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  1. DarkGidora

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    That'd be cool, though Bagan's relatively obscure (Has he appeared in anything outside of that SNES game?), he does have a cool design I think, and those who are giant nerds about Kaiju would be happy to see him.
  2. OmegaZ

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    Which Bagan? The chimera one, or the unstoppable super one? Because big screen super Godzilla would be awesome.
  3. Harry Leferts

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    The Soviets were still trying to get the Japanese PM to let them nuke it.
  4. Dinobat

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    I'd much rather have a simple, yet powerful foe.

    People forget that Rodan used to be Godzilla's equal and we never really got to the fight between the two end. I'd be up for a Godzilla vs Rodan movie. The two monsters are similar enough that you can connect their origins and not waste time on an entirely seperate origin plot for monster #2 and other than Mothra Rodan is the most well known members of the Godzilla pantheon over here in the states.

    There's also Titanosaurus. He managed to beat the shit out of Goji twice, without any beam weapons or anything. He just physically overpowered him. I mean, Mechagodzilla was there too but he didn't really do much until Titanosaurus was finally taken out of the fight. Again, he's similar enough to Godzilla that their origins can be connected and everything can feel cohesive.
  5. Harry Leferts

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    He did appear in the "Godzilla Movie Studio Tour" CD-ROM.
    The unstoppable super one. Though I wouldn't mind them taking cues from KaijuSamurai's version.
    Which one? Normal Rodan or Fire Rodan?
    Their origins aren't that similar as Godzilla is a mutation of a surviving dinosaur and Titanosaurus is an unmutated one.
  6. OmegaZ

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    I can agree to that. It would certainly be a unique image for the beast to use light and dark attacks. I always imagined the fight between his Super Godzilla and Bagan was rather like Aang vs Ozai, just on an insane scale.
  7. Dinobat

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    Showa Rodan, dude. Or is that what you meant by "normal" Rodan? Ye Olde Gargoyle Face (Well, he kind of looked like an Owl in the latter Showa films) and Godzilla tussled during Ghidorah but Mothra crashed the party before we got to see how the fight would have ended.

    Anyway the point is moot. This would be "Legendary Pictures Rodan" anyway but I'd prefer it if they based him on the Showa version. I was never a fan on the Heisei Era's insistance that every kaiju needs to have beams out the wazoo.

    But they're both surviving dinosaurs. The human characters could backtrack Godzilla's path through the ocean and in trying to discover his origins comes across Titanosaurus.
  8. DarkGidora

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    Its been a while, but IIRC, Rodan pretty much had the upper hand until Mothra covered them both in silly string. :p
  9. Dinobat

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    He also pretty much tanked Godzilla's heat-ray to the face.

    Obviously Showa Godzilla's ray wasn't as impressive as what came in latter series but can you imagine what a OMG moment it would be if they set up Godzilla's ray as this powerful, incredibly destructive weapon in the movie that incinerated tanks, plucked jets out of the sky and reduced entire city blocks to rubble...and Rodan just walked right through it?
  10. Harry Leferts

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    Showa's Godzilla's beam was powerful enough to lift him off the ground and let him fly.

    And that would require a shit load of power and pretty impressive as no other Godzilla has done the same...
  11. Dinobat

    Dinobat Quiet man

    More impressive when you consider the fact that Godzilla weighed 20,000 tons at that point.

    And at 15,000 tons Rodan actually weighed less than Godzilla yet the ray mostly seemed to annoy/confuse him.
  12. thtadthtshldntb

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    what...? Titanosaurus only had 1 film appearance and got his ass kicked by Godzilla...twice in the same film.
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    Maybe have his beam less like that and more like this in the new movie...

