Halo of the Stars

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  1. I know but this is a perfect excuse for why they sent the surrender or be send to the cave ages to perfection.

    I bet they will, I hope they do know that they most likely will be taken to a different planet to be trained for at least a couple years I really don't see the Ahbs carrying the idiot ball with one so easy to guess.

    Then again they might actually realize that being a citizen of the empire is actually a really good deal.
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    Not only ONI.

    "You said that if I pay I can go to live in a planet in the other side of the Galaxy? ... It´s enough with one eye, or do you want both?"
  3. Oh don't worry. we plan to trow idiot ball out of this story (well, maybe we have a little of it left). And yes, the training will be happening in another system, in another part of the Empire. But it still something ONI will try to use to get there hands at as many things and info they can.

    Yeah, with genocidal aliens flying around it do look like a great idea. But it also small problem that Abh are currently in war with Alliance so you can end on the battlefield anyway. But at least you will be on the warship and part of the fleet instead trying to block plasma raining from orbit with a umbrella.
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    Likely to change in a few years but it would still be interesting for civilians when you think about it. However as you pointed out the war will be a problem for anyone who want to move there.
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    Honestly, I can't wait to see the Abh react to Slipspace or the Covenant.
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  6. It should be fun. although we don't plan completely break down or something, it will force Abh to think over they culture and goals (united mankind and prevent wars by controlling FTL travels) and adapt, possible rather radicaly
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    Ok first sorry this isn't really an update, it still in the works but this is an update version of the OP that has been checked for errors by me, Shadowone, and xingma. If we missed anything do please let us know, thank you. Feedback is also welcome :D

    Halo of the Stars

    Part 1 by the Xingma:

    “We’ll get back to you shortly” sigh vice admiral (roifrode) Reilia as the communication link was severed. The looks of concern from most of the bridge, and pity from the rest amplified what the roifrode felt. The ridiculousness of the conversation between Reilia and the representatives from the planet had felt like a conversation from a badly written play.

    Reilia collapsed into his chair with a sigh. This was meant to have been a project to find new plane space routes for the war but when the scout ship returned from the other side of the sord, some higher up thought that it would be great practice for his newly minted fleet to ‘conquer’ the planet and set up some anti-matter stations.

    “...as if they were trying to secure a United Mankind system and set up shop as fast as possible...” Railia said he recalled his revised orders “I wonder if the fleet admiral hates me. Leuïr, what are your thoughts about this farce of a conversation?”

    “That was... Um... stimulating” Kilo-Commander Leuïr nervously stated to Reilia “who could have known that there were still worlds out there that still fervently believe that aliens exist? I suppose it has to be a cultural boogeyman of sorts. Also, considering how much time it took to actually get them to receive us, let alone talk... You know, you really should not have mentioned that we would bombard them if they resistance.”

    “That it went over badly would be an understatement and I doubt that they believed us when we said that we’re human, I still can’t believe how primitive their technology seems. There were only two craft that was observed that could possibly reach orbit and the fact that they only communicate in audio... I wonder if they were a very early colonization attempt” Reilia tiredly “perhaps a meeting at a neutral location would be a suitable means to convince them that we aren’t aliens, who do we have that’s qualified to work as territorial ambassador?”

    “The captain of the assault ship Seigroil comes to mind” Leuïr said with a grin.

    “I will leave the arraignments to you then. See to it that you can find a place as safe as possible for them to meet, I do not want to blow up the city if they start shooting at him” commanded Reilia as he turned to the door “if you need me I will be in my quarters having a drink”
    Part 2 by the Bluerock:
    1230 Hours, March 5th, 2550
    UNSC High Command (HighCom) Facility Bravo-6
    Sydney, Australia, Earth

    The main atrium of the edifice nicknamed “the Hive” or more formally known as HIGHCOM Facility Brave-6 was busy with man and woman moving with purpose as they want about their daily duties. The calm attitude of these man and woman did not reflect or betray the reality that humanity was losing a war to a more technological advance enemy.

    Three kilometers below solid rock, reinforced blast plating, and anti-EMP armor six individuals waited for a Colonel James Ackerson of ONI to arrive.

    These six individuals were all members of the UNSC Security Committee so it wasn’t a good idea to keep them waiting especially Admiral Alayna Domeczka, the director of the Office of Naval Intelligence. The meeting had been called into order by the director once she'd been informed by the Colonel that Project Spatha had just made a major discovery that threaten the security of the UNSC.

    The director eyes moved slowly surveying the other members of the UNSC Security Committee. Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood the Chairman of the Committee & Chief of Naval Operations, Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb Vice Chairman & Deputy Chief of Naval Operation, General Jayden Krishnan Chief of the Army, Major General Yiannis Jiang Chief of the Marine Corp, and Major General Nicolas Strauss Chief of the Air force.

    Each member represented the combined might of the UNC and unlike the grunts on the front lines they knew the brutal truth they were losing this war and not for the lack of trying, victory was possible however that required time to rebuild they losses and to finish various research projects which will allow them to close the technological gap between them and the Covenant. Unfortunately, time was the one thing that they were swiftly running out of.

    The sight of the door silently swinging open and admitting Colonel James Ackerson immediately draw everyone's attention to the man. The colonel paused and saluted before continuing towards the only terminal in front of the crescent shaped table. The terminal was located slightly to the right of their table and only ever used when the committee was being briefed on classified information that require their approval which was rare.

    “I hope colonel you have a good reason for being late.” Domeczka asked, leaning forward in her seat and glaring at the colonel.

    “My apologies admiral, the transfer of information took longer than expected.” Ackerson replied, as he sits down and connected his data pad to an open terminal.

    The room was completely isolated from the outside world, nothing got in or out, unless they entered through it only entrance. Thus any briefing material and such were usually brought in on data pad that have been scanned and screened from every angle possible.

    It was also for this reason that there were data pads in front of each member of the Security Committee, each networked together allowing data to be shared; this also included the holo tank in the middle of the table.

    “All this for an energy project?” General Jayden Krishnan said irradiated, after a quick glances at the contents of the files the colonel brought with him.

    “This data is everything we've learnt so far about these anomaly including some addition information that we're just discovered.” Ackerson told them, as the rest of the committee took hold of their own data pads and begin turning them on so that they could study the data.

    “The anomaly was first discovered five years ago in the outer colony of 51 Pegasi and since then we have discovered two more, at Chi Ceti and Psi Serpentis.” Ackerson said, as the lighting in the room diminished slightly and the holo tank lip up displaying a map of UNSC space with the systems in question highlighted were one by one.

    “The anomaly, as far as we can tell, is continually emitting a steady amount of energy. We have been unable to identify the source but we have been able to eliminate slip space as a possibility.” Ackerson pushed a button in front of him and the hologram changed to show the Chi Ceti system.

    “We've been finding them in solar systems in the Oort clouds. In the case of the Chi Ceti system, we found it about zero point three light years from the system star.” Ackerson said, as the location of the anomaly lit up, pinpointing it position.

    “We've also been studying these anomalies for the last four years and searching UNSC space trying to locate any more of them which lead to us the discovery three weeks of another such anomaly in the colony of Perfection.” Ackerson finished, as the hologram switched once again to highlight Perfection location.

    “Is there a reason for this goose chase than, Ackerson?” director Domeczka asked, firmly.

    “No, director.” Ackerson answered turning slightly red but he did not voice his feelings on the matter. “The anomaly in the Perfection system is located zero point two light years from the system star." Ackerson pushed another button and the hologram zoomed in on the anomaly. “The prowler Tokyo Rules with a research team on board was deployed two week ago with orders to study it, luckily they were in place when an unexpected situation emerged.”

    “Situation?” Admiral Hood said, his eyes narrowing as they glared at the hologram.

    “Yes admiral.” Ackerson said, pushing another button and the image of the anomaly was replaced by a video feed, the time, date, and the name of the prowler could be seen on the bottom left. Admiral Hood and Whitcomb eyes narrowed at the sight of the date on the video feed.

    The scene of empty space didn't last long as suddenly bright light blinded everyone present in the room however it least only for a moment, as the brightness faded it revealed a massive bluish circler ball radiating ambient light. A single ship exited it and come to a stop.

    “What the hell?” Major General Strauss said, surprised. He wasn't the only one. Each member of the committee reacted in his own way to the unexpected appearances of the ship but it was soon replaced with a frown. Ackerson halted the video so that the committee could study the ship and the anomaly.

    “Is that a Covenant ship?” Major General Jiang asked.

    “No. Or at least it doesn't resemble any that I’ve ever seen.” Admiral Hood said, leaning forward to get a closer look at the frozen image. “Vice Admiral, do you recognize the ship design?”

    “No, sir.” answered Danforth, also leaning forward. “It’s unlike any design that I’ve seen.”

    “Then it belongs to a new species.” Hood stated plainly, stressing the word species. Immediately the sharp intake of air and tightening of fist around the table greeted the admiral statement as each of them realized what this meant.
    “Before we go on colonel how large is that anomaly?” Hood asked nodding at the hologram.

    “It's at least a thousand kilometers across and it didn't disappear once the ship exited. In fact, by our latest information it's still there.” Ackerson said.

    “Are you pulling our leg, colonel?” General Krishnan said glaring at the colonel. Ackerson turned even redder before answering.

    “No sir, the anomaly stayed opened once the ship exited.” the colonel replied calmly with difficulty “The research team made an interesting discovery when they checked their equipment.” the frozen image of the ship exiting the anomaly was replaced with two charts. “The chart on the right shows the energy emission before the ship appeared and the one on the left shows the energy emission after.”

    “That a lot of energy being emitted by this anomaly. Is there a reason for this?” director Domeczka said, her eyes moving slowly between the two charts.

    “None that we know of ma'am so far.” Ackerson answered as the image changed back to show the alien ship. “The ship proceeded to scout the system before returning to the anomaly and entering it. The Tokyo Rules was able to shadow and gather additional information on the alien vessel.”

    The image changed to show the video of the alien ship entering the anomaly. “For the next few days nothing happen however three days later, a fleet exited the anomaly.” Ackerson said, as the video begin playing. It showed lots of ships of unknown design leaving the anomaly and heading further into the system.

    “That is not good news.” General Krishnan said, swallowing.

    “Of course it's not.” Hood said, raising his voice slightly as he examined the fleet carefully before asking his next question “How many ships colonel?”

    “240 ships in total, admiral.”

    “A fleet?” Vice Admiral Whitcomb said, shocked. The tension and silence in the room increased to the point that you could hear the sharp intake of air and the sound of bones cracking.

    “The Tokyo Rules dropped off a heavily modified stealth satellite to monitor and gather additional data on the anomaly before following the fleet until it arrived above the colony.” the image of the unknown fleet exiting the anomaly was replaced with the same fleet over the colony of Perfection.

