Geopolitical predictions for the year 2050.

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    Hey what can I say, they had the best augmentations. I'd have joined Aspari but I hear their agents don't live very long, and EuroCorp only recruits kids, so...
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    We're at least a hundred years ahead of schedule.

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    The British Empire will return in full force, wiping the Irish off the face of the Earth before bombing the French into submission. The European Union will be subjugated into the British Commonwealth, with tea and crumpets for all.

    America will spontaneously combust. Mexico and Canada will attempt to seize vast swaths of land, except it'll be on fire, so that'll fall through.

    Latin America finally expels the last vestiges of colonialism. And then explodes into a great big war from sheer lack of having anyone else to rally against.

    Japan unveils giant robots and conquers Korea. China unveils giant robots made of people and takes the peninsula back. India says fuck all y'all and busts out a genetically engineered Shivabot Infinity which breakdances its way into the heart of China before suddenly stopping. And with this end, China ceases to be.

    Australia gets conquered by dingos.

    Dingostralia gets conquered by koalas.

    Koalastralia gets conquered by scorpions.

    Scorpionstralia gets conquered by wallabies.

    Somebody gets to Mars.

    Russia invades Ukraine with an army of bear-riding bikini models.

    Belarus continues to be insane.

    Sheep from New Zealand conquer Wallabiestralia.
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    I've collected several, at the time well regarded, books from the 1980s predicting what the globe's geopolitical situation would be like today.

    I think you all can guess how close any of them came to reality.
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    I'd be interested in seeing what those predictions were.
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    The West will probably still be a pretty good place to live and, while it may lose out in relative terms, in absolute terms Western power won't decline too much.

    The Middle East will still be a shithole.

    Russia will get worse, as it always does.

    Futurists will still be making retarded predictions.
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    Sheepstralia gets 'conquered' by Wales and this happens...
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    US Democratic Party wins many elections - marking a significant increase in overall diversity of the voting population. US economy soldiers on, slowly growing, trembly, as now. Democrats drawn into ever-widening low intensity general warfare in the Middle East, against terrorist groups allied with potentially-democratic rebel groups, and of course Iran's proxies and influence. Iran gets the bomb. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, maybe Turkey and Libya, and Afghanistan prove staunch US allies in these conflicts. More American clients in the region are established, and their governments and societies strengthened - as with Taiwan, South Korea, and Israel and even arguably West Germany and Japan were.

    Russian and China cooperate with increasing economic sophistication. Large colonies of Chinese farmers and perhaps miners established through joint action with Russia in Siberia. Perhaps this cooperation spreads into diplomatic and military spheres. China establishes clients in Central Africa. Africa's general condition improves very slowly. Odd forms of pseudo-colonialism based on fighting AIDS appear. Russia and China continue to disapprove of/vote against US expansion in the Middle East without actually becoming involved - or maybe Syria and Iran could become clients or even allies.

    Basically, continued odd prosper-ish-ing of capitalism and the decisive success of regime change. This is still an early stage in the very long arc of capitalism's dissolution though this is not generally apparent. In the US George W. Bush may win significant retrospective acclaim as we approach 2050. Obama is associated with a skilled continuance of the project, marked by tact and pragmatism and frugality.

    India and Pakistan . . . I just don't know. Pakistan might become a better ally. India and Pakistan do not have a nuclear exchange. No nuclear weapon is used in anger anywhere in this period. India and probably Pakistan grow and strengthen themselves. Brazil prospers.

    Perhaps economic confusion and difficulty continue in Europe. Social unrest related to immigration. But Europe from Portugal from the Russia remains at peace.