  14. CthulhuBeard

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    1984/5 was awesome. just big G, walking around, nommin some nuclear energy. sinister, deadly. a force of nature, a nuclear weapon, but living and breathing. that movie had the Super X, a human vehicle that was able to go toe to toe with him, and drop him. if for only a little while. the music was great, sticks with me today. something about spitting in the face of an un-beatable foe, and possibly sealing it away for a time.

    honestly, i don't know if liking godzilla is a rational thing. i just dig the mean green dude, the devestation personified. the monster that saves the world so that HE can destroy it.

    kinda like Megas XLR.
  15. Godzilla 1984 was a childhood classic. Biollante was great too.
  16. CthulhuBeard

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    hmm. okay, we just take pacific rim, and merge it with Godzilla.

    the Ange... i mean Kaiju are running amok, and narrowing in on the last bastion of civilisation, Tokyo 111, and the only chance of banishing them back from whence they came. all conventional, and unconventional weapons have at best only hindered and distracted the Kaiju. so they fight fire with nuclear blue fire. a Kaiju, the First, who was captured to be studied, has been modified with a control collar. most people are driven mad and even killed when trying to control the beast, but careful screening discovers that two people working in concert could at least "focus" the beast to take down the other Kaiju (as they seem to naturally work alone and might be territorial in nature).

    so yeah. Godzilla versus Ramiel. shut up and take my money. bonus cash for it just being a NGE / godzilla Mashup.
  17. Dinobat

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    So? Shouldn't that be one more reason to include him in another film? He has something of a following among the stateside Godzilla fandom.

    Lol, wut? Titanosaurus had the advantage over Godzilla in their first fight, and was about to press his attack when Mafune ordered him to retreat to save Katsura. In the second fight, Titanosaurus was pretty much throwing Godzilla around like a ragdoll until he tossed him into a pit dug by Mechagodzilla and then buried him there. When Godzilla finally reemerged the only reason Titanosaurus didn't do the same thing was because the humans were firing the Sonic Gun at him. The next time we see Titano (after Godzilla had dealt with Mechagodzilla) he seemed to be near death already when Godzilla fired his heat-ray at him, knocking him over a cliff. We don't even know if that killed him.
  18. thtadthtshldntb

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    We are watching the same fights and seeing completely different things. The aliens expected Godzilla to murder Titanosaurus in the first fight but be badly wounded.

    Titanosaurus was "throwing Godzilla around like a ragdoll" because Mechagodzilla was there. No Mechagodzilla and Titanousaurus would have had his ass kicked.
  19. Dinobat

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    I'm not arguing that Godzilla wouldn't have won eventually. Titanosaurus didn't really have anything that could defeat Godzilla's regeneration but he was still whaling on Godzilla. Mechagodzilla wasn't doing anything for most of the fight. He was pretty much just standing in the background looking sinister. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla didn't actually fight until Titanosaurus was being shot with the sonic gun which seriously seemed to fuck him up.

    By the time Godzilla got around to dealing with Titanosaurus he had been weakened by the sonic gun, had just survived a military bombardment and Katsura was dead and no longer controlling him. Otherwise the fight would have gone on for much longer before Titanosaurus lost.
  20. thtadthtshldntb

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    Katsura did not directly control Titanosaurus, she just ran the control panel that did. Katsura had Mechagodzilla's brain built into her.
  21. Daniel2112

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    My problem with using Titanosaurus is that he looks ridiculous. Tiny little peg-like teeth in an almost duck-billed mouth. He looks like An overgrown lambeosaurus.
  22. OmegaZ

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    Just give him a redesign. Make him more like an actual Spinosaurus.
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    We all know Godzillla was fouled by him. What game was the ref watching?
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  25. Dinobat

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    -Actually rewatches the whole movie all the way through rather than the fight scenes.-

    Indeed good sir, you are right.

    As for Titanosaurus' design, I rather like it. It's something of a cross between a reptillian kangaroo and a old school depiction of a sea serpent. Maybe if they shift his stance forward a bit like a Tyrannosaur from an old Charles R. Knight painting. A spinosaurus can't throw an uppercut, after all. :)

    Also we apparently have some more clarification on Godzilla's design from a member over at Club Tokyo Forums: