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    The First Thread Where It All Began.
    Official Conclusion of First Thread (Last Author Post) For continuities sake.
    The Second Thread Things Pick Up Pace
    Official Conclusion of Second Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread The Third (Mind the Crazy Arguments)
    Official Conlcusion of Third Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fourth (What the hell!)
    Official Conclusion of Fourth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fifth (Things are exploding!)
    Official Conlcusion of Firth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Sixth (Over Half a Million Words and We've only Finished one Arc :eek:)
    Official Conclusion of the Sixth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Seventh (In Which TH shows he can't write a murder mystery :oops:)
    Official Conclusion of the Seventh Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Eigth (Things have been slowing down, been kind of relaxing!)
    Official Conclusion of Eigth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Ninth (The Conspiracy Revealed!)
    Official Conclusion of Ninth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Tenth (We've reached double digits!)
    Officical Conlusion of Tenth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Eleventh(We're going to outstrip the FnZ Ideas Thread at this Rate!)

    Previous Snips AKA- The Story So Far

    prologue - "The Mage and the Swordsman."
    chapter 1 - "Big Tree"
    chapter 2 - Part 1 -
    chapter 2 - Part 2 -
    Chapter 2 - Part 3 -
    (Posted in Following Posts)
    Chapter 3 - part 1 -
    Chapter 3 - part 2 -
    Chapter 3 - part 3 -
    Chapter 3 - part 4 -
    Chapter 4 - part 1 -
    Chapter 4 - part 2 -
    Chapter 4 - part 3 -
    Chapter 4 - part 4 -
    Chapter 5 - part 1 -
    Chapter 5 - part 2 -
    Chapter 5 - part 3 -
    Chapter 5 - part 4 -
    Chapter 5 - part 5 -
    Chapter 6 - part 1 -
    Chapter 6 - part 2 -
    Chapter 6 - part 3 - "Hammer and Heart, Split Moon."
    Chapter 6 - part 4 - "A Pact of Blood Between Air and Fae."
    Chapter 6 - part 5 - "Arrival in York, An Incident Ensues, Gunpowder Plot, The Captain and the Pirate Prince."
    Chapter 7 - part 1 - "Millia's True Colors, York Escape!, The Daring Prince, the Winged Flash."
    Chapter 7 - part 2 - "Meeting a Prince, Meeting a Postman, A Faerie Reveals herself, Sir Dunwell Arrives"
    Chapter 7 - part 3 - "Execution, Battle of Skiesedge, Farewell to a Knight."
    Chapter 8 - part 1 - "PoppopBoom!, the Luckless Princess , A wild Silicia Appears!"
    Chapter 8 - part 2 - "Eve of the World Tree Raid."
    Chapter 8 - part 3 - "A game of Crowns, A Incident in Albion, Midori the female swordsman."
    Chapter 8 - part 4 - "Goodbyes, Mob Violence, We're Family"
    Chapter 9 - Part 1 - "Tarbes Side Quest"
    Chapter 9 - Part 2 - "Arrival in Tarbes, Goodnight Louise & KoKo"
    Chapter 9 - Part 3 - "So Cute, Pixies Attack, Where's Yui?"
    Chapter 9 - Part 4 - "Yui alone, the Shaman and the Yearning Knight, the Healer's Cottage.
    Chapter 9 - Part 5 - "The Lame Count, Serpent in the Forest, Overheard Conversation."
    Chapter 9 - Part 6 - "Sounding the Alarm, Missing Children"
    Chapter 9 - Part 7 - "Kiting, Antoine and Euphrasie, The Butler did it!"
    Chapter 9 - Part 8 - "Fernand the Traitor, Lhamthanc the Steel Toothed."
    Chapter 9 - Part 9 - "Judgement & Duel, Sayuri's Reward, Healing"
    Chapter 10 - Part 1 - "Midori & Bandits."
    Chapter 10 - Part 2 - "Disclosure, Scheming, Zombie Powder"
    Chapter 10 - Part 3 - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"
    Chapter 10 - Part 4 - "Breakfast With Zombies"
    Chapter 10 - Part 5 - "Flawless Romeo"
    Chapter 11 - Part 1 - "Night Raid of the Living Dead"
    Chapter 11 - Part 2 - "A Crier's Call, The Trio Pursues"
    Chapter 11 - Part 3 - "Reunion"
    Chapter 11 - Part 4 - "Morning, Flashback, General of the Skies, Betrayal"
    Chapter 12 - Part 1 - "Lunch with a Faerie Lord, Negotiations are Interrupted"
    Chapter 12 - Part 2 - "Meeting of the Fae and Royalty."
    Chapter 12 - Part 3 - "The Stone Wall Gramont, Strategy Meeting"
    Chapter 12 - Part 4 - "Telenecronomicon, the Princess Leads, Argument Among Equals"
    Chapter 12 - Part 5 - "Meet the Kurotaka, Captain Thorn, <<Dual Deciders>>
    Chapter 13 - Part 1 - "Dunkirk"
    Chapter 13 - Part 2 - "Battleship Alley, Apparitions."
    Chapter 13 - Part 3 - "The Phantom Queen, Battle Lines Drawn"
    Chapter 13 - Part 4 - "It's About Time, the Fall of Newcastle"
    Chapter 13 - Part 5 - "Hold the Wall, the Prince Departs, the Children of Medb"
    Chapter 13 - Part 6 - "The Lightning Viscount, Zombie Mamba."
    Chapter 13 - Part 7 - "Lightning Rod, the Hat is Dropped, the Prince Departs"
    Chapter 13 - Part 8 - "The Heavy Wind, Morgan La Fae"
    Epilogue - One end, a New Beginning.

    Halkegenia Online v2.0 - <<Snips are patched now as chapters!>>
    Chapter 1 - "Yamada Sakura, Arrun Noir, the Dutiful Knight"
    Chapter 2 - "Autopsy, Vandalism, Louise Obtains a Rare Drop!"
    Chapter 3 - "Pixie Lunch, Investigation Complication, Silence in the Library"
    Chapter 4 - "The Lieutenant's Investigation, Spoiled Morning , Freelia on the Coast"
    Chapter 5 - "Bad Dreams, Hot Scoop, The Assassin Revealed"
    Chapter 6 - "Rip Jack, Sakuya and Mortimer, Suisen and Argo"
    Chapter 7 - "Negotiations and Trolls, Terrance de'Martou, the Plot Thickens"
    Chapter 8 -
    Chapter 9 - Horses for Courses, Caught!, Interrogation, Ganker, Midori meets Monmon
    Chapter 10 - A lot of stuff happens :cool:

    Interlude 3 - The Man on the Street by Geshon Tyler

    Canon Non Author Snips
    Old Heart, Young Eyes - by lgear

    Hints of what is to come. Glimpses into the future of the fic.
    Snip-1-"Yui! No boys!"
    Snip-2-"Some simple rules for dating my daughter."
    Snip-3-"A demographic Problem"
    Snip-4-"On the Other Side"
    Snip-5-"Mom . . . I'm home."

    Additional Resources. I.E. Random Stuff Added by the Fic Author about the Fic World
    Tentative Force Chart
    Character List
    ALfheim Bestiary - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Zoological Document!
    Airships of Halkegenia - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Airitime Companion!