    “When the fleet arrived over Perfection, they contacted the colony government and demand that they surrender to the Abh Empire or else be destroyed. The colony government didn't hesitate long, they surrendered. The Abh fleet than demanded to see a representative in order to discuss the terms of annexing the system into their Empire.” Ackerson said.

    “Once the government surrendered a battle group broke away from the main fleet heading back to the anomaly. The Tokyo Rules managed to drop off another stealth satellite in orbit of the moon before following.” the video of the Abh fleet resting over the colony was replaced with that of the battle group entering the anomaly. The video come to an end and the hologram changed back to show a map of UNSC space.

    “Once the battle group entered, the Tokyo Rules picked up the modifIed stealth satellite it dropped off earlier and then headed off into deep space before jumping.” Ackerson paused before going on “The research team hasn't gotten far in studying the data but they are positive that this anomaly is some form of FTL unrelated to slipspace.”

    The silence that greeted him was uncomfortable and intense to say the least as each of the man and woman of the UNSC Security Committee considered the information and what it meant for humanity future.

    “Thank you colonel for the briefing and bringing this information to our attention.” director Domeczka said looking at Ackerson “If you please leave us and wait outside I would like a word with you before you leave Earth.” Ackerson saluted and turned to leave the room. No one said a word until the doors were closed.

    Jiang turn to look at each member of the Committee before speaking “We need to know more about this...Abh Empire.” The general said pausing for a moment “...if they are allied with the Covenant than this war just took a turn for the worst.”

    “We can't, of course, say for certain although it's clear that unlike the Covenant they seem to prefer subjugation instead of outright glassing the planet.” director Domeczka said calmly “But we need more information. I believe sending a prowler with a team or two for recon to evaluate this new threat will be our best course of action.”

    “I agree with the director and considering we have no idea how powerful this Abh Empire is we can't afford to send a fleet considering that most likely all the colonists on Perfection will be long dead before it even reaches the system.” Strauss said, nodding at the direction of the holographic map of UNSC space. “Not to mention that we need every ship we have to protect the Inner Colonies.”

    “Cut the bullshit, Strauss. These Abh are transgressing on our territory and they threaten to destroy the colony if they didn’t surrender.” General Krishnan replied banging his hand on the table. “We simply can't just allow them to take one of our worlds and just watch them subdue it population. We need to retaliate and take it back.”

    “I don't need to remind you General, that we already fighting a war. One that we're losing and we can't risk our limited resources, by throwing them against aliens of unknown capabilities. These Abh could be allied with the covies or not but they's no doubt that they are hostile. They took over our colony with force and without a second thought.” director Domeczka replied sharply. “We need to learn more about them before we take the colony back. The loss of Perfection is unimportant the reality is general sending a fleet will weaken our defenses against the covenant and we can't afford to do so. The best course of actions right now is to keep silent, observe and denied them any information which they can use against us.”

    “Keeping secret hasn't saved the outer colonies. We all know that we losing this war and the only way we're going to win it is by buying time to close the tech gap between us and the covies, been allied with this Abh Empire could very well buy us that time." said Jiang while the general stared at the director like a hawk.

    “There is no proof for such a fact for all we know they would see us no different then the covies.” Domeczka replied coldly.

    “But you don't know that for certain, director and it is a risk worth taking.” Jiang replied looking at her.

    “Nor do you knew for any certainly that this Abh Empire would treat us as anything but targets practice for their ships.” Domeczka replied.

    “They sent a major fleet to claim one of our colonies without any provocation from us. That by itself is an act of war but they didn't glass the colony like the Covenant would do, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt however more importantly we can't afford opening up another war front. So if it's possible I would prefer a diplomatic solution.” Hood paused for a moment; tenses silence greeted the admiral words as each member weighted them. “However I would like to know your own opinions on the matter before making a decision.”

    Domeczka sigh “Like I said we need to find out more about who these Abh are and their exact relations with the Covenant” the director paused for a moment to glare at Jiang before continuing “...and I admit if they aren't allies there is the possibility that they can be ours but, admiral, I must point out that I'm against sending a fleet. we can't afford it as we need every ship as it is. We should limit our response to only stealth and recon operation against this Abh Empire and their force at Perfection.”

    “I'm in agreement with the director, admiral. We can't afford to send a fleet when we need every single ship to patrol the inner colonies and what's left of the outer colonies.” Strauss said, nodding at the director. “It's better if we allow ONI to handle this for now."

    The sound of a pencil breaking could be heard in response to Strauss words.

    “General Krishnan, your opinion?” Hood asked, looking at the ground pounder.

    “We can't just abandon the colony and sentence them to death.” Krishnan said his voice rising slightly.

    “General Jiang?” Hood said looking at the marine.

    “I agree with Krishnan we can’t just leave these colonists at the mercy of aliens. We have to send a fleet if for no better reason than to show them that this is our territory and we’re not to be taken lightly. This way, even if we don't achieve anything else we can discourage them from striking other systems.” Jiang said, looking at Hood. "Of course, there is the chance that can also be allies too, admiral."

    Lord Hood turn to look at his deputy “Danforth your thoughts?”

    “Both the director and the generals have good points but I’m forced to agree with the director, sir, fighting the Covenant has taken a massive toll on us especially on our heavier warship. As it stands now the majority of the fleet is made up of destroyers and frigates and we need every single one of them to even the odd against the Covenant in any engagement.” Whitcomb sigh “However we can't leave the colonist at the mercy of this Abh.”

    Hood considered everything he'd learnt here and the opinions that had been voiced carefully before coming to a decision. “How many ships can be spared Danforth, while still maintaining our defenses?” Hood asked, turning to face his deputy.
    “No more than four battle groups but it will take a day or two to gather them at the earliest a week at most and it will include all our reserves we have available right now at Reach." Whitcomb answered.

    “I want it done in less than five days Danforth.” Hood said.

    “But who will have command of the fleet?”

    “Commander Keyes.” Jiang suggested “The man is a brilliant tacticians and more than capable of keeping his composure at all time. We don't want to start another war if it possible to avoid it.”

    “That is true, general, any other suggestion?” Hood asked silences was his answer “Than Commander Key it is...”
    “We can’t have a commander in command of a fleet.” Domeczka pointed out.

    “Good point, Director, but that will be easy enough to fix, Danforth find some stars, find Keyes and let him know that he’s now a rear admiral and in command of Task Force Perfection.” said Hood looking at his deputy.

    “Yes sir and his orders?” Whitcomb asked looking at his superior inquiringly. Hood took a moment to gather his thoughts before answering.

    “He's to go to Perfection and determine if these Abh are allies of the Covenant. If they are he's to evacuate the colony but should it prove impossible or it has been glassed than he's to pull back.” Hood paused and looked over at Krishnan “In the case, that they aren't allied with the Covenant made sure he understands that he’s to avoid antagonizing the Abh, learn as much as he can about them, and make they understand that this is our territory. And if there is any chance to do so he's to evacuate the colony and pull back to UNSC space. We do not leave our people in the hands of others if it's within our power to prevent it.”

    Hood turned to face ONI director Domeczka “I want this information locked down and classified at the highest level director, and I want ONI to station a prowler at each of these anomalies that Project Spatha has found so far anc recheck UNSC space for anymore of these anomalies. If you find anymore or anything happens at these sites I want to be informed as soon as possible.”

    “Yes admiral.” director Domeczka answered, nodding. Hood turned to face his deputy “I want you to take a copy of the data readings from the anomaly and have Halsey take a look at it.”

    “Then I better get going, sir.” Whitcomb said, getting ready to leave his seat.

    "There's no need to." Hood looked at the director "Director if you don't mind helping my deputy communicate with Reach."

    "Yes, Chairman."

    “Good I believe that about it for now.” Hood said, sighing.
    0234 Hours, March 9th, 2550
    Epsilon Eridani System, In Orbit of Reach, Valiant-Class Cruiser Flagship Canberra.
    Private Quarters of Rear Admiral Jacob Keys

    Rear Admiral (recently promoted) Jacob Keyes floated freely in his quarter chewing on the tip of his grandfather's pipe as he considered his newest orders. Aliens calling themselves the Abh had laid claim to the outer colony of Perfection by directly threatening the colony government with orbital bombardment. Perfection was located 38.2 light years from Reach and it will take roughly 13 days to get there via slip space.

    The Vice Admiral pointed out, they didn't know if these Abh were allies of the Covenant or not and it was Keyes job to find out. However the admiral was no fool, as he emphasize that the UNSC didn't need another war so if they give him the chance to do so he was do everything humanly possible to make contract peaceful. Of course, they were the strong possibility that they were hostile even if they have nothing to do with the Covenant. Keyes sighed. The UNSC did not need another war with yet another alien species.

    The Vice Admiral also mentioned that he was been given command of Task Force Perfection and at the end of his briefing he'd been handed a data pad with the appropriate information on it for him to study.

    Task Force Perfection included fourteen carriers, ten Valiant-class and five Marathon-Class cruisers, forty destroyers and frigates, a single ONI prowler, and ten Modified Phoenix-Class Colony ships to evacuate the colonist.

    He stopped chewing on his pipe and held it before him. HIGHCOM must be really worried about this Abh Empire to be assigning him carriers.

    Carriers were the second largest ships the UNSC had ever constructed and each was three kilometers long. The honor of the largest went to the only one of its kind the super carrier Trafalgar, the pride of the UNSC navy and the heart of the Epsilon Eridani Carrier Group.

    The carrier were one of the few ships that the UNSC possessed which have proven effective against Covenant ships and it was this potencies that lead to the addition of the super carrier class to the UNSC fleet. Carriers were armed with a single MAC, 10 archer missile pods, two fusion rockets, 150 Longsword Interceptors and protected with 36 cm of Titanium-A battle plate.

    That meant he had... 2100 Longswords fighters with his fleet. If he include the once on the cruisers than that was an addition 360 Longswords which brought him to a total of 2460 Longswords which was an impressive number.

    He released his grip on his pipe, making sure that it hung before him allowing him to study the smooth craves and features of the old wooden pipe while his mind returned to considering the ships that were going to be part of his fleet.

    The Valiant-class of cruisers were 1.5 kilometers of 120 cm of Titanium-A battle plate equipped with two MAC, eighty archer missile pods, several 50 mm AAA Helix guns for point-defense, and carried 105 Shiva-class nuclear missile. They also carried twenty-four GA-TL1 Longswords and designed to be used as Fleet command and control ships. It was for this reason that he'd picked a Valiant-class cruiser as his flagship.

    The Marathon-Class heavy cruisers were built to replace the aging Halcyon-Class cruisers. They were also the most heavily armed ship the UNSC ever built with a length of 1.19 kilometers, a hull covered with 191 cm of Titanium-A battle plate and armored with two MAC guns, seventy oversized archer missile pods, twenty-four 50 mm AAA Helix guns for point-defense, five fusion rockets, and twenty-four Longswords.

