Halkegenia Online Thread 8: A Game of Crowns

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    The First Thread Where It All Began.
    Official Conclusion of First Thread (Last Author Post) For continuities sake.
    The Second Thread Things Pick Up Pace
    Official Conclusion of Second Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread The Third (Mind the Crazy Arguments)
    Official Conlcusion of Third Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fourth (What the hell!)
    Official Conclusion of Fourth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fifth (Things are exploding!)
    Official Conlcusion of Firth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Sixth (Over Half a Million Words and We've only Finished one Arc :eek:)
    Official Conclusion of the Sixth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Seventh (In Which TH shows he can't write a murder mystery :oops:)
    Official Conclusion of the Seventh Trhead (Last Author Post)

    Previous Snips AKA- The Story So Far

    prologue - "The Mage and the Swordsman."
    chapter 1 - "Big Tree"
    chapter 2 - Part 1 -
    chapter 2 - Part 2 -
    Chapter 2 - Part 3 -
    (Posted in Following Posts)
    Chapter 3 - part 1 -
    Chapter 3 - part 2 -
    Chapter 3 - part 3 -
    Chapter 3 - part 4 -
    Chapter 4 - part 1 -
    Chapter 4 - part 2 -
    Chapter 4 - part 3 -
    Chapter 4 - part 4 -
    Chapter 5 - part 1 -
    Chapter 5 - part 2 -
    Chapter 5 - part 3 -
    Chapter 5 - part 4 -
    Chapter 5 - part 5 -
    Chapter 6 - part 1 -
    Chapter 6 - part 2 -
    Chapter 6 - part 3 - "Hammer and Heart, Split Moon."
    Chapter 6 - part 4 - "A Pact of Blood Between Air and Fae."
    Chapter 6 - part 5 - "Arrival in York, An Incident Ensues, Gunpowder Plot, The Captain and the Pirate Prince."
    Chapter 7 - part 1 - "Millia's True Colors, York Escape!, The Daring Prince, the Winged Flash."
    Chapter 7 - part 2 - "Meeting a Prince, Meeting a Postman, A Faerie Reveals herself, Sir Dunwell Arrives"
    Chapter 7 - part 3 - "Execution, Battle of Skiesedge, Farewell to a Knight."
    Chapter 8 - part 1 - "PoppopBoom!, the Luckless Princess , A wild Silicia Appears!"
    Chapter 8 - part 2 - "Eve of the World Tree Raid."
    Chapter 8 - part 3 - "A game of Crowns, A Incident in Albion, Midori the female swordsman."
    Chapter 8 - part 4 - "Goodbyes, Mob Violence, We're Family"
    Chapter 9 - Part 1 - "Tarbes Side Quest"
    Chapter 9 - Part 2 - "Arrival in Tarbes, Goodnight Louise & KoKo"
    Chapter 9 - Part 3 - "So Cute, Pixies Attack, Where's Yui?"
    Chapter 9 - Part 4 - "Yui alone, the Shaman and the Yearning Knight, the Healer's Cottage.
    Chapter 9 - Part 5 - "The Lame Count, Serpent in the Forest, Overheard Conversation."
    Chapter 9 - Part 6 - "Sounding the Alarm, Missing Children"
    Chapter 9 - Part 7 - "Kiting, Antoine and Euphrasie, The Butler did it!"
    Chapter 9 - Part 8 - "Fernand the Traitor, Lhamthanc the Steel Toothed."
    Chapter 9 - Part 9 - "Judgement & Duel, Sayuri's Reward, Healing"
    Chapter 10 - Part 1 - "Midori & Bandits."
    Chapter 10 - Part 2 - "Disclosure, Scheming, Zombie Powder"
    Chapter 10 - Part 3 - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"
    Chapter 10 - Part 4 - "Breakfast With Zombies"
    Chapter 10 - Part 5 - "Flawless Romeo"
    Chapter 11 - Part 1 - "Night Raid of the Living Dead"
    Chapter 11 - Part 2 - "A Crier's Call, The Trio Pursues"
    Chapter 11 - Part 3 - "Reunion"
    Chapter 11 - Part 4 - "Morning, Flashback, General of the Skies, Betrayal"
    Chapter 12 - Part 1 - "Lunch with a Faerie Lord, Negotiations are Interrupted"
    Chapter 12 - Part 2 - "Meeting of the Fae and Royalty."
    Chapter 12 - Part 3 - "The Stone Wall Gramont, Strategy Meeting"
    Chapter 12 - Part 4 - "Telenecronomicon, the Princess Leads, Argument Among Equals"
    Chapter 12 - Part 5 - "Meet the Kurotaka, Captain Thorn, <<Dual Deciders>>
    Chapter 13 - Part 1 - "Dunkirk"
    Chapter 13 - Part 2 - "Battleship Alley, Apparitions."
    Chapter 13 - Part 3 - "The Phantom Queen, Battle Lines Drawn"
    Chapter 13 - Part 4 - "It's About Time, the Fall of Newcastle"
    Chapter 13 - Part 5 - "Hold the Wall, the Prince Departs, the Children of Medb"
    Chapter 13 - Part 6 - "The Lightning Viscount, Zombie Mamba."
    Chapter 13 - Part 7 - "Lightning Rod, the Hat is Dropped, the Prince Departs"
    Chapter 13 - Part 8 - "The Heavy Wind, Morgan La Fae"
    Epilogue - One end, a New Beginning.

