a fight.
  25. mackon

    mackon Missing & Presumed Dead Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    Cavil would have been in place as ships Priest and maybe the PR bioCylon was on board
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