    Halkegenia Offline- The occasionally ongoing, less well written Omake Compliment to this Fic (Feel Free to offer suggestions.)
    Set - 1 - "And now for something completely different"
    Set - 2 - "Kirche has competition"

    Non Author Omake
    Best Served Cold by Geshon Tyler.
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    Unlisted story posts
    Chapter 9 - Part 3a - Interrogation
    Chapter 11 - Part 1 - A hopeful dawn
    Chapter 11 - Part 2 - Repairs
    Chapter 11 - Part 2b - Sins of the past, warning the present
    Chapter 11 - Part 2c - Blinded
    Chapter 11 - Part 3 - Transition Leads
    Chapter 11 - Part 4 - Loss
    Chapter 11 - Part 5 - Fallout
    Chapter 11 - Part 6 - Conversations and self-defenestration
    Chapter 11 - Part 6b - Contact

    Omake and Snippet Index (for latest snippets, search for 'Th11')

    FAQ and Suggested Guidelines for posting in the HalO threads

    Fae-Tristain Integration (Japanese geeks in Princess Henrietta's Court)
    Th02 p054 - Kirche has competition -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p018 - Mineral springs and envy -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p040 - Faces of the past and therapy -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p020 - The Art of the Deal -an NPC

    Consequences of the Transition (This isn't the land of canon anymore)
    Th02 p135 - A Demographic Problem -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p191 - Old Heart, Young Eyes -LGear
    Th05 p053 - Young Heart, Fiery Eyes -LGear
    Th05 p149 - Feeling your age -Spectrum
    Th05 p150 - Real skills collective -wkz
    Th06 p024 - <Adventurer's Journal> -shaderic
    Th07 p135 - The Second Valliere Daughter -aightaight2
    Th07 p142 - The Biggest vs. The Angriest -Exsequens
    Th07 p157 - Product Placement -aightaight2
    Th10 p039 - Consequences and Custodiam -an NPC
    Th11 p035 - Radio Yggdrasil -Jonnoda

    Faction Disguise Issues (Somebody put out a patch for this thing!)
    Th03 p121 - Best Served Cold -GeshronTyler
    Th03 p177 - Klein's Discovery -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p062 - Love potion Hijinks -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p001 - Love potion Hijinks 2 -Exsequens
    Th05 p075 - The art of trolling -wkz
    Th05 p079 - Eugene-chan and Morgiana -Exsequens
    Th07 p011 - Arrun Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition -Triggerhappy

    Faction Disguise Outcomes (Yui is going to be one busy shrink)
    Th03 p176 - You're Having the Next One -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p178 - Instinctive Jealousy -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p016 - Father Empathy Class pt 1 & 2 -mdkcde
    Th03 p181 - Delivery -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p044 - Delivery's Aftermath, Sachi! -741AuthorNCS

    Camp Mulan (Let's get down to business!)
    Th03 p190 - Guiche mans up -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p141 - Spriggan Stress Relief -aightaight2
    Th06 p001 - <<Motivation>> -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p081 - Trials of Midori -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p086 - Asuma Yuuki -Academic Guardian
    Th11 p064 - Guiche: Hero of the Academy!, 2, epilogue -aightaight2

    Three Black Cats (Ninja pirate faerie catgirls)
    Th06 p020 - Shiori's background (info) -gamlain
    Th05 p120 - Ninja catgirls -gamlain
    Th05 p130 - HalO: Three Black Cats -gamlain
    Th05 p156 - HalO: 3BC (ninja pirates appear) -gamlain
    Th06 p169 - HalO: 3BC (Questioning the locals) -gamlain
    Th06 p004 - <<Life Goes On>> -Triggerhappy
    Th08 p071 - Triplets, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Infinite Freedom
    Th08 p082 - Cravings, 2 -Nicholai

    Bishop, Defender of ALfheim (Trust me, don't damage the books)
    Th03 p131 - Bishop's first mention (info) -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p022 - Law and Order: Halkegenia -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p022 - Paper master -Barricade
    Th04 p032 - Bishop's Reveal -Jonen C
    Th05 p125 - Operation Sleeping Books -aightaight2
    Th05 p053 - Do Librarians Dream of Modern Japan -an NPC
    Th09 p018 - Defender of ALfheim, 2 -an NPC

    Zombie Aki (Between Knight and Zae)
    Th04 p168 - Aki and Wells - Exsequens
    Th04 p162 - Interpreting orders -Spectrum
    Th04 p166 - Choose your words with care -Spectrum
    Th06 p034 - Thoughts by the departed -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p120 - Aki learns to fly -aightaight2
    Th06 p121 - Dunwell's Trial & The CrAki bunch! -zero_traveler
    Th06 p136 - Aki's Journey -Xexilf
    Th06 p137 - <<What do You Want?>> -Jonen C
    Th11 p051 - Hallowed Eve -aightaight2

    TRIST Offshoots (Hegent and Yuyu ahoy!)
    Th07 p050 - TRIST Cast List (info) -wkz
    Th06 p022 - Hegent and Yuyu, 2, 3 (info) -deadheadzed
    Th06 p107 - The Truth of TRIST -Faraway-R
    Th04 p105 - Agnes and the Science Institute -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p189 - Yu-Gi-HalkO -Spectrum
    Th05 p004 - DON'T THINK! RUN! -mdkcde
    Th05 p011 - The Origins of Spaceflight -aightaight2
    Th05 p028 - There's SCIENCE to be done!! -wkz
    Th05 p017 - Void Theory -Exsequens
    Th05 p021 - Weekly Status Report -Spectrum
    Th05 p030 - New Product Lines -Spectrum
    Th05 p157 - Status quo -wkz
    Th06 p018 - Teach us Kofu-sensei! -Academic Guardian
    Th06 p041 - Gifts and Ideas -wkz
    Th06 p134 - TRIST Accountants -zero_traveler
    Th07 p071 - Hegent's Computer -wkz
    Th09 p038 - Conjuration -Mashadorof402

    TRIST - Mobile Suit Golem (Sieg Pixeon!)
    Th06 p022 - Macro (POE-M), 2 (info) -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p136 - Remember the Square Cube Law -wkz
    Th05 p148 - <<Mobile Suit Golem: Pixie>> -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p172 - Golems and Earth Stones -aightaight2
    Th05 p184 - POE-M: Type G -LGear
    Th05 p191 - <<Project KOS-MOS>> -Jomasten
    Th06 p046 - HalkO GaoGaiGar 1, 2, 3 -zero_traveler
    Th07 p152 - HalkO GGG: The Dragon Twins 1, 2 -zero_traveler
    Th07 p159 - HalkO GGG: Project Gao - Stats -zero_traveler
    Th06 p005 - POE-M: Shiva -Jomasten
    Th06 p014 - Pixie Rim -mdkcde

    TRIST - War Games (Panzer Vor!)
    Th05 p126 - Pixies und Panzer -LGear
    Th05 p131 - World of Tanks -wkz
    Th05 p129 - Pixie Tankers -an NPC

    A Slice of Life - Yui (MHCP-001 at large)
    Th01 p028 - Christmas Tinsel -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p009 - Yui! No boys! -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p009 - Some simple rules for dating my daughter -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p194 - A Special Day -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p085 - Mother's day -artanis00
    Th05 p114 - Never enough peanuts -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p006 - Yui’s Day Out -aightaight2
    Th06 p025 - Bedtime Stories -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p130 - Father's Day -artanis00
    Th07 p041 - <<Love>>? -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p043 - STOP: Yui-MHCP001 -DB_Explorer
    Th11 p055 - The Chase -Infinite Freedom
    Th11 p057 - Misunderstanding -Exsequens

    A Slice of Life - Fae Lords (Trials of leadership)
    Th06 p158 - Sakuya's Shadow, 2 -741AuthorNCS and zero_traveler
    Th05 p046 - Dinner at Mortimer's -Exsequens
    Th05 p086 - Festival planning -Spectrum
    Th06 p043 - Poaching -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p131 - Depreciation -kojiro kakita
    Th07 p019 - Cats and jars - Jyn Ryvia
    Th10 p013 - Alicia the Cait -an NPC