    Halkegenia Online v2.0 - <<Snips are patched now as chapters!>>
    Chapter 1 - "Yamada Sakura, Arrun Noir, the Dutiful Knight"
    Chapter 2 - "Autopsy, Vandalism, Louise Obtains a Rare Drop!"
    Chapter 3 - "Pixie Lunch, Investigation Complication, Silence in the Library"
    Chapter 4 - "The Lieutenant's Investigation, Spoiled Morning , Freelia on the Coast"
    Chapter 5 - "Bad Dreams, Hot Scoop, The Assassin Revealed"
    Chapter 6 - "Rip Jack, Sakuya and Mortimer, Suisen and Argo"
    Chapter 7 - "Negotiations and Trolls, Terrance de'Martou, the Plot Thickens"

    Interlude 3 - The Man on the Street by Geshon Tyler

    Canon Non Author Snips
    Old Heart, Young Eyes - by lgear

    Hints of what is to come. Glimpses into the future of the fic.
    Snip-1-"Yui! No boys!"
    Snip-2-"Some simple rules for dating my daughter."
    Snip-3-"A demographic Problem"
    Snip-4-"On the Other Side"
    Snip-5-"Mom . . . I'm home."

    Additional Resources. I.E. Random Stuff Added by the Fic Author about the Fic World
    Tentative Force Chart
    Character List
    ALfheim Bestiary - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Zoological Document!
    Airships of Halkegenia - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Airitime Companion!

    Halkegenia Offline- The occasionally ongoing, less well written Omake Compliment to this Fic (Feel Free to offer suggestions.)
    Set - 1 - "And now for something completely different"
    Set - 2 - "Kirche has competition"

    Non Author Omake
    Best Served Cold by Geshon Tyler.
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    FAQ and Suggested Guidelines for posting in the HalO threads

    Fae-Tristain Integration (Japanese geeks in Princess Henrietta's Court)
    Kirche has competition -Triggerhappy
    Mineral springs and envy -Triggerhappy
    Faces of the past and therapy -Triggerhappy
    The Art of the Deal -an NPC

    Consequences of the Transition
    A Demographic Problem -Triggerhappy
    Old Heart, Young Eyes -LGear
    Young Heart, Fiery Eyes -LGear
    Feeling your age -Spectrum
    Real skills collective -wkz
    <Adventurer's Journal> -shaderic
    The Second Valliere Daughter -aightaight2
    The Biggest vs. The Angriest -Exsequens
    Product Placement -aightaight2

    Faction Disguise Issues (Somebody put out a patch for this thing!)
    Best Served Cold -GeshronTyler
    Klein's Discovery -Triggerhappy
    Love potion Hijinks -Triggerhappy
    Love potion Hijinks 2 -Exsequens
    The art of trolling -wkz
    Eugene-chan and Morgiana -Exsequens
    Arrun Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition -Triggerhappy

    Faction Disguise Outcomes (Yui is going to be one busy shrink)
    You're Having the Next One -Triggerhappy
    Instinctive Jealousy -Triggerhappy
    Father Empathy Class pt 1 & 2 -mdkcde
    Delivery -Triggerhappy
    Delivery's Aftermath, Sachi! -741AuthorNCS

    Camp Mulan (Let's get down to business!)
    Guiche mans up -Triggerhappy
    Spriggan Stress Relief -aightaight2
    <<Motivation>> -Triggerhappy
    Trials of Midori -Triggerhappy
    Asuma Yuuki -Academic Guardian

    Three Black Cats (Ninja pirate faerie catgirls)
    Shiori's background (info) -gamlain
    Ninja catgirls -gamlain
    HalO: Three Black Cats -gamlain
    HalO: 3BC (ninja pirates appear) -gamlain
    HalO: 3BC (Questioning the locals) -gamlain
    <<Life Goes On>> -Triggerhappy
    Triplets, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Infinite Freedom
    Cravings, 2 -Nicholai

    Bishop, Defender of ALfheim (Trust me, don't damage the books)
    Bishop's first mention (info) -Triggerhappy
    Law and Order: Halkegenia -Triggerhappy
    Paper master -Barricade
    Bishop's Reveal -Jonen C
    Operation Sleeping Books -aightaight2
    Do Librarians Dream of Modern Japan -an NPC
    Defender of ALfheim -an NPC

