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    All right, now joining into the loops there will be Gundam Wing jumping into the bandwagon!

    Heero Yuy awoke, he... he is wearing a very familiar orange normal suit with a suicide switch, looking at his surroundings he noticed that he's inside a very familar machine, one machine he have not seen for a long ago, a machine that Lady Une used to push aside Trieze from being kiled by the Lybra Space Fortress Beam Cannon and ultimately destroyed, he's inside the Wing Gundam.

    'What!? How this is possible, the last thing I remember was going inside that chryogenic chamber and clossing my eyes!' Heero though to himself, looking for a logic explaination of what's going on until the Transformable Mobile Suit disguised as a shuttle dettect an obstacle to its flight phath, a very familiar obstacle...

    'Uh? Is that a civilian shuttle?' And Before he could think what to do now, his mobile suit's sensors dettected something else, something familiar as well...

    'Oz spacecraft vessel dettected by its speed it must be carrying three mobile suits... What's going on? Why do I have the feeling this have happend before' And just before he gets to ponder on the situation, the Oz Specials ship opened fire upon him!

    'Ugg, No time to think on this one, I'll figure out what's going on later once I manage to get to safety' Heero started to maneuver trought the fire barrages of the Oz Ship, dodging all the shots to surprise to the ship occupants, specially one Lt. Zechs Marquise

    "Sir! The shuttle is evading all our fire with ease and is now heading to re-entry point!"

    "At this speed? it would be a suicide, but considering that this is one of the new weapons of the colonies it seems that they preffer to die than rather than get captured, well continue the chase in atmosphere, comense re-entry procedures"

    "Yes sir!"

    And so... unknown to him, Heero Yuy started his adventures trought the loops
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    I'd suggest using a different term rather than dodging all our fire again.

    Perhaps something like 'avoiding our attacks' etc.
  3. Wing Zero 032

    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    Change done, hanks for the heads up.
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    Maybe we should make this a general Gundam loop thread instead of limiting it just to Wing? Wing doesn't really give you too terrible much material to work with, by itself.

    Also, I had an idea based around Wufei being a moron, but the writing just isn't coming. Unfortunate, that.
  5. So who IS the anchor of the GW loops? Ii vote Duo, or at the very least not Heero, because Heero is the guy who thinks it is perfectly OK to jump out of top-floor windows over a cliff and self-destruct his gundam while still in it. For an Anchor that's... a really bad thing.
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    He get little better by end of series and endless waltz, not much.
  7. It is generally the "Main Characters" that are Anchors due to their involvement in so many things. While Gundam Wing has other options Heero is the one who should be the Anchor due to his frankly ridiculous amount of luck when it comes to things that should kill him. And while the series does follow the other pilots, Heero is the one that is most "involved" in the plot and the one we follow for most of the story.

    Now about future Loops with Super Robot Wars, I was planning on doing ones with Kyosuke and Ryusei Joint Anchors similar to what we have in the Megaman Loops with Rock, Roll, and Blues. So if it it really an issue their could be more then one Anchor. I was also considering Ibis as a Joint Anchor. Elzam and Zengar while tempting do spend time as "Villains" opposing the Heroes so that might not work out that well given how important Kyosuke and Ryusei are to the plots of the first two games.

    However Reasons need to be given as to why. In the Megaman Loops it was because there was all kinds of trouble just getting them started in the first place. For Super Robot Wars I am planning on making it that while the OG Universe is the "Prime" one around which all others revolve due to constant travel between Universes (Shadow Mirrors, Einst, Endless Frontier) and it's links to other Mecha Series (all the other Super Robot War games would take place in close proximity to the OG Universe as that is where the Original Characters originate from) it is a rather "unstable" area and needs more then one Anchor.

    Using these as examples is there anything that could justify Multiple Anchors in Gundam Wing?

    Also keep in mind this is all up to Wing Zero 032, he is the one who makes the final decisions as the one who started the Thread.
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    Which I am a bit miffed about. I'm the one who came up with the idea, but he went off half-cocked.... I'd been planning on Duo being loop anchor, for several reasons. But, if
    he's wiling, we can run it either as Heero's waking up during the very first few loops as the anchor is starting to think he's going crazy, or have them all start looping at the same time.

    One of my reasons happens to be that while I know my on luck is insane, his is crazier. And I know the feeling of my luck turning on me. his luck turning on him? He should have died in that damned parachute incident!

