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    Miho Nishizumi
    Athletics - 5 Miho's default level of ability. Yes, that means you can swim a turbulent river and do great long jumps.

    Charisma - 2 Your speeches frankly suck.

    (+2 if Staff is visible for being known as a badass)

    Intelligence - 7 Your tactics are out of this world.

    Popularity - 6 Your pretty well known around the school due to the National Senshado tournament and saving the school ship, too. Your also getting well known Nationally.


    Senshado Club Credit: 16,300 (2,000/month) The state of Ooarai's finance sucks even with student council doing everything they can to give you funding. You guys might want do something about that.
    Personal Credit: 4,840 (500/month) Shiho may have a thousand flaws as a mother but she does provide very well for her children.

    Achievement List

    You can't make Ooarai any weirder.... YES! WE! CAN!
    Oorai senshado team has an assorted weirdness and quirks but they were confined to each particular group. With the group shuffling you broke the barrier for everyone to absorb all of each other's weirdness.... oh and their special abilities, too.

    We broke the ratings so hard ... it showed alien language!
    Its not just over 9,000. Its being so awesome that its so hard to comprehend. Its Cthultu in the awesomeness meter! Everyone who watched now feels the need to enroll in Ooarai. +100% student attendance next term.

    We took Hana, the flower girl...and evolved her to Stone Cold Hana!
    Hana is now wildly recognized as an excellent gunner by her peers. She now has the individual ability Top Gun. Any tank that has Hana as a gunner now has a +1 firing bonus.

    You beat a ninja, a sniper, a knight, and a giant ROBOT plus Anzio ... With a STICK!
    Word of you and your sister exploits has traveled and your reputation now proceeds you. (+1 boost Popularity) But, sometimes people needs reminders. Whenever they see the weapon lovingly crafted by Ooarai
    for you in celebration of your win, they remember that you are an unbelievable badass. This translates to an increase in charisma (+2) whenever you have that stick with you.

    Yey! You are now the ... Student Council President!
    For the next year, you will decide the destiny of Ooarai schoolship. No one is going to boss you around! Everything will run on your decision! (Wait is this a good thing?)

    Special Ability:

    A Mother to her Women
    Any group that Miho is leading gets an extra dice of success.
    As long as Miho acts in the manner befitting this trope, morale will not go down even in dire situations.

    Impossible Success
    In battle, you can give a single order which will get an extra 20 dice of success.


    Beyond the Impossible (with Maho)
    Give 50 bonus dice or at least a possibility of success to suicidal/impossible and any other synonymous situation as long as Miho and Maho are working together. Works only once per scene.

    Team Abilities
    Anglerfish Team
    Morale: 7
    Go! A- Team Level 1 +11%
    (Unique Ability)
    At this level, you get an extra 3 success for any activity.

    Duck Team
    Morale: 5
    GUTS!!! Level 1 +16%
    (Normal Ability)
    At this level, you get an extra 3 dodge for any shot that is coming for you.

    Hippo team
    Morale: 5
    Camouflage Master Level 1 +11%
    (Normal Ability)
    At this level, you can hide very quickly and very hard to detect. Have an extra 3 bonus for firing under cover.

    Rabbit Team
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose: Level 1 +3%
    (Normal Ability)
    You excel at killing heavy tanks. An extra 3 bonus for fighting against heavy tanks.

    Turtle Team
    Morale: 5
    Hetzer gonna Hetz Level 1 +4%
    (Exceptional Ability)
    Any surprise attack gets an extra 5 bonus success.

    Wild Duck Team
    Morale : 5
    Spot Check Success Level 1 +18%
    (Exceptional Ability)
    Scouting gets an extra 5 bonus of success.

    Leopon Team
    Morale: 5
    Mechanical Genius: Level 1 +9%
    (Exceptional Ability)
    At this level, can repair tanks on the run. And yes, they can also repair even the most battered tank overnight.
    Can upgrade your tanks. At this level, you can upgrade to any known historical upgrade.