    These armaments and the heavy armor made the Marathon-Class suitable to be used as a hammer against the UNSC enemies however that hammer was useless against the Covenant. It was here that he suspected why carriers were more successful than cruisers in killing Covenant ships.

    Marathon-Class and cruisers in general were armored and armed so that they could survive a slugging match with another human ship. The moment the Covenant declared war all of that armor was meaningless as a single Covenant lasers was capable of piercing through Forty-five meters of Titanium-A battle plate while plasma torpedoes could broke a Marathon-Class cruisers in two to three hits. It was this one area that the old Halcyon-Class light cruiser put the Marathon-Class to shame, a Halcyon-Class were able of taking up to four to five plasma torpedoes before been put out action and even than remain in one piece.

    Carriers on the other hand could use its MAC gun to knock down Covenant shields before sending it fighters in for the kill or using its own archer missiles to finish it off. They didn't have to close in like cruisers nor did they need as much armor as a cruiser as distances was a carrier's best friend.

    He paused for a moment before continuing his thoughts.

    Destroyers and frigates, these were what the UNSC called light capital class ships and for all intents and purposes wasn't a match against any Covenant ship unless they heavily outnumbered them however they were fast enough to avoid incoming fire for the most part allowing them to take pot shots at Covenant ships from range while cruisers and fighters closed in for the kill.

    Destroyers were equipped with two MAC guns, twenty-six oversized archer missile pods, three Shiva-class nuclear missiles, eight 50 mm dual barreled point-defense guns, and armored with 200 cm of Titanium-A battle plate. Destroyers were also only several meters longer than a frigate and as far as the admiralty was concerned were barely better than a one and as a result commanders of such vessels were often looked down upon by their peers.

    The frigates he was getting were all Paris-Class heavy frigates equipped with a single MAC gun, twelve M910 PDN point-defense guns, and more heavily armored compared to a normal UNSC frigates which wasn't must considering that a standard frigate had 60 cm of armor. Frigates were used for a wide range of roles from supporting Longsword fighters during fleet engagement, to engaging covenant fighters, to providing cover for the UNSC heavier ships, or providing fire support for UNSC ground forces.

    In total the fleet under his command was impressive by any standard and was enough to give even the Covenant pause but the question remained how good will they do against this Abh Empire fleet over Perfection?
    He paused for a moment to consider everything carefully before continuing.

    The orders to report to Reach had caught him off guard and even now, he still hadn't adjusted to the reality that he was in command of a fleet and now a Rear Admiral. It had taken him a while to get over it but once he did he realized that he needed to study the system of Perfection and to work out a formation that would allow him to use his ships sagely and to get the colonist of the planet safely.

    It was this that had kept him up this late despite knowing the Task Force was due to leave tomorrow at 0900 hours when the last of his ships were due to arrive. He could feel a plan vaguely on the edge of his mind but he just couldn't grouse it firmly.

    He forced his eyes again on his grandfather pipe as it floated before his eyes. The anomaly present in the system meant that he would have to be weary of the prospect of Abh reinforcement arriving through it.

    He took hold of his grandfather pipe and put it away. He needed some rest, he thought, to himself as he made his way to his bed.
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    Much better than the first try.
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    :D thank you!
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    Small question for the authors, why did you set UNSC/Abh first contact so late in the war? Why not have it take place in the middle of the war, for example some time between 2530 & 40?
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    I take this is the halo side? If so than it because we want to make use of the covenant civil war later and also many of the UNSC better technology and weapons are finally entering fielding testing and delpoyment within a year or two of 2550. Especially if you consider some of the weapons and technology that's poping up in halo 4 so far, it helps even out the tech difference between the abh and the UNSC. And it gives the UNSC better/more meaningful tech to trade with the abh once they come to an agreement more or less.

    Also we wanted the UNSC and the Abh to work together as equals in this story rather than just having the abh come in and push the UNSC to the side because it technology is permitive than what they have or having the UNSC end up in the position that it may as well be as client race to the Abh.

    Edit: it is true that if based during the 2530 or 40 the UNSC would have more resources under it's control but many of the covenant reverse engineered tech is still in R&D been worked on at that point in time. Having the abh/UNSC first contact in 2550 places the UNSC at a better positions tech wise to test and delpoy these toys to the battlefield/equip them to their ships. Of course this means that the UNSC has little access to resources from the outer colonies but this can be fixed by setting up new mining station and etc on known resources in the outer colony while the covenant and the abh are busy fighting each other.

    Here is a link to the map of UNSC space that we're using so that you can see everything and have a better idea of things http://www.flickr.com/photos/bluerock123/7550560606/in/photostream
  12. Beside, we have some plot point in mind that would be much harder to do in earlier years.
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    This here is the next part of this story and it's being proof read by me, shadowone, and Tony. So hopeful we got everything, if not let us know and we'll fix it. Thanks for reading and i hope that you enjoy. :D

    1430 Hours, March 22, 2550.
    The Bridge of the Flagship Canberra.
    Task Force Perfection, in system and on route to the colony.
    ETA to reach orbital range: 1:02:45 minutes.

    Keyes sat, just above and behind the Canberra commanding officer, captain Constantine, in his command chair watching the bridge crew at work. He was preparing for, what he hope, was going to be a non-hostile first contact between mankind and a new alien race, even if the first 'unofficial' contact with the Abh did end rather poorly with them conquering a UNSC colony.