    Zombie Aki (Between Knight and Zae)
    Aki and Wells - Exsequens
    Interpreting orders -Spectrum
    Choose your words with care -Spectrum
    Thoughts by the departed -Triggerhappy
    Aki learns to fly -aightaight2
    Dunwell's Trial & The CrAki bunch! -zero_traveler
    Aki's Journey -Xexilf
    <<What do You Want?>> -Jonen C

    TRIST Offshoots (Hegent and Yuyu ahoy!)
    TRIST Cast List (info) -wkz
    Hegent and Yuyu, 2, 3 (info) -deadheadzed
    The Truth of TRIST -Faraway-R
    Agnes and the Science Institute -Triggerhappy
    Yu-Gi-HalkO -Spectrum
    DON'T THINK! RUN! -mdkcde
    The Origins of Spaceflight -aightaight2
    There's SCIENCE to be done!! -wkz
    Void Theory -Exsequens
    Weekly Status Report -Spectrum
    New Product Lines -Spectrum
    Status quo -wkz
    Teach us Kofu-sensei! -Academic Guardian
    Gifts and Ideas -wkz
    TRIST Accountants -zero_traveler
    Hegent's Computer -wkz

    TRIST - Mobile Suit Golem (Sieg Pixeon!)
    Macro (POE-M), 2 (info) -Triggerhappy
    Remember the Square Cube Law -wkz
    <<Mobile Suit Golem: Pixie>> -Triggerhappy
    Golems and Earth Stones -aightaight2
    POE-M: Type G -LGear
    <<Project KOS-MOS>> -Jomasten
    HalkO GaoGaiGar 1, 2, 3 -zero_traveler
    HalkO GGG: The Dragon Twins 1, 2 -zero_traveler
    HalkO GGG: Project Gao - Stats -zero_traveler
    POE-M: Shiva -Jomasten
    Pixie Rim -mdkcde

    TRIST - War Games (Panzer Vor!)
    Pixies und Panzer -LGear
    World of Tanks -wkz
    Pixie Tankers -an NPC

    A Slice of Life - Yui (MHCP-001 at large)
    Christmas Tinsel -Triggerhappy
    Yui! No boys! -Triggerhappy
    Some simple rules for dating my daughter -Triggerhappy
    A Special Day -Triggerhappy
    Mother's day -artanis00
    Never enough peanuts -Triggerhappy
    Yui’s Day Out -aightaight2
    Bedtime Stories -Triggerhappy
    Father's Day -artanis00
    <<Love>>? -Triggerhappy

    A Slice of Life - Fae Lords (Trials of leadership)
    Sakuya's Shadow, 2 -741AuthorNCS and zero_traveler
    Dinner at Mortimer's -Exsequens
    Festival planning -Spectrum
    Poaching -Triggerhappy
    Depreciation -kojiro kakita
    Cats and jars - Jyn Ryvia

    A Slice of Life - Silica (The Dragon Tamer strikes back!)
    Tongue Twisters -Triggerhappy
    My Neighbor Tonkii 1&2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10&11 -aightaight2
    A Choice of Melons -aightaight2

    A Slice of Life - Pixies (Yggdrasil's children)
    Sayuri's cunning plan -Triggerhappy
    A Knight Attack -Anzer'ke
    It's Kinda Complicated -an NPC
    Kendo with Botan -Triggerhappy
    Decontamination -LGear
    Joseph's Dungeon -Triggerhappy

    Post-Transition - IRL (Better duck - onions incoming!)
    On the Other Side -Triggerhappy
    Mom . . . I'm home -Triggerhappy
    Those left behind -Spectrum
    Routes Unchosen -Spectrum
    Sinon in Halk Online -Flere821
    Lost sniper -Faraway-R

    Post-Transition - Guilds
    Numbers - Derived Stats -an NPC
    Numbers - Social Dynamics -an NPC
    A Capella - Bladesong -TIFFD
    Monster Hunters - Fortune Hunters -aightaight2
    Slayers - Character Sheet, 2 (info) -Vaermina
    Slayers - prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -Vaermina
    Nanoha - Takamachi Online -zero_traveler

    Post-Transition - Dealing with Elves (The other pointy eared OCPs)
    An Elf or a fairy, 2, 3, 4 -NecroMac
    Kal of the House of Eldrond Part 1, 2 -Lethality
    Quest for the Soy Sauce 1, 2 -Lone Wolf 666
    Don't Poke the Elf -KaPe
    Bidashal and Melin, 2 -Archons

    Cultural Consequences (The Halkegenian perspective)
    Gallian Intelligence -Triggerhappy
    Kiss of Life -Academic Guardian
    True Name Shenanigans - Cj1of4 et al
    l33ts in Halkgenia!, 2 -Academic Guardian

    Kirito's Curse (Good thing Asuna's understanding)
    Hugs for Bishop collection -LGear
    The Harem Curse - Prologue - Exsequens
    The Harem Curse, 2 -wkz
    Three gifts -Exsequens
    Program hierarchy -Exsequens
    Doppelganger -Exsequens
    Kirito's Offspring -Spectrum
    Kirigaya Mob's first day at school -Jyn Ryvia
    Fae School -aightaight2