    A Slice of Life - Silica (The Dragon Tamer strikes back!)
    Th02 p146 - Tongue Twisters -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p002 - My Neighbor Tonkii 1&2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10&11 -aightaight2
    Th05 p171 - A Choice of Melons -aightaight2

    A Slice of Life - Pixies (Yggdrasil's children)
    Th03 p182 - Sayuri's cunning plan -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p056 - A Knight Attack -Anzer'ke
    Th05 p103 - It's Kinda Complicated -an NPC
    Th05 p162 - Kendo with Botan -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p013 - Decontamination -LGear
    Th07 p097 - Bidashal and Melin, 2 -Archons
    Th07 p151 - Joseph's Dungeon -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p016 - Bidashal and Melin - Xmas Edition -aightaight2
    Th11 p071 - The Search Continues -aightaight2

    Post-Transition - IRL (Better duck - onions incoming!)
    Th02 p160 - On the Other Side -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p160 - Mom . . . I'm home -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p182 - Those left behind -Spectrum
    Th05 p004 - Routes Unchosen -Spectrum
    Th05 p014 - Sinon in Halk Online -Flere821
    Th05 p103 - Lost sniper -Faraway-R

    Guilds in Action (It's not showing off if you earned it!)
    Th05 p107 - Numbers - Derived Stats -an NPC
    Th07 p044 - Numbers - Social Dynamics -an NPC
    Th07 p033 - A Capella - Bladesong -TIFFD
    Th06 p022 - Dondoruma - Fortune Hunters -aightaight2
    Th06 p075 - Slayers - prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -Vaermina
    Th06 p065 - Nanoha - Takamachi Online -zero_traveler
    Th09 p007 - Long Hand - To Walk The Shoe 1 -revanninja

    Guild Bios
    Th06 p022 - Slayers - Character Sheet, 2 -Vaermina
    Th11 p024 - Log Horizon report, 2 -jwolfe
    Th10 p085 - The Gnome Guardians -Jonnoda
    Th10 p092 - <<The Swiss Army>> -Sunder the Gold

    Post-Transition - Dealing with Elves (The other pointy eared OCPs)
    Th08 p020 - An Elf or a fairy, 2, 3, 4 -NecroMac
    Th07 p056 - Kal of the House of Eldrond Part 1, 2 -Lethality
    Th07 p059 - Quest for the Soy Sauce 1, 2 -Lone Wolf 666
    Th07 p058 - Don't Poke the Elf -KaPe

    Cultural Consequences (The Halkegenian perspective)
    Th03 p175 - Gallian Intelligence -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p190 - Kiss of Life -Academic Guardian
    Th05 p003 - True Name Shenanigans - Cj1of4 et al
    Th08 p059 - l33ts in Halkgenia!, 2 -Academic Guardian
    Th10 p091 - True Names of Faeries (excerpt from Index to Races of Firstborn) -Blinded
    Th10 p091 - Tricking your allies -Blinded

    Kirito's Family (Keeping up with the Kirigayas)
    Th05 p002 - Hugs for Bishop collection -LGear
    Th05 p007 - Three gifts -Exsequens
    Th05 p013 - Program hierarchy -Exsequens
    Th07 p052 - Kirigaya Mob's first day at school -Jyn Ryvia
    Th07 p058 - Fae School -aightaight2
    Th07 p161 - Mordechai's Challenge -Mashadarof402 et al
    Th08 p046 - The Clarent Cycle -revanninja

    Kirito's Curse (Good thing Asuna's understanding)
    Th05 p002 - The Harem Curse - Prologue - Exsequens
    Th05 p012 - The Harem Curse, 2 -wkz
    Th05 p036 - Doppelganger -Exsequens
    Th05 p048 - Kirito's Offspring -Spectrum

    Fae Child-Rearing (Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop)
    Th07 p182 - Raising Fae 1, 2 -DB_Explorer
    Th08 p043 - Summit -revanninja
    Th10 p017 - Francois' Tutor -Anzer'ke

    Fort de Bellegarde (Heretics?! In my fortress?!)
    Th04 p133 - Heresy! -an NPC
    Th04 p147 - Integration Issues -an NPC
    Th04 p152 - Faerie Battle Singers -an NPC
    Th04 p186 - Treason! -an NPC
    Th05 p007 - Confidence -an NPC
    Th05 p009 - Rumors -an NPC
    Th05 p071 - Make Ready -an NPC
    Th06 p049 - Mousebender -aightaight2
    Th11 p022 - <Weather, Part 1>, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Epi -an NPC

    Beasts of ALfheim (Beware of tall grass!)
    Th02 p099 - ALfheim Bestiary - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Zoological Document! -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p057 - «Iridormus the Sleeping Guardian» -Exsequens
    Th07 p028 - Caerbannog the Terrible, 2 -zero_traveler
    Th07 p077 - Feathered Dragon Progression -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p082 - «Vedolfnir the Withering Winds» -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p083 - «Tanngrisnir» and «Tanngjostr» -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p082 - Octavia's pad -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p084 - Tanngjost's pad -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p091 - «Ariel the Abyssal Princess» -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p095 - «Seraphi» -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p095 - «Belladonna the Eldritch Witch» -Exsequens
    Th07 p085 - «Caenia the Grand Matriarch» -Anzer'ke
    Th09 p001 - «A'Tun the Worldbearer» -Jonnoda
    Th11 p042 - «The Pumpkin King» -Jonnoda
    Th11 p052 - «Swamp Lantern» -GeshronTyler
    Th11 p080 - «Sionnach Sidhe» -Exsequens

    Asuna's Beast Form
    Th07 p078 - <<Octavia the Abyssal Queen>> -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p012 - Inciting the Beast -Nicholai
    Th11 p011 - Defensive Action -Exsequens
    Th11 p012 - Lessons Learned -mdkcde

    Sword Spirits (Souls within Steel)
    Th05 p038 - Klein & Derflinger –Triggerhappy and epitaph90
    Th05 p041 - Proposed Sword Spirits(info) -Anzer’ke
    Th05 p041 - Sword Spirit Roll-Call 1 -Anzer’ke
    Th05 p041 - Sword Spirit Roll-Call 2 -wkz
    Th05 p041 - Asuna’s Punny Rapier -Anzer’ke
    Th05 p043 - Steel of Legends -an NPC
    Th05 p046 - Equipment upgrade -wkz
    Th05 p047 - Forged Fangirls -Nicholai
    Th05 p111 - Creed of the Twinned Blades -an NPC
    Th05 p116 - Sword Biographies(info) -an NPC
    Th05 p116 - Sword of Demons, Sword of Gods -wkz
    Th05 p122 - A Bigger Fish in the Pond -wkz
    Th05 p156 - Ice and Stone -NotAlwaysFanfic
    Th06 p076 - The Uncounted -an NPC
    Th11 p027 - Takemikazuchi: Blooded at Last -an NPC

    War of the Faeries (To Dunkirk and beyond)
    Th04 p008 - The Reunion -Blackraptor
    Th04 p179 - Strategizing -Triggerhappy and Spectrum
    Th05 p094 - The Weapons Shop -aightaight2
    Th05 p089 - Someone Worth Fighting For -Exsequens
    Th05 p119 - Calm Before The Storm -Exsequens
    Th05 p151 - Let's get dangerous -Academic Guardian
    Th03 p162 - Problem Solving, Fae Style -Xicree
    Th05 p095 - 'Borrowing' and Lupin III -Jomasten
    Th06 p079 - You forgot the Hat?! -Epitaph90
    Th06 p090 - Costs of Battle -kojiro kakita
    Th06 p107 - Consequences of Victory -kojiro kakita
    Th11 p031 - Men of Tristain -an NPC and mdkcde

