Game of Thrones Season 3 Thread (TV spoilers only)

Discussion in 'Space Battles Main' started by Leo1, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Leo1

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    In 1 approx 1:45 minutes, the season premiere will start. I won't get a chance to see it until about 8 hours or so from now (going out) but to kick things off, something I noticed on my Season 2 re-watch:


    Not the same by any means, but there is a certain similarity. Both symbols of the first men?
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  2. Stratigo

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    XD I have been fanatically refreshing HBOgo
  3. Stratigo

    Stratigo The Uber Being

    woo Barristen Selmy!
  4. Fuck man, I want MOAR! I understand why, but it's still bullshit we only get 10 episodes a season and only an hour per episode.:mad:

    On another note, I can tell that I'm already going to like Mance Rayder. Also Bronn never fails to entertain and Tywin is a boss.:cool:
  5. Necron_Lord

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    The little girl in the end seemed to be more of a Faceless Man than a Sorrowful Man, so we may be seeing an earlier grand entrance than in the book.
  6. Stratigo

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    earlier? The faceless men had their grand entrance last season :p.
  7. Necron_Lord

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    I meant being elaborated upon.
  8. greendoor

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    Holy Shit, Podrick got a line!
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  9. Necron_Lord

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  10. Droman

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    Pretty good first episode, though we missed out on Bran, Jaime & Brienne & Arya. Best moments were Tywin/Tyrion and Mance/Jon, IMO. Robb/Cat & Dany/Jorah weren't as interesting, but they'll probably get better over time.
  11. Dr. Wonderful

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    ...It was kind of boring to me.

    Not much happen, even though I LOVE the Giant at the start, he hammer down a stake with his fucking hands
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  12. Necron_Lord

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    Much less hairy than I expected.
  13. Eh, it's the first episode of the season. They're moving pieces around on the chessboard, setting things up. Of course it's gonna be a bit slow.
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  14. A. Bettik

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    Liked almost everything. Loved the giant, the dragons, the Unsullied scene, the liberties they took with Margery Tyrell... and Ser Barristan, that magnificent bastard!

    Mance Rayder is not what I pictured from the books, I pictured a handsomer, more attractive guy for some reason.

    So it looks like Robb crossed the river at Riverrun.... That's... Different.
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  15. Otter

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    Ah, how I have missed Bronn's quips :)
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  16. Dovahkiin

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    Great episode to start off the season. Am a tad disappointed they ditched the Arstan subplot with Selmy, plus I wanted him to whack that Manticore with a staff like in the book. Belwas would have contributed greatly to the awesomeness as well. :(

    Also I found Roose Bolton's characterization to be a bit off. On top of seeming far too emotionally supportive of Robb and Cat in season 2, in this episode he seemed to be mildly disturbed when he saw all those dead Northmen. Book Roose would not have batted an eye at such folly, although I suppose if they portrayed book Roose 100% accurately it would be a bit too obvious where they're going with this guy. :D
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  17. Roose was still definitely a lot more calm and reserved than Lord Karstark.
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  18. Charok

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    In that foreign language, the words "how many" is called "penis". :D
  19. Imperator Pax

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    Its a decent recap episode I thought but not much new per se
  20. ShadowSonic

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    We saw Tywin writing letters.

    Did anyone pause to see exactly what he was writing? Because I have a feeling...
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  21. maguado87

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    Tywin is such an asshole... also the blonde chick I am starting to disliking her. I am mean, shit the thing that they were doing with the Unsullied people was not any worse than what you own fuckin husband was doing
  22. greendoor

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    This is why I fucking hate Dany.

    Her fucking throne is more important than the hundreds of thousands that have to die, be raped, or otherwise hurt in the process because Dany is the hero you see! Fire and Blood!
  23. I can't make much out of it.
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  24. So is this show still about horrible people doing horrible things? Didn't feel there was a point to watching it after Ned Stark was killed.
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  25. Stratigo

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    She tried to get her husband to not be so rapine. But she's not stupid, she can't change the dothraki overnight. Hell I'd say you can't change the dothraki at all beyond subjugating them
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