Half-gobilns and other half breeds in D&D

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    In D&D pretty much anything can have a kid with anything else, or atleast humans, so I'm curious, are there any instances, official canon or otherwise, where there are half-goblins or half-bugbears or half minotaurs or something? and why are half-dwarves pretty much unheard of?
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    I got this one!

    Minotaurs are a special case, in that they're usually described not as a species per se, but as a curse. Most minotaurs, under that assumption, were once human men, or are the descendants of such. There is at least one hill giant minotaur that I know of though (basically, he's a gigantic minotaur). Older sourcebooks say that all minotaurs are male, and that they take human women as wives, implying that sons of human-minotaur matings are minotaurs, and daughters are normal human women.

    Bugbears aren't numerous enough that it's really ever come up to my knowledge. Unearthed Arcana has some stuff on bloodlines for characters with a monstrous ancestor. I don't recall if bugbear was one of the options, although it likely was.

    Icewind Dale 2 has half-goblins that I believe the other half is a...oh...what's it called...it's in Monster Manual I. It's like a hellhound-ish thing, but intelligent and can shape-change into a goblin like form? It starts with a 'b' I think...maybe? With goblins the main issue is that not many creatures want to mate with a goblin and, unlike orcs and ogres, they aren't really big enough to force themselves on anyone else.

    Dwarves are afflicted by extremely poor fertility, such that they have a hard enough time producing children with other dwarves, much less non-Dwarves. There are half-dwarf/half-humans called muls in the Dark Sun setting, but those take a little magical coaxing to come about, and are themselves sterile.

    The main reason that everyone hears about half-elves and half-orcs is that everyone wants to have sex with elves, and elves are generally...well...
    whores, and that orcs are big and mean enough that they don't take no for an answer.
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    I am afraid I don't have too many examples myself.

    I would, however, be interested in seeing the result of a Dwarf/Elf pairing. In most continuities that is just not possible, but I've never understood why that would be. Opposites attract, after all.
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    A barghest, I think you mean.

    Dwelves? I'm pretty sure they've existed. I can't think of a canon source, but there are rulesets around for them if you have a quick Google.
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    The problem is that in this case, the opposites tend more to attract arrowheads and battleaxes ;)
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    That's it! Barghest!

    I've never seen any dwelves. And there are very few D&D books, of any edition, that I haven't read. Might be something independently created.
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    There are no half-goblinoids, to my knowledge.
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    Well, unless you really want to count mongrelfolk...
  10. I've actually offered incentives during character creation for players to create half-halflings, just so I can call them "Quarterling" throughout the campaign. No one's done it yet. :(
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    There is of course halves of being and humans from upper and lower planes. But what about Elves, Dwarves and such? Do planer beings only like humans?
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    A barghest is an extraplanar being (closer to being demonic than anything else), not a half-goblin, but it does have the ability to shapechange into both a goblin and a wolf.


    Fey-Ri are half-sunelf/half-demon(Tanar'ri) - they exist in the Forgotten Realms (Hellgate Keep)

    Drider - half-drow/spider (result of magical curse/punishment)

    Draegloth - hald-drow/demon (result of the graduation ceremony/orgy when drow females have finished their training as clerics; believed to be a sign of special favor from Lloth - maybe also because the union of drow and demon doesn't always end with the drow being alive)

    Yuan-Ti -> the Half-bloods are from intermingling between Yuan-Ti purebloods and humans
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    All this is reminding me of Ogrek the Undisciplined. He was a character in a D&D comic in Dragon Magazine some years back.

    Ogrek was, if I recall, 1/8 Ogre, 1/8 Orc, 1/4 Elf, 1/8 Pixie, and 1/4 Human. The missing 1/8 was a mystery.

    He was in love with a halfling girl.
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    may help
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    Dragons and nymphs are the only creatures on that list that can have kids with ANYTHING. Also a half-fiend/half-celestial would be extremely interesting.
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    Yup, heard about dwelves in the wizards.com boards. Existed only during the height of interracial cooperation, that is, in the age of Myth Drannor. There might even have been some named NPC of that race somwhere...
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    Where do you get Yuan-ti Half-bloods being half-breeds from? Aside from the name that is? They're as much "pure Yuan-ti" as the purebloods, abominations, and anathemas.
  19. It is suggested that the Tallfoot halflings might be a halfling/elf crossbreed.

    The Midnight campaign setting by Fantasy Flight Games has Dwarrow (dwarf-gnome pairings), Dworgs (Orc-dwarf), and Elflings (elf-halflings). There are a lot of other homebrew crossbreeds out there if you look long enough. If it doesn't exist, then it's simply because no one bothered to make it.

    That's just the opinion of the makers of the BoEF. It can be used as a reference, but it is by no means final.
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    They are? Must have misremembered some part from the first novel in the "House of Serpents" trilogy - I know there was some mention of Yuan-ti/Human interbreeding, but I don't remember the detail
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    That's cruel. What, would they be like, 2 feet tall? }p
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    well if they were half-human they would be taller than normal harflings also whats BoEF an abbreviation (or acronym or whatever it is) for?
  23. Mad Luddite

    Mad Luddite Was that an attempt at humor?

    Maybe I misread. Quarterling suggests smaller than Halfling, which I'd assumed was already half the size (or scale?) of a human.
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    The BoEF is the Book of Erotic Fantasy. It's the D&D sex supplement. It actually has some good stuff in it, avoiding the gutter, but also contains exactly what you'd think a book of erotic fantasy would.

    Speaking of crossbreeds, does anyone else remember Gnarfling, a character in Realms of Shadow speculated to be a cross between a dwarf, gnome, and halfling?
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    Book of Erotic Fantasy eh? I shall have to look into this book for... research purposes, for a half-goblin character I plan on creating, yes thats it! :D