    Foiling Reconquista's Plot (Alas, poor Mort-clone)
    Th09 p039 - Clone Lords -aightaight2
    Th09 p042 - Bluff check Crit fail -Jonnoda
    Th10 p007 - The Imposter's End -Krytherian
    Th10 p031 - Arc 2 - Ch 10 - Pt 8: Non-canon version -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p008 - Show of Strength -jwolfe
    Th11 p008 - Hostage Rescue -revanninja

    Reconquista's Response (Time for plan B)
    Th04 p075 - Dealing with Dragons -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p118 - The Man on the Street -Geshon Tyler
    Th05 p121 - Forlorn Hope -an NPC
    Th06 p082 - Fair's Fair -an NPC
    Th05 p184 - Deflection Shooting -aightaight2
    Th11 p009 - Cromwell's Response -Vaermina & mdkcde
    Th11 p057 - Sheffield's Support -KaPe

    Albion Offshoots (Taking on Reconquista)
    Th05 p156 - Mortimer's Castle -Nicholai
    Th05 p003 - Poitiers vs Morgiana -Exsequens
    Th05 p003 - Chain of command conflicts -mdkcde
    Th05 p115 - Mortimer Makes a Speech -Vaermina
    Th05 p036 - Yuuki wields Hofua -Exsequens
    Th06 p014 - Cardinal's Awakening -Jomasten

    Cromwell's Fall (His karma caught up with his dogma)
    Th04 p002 - Multi-stage Boss -Blackraptor
    Th05 p026 - What goes Around -Anzer'ke
    Th05 p183 - Hostage negotiations -wkz
    Th07 p065 - The Romalian Inquisition -zero_traveler

    Crack! (As if the rest of this isn't)
    Th02 p001 - And now for something completely different -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p041 - Admin Privileges -741AuthorNCS
    Th03 p081 - Chocxcalibur & Sandwich-San -deadheadzed
    Th05 p127 - Gold Crown -Vaermina
    Th03 p139 - System Alert: Hack Attempt! -HawaiianOnline
    Th04 p041 - Sheffield vs Cardinal - Exsequens
    Th06 p101 - DX Joseph -Flere821
    Th07 p083 - HalO 2131 - 1-1, 2, 3, 4; 2 -1, 2, 3, 4, Interlude 1, 3-1, 2, 3, Interlude 2 -Vaermina
    Th08 p096 - HalO 2131 - 4-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Interlude 3, 5-1 -Vaermina
    Th08 p097 - HalO 2131 - Bestiary 1 -Vaermina
    Th07 p054 - Ace Pixies Zero: The Garden War -AzureGrimoire
    Th07 p088 - Captain ALfheim -mdkcde & Academic Guardian
    Th07 p187 - Central Arrun & Tristain Intelligence Bureau -Crate
    Th07 p195 - The Greatest Secret Agent -aightaight2
    Th09 p081 - Mikal the Musician -Blinded
    Th10 p010 - Rescue Mission -mdkcde
    Th10 p012 - Mastermind -an NPC
    Th10 p058 - The Care and Feeding of Your New Pet Spriggan -Blinded
    Th10 p060 - Importance of being an Otaku -Blinded
    Th11 p014 - Asunya's Makeover -aightaight2
    Th11 p034 - Botan vs the General -Nicholai
    Th11 p037 - Appeasing the Mobs -Onel
    Th11 p037 - Mort's Protective Shrubbery -End Bringer
    Th11 p070 - <<Cuteness Overdose>> -Blinded

    Louise's Eye of Truth
    Th10 p039 - Consequences and Custodiam -an NPC
    Th11 p051 - Return of the HUD -wkz
    Th11 p052 - Mystic Eyes 1 -torisuke

    Louise's Future
    Th05 p189 - Rebirth -Jomasten
    Th11 p065 - Fixing Void -End Bringer
    Th11 p069 - Queen's Counsel -DB_Explorer

    Special Event: Hallowe'en (It's spoooooky time!)
    Th11 p039 - For the Looots! -licalier
    Th11 p040 - For Chocooolaaate! -licalier and Blinded
    Th11 p045 - Saito's Ghost -Blinded

    Guiche de Gramont (Hero of Tristain!)
    Th09 p003 - Guiche de Gramont and the Book of Mastery 1 -Jyn Ryvia
    Th09 p009 - Guiche Gramont: Hero -an NPC
    Th11 p003 - The (un)luckiest Hero in Tristain -mdkcde
    Th11 p016 - The Day Guiche Saved Christmas -aightaight2
    Th11 p059 - The Gala of Machinations -Wind Tempest

    If Halkegenia Online was a Game… (Halkception!)
    Th03 p179 - Like a Boss Battle: Dunwell -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p073 - Like a Buff: Yakety Sax, 2 -mdkcde and Anzer’ke
    Th05 p175 - Like a Boss: Sinon -an NPC
    Th06 p049 - Like a Weapon: Nanoha -zero_traveler
    Th06 p082 - Like a Drop: Wardes -BlackoutSampler
    Th05 p111 - Like a Status Effect: A Woman Scorned -an NPC
    Th10 p027 - Like an Upgrade: Louise -an NPC
    Th10 p046 - Like a Game: Rebalancing HaLO Arc 2 -an NPC
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    Fae Poetry (not just from the Puca)
    Th08 p083 - Eulogy for Novair -DB_Explorer
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    Th03 p183 - Fae Hunter -Vaermina
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  3. Jwolfe I am amazed at how fast you mannage to post the onakes index. Keep up the good work.

    I can not help but wonder how long would it take a person to read the entire story and all of the omakes if they just read non stop from the begining to end.
  4. 8-9 hours depending on breaks.
  5. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy You Gotta Listen to Big Sis!

    La Forace Prison.

    To those who knew its name, it was always spoken of in a whisper, either of fear or malice. Aschcroft's Dungeon, the Torturer's Keep, the den of the Mad and the condemned, built to house the most dangerous, the most depraved, of criminals and heretics. It had rarely housed them for long. Between the monstrous conditions the inmates were expected to endure and the daily torture intended to extract confessions, being sent to La Forace was for all intents a death sentence. Once they were brought here, the prisoners would never leave, even in death, their bones buried deep to become part of the foundations that burrowed into bedrock.

    Some suspected that had been Lord Aschcroft's intent in its commissioning so that he could personally watch over those he had sentenced as judge and jury, sometimes on the most questionable of grounds, with the full power and authority of warden and executioner.

    Even after the First Lord Justice's death under equally questionable circumstances, the Prison had remained along with its grim purpose. Other Lord Justices had come and gone, each in turn finding use for La Forace, each making their own additions, modifications, expanding the dungeons and galleries. Hidden ventilation shafts had been sunk from the surface, and pumps had been built for dredging still deeper levels. Living quarters for the Guards and Wardens had been built and added to, some rivaling the opulence of the Manor of the Lord Justice above.

    Year by year, decade by decade, it had grown like a nascent tumor beneath the city, its slowly sinking walls piercing through the old tunnels and catacombs, incorporating that pieces that fell within its dominion, sealing them off behind a curtain of smooth, mage shaped stone encircling a central shaft seemingly intent on burrowing all the way to hell.

    A Fortress of the Legal Collegiate built beneath the streets of the capital like some darkly inverted castle, it stood mute testament to the ugliness and brutality beneath the veneer of enlightened civilization.

    Staffed by companies of Gendarmes and the Lord Justice's own interrogators, it had once been fit to sneer at any attempt to escape from within, or to be breached from without. The Prisoners, deprived of magic, or even the simple blessing of light, were left to scrabble in the dark, blinded by even the passage of guards barring lanterns. If a prisoner even had the strength to escape, to by some miracle slip his shackles and guards and find a gap in the walls, a chink in the Prison's legendary armor, they would find themselves buried alive within a labyrinth without end.