    He paused, resisting the need to get our his grandfather pipe, and focused. He was sure that he was ready for everything, including unexpected surprises.

    The formation which he finally settled on in the end was one which the navy had come to use during the course of the war: wolf packs.

    The usage of these tactics were costly and basically come down to the old saying of 'quantity over quality' to ensure that the navy had a chance of putting up a decent fight in any engagement with the Covenant.

    The first man who introduce them was Admiral Cole, or more correctly, Keyes thought, Cole was the one who reintroduce these tactics which were centuries old and adapt them for use, by the navy, in the emptiness of space.

    According to the historical records, Wolf packs first show up during the 20th century on Earth in a conflict known as World War II. It was developed by the German navy as a means of stopping shipment of Allied supplies across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Groups of submarines (named U-boats) would patrol along known convoy routes until a boat managed to establish contact with a convoy at which point the pack would converge and attack as one, hitting it from multiple directions, and thus ensuring maximum damage.

    In any engagement between the UNSC and the Covenant. The Covenant dominated the fights thanks to better weapons, slipspace drives, and sensors. Thus it usually meant that the navy was the one losing the battle, of course there was the rare victory but they were too few.

    He’d spent a few days in slipspace awoke planning and considering every single piece of information he had available on Perfection and the Abh fleet over the colony, with the help of the ship AI Walker.

    Walker had dutifully informed him, during the course of their talk, of the problems using a wolf pack formation against a new unknown species, namely that it was wrong to assume that the same tactics would work against them but he was being cautions just incase.

    A wolf pack wasn’t the most ideal formation but as mentioned in his briefing HIGHCOM wasn’t sure if these aliens were allied with the Covenant or not. In addition, if it did turn out that they were allied with the Covenant then would likely also posses shield so it made sense, at least to him, to use the tactics that have proven to be tangible effective against shielded opponents.

    “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised” was a saying that a man once said but history had forgotten his name. It was another lesson which he made sure his students learnt well, when he was still posted at the academy. .

    He’d planned for the worst, by breaking the majority of his task force into four wolf packs arranging the fleet into a tetrahedron pyramid with his flagship and the Phoenix-Class colony ships in the middle. The carriers brought up the rear and had been broken up into two squadrons with orders to cover their rear and provide covering fire for the wolf packs.

    In an attempt to further stack the odds in his favor the Hornet Nest, the ONI ships assigned to his task force, was sent in first while he gathered his scattered fleet together. It was this one property of the Shaw-Fuijkawa Translight drive, the inability to precisely predict a ship point of exit of reentry into real space from slipspace, that have driven countless navy admirals insane and left their battle formation scattered millions of kilometers apart.

    Once his command was in formation, only then did, they begin the journey towards the colony.

    “Captain, have we heard anything from the Hornet Nest?” he asked.

    “Not yet, sir.” Captain Constantine answered.

    “Let me know as soon as they report in.” he ordered.

    “Yes, sir.”

    Up till now communication between the Hornet Nest and his flagship was made possible through the use of Black Window satellites to enable long range communications between them but with them almost within standard communication range, it seem that they wasn’t needed.

    “Walker, what’s the status of the task force?” he asked, the ship’s AI.

    “All ships report functioning at 100 percent and at full combat capability” Walker answered.

    “Good to hear, thank you, Walker” he said, nodding at the direction of the AI hologram.

    “Sir, we’re getting a transmission from the Hornet Nest” announced the comm officer.

    “Link it to the admiral holo tank” Captain Constantin commanded, immediately.

    “Thank you, captain.” he said.

    The holo tank was located a feet or two in front of his seat, the controls built into his chair, and surrounded him in a semicircle. He opened the report and begun reading it content without any further delay.

    The colony was fine, without any signs of orbital bombardment or hostile forces on the ground. He felt the grip on his heart losing up a bit. he wasn't too late to help them. The report mention that the entire colony was currently under martial law by the order of the governor and the Abh hadn’t tried to land any forces or take any hostile action after the planet surrendered to them.

    What little else the Hornet was able to determine was that the colony had been apparently annexed by the Abh but their was a clear lack of details about the deal aside from the fact the planetary government has already officially signed the documents. Well, he’ll be finding out about the details soon enough, that is if everything goes peacefully.

    Moving on to the next section of the report, he saw that it was a detailed scan of one the Abh ships.

    Based on observations, the Abh ships were armed with what appeared to be railguns or coilguns, point defense turrets were also detected, in addition other weapons system which the Hornet hadn’t being able to determine their nature.


    The weapons aside there were other interesting fact about the Abh ships, the report noted.

    The armor on the Abh ship’s weren’t pure metallic like UNSC ships but made out of ceramic that clearly have been manufactured to be used as armor. He hadn’t kept up with the most recent development in armor but he’d heard from experienced marines that they were using ceramic plate these days rather than the standard M52B body armor they were issued with because it offered better protection again Covenant energy weapons.

    So could they be using ceramic...

    “Walker, please take a look the section of the report that I’m reading right and now, tell me what the odds that these Abh have energy weapons?” he said, looking at the hologram of the AI.

    “80 percent, admiral, the use of ceramic as armor strongly indicates that they or their enemies posses energy weapons, in addition, to their other weapons systems mentioned in the report” Walker answered, as his hologram studied the report.

    “Sent a summary of the report to all ships, along with any other insights you may have” he ordered.