    Fort de Bellegarde (Heretics?! In my fortress?!)
    Heresy! -an NPC
    Integration Issues -an NPC
    Faerie Battle Singers -an NPC
    Treason! -an NPC
    Confidence -an NPC
    Rumors -an NPC
    Make Ready -an NPC
    Mousebender -aightaight2
    <Weather, Part 1>, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -an NPC

    Beasts of ALfheim (Beware of tall grass!)
    ALfheim Bestiary - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Zoological Document!
    <<Iridormus the Sleeping Guardian>> -Exsequens
    Caerbannog the Terrible, 2 -zero_traveler
    Feathered Dragon Progression -Triggerhappy
    <<Octavia the Abyssal Queen>> -Triggerhappy
    <<Vedolfnir the Withering Winds>> -Triggerhappy
    <<Tanngrisnir>> and <<Tanngjostr>> -Triggerhappy
    Octavia's pad -Anzer'ke
    Tanngjost's pad -Anzer'ke
    <<Ariel the Abyssal Princess>> -Anzer'ke
    <<Seraphi>> -Triggerhappy
    <<Belladonna the Eldritch Witch>> -Exsequens
    <<Caenia the Grand Matriarch>> -Anzer'ke

    Sword Spirits (Souls within Steel)
    Klein & Derflinger –Triggerhappy and epitaph90
    Proposed Sword Spirits(info) -Anzer’ke
    Sword Spirit Roll-Call 1 -Anzer’ke
    Sword Spirit Roll-Call 2 -wkz
    Asuna’s Punny Rapier -Anzer’ke
    Steel of Legends -an NPC
    Equipment upgrade -wkz
    Forged Fangirls -Nicholai
    Creed of the Twinned Blades -an NPC
    Sword Biographies(info) -an NPC
    Sword of Demons, Sword of Gods -wkz
    A Bigger Fish in the Pond -wkz
    Ice and Stone -NotAlwaysFanfic
    The Uncounted -an NPC

    War of the Faeries (To Dunkirk and beyond)
    The Reunion -Blackraptor
    Strategizing -Triggerhappy and Spectrum
    The Weapons Shop -aightaight2
    Someone Worth Fighting For -Exsequens
    Calm Before The Storm -Exsequens
    Let's get dangerous -Academic Guardian
    Problem Solving, Fae Style -Xicree
    'Borrowing' and Lupin III -Jomasten
    You forgot the Hat?! -Epitaph90
    Costs of Battle -kojiro kakita
    Consequences of Victory -kojiro kakita

    War of the Faeries (Reconquista's Response)
    Dealing with Dragons -Triggerhappy
    The Man on the Street -Geshon Tyler
    Forlorn Hope -an NPC
    Fair's Fair -an NPC
    Deflection Shooting -aightaight2

    Albion Offshoots (Taking on Reconquista)
    Mortimer's Castle -Nicholai
    Poitiers vs Morgiana -Exsequens
    Chain of command conflicts -mdkcde
    Mortimer Makes a Speech -Vaermina
    Yuuki wields Hofua -Exsequens
    Cardinal's Awakening -Jomasten

    Cromwell's Fall (His karma caught up with his dogma)
    Multi-stage Boss -Blackraptor
    What goes Around -Anzer'ke
    Hostage negotiations -wkz
    The Romalian Inquisition -zero_traveler

    Crack! (As if the rest of this isn't)
    And now for something completely different -Triggerhappy
    Admin Privileges -741AuthorNCS
    Chocxcalibur & Sandwich-San -deadheadzed
    Gold Crown -Vaermina
    Rebirth -Jomasten
    Sheffield vs Cardinal - Exsequens
    DX Joseph -Flere821
    HalO 2131 - 1-1, 2, 3, 4; 2 -1, 2, 3, 4, Interlude 1, 3-1, 2, 3, Interlude 2 -Vaermina
    HalO 2131 - 4-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Interlude 3 -Vaermina
    Ace Pixies Zero: The Garden War -AzureGrimoire
    Captain ALfheim -mdkcde & Academic Guardian
    Mordechai's Challenge -Mashadarof402 et al
    Raising Fae 1, 2 -DB_Explorer
    Summit -revanninja
    Central Arrun & Tristain Intelligence Bureau -Crate
    The Greatest Secret Agent -aightaight2
    The Clarent Cycle -revanninja

    If Hakegenia Online was a Game… (Halkception!)
    Like a Boss Battle: Dunwell -Triggerhappy
    Like a Buff: Yakety Sax, 2 -mdkcde and Anzer’ke
    Like a Boss: Sinon -an NPC
    Like a Weapon: Nanoha -zero_traveler
    Like a Drop: Wardes -BlackoutSampler