    Any effort to break in from the outside had been equally doomed to failure. Simply finding the prison would be difficult enough without intimate knowledge of its location. La Forace's walls had been kept heavily warded, almost impenetrable, and the surrounding tunnels had been well mapped, the approaches carefully guarded where any hypothetical intruders would be funneled into a few easily defended choke points long before reaching the prison itself. And if all else failed, the same pumps that had dredged the lowest levels could be re purposed to channel flammable oils into the surrounding underground, burning to death anyone trapped outside the prison walls and asphyxiating any survivors.

    Even, years after its decommissioning at the order of the Prince Regent, a command that even the previous Lord Justice had been unable to refuse, there were still signs of the former impregnability of the now crumbling edifice. The great walls may have cracked and weakened, and the lowest levels had been reclaimed by water, but the rows of abandoned cells circling the central shaft five levels high, the guard station, a wooden cradle suspended overhead by heavy iron chains, the mage lanterns in their polished brass reflectors, and the countless iron doors and gates, the small, barred windows, and the halls leading deeper, deeper into the maze of interrogation rooms and torture chambers, still spoke of its one time infamy, and the fear that its name still commanded.

    Looking out on the main shaft and the upper floors that still resided above the water level, particularly, the massive iron gate that sat on the highest tier where the guards would watch over the prison below, Felix de Abertneu, third son of the Baron of Abertneu, rested easy knowing that they had found such a place to make their hideout. Even in this sorry state, the La Forace was fit to shelter them for weeks if necessary as they waited for the search to die down on the surface. Or, if news reached them of the Royal Guard closing in, they could make use of the tunnels to escape.

    He looked away from the barred window and back to the cause of this all, their prize sitting upon the wooden bench set against the back wall. She looked so sullen, sitting there, hands held in her lap, lips pursed. The lovely ballroom dress had been dirtied and torn in their flight through the underground, but much of its former majesty was still apparent. It paled before the girl wearing it.

    Small, delicate features, dark haired and thin lipped, eyes of the most royal shade of blue. Princess Henrietta de Tristain was the picture of traditional Tristanian beauty, a place such as this interrogation room was unfit to have her. Not that they had any plans to interrogate her, no, they would of course not harm a hair on the Princess' head. Even now, she was Royalty and thus deserving of certain courtesies.

    Courtesies such as her freedom to move and speak, after taking her wand from her person and searching her for any other tools or weapons, her hands had been unbound and the gag removed from her mouth. The blindfold had also been done away with as a matter of courtesy. Those who had any dealings with the Princess directly were instructed to wear their masks for the sake of security.

    They had brought food and drink, not of Royal quality but not peasants fare either, and arrangements were being made to move the Princess to more generous accommodations up in the old living quarters. Neither had done anything to improve her demeanor, garnering only sullen, betrayed looks from their Crown Princess.

    Though, Felix thought, they shouldn't have expected these offerings to put them on speaking terms. They were committing treason after all, no matter how well justified they were.

    The Princess had already grown entirely too cordial with these Faekin, and entirely too quickly. What of her loyalty to the true sons and daughter of Tristain? What of their concerns and lost lands? She and the Queen had already made the Leader of the Salamanders, Felix refused to refer to that creature as a titled Lord, an official adviser to the army. And what of that Faerie woman that she was always having in her company? The Leader of the Sylphs? At least that one wouldn't be causing them any more trouble.

    A shame really. He was not entirely comfortable with what was likely to happen next, not comfortable with it at all as a matter of fact. Stories had started to trickle down, the Reconquistadors had a necromancer in their ranks. A master of forbidden magic. Who knew what else the new masters of Albion might possess. But the Princess' life was unlikely to be in any danger. A Royal was more valuable alive than dead and such gross measures would be surely discovered in short order. No, a more subtle form of manipulation would be needed. Perhaps that was why they were keeping the Faerie woman alive, unpleasant as her fate may be.

    No, this was necessary now, to hold the changes at bay before the Tristain he had been raised up to defend was transformed into something wholly unrecognizable to proper sensibilities.

    With the Princess as a bargaining chip and the Fae thrown into chaos by the loss of two of their Leaders, one to treachery from within her own guard, the other turning of his own volition, yet more proof of their inherent untrustworthiness, the Crown would have no choice but to capitulate to their demands. The rest would come naturally.

    Father and the rest would understand when this was done, that he was acting only in the best interests of the family and the Kingdom. Even if those interests brought Tristain under the dominion of Albion for a time, that influence could never last, but while it did, it would make Tristain quite the unappealing place for these interlopers to reside. And if done properly, as the conspiracy promised, there would be little blood shed by either side, only what was needed. Even the Fae might escape with their lives, most of them, if they learned their place.

    This was a good and proper course of action, the difficult but right choice. He kept telling himself this, but the look of accusation in the Princess' eyes said otherwise. By the flickering lamp light, oil lamps set before their little brass reflectors, he could see her fidgeting, fingers interlocking in strange patterns as she murmured under her breath.

    Whatever she did please to do, he knew better than to say anything. But even so. Their mission was fraught with peril and there was no certainty that he would be alive at the end. Either way, the opportunity to address his Princess was unlikely to ever arise again.

    “Your highness.” He whispered softly, unsure if she could even hear him. If she didn't, he decided he'd stop. “With all do respect. You must think something of this?”

    “Quiet up now.” The guard to his left, standing in the corner muttered.

    He rather hoped she didn't hear, so that he might go back to standing guard in silence, he and the two others, equally masked and unknown to him. But that was the way of the conspiracy, an alliance of strangers who knew nothing but their shared motive.

    “Eh?” The other in the opposite corner shrugged. “Humor him.”

    Without batting an eye, barely moving her lips, the Princess replied. “Not particularly. It seems like everything's been said and done by now, one way or the other.”

    It was the indifference, the thoughtlessness that surprised him most. Felix had known that Royals, proper Royals, were taught to think little for their selves and only for the Kingdom, but this detachment had come entirely unexpected.

    “With all due respect, your highness, don't you see what has happened tonight? Don't you feel betrayed by the Fae?” Her own adviser had turned against her, had nearly done in Prince Wales and enabled the diversion that had lead to her capture. “By the Leader of the Salamanders?”

    The Princess' eyes widened like saucers, and then a slow shake of the head. “That . . . was not Lord Mortimer.”

    Snorts of disbelief from the men to either side.

    A ridiculous notion. Who else could it be? The Gala had been arranged by the Crown itself, the Royal Guard had been providing security, checking for any form of illusion, and disguise that might hide an infiltrator. If that had not been the Salamander Lord, then it was a disguise so perfect as to be beyond any but the most powerful magics. And how would said magic be used on a being who was guarded as heavily as any Prince or Duke?

    No, the measures to take such a man by surprise would be too great. Simpler was that it was as their Leaders had told them. Mortimer was no fool, he had seen that the winds of war would not favor Tristain and that the coming struggle would decimate the small Faerie population. He had accepted Reconquista's most generous offer made after seeing the effects of his plan executed at Newcastle and York. The Salamanders would be allowed to retain their holding in Tristain and suffer no aggression from Reconquista in return for their allegiance to the cause.

    This news had only been disseminated to them tonight, just as they began to take action. It explained so much of what had happened in the past weeks. The assassinations conducted by that Spriggan, an agent of Lord Mortimer despite his public claims to the contrary, and the acquisition of the Fae Stealth Cloaks and paralysis agents that had been instrumental in the kidnapping of the Princess and Lady Sakuya.