    Anteater Team
    Morale - 5
    (Undiscovered Unique Ability)
    ??? - 56%

    Synergistic Abilities

    Ninja Assassin
    Level 2
    Combination of Camouflage Master + Hetzer gonna Hetz
    +3 to hiding checks
    +6 to attacks when not detected by the enemy


    Codex : Panzer Market
    The Ebay version for tanks. The tanks available here are randomly generated meaning I roll a dice number and pick 3 tanks from a list. The value of the tanks is randomly generated as well. Though, the better and rarer a tank, the more expensive it is. For example: you will never find a Panther for 5,000 credits. The Panzer Market will refresh for every month of game time.

    Note : It is possible to request a specific tank and ask a factory to build it. But, the tank will inevitably betwice of its original value. It is also possible to sell your tank. But, the price will be half of its original value in order to sell it quickly.

    Codex : Special Abilities
    When you successfully managed to get a 100% crew, the tank team will gain a special ability. This special ability once obtained will have a special option for training that will help it level up and be more effective. Special abilities are locked toward a group. If you disband the group or scatter its members, the special ability will not be available. Special ability only works if everyone on your particular tank crew has it and at 100%. On the other hand, a crew that has a member from a particular group that has a special ability can retrain that ability.

    Codex : Passing on Skills
    The fastest way to pass on the training is to break apart the team that contains the skill that you want to train. Then, put a team member that has that skill on another team that doesn't. This is for you guys to pass on the team skill. If it reaches 100% congratulations to you guys! You will discover an ability that is related to whatever it is that you want to train... and all the members of the tank team will have this in their credential permanently.

    Codex Unlock: Combinations
    The whole is greater than the sum of its part. Sometimes due to certain events and if your friendship level is high enough, Miho can get combination skill with other characters. This skills effect vary but its proof of your bond with that character. Such skills can only be used only if both characters are present unless stated otherwise by the skill.

    Codex : Upgrading Your Tanks
    You can upgrade your tanks to its historical upgrade easily. More fantastical and improbable upgrades need to have higher levels of Mechanical Genius skill or any other related skill. There is no need to wait for the Panzer Market for the upgrade kit to appear. Once you bought the tank, the upgrade will always be available as long as the prerequisites are satisfied.

    Codex: Special Events
    Special Events are events that drastically change the story. They can introduce new mechanics or give additional abilities to a person. Sometimes two special events take place and choosing one can make you miss the other. Sometimes the other event is just pushed back. It depends.

    Codex: Morale - The measure of how much a particular group believe in you.
    Scale of this is 1-10
    3 is the normal morale for a senshando group.
    5 means that they looked up and respect you a lot.
    8 means TRUE companions.
    10 means undying loyalty.

    Codex : Friendship level
    Non-Senshado crew members has this level, instead of the morale one. This shows how much a given character like you.
    Mechanically, it represents how big a favor you could ask before they will say no. Though, high levels in here doesn't always guarantee that a given character will say yes.
    For example.
    Itachi Uchiha from Naruto if using this mechanic will get a 10 friendship level for Sasuke. That still won't stop him from doing actions that Sasuke will hate if he believes its for Sasuke's own good.

    This mechanic can also be directly translated into the morale one; once you've managed to recruit them and vice-versa once they're no longer part of your team.

    Codex Unlocked : Officers
    This individuals are the secondary leaders of your senshado group. You can delegate certain tasks and expect them to do well. They also give certain bonuses as well.
    Creating one though isn't easy. You can only create one through specific triggered sidequests. They also need time to grow into their role. Left unattended it would take them half a year to learn their new position. With your guidance though the process is accelerated twice.

    Codex: School friendship
    This determines the camaraderie you share with a particular school. The more events that you share with the corresponding school. The higher the school friendship will be.

    This school friendship is going to be used to determine many significant things. Like for example the price of the panzer that you will buy from them. At 0%, they will sell you the panzer at factory price. At 100%, they will sell to you at Tank Ebay price. Thus, the higher the school friendship the bigger the discount.