    Fae Media Productions (Light spells, Recording crystals, Action!)
    Movie Production -deadheadzed
    Casting Call -Triggerhappy
    Tomb Raider: Halkeginia Online -Dimensionist
    Santa Klein -Exsequens
    Fae Christmas Carol Tracklist -Epitaph90
    <<it's Argo's Question and Answer Time!>>, 2, 3 -an NPC and aightaight2
    The Fall of Aincrad -SJC
    FoA Act 1 Scene 1 -ExpiBean
    School Play -Exsequens
    <<100 Stories of the Castle in the Sky>> -Triggerhappy and Epitaph90
    Kamen Rider Cast List -deadheadzed
    Sepp Cobra and the World Tree -Jonen C
    Knight School -an NPC
    Eulogy for Novair -DB_Explorer

    Halkegenian Media Productions
    Fae Hunter -Vaermina
    Mating Rituals of the Swordfighter -an NPC
    The Busker -wkz
    The Bard -Atreidestrooper
    We Men of Albion -an NPC
    Upon the Lofty Isle -Anzer'ke
    The Fairy Bombadiers -GeshronTyler

    Fourth Wall Media Productions
    HalO 1.0: Season 1 Trailer -jwolfe
    HalO 1.0: Tarbes Quest Trailer -jwolfe
    HalO 1.0: Season 2 Trailer -jwolfe
    HalO 1.0: Arc Finale Trailer -jwolfe
    HalO 2.0: Season 3 Trailer -jwolfe
    Arc 1 OP and ED -Bradley McCloud
    Arc 2 OP and ED -Bradley McCloud
    Visuals - Arc 1 OP -Triggerhappy
    Visuals - Arc 1 OP, ED -Bradley McCloud

    HalO Literature (Not the Necronomicon)
    Chocolate (excerpt from 'Asuna's Cooking Compendium') -GeshronTyler
    One Step from the Shadows (excerpt from 'A History of Tristain’s Special Forces') -an NPC
    Shadowy Rivalry (excerpt from 'The Argo Files') -jwolfe
    John the Deserter (excerpt from 'Dunkirk: The Truth Behind the Myths') - KaPe
    A History of Public Bathhouses in Halkeginia (excerpt) -Exsequens
    Sketches of the Fae Capitals -aightaight2
    Quincey's Report 1, 2 -an NPC
    Fairy Bimonthly #1, 2 - Don’t Worry, it's Argo's Gossip Magazine! -wkz
    Argo’s Basic Magic Primer 1, 2 - Don’t Worry, it’s Argo’s Primer! -wkz

    Images & Fan Art
    Portrait of Morgiana -Exsequens
    Portrait of Koko - draft - colored - final -Exsequens
    Portrait of Aki - draft - colored - final -Exsequens
    Portrait of Swords - draft 1, 2 -Exsequens
    Portrait of Split Moon -Exsequens
    Portrait of Sayuri & Kofu - draft -Exsequens
    Portrait of Octavia - draft -Exsequens
    Portrait of Kofu - colored - alternatives - final -Exsequens
    Portrait of Kofu - alt!colored -LGear
    Adult Yui - original - hair - wings -LGear

    Info & Trivia (might become canon)
    BGM -Epitaph90
    Carol of the Bells -GeshronTyler
    Clothing issues and wildlife -GeshronTyler
    Fae ears -LGear
    Faery Culture -an NPC
    Fae acclimatization -an NPC
    Possible RL names -Bradley McCloud
    Potential Fae traits -koolerkid
    Potential Fae traits 2 -Triggerhappy
    Fae Taunts -koolerkid
    Fae Collective Nouns -Barricade
    Legendary/Mythical Objects list -Bradley McCloud
    ALO Magic -Vaermina
    Puca Hymns -Academic Guardian
    <<Song Magic>> -an NPC
    Fae-Tristanian Munitions -TunerAineree
    Weird Weapons of Tristain-Albion War -Sinclair
    Character descriptions -Exsequens
    Fae metal properties -Academic Guardian
    Post-Dunkirk Accommodation -Triggerhappy
    Fae Ship Names -Triggerhappy and TurnerAineree
    Fae combat tendencies -TheSandman
    Fae racial instincts -Jonen C

    Trivia by Triggerhappy (Word of Cardinal)
    Tentative Force Chart
    Character List
    Airships of Halkegenia - Don't Worry, it's Argo's Airitime Companion!
    Caramella's Stats
    Fae Lord Personality Styles
    The Ostwind class
    Cities of the Fae
    Mithril and Amalgam Alloy
    Bishop's personality, 2
    Dunwell's Biography
    Kino's appearance
    Viewpoints for Lady Sakuya
    Air Cavalry
    Cait Syth Dragons
    Technological transfer
    Pixies, 2
    Pixies and love
    Guiche's character progression
    Rute's Biography
    Dunkirk Objectives and Fleet Dispositions
    Mortimer's Character Build
    Autopsy Participants (Arc 1 Epilogue)
    Kirigaya family dynamics
    Justice under the Treaty
    Cardinal's Abilities
    Koko's backstory
    Coinin Sidhe, Nyriads & Dark Dwarves
    Fae wing development
    Official couples
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    Wooo. First poast!
  4. Hey why not make a snip with Matilda going to Albion to check on Tiffania and pulling a rescue that will ultimately lead to them being shipped to Tristain?