    It also told the story that they had all already suspected, that the Fae were not nearly so unified as they appeared on the surface.

    “I'm afraid that would be rather unlikely, your highness.” Felix offered softly, explaining all that they had been told. He knew it would be difficult to receive. A member of the fairer sex may refuse it outright.

    “Oh?” Princess Henrietta's eyes glinted in the lantern light. “I know Lord Mortimer, and I know his people, he would never betray us like you describe. Do you really believe he would only think of the Salamanders and not the other Faeries? You know that they're all one people where they come from, don't you? No, that had to be a fake at the party. And when the real one gets here, I hope you have your apologies in order.”

    “Quite the thing to say at a time like this, your Highness.” Behind his mask, Felix smiled sadly, under other circumstances, she would have made a splendid Queen. “Brave if nothing else. Is there a reason you stick to your convictions, your Highness, or is it simple faith in your allies?”

    A small tilt of the head, and then a twitch of lips. “I suppose its a bit of both darling. Rather, I would like to know why you believe everything that you're told by men who wear masks and whisper to you in the dark?”

    Felix's frown deepened, he didn't like where this was going. Hadn't expected such a turn so quickly. He'd spent much time making his decision. What came next was his choice, and the consequences were also his to bare. He couldn't afford doubt at this late date.

    The faint sounds of shouting drew his attention, echoing from the small window that looked out from the interrogation room onto the Prison's main shaft. Something had drawn the attention of the Sentries on watch, something that had them most disturbed.

    “What the devil?” Felix whispered.

    “Oy, what is it?” One of the other guards asked, trying to shoulder him aside to see through the tiny portal.

    It was up on the guard level, something was wrong, he squinted and in the dimness his eyes were drawn to a dull glow spreading across the surface of the great iron gates of the Prison. He stopped squinting, his eyes growing wide as he realized the glowing was becoming more intense, brightening from a dull red to cherry, and then orange, yellow.

    A fire mage? Someone was burning through! Impossible, a square would be needed to get flames that hot outside of a furnace, and to heat that quantity of iron so quickly. Horror as he realized what this had to mean. The worst was coming to fruition. They'd been discovered!

    No! There was no time to panic. They had contingencies for this. For being found by the patrols looking for the Princess. Or perhaps some of their sentries had been captured and interrogated. Breaking too quickly. Well, that was why knowledge was so tightly controlled lest they reveal too much about the conspiracy's real strength.

    Alarms were rung, shouts were called down to the lower floors, the guards nearest the gates drawing wands and readying for whatever was about to come. There were a half dozen standing ready on the top level, and twice that many hurrying up from the lower floors at the sound of the alarm. Surrounding the gate in a loose half circle, wands ready, barriers already erected in advance for shelter. The fire and wind mages were at the forefront, more Earth Mages taking shelter further back, ready to use their magic to sway the battle here in their domain. There couldn't possible by anything on the other side of that gate that they couldn't handle.

    How wrong he was to think that.

    The glow grew brighter, and brighter still, the gate groaning on its hinges as it expended and began to sag. And then . . . it did not melt downwards in the way he had expected. Instead, it burst.

    Felix gasped, cringing away as shouts turned to screams. A point of pure white spread at the center of the orange glow, iron turning from orange, to brilliant yellow, and then erupting, a geyser of liquid metal. The light so bright that Felix had to shield his dark adjusted eyes, feeling the heat prickling the hairs of his face. The ground trembled, the air roared like a banshee, and nothing in its path even slowed it down.

    A pair of guards taking shelter behind the barricade directly in front of the gate simply ceased to exist, the liquified metal striking like water, but so very much heavier that it simply tore away the earthen barricade like a clump of dirt. Flesh ignited and then was burned to char in an instant before being washed out over the lip of the shaft with all the rest of the debris, crashing into the far wall in an explosion of sparks and fire, cascading down into the water below where it erupted into steam with a high pitched shrieking -hiss-.

    Before he could hear properly, before he could even see again, blinking the spots from his eyes. Felix was shaken, it was the other masked man, barking orders at him as more shouts and screams echoed out in the shaft.

    “Attack! We're under attack!”

    “Man the gates! To your positions!”

    More alarm bells, lasting for only a moment, and then cut devastatingly short. They didn't have the men to waste on alarms. They'd didn't need them anyways. The sounds of battle would already have alerted everyone.

    “You, hey! Are you listening?!”

    He barely heard it, eyes wandering to the ruin visible through his thin slice of outside. Like a peephole into a charnl house. That iron gate fit to turn aside a siege battery and sneer at a cannon broadside simply wasn't there anymore. A few pieces still hung from their hinges, glowing bright cherry red, but for the most part, where the gate had been, now there was only a hole, and beyond it, spilled nightmares.

    He saw, saw them move in the space between eye blinks, dark cowled figures in plague masks, vanishing and reappearing in puffs of black smoke. The only sign of motion, their left hands filled with a fistful of swirling runes, gesturing in the direction of their travel, and then making a fist as if dragging the world towards them.

    Spells were hurled in their direction, only for them to vanish and appear again, behind their attackers, spinning around and taking the conspirators from behind. More dropped down from above, landing on the reinforcements emerging from a side gallery, strangling the life from the mages caught utterly unawares as still other crawled up from the watery depths bellow.

    And then there were the others, horrifying in their own way. The apparitions could not be hit, these others could not be stopped. Spell fire filled the gap where the gate had stood, a hail of magic projectiles so dense that flesh would have been pulverized, shredded, burned to dust and scattered to the winds in a heartbeat, only for that same storm of elemental fury to be thrown back all at once, for only an instant, but still enough for the others to arrive.

    Glinting armor bearing the Crest of Tristian, the Mage Knights of the Royal Guard lead the charge, sword-wands at the ready to cast or hack at need, and doing both within moments of entering the fray.

    Behind them, more shapes, heavy, dull red armor that turned aside spells like rain water. A mage officer, a member of the Cavalry who had joined their cause, roared as he took a magic enhanced swing at the Leader of the red warriors. Their blades never touched, the heavy two handed sword in the red Knight's hands passing through like mist, allowing the sword-wand to deflect off his armor as his own blade reasserted its solid form, taking the mage's arm off at the shoulder.

    And swifter forms jumping down from on high to the lower levels, glinting metal claws digging into the walls to slow their fall, they were led by a slight figure, child like, adorned from head to toe in golden armor perfectly fitted to a small, lithe form. Green robed Mages and Mage Knights chanted spells that erupted into discharges of winds and barriers that deflect fire like moving walls of translucent radiance.

    And then, at the tip of the spear, outpacing even the Mage Knights, two of black, one of white, sweeping across the the perimeter of the guard tier, slaughtering everything in their path. They did not blink like the apparitions, but simply moved so impossibly swiftly.

    The one of white, wings raked back, silvered sword thrusting in a barrage of strikes that overwhelmed the defenses of one of the guards. A wind mage took aim at the vaguel feminine shape only to be fallen upon by a black waif, twin swords like razor extensions of its own arms, slashing again and again, battering through wind shields and then shattering the sword-wand in hand before drawing vibrant red blood.

    On the opposite flank, the second black clad figure had been joined by a quartet of doppelgangers storming through the defenders who had made it up from the lower galleries, driving them back even as one of their numbers was torn apart, dissolving into a cloud of smoke.

    When one mage leveled his wand on the creatures, he froze stiff, spray of blood spurting from his temple as a swift, black tipped arrow burst through and sank its way into the stone of the far wall.

    This was impossible They had been handpicked. They had military officers among their numbers, and trained Albionian special forces! To be overwhelmed by the might of the Capital's forces was to be expected. But they had always been meant to hold on for a time, long enough to . . . to . . .