    “Yes, sir, admiral” Walker said, with a nod.

    He returned his attention to the report and brought up a one of many detailed pictures of the Abh fleet and examine it before replacing it with another. In turn, he studied each photo carefully and took care to read each note left by the Hornet until he found himself staring at the last photo.

    It was a picture of what he believe was a carrier, judging by what looked like fighter bays, and there was a considerable number of them. It wasn’t good news. He made a mental note to make sure his fleet stay away from these ships, to avoid the risk of being swarmed by Abh fighters, if the situation went down hill.

    Another little interesting detail he almost missed, admits the sea of information. The Hornet sensors was picking up way too much energy been generated by the Abh ships but to his knowledge there wasn’t any other sources of power available unless they were using some kind of exotic energy source.

    The report faded from view and it was replaced with the image of the Abh fleet over the colony.

    They were close enough now to the planet for their sensors to begin picking up the Abh ship formation in real time however they were still out of effective communication range.

    “Walker, Inform the fleet they we will be following battle plan bravo if the situation goes south. Also contact the Hornet Nest and inform them too, if the first contact goes badly they are they’re to take every scrap of information they have and head back to UNSC space immediately.”

    “Yes, Sir.” Walker answered.

    “Sir, we’re almost in communication range of Perfection and the Abh fleet over the colony.” announced the comm officer.

    “Thank you.” he said, standing up and nodding at the man.

    “Bring the fleet to a stop full. Walker prepare to record a message for the Abh.”

    “Yes, sir.” Walker answered, getting everything ready to record before informing him that it was ready.

    “Thank you, Walker” he said, as the bridge quieten down.

    “This is Rear Admiral Jacob Keyes, of the United Nations Space Command you’re in violations of our territory and have unlawful annex one of our colonies. We demand an explanation for your actions. We will await an answer” he said, finishing.

    “Recording stopped, Sir” Walker informed him.

    “Make sure that it’s broadcast on all channels and that it includes the first contact package, Walker” he said, looking at Walker hologram.

    “It’s sent, sir”

    “And now we wait” he said, softly.

    The bridge was silence as everyone waited tensely for an answer.

    “Sir, we’re getting a reply, sir, it’s in english” the comm officer announced. He nodded in answer and soon the recording started to play over the

    “This is Kilo-Commander Leuïr, second in command of the 340th Bile éna fleet, the planetary government has agreed to be annexed by the Humankind Abh Empire. We do not recognize your claim of ownership on this system, it has been claimed by the Empire and as such will remain so however we are open to negotiations between our nations.” Leuïr finished, his tone confidence and only with a touch of arrogance.

    He frowned at the tone of the second in command before hiding it quickly, he couldn’t allow himself to appear off balance by the alien words.

    “Walker was that a mistake? or am I mishearing and seeing things” he asked, he didn’t miss the threatening tone of the commander nor the meaning behind them.

    The AI paused for a moment before answering “No, sir, it wasn’t a mistake, the Kilo-Commander did indeed say HumanKind Abh Empire.”

    It was to come up with his own reply, this was no time to be distracted.

    He nodded at Walker and begin to record his answer.

    “Kilo-Commander Leuïr, unfortunately an agreement between the colony government and your own is not recognized by the laws of the United Nations Space Command. This planet and the system was colonized by us, thus any document which the colony has signed is voided and is not recognized by our government.”

    “In addition we’re currently at war and as such, your action do your empire no services especially if you’re allied with our enemy, the Covenant” he said, finishing and before he even noticed the message was on it way.

    Once more the bridge fell into silences that was too quiet, to the point that he could hear himself breath.

    It was broken by the comm officer again announcing that they got a reply.

    “Vice Admiral I can assure you that the Empire has no previous contact with this Covenant of yours. In fact, this the first time that I heard of this Covenant was a just over a week ago but I don't think that’s important right now.”

    “What’s is important is that this treaty is recognized by the empire and that is all that matters vice-admiral” Leuïr finished, with a touch of arrogance and confidence.

    He pushed his reaction to the back of his mind and considered what had been said so far carefully before he started record his reply.

    “The Covenant are a real threat to humanity and we are at war with them.” he said, firmly before softening his tone. “However let’s focus on the more pressing matters at hand, the empire conquering and annexation one of our colonies is illegal and thus not recognized by the United Nations Space Command.”

    The message was sent and again he wait tensely and somewhat annoyed. Once more the silence was broken by the comm officer announcing that they received a reply from the Abh.

    “So it seems, admiral but this system has already been claimed by the empire and such I’m afraid the empire can’t simply back down and allow you to reclaim it. If you don’t mind, we can arrange a time and place for proper diplomatic talk and to work out the detail in person.”

    He was about to record his next message when he was interrupted.

    “Captain!” the sensor officer cut him off mid sentence shouting in alarm, panic evidence in his voice “we’ve got multiply Covenant ships exiting slipspace”


    “Order every ship to battle stations and bring all weapons online” he ordered, calmly, as possible. ”I want targeting solution for both Abh and the Covenant fleet’s. If they even made a move towards us, Walker, I want to know.”

    Damn it, this had all the hallmarks of a trap.

    “Sir, the Covenant ship’s have detected us and are heading towards us. And sir, we’ve also detecting energy build up from within them” Walker said.

    He turned his attention to his personal holography screen in front of him, which now displayed both the Abh and Covenant ships.

    One hundred and twenty ships Covenant, in total, including the Abh fleet, not good for his task force.