    Because remember even before the war there were Rumors of a Fairy living in south Saxe (town thing), so with all the rucus caused by Asuna crown well forces are bound to investigate.

    The best way to keep Tiffa safe NOW is to hide her among the Fairies.
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    Alright. I got my popcorn, I got my shipping supplies, I got the mob stuff... am I forgetting anything?
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    Water bottle(s)? Hydration is important after all.
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  8. Yes, recording crystals for the moment Rio finally says the ultimate wrong thing with most of the Fae watching. The guy may be good at rallying up a mob of the trolls but with the Lords and Regin pointing out the multiple Lhamthanc sized holes in his statements/plans he is going to lose his temper.
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    Booze and/or MtnDew. Something's gotta fuel the crack.
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    Thank you, I'll run and get those

    That's in with the mob shipping stuff.

    Um... right here. You want some?

    Nah, got a megaphone though.
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  11. Earmuffs for the next big shouting match?
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  12. Rio will be shouting at least. Sakuya on the other hand, I can see leaning heavily on the 'Lady of the Sylphs' persona that she has been developing and just getting colder and more composed as the 'conversation' continues.
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  13. I wasn't talking about the shouting match in the story.
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    *looks at title* ^_^ I won! ... ok close enough to fleece money from Dragontrapper.
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    *shrugs* I live next to a 24hr deli that has a 7'-4' fridge section that is 105% solely devoted to Mt. Dew of all flavors (except Code Red, which is for crazy people), and right next to it is a Lil Caesars. I'm set for the munchies, so let the crack flow....
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    Mine gods, that is a VERY LONG index of recursive Fanfiction :D Have +1 like just for the headache of maintaining that list jwolf.

    Also, TH? The stuff right at the end (Halkegenia Offline, Yui! No Boys!, and such) are already in jwolf's index. Just saying.

    Edit: instead of cluttering up this thread, I have saved TRIST Cast List (info) in bb-code form on my computer. I'll post an updated version of that list in this thread when a) there are additions to that list, and b) if the older thread gets locked.
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    Triggerhappy's Approved Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    What is HalO?
    -The acronym for Halkeginia Online, the magnum opus of TH. (first use)(first snip use)(first author use)

    Will the Fae introduce new technologies to Halkeginia?
    - Yes, but it will take time. It has been confirmed that farming techniques such as crop rotation will be introduced, and it is likely that military standardization and interchangeable parts will be introduced soon as well. Other than that, most technologies will take time (on the order of years) to reproduce, even with the contents of the Gutenberg Library available to them. However, the Tristain Royal Institute of Science and Technology appears to be exploring the technical applications of steam power and magic, and semi-modern medicine is possible as well. Firearm development has been discussed in detail.

    Fae magic
    -The way Fae magic works has not been definitively stated. That said, it is no longer quite as limited, and the players will soon start picking it apart to create their own spells. It is possible that Triggerhappy will be making use of Catsy's work here.

    Are Fae spells racially locked?
    -TH has indicated that affinities and talents are race-specific, but almost all spells can be cast by any race if their Magic skill level is high enough.

    Have the Fae been nerfed?
    -Only in so much as they can’t take a blade through the heart and keep going, or take a face full of fire (unless they’re a Salamander). Healing magic is slightly less effective, but only to the extent that they can’t regrow missing limbs, and resurrection spells are more “resuscitation” than outright bringing back the dead (relevant link). Battle healing also survived the transition. Other than that, Triggerhappy has not stated how much less durable the Fae now are, in order to allow for narrative causality.

    What is Halkeginia’s tech level?
    -See Flere’s “Back to Basics

    Power Levels
    -First, please see the “tentative force chart”. Second, please note that it is tentative, and likely could use updating. Third, please note that it is a 'force' chart, it doesn't take into account relative skill, ability, and circumstances.

    Other than that, keep in mind that Halkeginian mages can turn their opponents' spells back on them. This was confirmed to work on Fae magic in the Tarbes Arc. However, if the anime is taken as canon mid-level Fae mages are quite powerful by Halkeginian standards, and high-end (Kagemune, a Salamander mage, has a skill level over 900) may be able to mission kill airships. To put it in D&D terms, Halk mages are multiclass, while Fae mages are artillery and controllers. They serve different roles on the battlefield, and should not be directly compared to each other.

    How much has the transition affected the Fae?
    -The transition downloaded all the relevant information related to their skill into their heads. Other racial attributes are starting to show up as well.

    How fast can the Fae fly?
    -Based on information in the LNs and the anime, Catsy has calculated an average speed of 75 kph. Aightaight2's calculations of a dragon's speed using information from the Tarbes arc support this. Word of author is that cruising speed is actually somewhat higher, with most Fae being able to achieve a sprint speed of above 100 kph.