    The masked man shaking Felix, cuffed him across the cheek to get his attention. “Listen damn it! We need to take the Princess and . . .”

    The grip on his collar went loose, hands falling to his side, the other mage fell to his knees and then to the floor as the Princess stood behind him the most malevolent expression on her face. And suddenly, sickeningly, as Felix saw the other fallen mage in the corner and realized the small cloud of spinning runes in her hand for what they were.

    “You're . . .”

    “Not the Princess?” The false Henrietta smiled evilly. “I knew that already, darling. Lovely work water mages can do by the way. Now . . .” A hand clamped down like a vice on his shoulder, impossibly strong for someone so small and frail. The amusement vanished from her eyes. “I do believe I head someone mention the Lady of the Sylphs?”
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    3 days, 6 hours including my usual 7 hours of sleep and when I had to go to class.
  8. So about 30 hours including breaks?
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    Awesome sauce. This was the pay off for every moment the conspirators were one step ahead and it was glorious!
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    Shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the fairy war has.

    Shirishi can be my waifu.
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  11. Your a little late. The war started with Dunkirk.:p
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    Dunkirk was not followed by a full scale war.
    This will be >< Reconquista's not going to take this one sitting down.
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    Took me around 10 hours for main story up to current point. Starting on the omakes now.

    It's been interesting seeing the development of the political situation up to here. I really wish though that I could skip forward in time to see what happens once more modern industrial techniques have started to make their effects felt. Would Tristania move onto a constitutional monarchy like the English? Or would their be a commoner vs nobility battle which would inevitably see the nobility be ground down over the course of time (assuming nobility to commoner ratios are anything like what they were in our world). How would the Fey be involved, and would they face a similar civil war within their ranks? Or would they be long gone, leaving behind the world tree and many more myths? WAY too distant from the current story for anyone to answer properly, but I just find myself wondering.
  14. I guess I am slightly outside the norm.
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    Very nice update :) Though a minor correction, ZnT magic don't have wards. Reinforcement magic, sure, but wards in the alarm sense and such, no.
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    Nerdfish 吾輩は猫である :3

    That battle was nothing. It will be blown away by the grand entrance of the cannon slug.
    at least I hope so :D

    Trigger, when are we getting the Autocannon slug ?
  17. LockedKeye

    LockedKeye Best General

    Triggerhappy's Approved Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    What is HalO?
    -The acronym for Halkeginia Online, the magnum opus of TH. (first use)(first snip use)(first author use)

    Will the Fae introduce new technologies to Halkeginia?
    - Yes, but it will take time. It has been confirmed that farming techniques such as crop rotation will be introduced, and it is likely that military standardization and interchangeable parts will be introduced soon as well. Other than that, most technologies will take time (on the order of years) to reproduce, even with the contents of the Gutenberg Library available to them. However, the Tristain Royal Institute of Science and Technology appears to be exploring the technical applications of steam power and magic, and semi-modern medicine is possible as well. Firearm development has been discussed in detail.

    Fae magic
    -The way Fae magic works has not been definitively stated. That said, it is no longer quite as limited, and the players will soon start picking it apart to create their own spells. It is possible that Triggerhappy will be making use of Catsy's work here.

    Are Fae spells racially locked?
    -TH has indicated that affinities and talents are race-specific, but almost all spells can be cast by any race if their Magic skill level is high enough.

    Have the Fae been nerfed?
    -Only in so much as they can’t take a blade through the heart and keep going, or take a face full of fire (unless they’re a Salamander). Healing magic is slightly less effective, but only to the extent that they can’t regrow missing limbs, and resurrection spells are more “resuscitation” than outright bringing back the dead (relevant link). Battle healing also survived the transition. Other than that, Triggerhappy has not stated how much less durable the Fae now are, in order to allow for narrative causality.

    What era is Halkeginia in? What's their tech level?
    -See Flere’s “Back to Basics” for technology. As for their era, the best equivalent in real life is early modern.

    Power Levels
    -First, please see the “tentative force chart”. Second, please note that it is tentative, and likely could use updating. Third, please note that it is a 'force' chart, it doesn't take into account relative skill, ability, and circumstances.

    Other than that, keep in mind that Halkeginian mages can turn their opponents' spells back on them. This was confirmed to work on Fae magic in the Tarbes Arc. However, if the anime is taken as canon mid-level Fae mages are quite powerful by Halkeginian standards, and high-end (Kagemune, a Salamander mage, has a skill level over 900) may be able to mission kill airships. To put it in D&D terms, Halk mages are multiclass, while Fae mages are artillery and controllers. They serve different roles on the battlefield, and should not be directly compared to each other.

    How much has the transition affected the Fae?
    -The transition downloaded all the relevant information related to their skill into their heads. Other racial attributes are starting to show up as well.

    How long will the Fae live?
    -Much longer than humans, and possibly somewhat longer than elves.

    How fast can the Fae fly?
    -Based on information in the LNs and the anime, Catsy has calculated an average speed of 75 kph. Aightaight2's calculations of a dragon's speed using information from the Tarbes arc support this. Word of author is that cruising speed is actually somewhat higher, with most Fae being able to achieve a sprint speed of above 100 kph.

    Will Sinon show up?
    -It is possible. However it would require a GGO to be developed without the Seed (unlikely), Sinon to become involved (unlikely), and Tiffania to summon a familiar after the previous two requirements happen (very unlikely). It is unlikely that Sinon will appear in HalO. However, TH has created a possible way for it to happen. So maybe, maybe not.

    Are the Sleeping Knights in Halkeginia?
    -In canon, the Sleeping Knights joined ALO after the Seed was distributed. However, Triggerhappy has confirmed that canon has been changed and the Sleeping Knights were present in ALO at the time of the transition.

    Can the Grail of Resurrection still be used?

    Will Louise ever get a familiar?
    -Yes. We don’t know who yet, but it will be revealed. The current most popular theory is Heathcliff. (discussion)(discussion)

    Will the windstone crisis still occur?
    -This question has come up several times (see threads 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), but has yet to be revealed. Theories range from yes; to no, Yggdrasil will eat them; to Yggdrasil will eat the ones under Tristain; to Yggdrasil will hold Tristain together when it takes flight.

    Which real-life nations are the Halkeginian nations expys of?
    -This has been discussed here and hinted at by TH here. The best estimate is that they are early modern equivalents of
    Germania = The Holy Roman Empire
    Tristain = Belgium + lower part of the Netherlands (geographically); France (socially)
    Albion = England
    Gallia = France (geographically); mix of France & Spain (politically)
    Romalia = Papal States / Italy

    How will Halkeginia react to the Fae?
    -Word of author here.

    Did Jotunheimr survive the transfer?
    -We don't know yet, but it was discussed. Triggerhappy was being cryptic.

    Fae offspring
    -A number of possible answers to the race of Fae children have been proposed. Triggerhappy has stated they will be the race of the mother.

    Where are the Fae cities now?
    Exsequen's list here.

    Will Derflinger or Excaliber be used in this fic?
    -Triggerhappy has stated that it is unlikely that Kirito will use them, but he has hinted that Leafa, Klein, or Caramella may wield Derflinger, while Wales may get Excaliber.

    Did items from ALO transfer over?
    -While players no longer have access to their inventories, it is likely that any loot in dungeons/ruins was transported over, including legendary items.

    Were any of the players in ALO gender-flipped?
    -In Fulldive games your account is gender locked. In canon, full sim VR tech transmitting signals of incorrect anatomy to a person's mind causes side effects in the long term. SAO itself didn't have this feature because it was implemented in later generation games.(The Shiori are a unique exception, made canon by the author here.)