    Oh, and Gulping? The most we would be able to add is Gundam SEED. And that's if what I've heard about it being set in the same world as Wing is correct. All of the others (I think) use the UC calender. And in all honesty, We should probably follow the KISS principal, and give each set of related shows their own thread.
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    You're right, we could make this a General Gundam loop, I have the Idea that due to the fact that some universes got damaged since the last system crash, it requires that multiple anchors to keep them stable, Amuro would usually loop anchor from UC 0079 to UC 0093, Hathaway Noah would anchor for UC 0093 up to the events of Hathaway's Flash (practically covering the whole Uncorn Gundam timeline as well), and we could have similar situations with Gundam F-90, Silouthe Formula, F-91, Crossbone Gundam, Victory Gundam and so on... until we end up in the Correct Century's Turn A Gundam.

    Here is the loop thread now: Mobile Suit Gundam General Loops

    Heero is the Anchor, the loops have just started so is only him for now, for now. However there's still the posibility that he may be co-anchoring along with the other Gundam Pilots and Zetchs, only time will tell before other loopers may awake
  10. With only a little more thought, I've come up with another, and potentially much more compelling reason against Heero as anchor; Tell me, really, can you honestly see Heero doing amusing things just for the heck of it? REALLY? Because I cannot. Most other anchors, and indeed loopers, it's not much of a stretch at all to imagine them getting so very bored they start trolling people. Heero... Not so much. I can't see him as fodder for much amusement, aside from as the eternal unmovable straight-man.
  11. Wing Zero 032

    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    Considering that he went into a chryogenic chamber (FROZEN TEARDROOP SPOILER), he may assume this is some kind of lucid dream due to the process, he may actually try a diferent aproach on everything, maybe disregard a mission or go nuts for the first without using the Z.E.R.O. System who knows, want to stick aroun to find out? remember that evey looper may suffer the sypmtoms of the Sakura Syndrome at one point, is a matter of finding help before it fully transforms into that
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    >.< I can NOT see this going well. Heero is one of the least mentally flexible people I can think of, at the start of the show. What would happen if a loop anchor breaks and is not able to do anything? It's happened to him once already, it could happen again! If Heero must be an anchor, he should not be the sole anchor. The next pilot he meets is Duo. Let's have them meet as usual, but have started looping at the same time.
  13. And besides that, it's already been shown that the Anchor does NOT need to be the main character of a show. Leah Clearwater comes to mind, for one. It's common, yes, but it certainly isn't set in stone. And Heero just really seems like a bad choice, to the point that if you insist on making him the anchor because you made this thread and you want him as anchor enough to refuse to at least consider other possible anchors, I'd recommend that someone else make another thread.
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    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    Look, I am aware that you are worried about Heero not being a viable anchor, however take in mind that in the previous post I said this may be a co-anchored loop if anything, Is not easy writting spam awakenings you know, Snakes_ Shadow, if you like to put Duo there, just write your snip, there's no problem I said the loop will be co-anchored so in a sense Duo will also be an Anchor too, I was just Starting with Heero anyway.

    The idea of these loops was starting serious and gradually degrade into silly and plain Gundam trolling among other random stuff, WE'RE PRACTIALLY AT PAGE 1 FOR WHATEVER DEIDITY'S SAKES! hold your ponies!

    If you keep fussing about it, I'll make Relena the anchor!
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    Give me a couple of hours. I have some car work to do and I need to bone up on the episode in question. Also, I have not seen frozen teardrop, so where is Duo when Heero went into the cryo chamber?
  16. Wing Zero 032

    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    OK, go ahead and take your time.

    And for your questrin where was Duo in Frozen Teardroops, He was in Mars, for some werid martian phenomenon he aged faster, he became a bounty hunter under the name of "Father Maxwell" (Trigun Much?). Is his son is the one who pilots what is practically the replacement of Deathsytche Hell Custom and tag along with Heero.

    ON A GENERAL NOTE: I have created a new thread for any other Gundam Series, feel free to comment an post your ideas and snips from the other gundam series, I started with Amuro Ray begining to loop, just click the link in my signature

    Don't forget that Crossover loops are allowed.
  17. Well for starting "Serious" Heero is indeed the best one to go for. He takes missions very seriously and once the resident Admin comes by and explains things he is likely the one who will be most willing to "accept" his role. The others would likely have "issues" with it even when the Admin proves they are a God.