    If you can at least get the friendship level to 50%. It will open land lease where you guys can rent a panzer for a month from them. This is available except when you're facing them in the tournament itself.

    Beside this, friendship level with the current commander will be quite helpful. A high friendship level will give you special bargains and will significantly increase the rate of how much your friendship with a particular school improves. On the other hand, a low friendship level with the current commander will significantly stunt how you improve the school friendship level.

    Codex: Training
    There are two types of training. Ordinary course and Special Training. Ordinary Coarse will give an average rate in the advancement and it will give a chance to discover special abilities. This is useful for tank group which has yet to discover any special ability or if you want another one. Special Training is only useful to tanks that has a discovered ability since it will advance them to the next level twice as much.

    The one exception to this is the Mechanical Genius any other mechanic skills. For this two you need the mechanic Club to actually repair something. Thus, in practice the more banged up your panzer are the faster this ability will develop.

    Codex : Training from Hell - Special training sessions.
    You can now write-in any special training that you think will be great for Oorai team. Depending on the quality of the write-up or the proposed training from hell, the rate on how Oorai will train up their skills or get special abilities will be doubled or tripled.

    Codex : Synergy - Some Decisions work well with others, some don't.
    If you make the most complimenting decision toward your goal, new options and rewards are unlocked.

    Codex : TV rating mechanics:
    This affects how much people will enroll at Ooarai next school year and consequently your budget.
    Base Ooarai budget = 2,000 which was given by the tuition of the school population.
    A TV rating of 10 meant you managed to wow your audience enough that it adds .10% population to the school the next year.
    Useful References: - For those who want Japanese tanks. - Rules of Senshado tournament

    ARC -1 January ( Getting Started)
    1.1 January Schedule
    1.2 Training and Party Planning
    1.3 Miho for President?
    1.4 Explanations
    1.5 Who will be Miho's student council?
    1.6 Tea and Cake and planning for the future
    1.7 Team Shuffling
    1.8 First Battle Start
    1.9 Beginning orders
    1.10 On why Momo clearly has impossible aim (Turtle team POV)
    1.11 Enter the Taiga!
    1.12 TV coverage and theme songs.
    1.13 The party begins (Parades ahoy!)
    1.14 Call Onee-chan!
    1.15 The Panzer show!
    1.16 Erika vs. Automobile Club!
    1.17 Miho and Maho combination stunt driving?!
    1.18 Panzer show end.
    1.19 Meeting Darjeeling!
    1.20 Disastrous lunch date!
    1.21 Choose both!
    1.22 Firing Range!
    1.23 Onee-chan?
    1.24 Gunners enter!
    1.25 The two sharpshooters
    1.26 Gun porn for everyone!
    1.27 Miho for commentator!
    1.28 Extremely accurate shooting
    1.29 Awarding ceremony
    1.30 End of shooting Range
    1.31 Sisterly bonding
    1.32 Sisterly bonding II
    1.33 Sisterly bonding III
    1.34 I want Onee-chan to be my Onee-chan!
    1.35 Sisterly bonding end
    1.36 Gladiator Tournament begins!
    1.37 An offer from Night!
    1.38 Random Lottery!
    1.39 The lottery Result!
    1.40 Tournament Clarification!
    1.41 Miho and Maho vs Yukari and Hana begins part I
    1.42 part 2
    1.43 part 3
    1.44 Battle end
    1.45 Looking for Yukari
    1.46 Preparation and Training is the key
    1.47 Enter the Transformer!
    1.48 Observing the giant mecha.
    1.49 Mecha's end
    1.50 Betting result
    1.51 Its time for Anzio!
    1.52 Prematch Banter
    1.53 Goodbye to January
    Results for the Festival
    End betting result for sponsors.