    “Sir, the Abh fleet are redeploying to face the Covenant” Walker inform him.

    The Abh fleet parted into two, one facing the Covenant and the other facing his task force. The situation wasn’t good, he thought, both the Abh and the Covenant outnumbered them.

    “Sir, we getting a live communication request from the Abh”

    “Put it through” he ordered, as the voice of the second in command of the Abh fleet was broadcast throughout the bridge.

    “Admiral, I assume these the Covenant that you mentioned?” Kilo-Commander Leuïr voice spoke over the communication channel.

    “Yes, they are" Keyes respond. He suspected the Abh and the Covenant were in bed together, despite the exchange between him and the second command of the Abh forces. It could have being just to buy time for the Covenant to show up,

    It was a little too convenient for him. On the other hand, there was no need for such elaborate trick because his task force was both outnumbered and out teched by both the Abh and the Covenant. He couldn’t decide if this was a pointlessly elaborate trap or was it really some bizarre coincidence. "The Covenant do not negotiate with humanity. They are here for only one reason. To exterminate every single human in this system.”

    “Thank you for you insight Vice-Admiral, but forgive me if I doubt your words. I prefer to give the other side a chance to speak for themselves. So please stay out of our way for now. We’ll send you the location and time for negotiation soon" Leuïr said, his tone heavy with arrogance. It was starting get on his nerves, he thought, before pushing the thought to the back of his mind.

    “Listen Commander" Keyes insist "You can't.." But he was interrupted by the commander.

    "Sorry, I will have to back to you later I have a call to made. Leuïr out" before the comm link was cut.

    “Fools.” Captain Constantine hissed.

    “Sir, the Covenant fleet is coming to a stop and are no longer under way however there weapons are still being powered” Walker informed him.

    He didn’t waste time, as he got to work and checked out the holography image of the current tactical situation. It wasn’t good.

    “Call the Abh again” he ordered, turning to face the communication officer but the man answered after a few moments of silence “Sir, their ignoring us.”

    “Inform November, Oscar, Papa, and Quebec that they will be covering Alpha, also inform Romeo and
    Sierra that they will cover our rear.” he ordered.

    The comm officer acknowledged him and got down to work while he did his best to remain calm in front of the bridge crew of his flagship.

    UNSC Codex

    Slipstream Packet Generator

    The theory behind the Slipstream Packet Generator was developed decades before the start of the UNSC-Covenant War in 2525 however it was only with the study of covenant slip space technology that allow the UNSC to turn the theory into a reality.

    The Slipstream Packet Generator works by opening a rift into slip space and sending a ping to the Packet Generator on the other side of the transmission therefore establishing a connection. The Packet Generator allows text, audio, and video to be used for communication but the use of video illustrates clearly one of the drawbacks of the Packet Generator. It is a massive drain on a ship reactors and as such transmissions are kept as short as possible. This is especially evidence when using video as it requires a ship to shut down all non-vital system to be used.

    The other drawbacks to the use of the Slipstream Packet Generator is it possible for transmission to be intercepted but this is particularly hard to do. The Packet Generator has a maximum range of 15 light years because beyond that the signal degrades rapidly that it’s lost within slip space. All UNSC ship mounts at least one Packet Generator.
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    Good Story. But please don't make the abh into a bunch of Mary sues. I seen that enough and it's annoying IMO.
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  15. bluerock

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    they will not be, that said, let just say that it will be a learning experience for everyone.
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  16. If they can hold the covernant off, then there are sure to be a stream of people looking for safety, and those systems with similar anomalies will contact and see if they get similar protection.

    If earth can negotiate the use of the anomalies, then being able to use them to strategicly and tacticly manover their ships would be great.
  17. Looks like the stage is set now, next I guess will be explosions.
  18. There is some option we was discussing and they will be use in the story.
  19. Faralis

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    I find a bit unrealistic the way you treated the contact.

    The Abh conquered the planet thinking it was a lost colony or an independent planet, ok. But now that there is other "empire" claiming the system was theirs, and could have some proof of it, they will be much more careful with the situation. Why? Because it is forbidden for them to start wars with other galactic powers. Completely. So negating the chance for the UNSC to demonstrate their claims on that planet its a pure declaration of war. Serious enough to depose the kilo-commander ...

    A strange empire they are ...
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    Epic read!!!
  21. bluerock

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    The abh are based on imperial Japan so them not admitting that they made a mistake is normal (yes it will cause problem) in addition you have to consider the UNSC position, it is in no status to fight another war so it has to be careful. That said, abh commander are a odd lot.

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    Hmm, was expecting to have to blast a thread necromancer, and instead find an update. Intriguing.

    And the Covenant are definitely an OCP for the Abh. Their armaments are going to come as extremely bad news for the Abh, even with the EM 'shields' the Abh use, which might cause torpedo problems - of course, considering said velocities of those plasma torpedoes, the fields won't be able to destabilize them fast enough for them to dissipate prior to impacting the Abh hulls.

    Oh and those plasma beams on the Covenent flagships. Those will -not- be fun for anyone.
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  23. There is a problem here yes. But Abh already annexed that system, now its part of the Empire so even if there was they mistake taking it they simple can't back away and give it back. They are willing to open negotiation with UNSC to try and sort all of this out. But of course Covies show up to mess things up :)

    That said the commander will be in some trouble later on

    Battles will be lots of fun to everyone :)
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    Which commander? The UNSC one, the Abh's Kilo-Commander, or the Covenant Shipmaster?
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    all of them to one degree or another.