    What race are the 300 SAO survivors?
    -Most of the survivors are a default template with no racial bonuses or weaknesses. Asuna is a Maeve, with yet to be revealed racial attributes.

    How does Triggerhappy make his story decisions?
    -Word of Author :p

    Are there pairings?
    -Of course there are pairings! KiritoxAsuna! Oh...you meant other than them. Read the fic and find out! :p

    Useful Links:
    HaLO TV Tropes Page
    HaLO on FF.net
    TH's FF.net Page
    An interesting post to medieval economics
    Suggested Guidelines for Posting on these Threads
    Shown below are the various themes and issues that have been discussed with effects on the various threads TH has created. Thus they have been marked and classified into categories that show why they have been marked and how heated they can get.

    Most have already been talked about, and may have already been answered, usually asking again about such things leads into debates that have already occurred before, eating up thread space normally reserved for posting the next chapter, crack, or new questions and discussions. This is referred to as a 'roundabout'. Avoid roundabouts for everyone's sake here, know when to sit back and finish when things have reached that point.

    Class SS: Moderator Hammer (Touch and the moderators will hammer you instead of TH.)

    - Bitching about people you have on ignore.
    - Also, this

    Class S: (Do not by any means touch or TH will get very angry.)
    These four sparked a fifty page flame war in the fourth thread. If you must ask about them, PM Triggerhappy directly:
    - Power levels.
    - Balancing.
    - Overpoweredness.
    - Difference in power between magic systems.
    - Accel World. Apparently some people don’t like this subject. More importantly, it has nothing to do with HalO
    - Karin hatred. (We've had this before, angry TH is not nice.)
    -Bitching about the thread limit. Yes, we know that it's only 100 pages. Continually mentioning it does not help.

    Class A: (Discussed already, potentially aggravating, avoid.)

    -Modern firearms, and related technologies. (Rifling, bullets, so and so.)
    -Hating on characters. (We know people hate Dunwell already, or Louise.)
    -Louise' new familiar. (She'll get one later after Dunkirk, please be patient.)
    -Fae as Familiars. (Flame bait, also results in hating on Louise on occasions.)

    Class B: (Discussed to ash already, move along now.)

    -Sinon. (Her status without GGO, trauma, and how to bring her into Halkeginia.)
    -VRMMOs created from the Seed. (VR development progress without the Seed.)
    -Status of Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights. (Author's choice of deviation from canon.)

    Class C: (Been there done that, save for some other time.)

    - GB from the Transition. (After SAO, new games prevented players from selecting between male and female.)(The Shiori are a unique exception)

    DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: The above is a general suggestion, except for Class S and SS, which should be avoided at all costs. Technology topics are generally accepted so long as you avoid guns. You are welcome to start a topic on any of the marked topics below Class S provided you can keep it from devolving into a flame war and try to avoid getting into roundabout discussions, they eat space. Openings of Class S or SS topics should best be left to TH to avoid unwanted flame wars. This guide is updated as long as I spot new requests for topics to mark.


    P.S.: Re-read the first line of the disclaimer once you have finished reading. It is a suggestion, they can still be discussed. Unless they are Class S or SS. Yes, I will keep saying that because that flame war was very unpleasant.

    P.P.S.: After which, re-read the SS one, unless you want to sour the friendly neighborhood moderator's mood.

    Special thanks to Exsequens for compiling the list of forbidden topics, and aightaight2 for finding relevant links/topics, as well as NanayaMode for finding the posts on Jotunheimr.

    Addendum: aightaight2 has now officially put more time into this than I have.
  18. Which means someone was sneaky and thought up a new spell. :D
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  19. thor2006

    thor2006 thor

    You miss adding chapter 11 of the second story.
  20. Blinded

    Blinded I see dead peo-... oh, it's just me.

    - On an unrelated note from last snip: I think Carl had some sort of crush on Sakuya, thinking the odd feeling and strange (HERETICAL!!) thoughts her bewitching looks and regal bearing caused in him was result of her "Mind-altering" powers or something....

    - Welp, the place looks positively nightmarish which makes me wonder which part was from some external source and which from the scary places of TH's mind?

    - " she was Royalty and thus deserving of certain courtesies"... like being shipped of to London, being summarily executed and raised as Zombie... what little these righteous kids know....

    Even if this was the real the real Henrietta she would have kicked their asses any time... She is much stronger than anyone gives her credit for.

    - Considering how most of the conspirators are young of the "Wronged" families and otherwise a bit too pious and righteous than is healthy (which makes them gullible) the Princess can take two course of actions: 1) Heavy handed route where she would smite the traitors and have them quartered (as is her right, really) and appear as "Strong". Or 2) Appear gentle and kind, only punish the chief conspirators for High Treason and show "mostly Mercy" to the "Misguided".

    Both have their pros and cons and given how far she goes with them, can be either very good or very bad. The former makes her look decisive and strong, keeping the "up to no good" elements in line out of fearing the fate of traitors but pushed too far would increase the hatred and paranoia against Faeries among nobility and can cause defections further along the road.

    The latter can turn treason into loyalty and distrust into absolute conviction, solidifying loyalty of those with her and make those not in the league with her think of their options more carefully and even come to see the situation like she does. On the other hand if she gets too lenient it can embolden the traitors and make them commit even more overt acts of treason.

    Personally I favor the "Kind" approach as Recs can't say "SEE!! She is bewitched by Fae and punishes the faithful!!" (note that the warmongers don't need "logic" and "Facts" to say bullshit).

    - Rogues do it from behind!! :D

    And here's the historical proof by a possibly-dead-but-doesn't-know-it-yet eyewitness.

    - This one was by far the most dramatic and badass entrance in the whole HalO. Hope someone has a Recording Crystal at hand (ya know, to further study and analyze the situation after the fact)... such moments are just too awesome to be "Black Ops!! No record exists!!"

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  21. an NPC

    an NPC [Lvl 32] Senmusu Commander

    Oh Shirishi, you devious little thing you.

    Now all we need is someone chuckling to themselves and saying "I love it when a plan comes together."

    Also, who needs breaching charges when you have angry catgirls?
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  22. I know I am going to get flak for saying this but it feels a bit unbelievable that the Fae didn't take a single scratch given all the spells getting thrown around.

    Wasn't Kirito heavily wounded after facing the golem? :confused:
  23. Mahrac

    Mahrac Solidarity

    Couldn't stop shaking for that snip. Marvelous, simply marvelous.

    Though I did notice Sigurd and Ephi were absent from the brawl at the entrance.
  24. For "Albionian special forces" and "handpicked military officers" they sure are getting slaughtered without much issue. I think Fae were about to get flawless victory, until one of them slipped on a banana peel.

    Honestly, I'm not quite sure about it. I did expect this fight to be pretty one sided, but it sounds a little ridiculous. Nothing they do seem to work at all. Fae are ripping through defensive (wards), repelling offensive magic, dodging anything else. I could understand if this was a total surprise attack, but they did attempt to defend.

    E: And if those are "special forces", just imagine common soldiers. Why is Reconquista such a threat again? Oh, right, Dunwell has Aura of Competence. ;) No offense, but to make them seem like a credible threat, they could offer at least a *bit* of resistance here - assuming this is indeed the "elite" of conspirators.
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  25. an NPC

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    Those handpicked military officers and Albionese spec-ops know jack all about top tier faerie fighting potential. We're probably looking at the equivalent of a high-tier raid group tonight, the best of the best gathered in one place for a singular purpose. They're gonna smash right through above average forces used to fighting in a specific way.

    This style of combat is not an evolution of the old strategies, but a completely brand new paradigm. Any previous experience you have fighting in a human army counts for little when fighting faeries, especially since they've not yet shown all their cards.