    Will Sinon show up?
    -It is possible. However it would require a GGO to be developed without the Seed (unlikely), Sinon to become involved (unlikely), and Tiffania to summon a familiar after the previous two requirements happen (very unlikely). It is unlikely that Sinon will appear in HalO. However, TH has created a possible way for it to happen. So maybe, maybe not.

    Are the Sleeping Knights in Halkeginia?
    -In canon, the Sleeping Knights joined ALO after the Seed was distributed. However, Triggerhappy has confirmed that canon has been changed and the Sleeping Knights were present in ALO at the time of the transition.

    Can the Grail of Resurrection still be used?

    Will Louise ever get a familiar?
    -Yes. We don’t know who yet, but it will be revealed. The current most popular theory is Heathcliff. (discussion)(discussion)

    What is with Bradley McCloud’s avatar and those pictures he keeps posting?
    -Apparently he knows someone who is making a comic that has yet to be published.

    Will the windstone crisis still occur?
    -This question has come up in every single thread (yes, including threads 5, 6 & 7), but has yet to be revealed. Theories range from yes; to no, Yggdrasil will eat them; to Yggdrasil will eat the ones under Tristain; to Yggdrasil will hold Tristain together when it takes flight.

    Which real-life nations are the Halkeginian nations expys of?
    -This has been discussed here and hinted at by TH here. The best estimate is that they are early modern equivalents of
    Germania = The Holy Roman Empire
    Tristain = Belgium + lower part of the Netherlands (geographically); France (socially)
    Albion = England
    Gallia = France (geographically); mix of France & Spain (politically)
    Romalia = Papal States / Italy

    How will Halkeginia react to the Fae?
    -Word of author here.

    Did Jotunheimr survive the transfer?
    -We don't know yet, but it was discussed. Triggerhappy was being cryptic.

    Fae offspring
    -A number of possible answers to the race of Fae children have been proposed. Triggerhappy has stated they will be the race of the mother.

    Where are the Fae cities now?
    Exsequen's list here.

    Will Derflinger or Excaliber be used in this fic?
    -Triggerhappy has stated that it is unlikely that Kirito will use them, but he has hinted that Leafa, Klein, or Caramella may wield Derflinger, while Wales may get Excaliber.

    Did items from ALO transfer over?
    -While players no longer have access to their inventories, it is likely that any loot in dungeons/ruins was transported over, including legendary items.

    Were any of the players in ALO gender-flipped?
    -In Fulldive games your account is gender locked. In canon, full sim VR tech transmitting signals of incorrect anatomy to a person's mind causes side effects in the long term. SAO itself didn't have this feature because it was implemented in later generation games.(The Shiori are a unique exception, made canon by the author here.)

    What race are the 300 SAO survivors?
    -Most of the survivors are a default template with no racial bonuses or weaknesses. Asuna is a Maeve, with yet to be revealed racial attributes.

    How does Triggerhappy make his story decisions?
    -Word of Author :p

    Are there pairings?
    -Of course there are pairings! KiritoxAsuna! Oh...you meant other than them. Read the fic and find out! :p

    Useful Links:
    HaLO TV Tropes Page
    HaLO on FF.net
    TH's FF.net Page
    An interesting post to medieval economics
    Suggested Guidelines for Posting on these Threads
    Shown below are the various themes and issues that have been discussed with effects on the various threads TH has created. Thus they have been marked and classified into categories that show why they have been marked and how heated they can get.

    Most have already been talked about, and may have already been answered, usually asking again about such things leads into debates that have already occurred before, eating up thread space normally reserved for posting the next chapter, crack, or new questions and discussions. This is referred to as a 'roundabout'. Avoid roundabouts for everyone's sake here, know when to sit back and finish when things have reached that point.

    Class SS: Moderator Hammer (Touch and the moderators will hammer you instead of TH.)

    - Bitching about people you have on ignore.

    Class S: (Do not by any means touch or TH will get very angry.)
    These four sparked a fifty page flame war in the fourth thread. If you must ask about them, PM Triggerhappy directly:
    - Power levels.
    - Balancing.
    - Overpoweredness.
    - Difference in power between magic systems.
    - Accel World. Apparently some people don’t like this subject. More importantly, it has nothing to do with HalO
    - Karin hatred. (We've had this before, angry TH is not nice.)

    Class A: (Discussed already, potentially aggravating, avoid.)

    -Modern firearms, and related technologies. (Rifling, bullets, so and so.)
    -Hating on characters. (We know people hate Dunwell already, or Louise.)
    -Louise' new familiar. (She'll get one later after Dunkirk, please be patient.)
    -Fae as Familiars. (Flame bait, also results in hating on Louise on occasions.)

    Class B: (Discussed to ash already, move along now.)

