Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There

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  1. So yeah, just decided to make a new thread about this Military-Fantasy Novel so that people here are curious about it. The original thread of this Military-Fantasy Novel has reached its point

    EDIT- Just got an inbox message from Atreides so here are the new links to the manga chapters of Gates.

    Alphapolis index:

    Batoto index:

    Also, thanks to the people at for translating the first Chapter of Gate here. :D

    Keep it updated.
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  2. Dimensionist

    Dimensionist Grand Master of Apologism, Keeper of the Faith

    Someone actually scanlated the first chapter? Nice.

    I'd help if I could, but I don't know any japanese beyond a few words. Sorry.
  3. Atreides

    Atreides Weak to moe

    I've already offered him to do the cleaning and related photoshopping. I'm still waiting for some creative feedback, but I have mostly cleaned chapters 2-4 and the cleaning I did for chapter 8 is salvageable. I've also pointed the translator there to jotu's translation in case he wants to use it as a reference (properly credited and if he's still ok with it, of course). I don't know how fast it's going to be, but progress is being made.
  4. Dimensionist

    Dimensionist Grand Master of Apologism, Keeper of the Faith

    That's great.

    Chapter 1's scanlation is pretty damn good. You get a good idea of what's going on, and there doesn't seem to be any grammatical or syntactical errors.

    Though that emperor's pretty arrogant to ignore the fact that the invasion only happened because his troops were the ones who butchered thousands of people in that foreign land. Probably, he's putting on a face for the others.

    ... Should I spoiler this?
  5. Ya know, when I saw the title for this thread, my mind automatically thought this was Stargate related. Although a Stargate Program run by the JSDF would be pretty interesting I bet.

    Edit: Damn! I just read the translated chapter, and I gotta say that this empire seems to be pretty fucked. After all, they can send wave after wave of monsters and soldiers at us, and all we have to do is to drop a nuke on their capitals, and that's that. Hell, we don't even need nukes, just use fuel-air bombs on them, they would be just as devastating, but without the inconvenient fallout afterwards.
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  6. Only if it's the U.S Military buddy.. the JSDF wouldn't even have access to deploy such offensive weapons unless the Americans were involved.

    Now it would be interesting if the 1st Marine Divisions and some Force Recon Marines were involved while the Gate suddenly appeared in Los Angeles rather.. Reminds me so much of Generation Kill. :D
  7. Winchester

    Winchester SQUEAK

    I have a better idea. Gate opens in "no man's land", between the French and German lines during WWI...
  8. Shiki Emiya

    Shiki Emiya [ - - - ♥/ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ]

    I don't think anyone's going to notice much. . . other than breifly wonder why the hell are people using 'old stuff'. . .

    How does one describe fantasy equipment and tactics?
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  9. Tim811

    Tim811 Solidarity

    Cool, they gonna make an anime?
  10. chriswriter90

    chriswriter90 Registered

    No, I don't think so.
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  11. Maybe. It's possible, depending on how well it does.
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  12. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C Mostly Harmless

    If they do make an anime, it'll be a series that has even greater crossover potential than ZnT. That Gate is two-way and can open to a world from any series.
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  13. SirLagginton

    SirLagginton 100% Brobot

    God help the version that opens its way into Holy Terra.

    Circa 31M.
  14. Coiler

    Coiler Rational Genius Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    From the (admitted, very limited) information I've read of this, I'm getting the feeling of "Like Salvation War, but done properly, or at least better."

    Does anyone else who's read both share this opinion?
  15. chriswriter90

    chriswriter90 Registered

    Gate opens up in 1930s Japan. The Japanese decide to invade fantasy land instead of invading China and joining the Axis powers.
  16. Atreides

    Atreides Weak to moe

    Well, my fist thought was more like "novel written by Japanese John Ringo", but I guess "animesque Salvation War" works, too.
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  17. Screwball

    Screwball Smug SD Cabalist

    IIRC, it started out as fiction on an internet forum, then got picked up by a publisher who was impressed by it. So, the Salvation War comparison works on more than one level, except it's not a self published vanity project.
  18. Wire and machine guns do for them.If they don't disapear in an artillery barrage
    without anyone noticing. If Their really unlucky arrive in time for a cloud of gas and no one notices a thing.
    Your average fantasy horde is a few hours of casualties on a bad day on the front.
  19. Coiler

    Coiler Rational Genius Super Awesome Happy Fun Time

    So more like John Dies At The End in terms of how it got published.
  20. Chapter 9 is out.

    Mean while back on Earth. Looks like the Chinese have been putting a political pressure on Japan for quite sometime regarding to the Gate.
  21. chriswriter90

    chriswriter90 Registered

    Our 'hero' gets taken out by a door. How did he wind up in charge again?
  22. Weird Guy

    Weird Guy Kill Bot turned Salt Miner

    To be fair, I don't think he was expecting the door to be thrown open like that.
  23. Cool manga, actually.
  24. I know.

    It is a shame that it is coming out so slowly...
  25. You know, this ain't the first time for a story that involves Modern Military Units being transported to another world in an unfamiliar places facing against unknown odds and how they would realistically respond in these type of conditions which can be surprisingly good and entertaining as well as showing the action scenes between Modern Armies against fictional sci-fi fantasy armies and all. It's a real shame that we usually don't get these types of stories which are rare and are rather hard to find in bookstores or online.

    Anyone know some other novels, comics, anime or manga that involves stories like this?
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