    Arc-2 Laying Connections
    2.1 February Schedule
    2.2 Panzers' Arrival
    2.3 First Day
    2.4 Laying down the schedule
    2.5 Training time
    2.6 Taiga for campaign manager?
    2.7 Questions and Answers
    2.8 More questions
    2.9 Notebook
    2. 10 Tsukako
    2.105 Picture Perfect
    2.11 Martial Arts Club
    2.12 Saori Investigations
    2.13 Ashford's Party
    2.14 Chess duel
    2.15 Chatting
    2.16 Election Week
    2.17 St. Glorianna Start

    Omakes and the like:
    Bad End to the Festival by night_sentinel
    Kelenas meet Maho by night_sentinel
    Kelenas lecture by Maho by night_sentinel
    Emi in the festival by Yana
    Cokerpilot vs. Taiga by night_sentinel
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    Happy Birthday! by Yana

    Supplementary threads
    Worldbuilding thread - for those who have question on GuP world, mechanical errata, tank mechanics, etc.
    Story thread
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    Saori Takebe
    Morale: 7
    Go! A team Go! Level 1 +11%

    Yukari Akiyama
    Morale: 7
    Go! A team Go! Level 1 +11%

    Noriko Isobe
    Morale: 5
    Guts Level 1 +16%

    Taeko Kondo
    Morale: 5
    Guts Level 1 +16%

    Morale: 5
    Ninja Assassin Level 2

    Morale: 5
    Ninja Assassin Level 2

    Azusa Sawa
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the loose +3%

    Yuuki Utsugi
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose +3%
    Mechanical Genius

    Saki Maruyama
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose +3%

    Momo Kawashima
    Morale 5
    Hetzer gonna Hetz +4%

    Midoriko Sono
    Morale: 5
    Spot Check +18%

    Morale: 5
    Mechanical Genius : Level 1 +9%

    Morale: 5
    Mechanical Genius : Level 1 +9%

    Morale: 4


    Mako Reizei
    Morale: 7
    Go! A team Go! Level 1 +11%

    Shinobu Kawanishi
    Morale: 5
    Guts Level 1 +16%

    Morale: 5
    Ninja Assassin Level 2

    Karina Sakaguchi
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose +3%
    Mechanical Genius Level 1

    Yuzu Koyama
    Morale : 5
    Hetzer Gonna Hetz +4%

    Moyokou Gotou
    Morale: 5
    Spot Check +18%

    Mechanical Genius : Level 1 +9%



    Hana Izusu
    Morale: 7
    Go! A team Go! Level 1 +11%
    Individual Skill: Top gun

    Akebi Sasaki
    Morale: 5
    Guts Level 1 +16%

    Morale: 5
    Ninja Assassin Level 2

    Aya Oona
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose +3%

    Ayumi Yamagou
    Morale: 5
    Killer Rabbit on the Loose +3%

    Anzu Kadotani
    Morale 5
    Hetzer gonna Hetz +4%

    Nozomi Konparu
    Morale: 5
    Spot Check: 18%

    Morale: 4

    Morale: 5
    Mechanical Genius : Level 1 +9%

    Tanks Available

    Panzer IV
    Type 89
    Stug III
    M3 Lee
    Type 3 Chi-nu
    Tiger Porche
    Cruiser Tank Mk. IVA

    Original Tank Roster

    Panzer IV - Full
    Commander : Miho Nishizumi
    Loader : Yukari Akiyama
    Radio Operator : Saori Takebe
    Driver: Mako Reizei
    Gunner : Hana Izusu

    Type 89 I-go - Full
    Commander/Loader : Noriko Isobe
    Radio operator: Taeko Kondo
    Driver: Shinobu Kawanishi
    Gunner: Akebi Sasaki

    Stug-III - Full
    Commander : Erwin
    Loader/Radio Operator: Caesar
    Driver: Oryou
    Gunner: Saemonza

    M3 Lee - 1 missing
    Commander: Azusa Sawa
    Radio operator: Yuuki Utsugi
    Loader: Saki Maruyama
    Driver: Karina Sagakuchi
    Gunner : Aya Oona
    Gunner : Ayumi Yamagou

    Jagpanzer 38(t) Hetzer - 1 missing
    Commander: -------
    Driver: Yuzu Koyama
    Gunner: Anzu Kadotani
    Loader: Momo Kawashima