    -Sinon. (Her status without GGO, trauma, and how to bring her into Halkeginia.)
    -VRMMOs created from the Seed. (VR development progress without the Seed.)
    -Status of Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights. (Author's choice of deviation from canon.)

    Class C: (Been there done that, save for some other time.)

    -Fae lifespans. (Answered by author)
    - GB from the Transition. (After SAO, new games prevented players from selecting between male and female.)(The Shiori are a unique exception)

    DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: The above is a general suggestion, except for Class S and SS, which should be avoided at all costs. Technology topics are generally accepted so long as you avoid guns. You are welcome to start a topic on any of the marked topics below Class S provided you can keep it from devolving into a flame war and try to avoid getting into roundabout discussions, they eat space. Openings of Class S or SS topics should best be left to TH to avoid unwanted flame wars. This guide is updated as long as I spot new requests for topics to mark.


    P.S.: Re-read the first line of the disclaimer once you have finished reading. It is a suggestion, they can still be discussed. Unless they are Class S or SS. Yes, I will keep saying that because that flame war was very unpleasant.

    P.P.S.: After which, re-read the SS one, unless you want to sour the friendly neighborhood moderator's mood.

    Special thanks to Exsequens for compiling the list of forbidden topics, and aightaight2 for finding relevant links/topics, as well as NanayaMode for finding the posts on Jotunheimr.

    Addendum: aightaight2 has now officially put more time into this than I have.
  19. Dirtnap

    Dirtnap SLEEP.

    You has the Livewire...??? Also Code Red is how I push through 24 hour Marathons of anime. Its delicious.
  20. Archons

    Archons Slightly Biased

    Regarding Rio...part of the reason I don't really like his character is that he does t provide the legitimate political opposition that TH is trying to get at. As Jwolfe just posted, him snapping and starting a rage fueled shouting match seems entirely appropriate for him. Yet, unfortunately, TH has set him up as the primary voice of opposition.

    I get that we are seeing some internal decent among the Lords, but it all seems very sterile. I can't imagine there isn't a single civil right attorney among the Fae that is appalled that the Lords are essentially bring them into a war to fight a dictator, for a dictator, at the behest of children. One fact that Rio brought up is that there is apparently no established date for elections, nor a plan to gradually phase the existence of the Faerie Lord seat of office out. Or at least reduce to he point where a Lord couldn't immediately grab and consolidate power if they chose.

    I guess I'm just upset that sofar all we have seen is backwards thinking. It would be nice to see someone in the opposition to the Lords that forces the issue of the ongoing establishment of democracy. It's important to remember that the longer things to without an active plan, the easier it is for those in power (both human and Fae) to maintain the status quo.
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  21. HalO 2131 Chapter 4 Part 7 - Chapter 1 Part's 1, 2, 3, 4 Chapter 2 Part's 1, 2, 3, 4 Interlude 1 Chapter 3 Part 1, 2, 3 Interlude 2 Chapter 4 Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Scorpion signal log May 23 2131 Planet <Vanaheim> Dimensional Coordinates 42.219.31

    Scorpion Unit Zeta Three Three seven perimeter patrol interrupted.

    Emergency signal detected from weapon serial number <136794231-7> in quadrant delta nine, distance to target fifteen kilometers.

    Weapon registered as being issued to priority target <Aki Ross>.

    Authorization to investigate signal requested from command.

    Authorization received.

    Time to target location ten minutes.
  22. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy You Gotta Listen to Big Sis!

    I blame myself for this to be honest. But well, six weeks seems like too little time for a really articulated oppossition to show up, but plenty of time for an asshole to start shouting really loudly and a political commentator to start voicing gentle concerns.
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    Don't hit on Code Red, I have case in stock for just in case (zombie apocalypse, general apocalypse, mutant apocalypse, movie/games/anime marathons.) You never know when you need that extra bit of crazy to get you through the day.

    Its called Code Red for a reason and one must use its power carefully...
  24. Exsequens

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    Need me to carry along the Suggested Guidelines among other things? Though I doubt we'll need it for now till things start getting dicey.

    The weather is rainy, yay, I'm still sick, fuck. Prematurely running out of energy quite often to do drawing and the recent upstage of ants isn't doing my artistic spirit any favors.

    I think this time I want to try doing it with background rather than plain to match the SB back, last time I tried adding an extra dimension, this time a background, slowly I plan to push it till I can get something nice.

    On side note for TH, aside from the last set of questions I sent 2 weeks ago (The response to your response on ALO armors which I'm still waiting on.), do you normally prefer armors to be more thematic or looks-does-not-equate-stats?

    A good way to look at this is say, take Runescape for example, Runescape's equipment are generally thematic, what is warrior armor looks the part, and what goes for each type goes, each rising tier of armor looks stronger than the last. Compare this to some games, where your steel armor may well be paper mache, and that silk robe that gives people a good view of your cleavage might stop a tank in its tracks.
  25. I don't know about TH, but I would prefer if armour reflected the strength of its material...unless we're talking something like "paper body armour" here that apparently is quite effective.
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