    Quatre is a bundle of Issues, Trowa is miraculously not as bad but comes close. Duo is not someone who should be trusted with Carte Blanche to do whatever he wants "consequence free" while others are not Looping and as such the one most likely to cause FUBAR Loops and forced resets to Safe Modes like Eiken. Remember they are to be avoided as they are emergency safety nets, they do not contribute to restoring the stability of Yggdrassil as much as the Main Loops.

    Wufei is, well Wufei. Given his background and the fact that this seems to be "starting" at the beginning of Operation Meteor he will break over repeating this portion of his life and not being able to save his wife Meiran.

    As such of the Gundam Pilots Heero is actually the best option.

    Edit: And for Fused Loops given all the cameos in Gundam Build Fighters the Wing gang showing up there and kicking ass using their own "Gunpla" is something I am looking forward to.
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    Wing Zero 032 This is no Zaku, boy. NO ZAKU!

    That's why I had Heero originally being the sole anchor, mostly due to the fact hat the others may go downhill into Sakura Syndrome (Especially Duo), however I had come to accept that this loops must be co-anchored by all the Gundam Pilots and Zechs but Heero will be the Main Anchor, because this way there would be at least one gundam pilot awake in the after colony and holding a reccord of humiliating stuff done to their non-awake selves.

    I like your Idea of them Gunpla fighting, bonus points if they win the world championship with "Stock" unmodified gunpla (read their standar mobile suits from the series and Endless Walts Mobile Suits) many they would think they would be cosplaying to the extreme and to the point of signing themselves up into the tournament with the names of Gundam Wing Characters
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    Personally I'd frequently attach Relena to loops, at least at the start. My reason for that is not only because her and Heero together make cute bundle of issues and hypocrisy, but because they have good effect on each other.
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  20. Yeah they do tend to stabilize one another quite a bit, and make a cute couple to boot.

    Though admittedly both have so many issues that one could make a career studying them.:p

    One thing I hate in Fanfiction is the constant Relena bashing, as she is a fascinating character. Keep in mind she grew up fast and became someon who literally led the world. While it was intended to be nothing more then a puppet position to allow Romefeller to control things she won over most of the Earth Sphere's populace. She had some serious charisma and political skill to pull that one off, even getting members of Romefeller on board with her.
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    Always cool when the multiverse expands. Added this thread to the TvTropes page.
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    Yes, it's almost as annoying as overabundance of slash in fandom, it's like two people of same gender can't be close friends.
    As for issues, you have them when your first date together was started with death treats and blackmail.
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    Here goes

    Duo woke up on his way down to earth.
    "What the- where am I? Deathscythe?" He checked all of the systems in the gundam, everything came up green, but the date... The date was off. By years. How did he go from Mars, to his gundam at the very start of the war?

    The next few days passed in a blur. He worked through everything that happened, keeping as close to his memories of the events as possible. When he found Wing, he stopped short for a moment.
    "Heero! So far everything has gone according to my memories, so I'll be seeing him soon! -Attempting to shoot Relena. Well, here's hoping that he remembers."

    Soon enough, he came upon the scene with Heero and Relena.
    "YUY!" He shouted "Please tell me you remember going into that damned cryogenic chamber!"

    Heero froze. Relena just looked confused.

    And so, a self-proclaimed God of Death entered the first adventure of the loops.


    Duo would have worked well as a solo anchor, where Heero would not, but together they make a more stable anchor than either alone. Add the others, and the stability might improve. Then again, it might not.

    Also, Heero's not the type to do humiliating things to others. Duo on the other hand... Honestly, a Penn and Teller routine is just as good.

    So, will the others Awake quickly (or as anchor) or will some fun happen first?

    Also, we could always have "test loops" where the admins tried all of the possible Anchor configurations before ending on one that works the best (i.e., the one we end up on)
  24. Snakes_Shadow

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    Also, (and sorry for the double post, but I can't seem to get the editing thing working right) My initial idea for the GW loops is that the G-boys had several Girl Genius loops before their first MLP loop, and that they (or at least one of them) think that the Girl Genius universe itself might be sentient and aware of the loops.
  25. aja318

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    Moments before:
    "Relena, I promise to take you somewhere nice but for love of God let me do my job."
    "What is going on here?!"
    "I told you that we can talk when I'm not working... You just want me to pull out gun and threaten to kill you, right?"
    Duo arrives.
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