    Wild Duck - 1 missing
    Commander/Loader/Gunner - Midoriko Sonoko
    Radio Operator/Loader - Nozomi Konparu
    Driver - Moyoko Gotou

    Type 3 Chi-Nu - 2 missing
    Radio Operator
    Loader- Piyotan
    Gunner - Nekota
    Driver - Momogawa

    Tiger Porshe
    Commander - Nakajima
    Radio Operator
    Loader - Suzuki
    Gunner - Hoshino
    Driver - Tsuchiya

    Training Roster (January to March)

    Tiger (P) [Crew Capacity: 5]
    Team Leopon [3/4] - Mentors; Mechanical Genius
    Team Rabbit [2/6] - Pupils; Mechanical Genius
    Commander: Saki {Learning; Mechanical Genius - 32%}
    Driver: Tsuchiya
    Radio Operator: Aya {Learning; Mechanical Genius - 32%}
    Gunner: Hoshino
    Loader: Suzuki

    Type 89 [Crew Capacity; 4]
    Team Leopon [1/4] - Mentor; Mechanical Genius
    Team Rabbit [2/6] - Pupil; Mechanical Genius
    Commander/loader: Nakajima
    Driver: Karina {Learning; Mechanical Genius - 96%}
    Radio Operator:
    Gunner: Yuuki {Learning; Mechanical Genius - 96%}

    M3 Lee [Crew Capacity: 7]
    Team Turtle [3/3] - Mentors; Hetzer gonna Hetz
    Team Hippo [4/4] - Pupils; Hetzer gonna Hetz
    Commander: Erwin {Learning; Hetzer gonna Hetz - 86%}
    Driver: Yuzu
    Radio Operator: Oryou {Learning; Hetzer gonna Hetz - 86%}
    Gunner: Anzu
    Gunner: Saezmona {Learning; Hetzer gonna Hetz - 86%}
    Loader: Caesar {Learning; Hetzer gonna Hetz - 86%}
    Loader: Momo

    Type 3 [Crew Capacity: 5]
    Team Mallard/Wild Duck [3/3] - Mentor; Spot Check
    Team Duck [2/4] - Pupils; Spot Check
    Commander: Midoriko Sono
    Driver: Moyoko Gotou
    Radio Operator: Nozomi Konparu
    Gunner: Noriko {Learning; Spot Check - 38%}
    Loader: Akebi {Learning; Spot Check - 38%}

    Panzer IV [Crew Capacity: 5]
    Team Duck [2/4] - Mentor; GUTS!
    Team Anglerfish [3/5] - Pupils; GUTS!
    Commander: Miho (duh) {Learning; GUTS - 56%}
    Driver: Shinobu
    Radio Operator: Taeko
    Gunner: Hana {Learning; GUTS - 56%}
    Loader: Yukari {Learning; GUTS - 56%}

    Char B1 [Crew Capacity; 4]
    Team Anteater [3/3]
    Commander/loader/gunner: Nekota {Learning; ??? - 47%}
    Driver: Momogawa {Learning; ??? - 47%}
    Radio Operator/loader: Piyotan {Learning; ??? - 47%}

    StuG III [Crew Capacity; 4]
    Team Rabbit [2/6] - Mentor; Killer Rabbit
    Team Anglerfish [2/5] - Pupil; Killer Rabbit
    Commander: Azusa
    Driver: Mako {Learning; Killer Rabbit - 62%}
    Loader/Radio Operator: Saori {Learning; Killer Rabbit - 62%}
    Gunner: Ayumi


    Maho Nishizumi
    Friendship level: 10


    Ou Taiga
    Head of Newspaper and Broadcasting Club
    Friendship level : 5

    Itsumi Erika
    Current Vice Commander of Kuromuromine
    Friendship level: 1

    Current Commander of St. Glorianna
    Friendship level: 5

    Orange Pekoe
    Current Vice Commander of St. Glorianna
    Friendship level: 4

    Friendship level: 4

    Friendship level: 3

    Friendship level: 2

    Friendship level : 3

    Friendship level : 4

    Friendship level: 4

    Friendship level: 2

    Friendship Level: 4

    Friendship Level: 3
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  3. [x] Cruiser Tank Mk. IVA = 7,000 credits

    what upgrades are allowed?
  4. Darik29

    Darik29 Verified Delicious

    [x] Cruiser Tank Mk. IVA = 7,000 credits

    This looks interesting.
  5. Also i checked the stats on all three and the M3 is an early light tank, the t28 is one of the earlist mediuming tanks and the A13 (alt-name for the one i'm voting for) is also early war but has a better record then the T28.

    Though if you guys want we can buy the M3 as well now. it's going to be a scout mainly tough.
  6. night_sentinel

    night_sentinel Adopt me...

    For the cruiser?

    You can upgrade that to the covenanter.
  7. how much?
  8. night_sentinel

    night_sentinel Adopt me...

    Its technically not possible right now.
    You have to upgrade the Mechanics Club's special ability first.

    But, its only going to cost you guys 3,000 credits.

    GM hint: There will be bonuses for keeping the same tank and crew partnered together.
  9. [x] Don't buy

    Hmm, from what I recall from the show I think I want to improve our current tanks... Also I want to attach a 105 to the pz 4 =x.
  10. MilkyHolmes

    MilkyHolmes SHLS Archer

    [x] Don't buy
    Let's save our cash for now.
  11. Now that I think about we can wait. we need to train Lion, anteater and Mallard teams up before we tank on another set of rookies.
  12. MilkyHolmes

    MilkyHolmes SHLS Archer

    I agree with you, we got to train everyone else first.
  13. [x] don't buy
  14. cokerpilot

    cokerpilot The lurker emerges. Currently moving.

    [x] Don't buy
  15. Wing101

    Wing101 Bahala Na

    [x] Don't buy
  16. night_sentinel

    night_sentinel Adopt me...

    Updated the Player Abilities section.
    You guys start with 100% crews. Except for the Anteater Team.

    Not planning to buy any tanks? Your credit is currently at 16,000.

    GM Hint:
    Level 1 of the Transformation Ability is only applicable for Realistic Historical Upgrade.
    For this game, you need a Level 2 so can use the World of Tank tree for the tank upgrade of your preferred vehicle.
    For example:
    Cruiser >>> Covenanter >>> Crusader is currently locked.
  17. How do we level up our transformation ability anyway?

    Edit: Nvm. My other questions were answered in the second post :p
  18. Looks interesting.

    Two links that may be useful:
    Girls und Panzer wiki
    World of Tanks wiki

    The latter might be particularly useful to those who (like me) aren't *that* much of a tank-geek.

    [x] Don't Buy
  19. night_sentinel

    night_sentinel Adopt me...

    You can level all the abilities by training or by EXP you guys will earn in battle.
    Unfortunately, Transformation Sequence and Its only a flesh wound cannot be leveled that way. They are leveled by maintaining actions meaning you guys must allow the mechanic team to repair something. So yes, the more trashed your panzer are the faster those two abilities will level up.
  20. Hm... how does that work with tanks that are not in WoT? Like the Japanese tanks currently in our line-up? (Might be a good idea to write that up somewhere, by the way.)
  21. night_sentinel

    night_sentinel Adopt me...

    Don't worry. I researched that. ^^
    Someone in WoT made a Tank Tree for the Japanese.
    Here it is.

    (Shamelessly copy paste)
  22. Nice. Might I suggest putting the link to that (and perhaps the two I posted earlier) into the second post? And maybe put a write-up of our current OOB there as well? :)
  23. ckk185

    ckk185 Solidarity

    We need a churchhill. Then we get the dustbin launcher for the damn thing.
  24. EmpirePlayer

    EmpirePlayer Some smiles are worth fighting for

    [x] Don't buy
  25. soranium21

    soranium21 This entire area is quite dank

    I'm here anyway, so I might as well...
    [x] Don't buy
    If we do buy, who'll lug it around? Replacing tanks might not be to our advantage at the moment, since the operators are used to the ones they're driving.