Here be Dragons (SW SI)

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  1. The dream is so real. I'm flying among the clouds, wings spread wide, and the clouds far below. The wind ruffles my feathers as I rise higher and higher, faster and faster.

    The atmosphere keeps getting thinner and thinner but I keep rising, going faster and faster, as the sky starts to get darker, the stars slowly appearing far above.

    It almost feels like I can reach out and touch them, when my wings suddenly lose all lift and I fall. Faster and faster, down down and down, down against the clouds, through them and towards the dark ground. I keep falling, going faster and faster as I fall. Suddenly, I start to twist and change, then, all of a sudden, there is a white flash! I barely have enough time to get a impression of a structure, colored white and brown, and then a flash of water before I hit it.

    I dont know where I am. Everything feels fuzzy as I try to move, it's like when you wake up after a good long sleep, that half-awake experience where you just float along and enjoy it, but I'm having problems getting out of it.

    My body feel strange and my thoughts sluggish. Slowly things start to clear but my thoughts feel different. It takes awhile before I realize why that is such a important matter.

    They are not in swedish. Nor are they in English...the only languages I know more than a few words from.


    The word just came to me. I’m thinking in Creole. But that's impossible! Creole is the language of the Morrigi. A fictional race from a video game.

    Slowily, more and more things start to fit together in my mind, my thoughts become more focused, and I remember things once more. I remember my life.. and yet,I also remember things I should have no memory of. Drone building, interstellar navigation at FTL, and antimatter reactor calculations.

    It’s a intriquing mix, a human life and the technical knowledge from somewhere…

    I slowly opened my eyes and let out a sigh. Things just felt so...alien to me. That feeling peaked when I noticed something unusual in my field of vision. Something jutting out of my face.

    I jerk upwards and scramble backwards at the sight, falling off the medical bed, my wings flailing wildly, knocking something over as I feel all over the beak.

    It take me I don’t know how long it take for me to stop panicking. Catching my breath after the freakout ,I curl up on the stone floor, closing my eyes in shock.

    Naturally, that did nothing to settle my unease. Humans weren’t evolved with four hearts or eight lungs, and the sensations of them are VERY confusing at first.
    And that wasn’t even counting the wings, scales, and new limbs I had just discovered.

    Slowly I began to pull myself together, and to calm down, my hearts no longer racing in my chest.

    I opened my eyes and saw a small green thing sitting on the thing I fell off. Instantly I recognized the small green thing, it's Yoda, the little green Muppet from Star Wars.

    He’s just sitting there, holding his cane, blinking at me, in astonishment I think. The most noticeable thing is that he looks pick up and hold in your hand, tiny. But then again if I really am a Morrigi like my thought patterns and body keep telling me, then he would be tiny compared to me.

    Yoda, at least, what I thought was Yoda did his signature “Hmmm” and then made some sort of noise at me. I just blinked curiously at him and tilted my head.

    I think he’s speaking Basic but it didn’t sound even remotely like English...not that I can actually remember what the hell English sounds like. But that doesn’t mean I can’t answer as good as I can anyway.

    “Where am I, dustling?”, I spoke, using the general Morrigi word for alien species. Yoda just did another one of his Hmmms, and said something else I didn’t understand as I looked around.

    The room is small, or at least, is small to my new oversized body, and contains a number of instruments and equipment that have a medical air to them. The thing I knocked over when I panicked looks like some kind of medical drone of some kind considering the room I am in.

    Turning my attention back to Yoda I find him looking at me before saying something else that I couldn’t understand yet again, before jumping off the morrigi sized medical bed and walking over to the doorway, leaning on his little walking stick.

    When he reached the door he stopped for a moment, and turned around, motioning for me to stay put before he left.

    I watched the medical droid move slowly, apparently so it wouldn’t inadvertently scare me again as it get back to its consoles before I looked myself over. Most of my new body is now covered with feathers, colorful ones no less, purple with dark blue parties along my back and wings.

    Speaking of wings...I carefully stand up onto my four legs and pushed myself away from the wall. Balance is surprisingly easy to gain with having four legs, two wings and a tail for balance but considering I used to be human not long ago, controlling this body is surprisingly easy. It's like I was hatched into it.

    I carefully spread my wings, giving them a slow flap before folding them up again as I find that I can’t spread them fully, they’d hit the walls. Then I start to slowly check myself over for any other changes that have been done to me.

    Six legs. Top pair seem to function as arms and hands with seven fingers on each hand, check.
    Two long wings, check.
    Colorful feathers and scales, tail ending in a spread of feathers, check.

    I slowly raise my hands to my beak as I open it wide, the slower part of the beak splitting in half, making it tripart, check.

    I carefully feel my way down my body with my new hands, finding three breathing holes along my body on my sides with even intervals between my limbs for six of my eight lungs, check.

    Blinking once more, I laid down on my stomach. All evidence points towards me being a morrigi male in Star Wars. Sometime in the past Star Wars as that was Yoda and the place I'm in don’t look like a mudhut.

    I don’t even understand the language and I'm pretty sure Yoda just did some mind mojo on me to calm me down when I was freaking out. While I got advanced technical knowledge, it's almost as obsolete in this world as my pure human knowledge would have been.

    And I’m not even in my own body...and I’m pretty sure I lost any chance of ever getting laid again looking like this as far as I know, there is no such thing as female Morrigi around.

    Snorting, I shook my head and pulled the mattress down from the medical bed to rest my head on. No, I’m pretty sure that last one is false.

    Humans as a species will sleep with anything.


    First of all I want to thank Night_stalker for betaing this chapter for me, but i need more betas as well. Don't want to pile all the work on him :). So anyone that feel like taking the grammatical bullet for the rest of the readers, feel free to apply. I would prefer if you are a native English speaker though.

    Also, here is a bit of scale. The picture on the right are a male morrigi compared to a male human. Picture on the left are two females...just to give you some size comparisons.

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    morrigi?! Sword in the stars stile?

    ohhhhh crap sticks... Old one doesnt cover it. Do you remember how to build a viod cutter? Or a sol force, Node Drive?
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    Yay, new story! How long do you think before the canon is utterly screwed?
  9. Never heard of those Morrigi things, but this looks interesting.
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  11. I noticed that to, but frankly I think he should be grateful that the BROB in question didn't stick him in the body of a Suul'Ka...
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  12. So, next part is done. Anyone free to beta it so i can get it posted?
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  15. I slowly open my eyes, I must have fallen asleep.

    Letting out a small breath I eye my beak. So it wasn't a dream. Looking around reveals that I'm in the same room as before, nothing seemed to have changed. The Droid is still standing by the instruments, pushing buttons.

    I carefully push myself up on all six before pulling my hands from the ground to stay on just my legs as I work my beak, stretching it to its limit before relaxing as I ruffle my fathers and wings.

    Moving over I look over the droids shoulder. Most of what's on the screen is in the oddly flowing script you always seen in star wars, the only thing I recognize is a medical scan of my body. It match what I remember about Morrigi biology, both from my life as human and my pure knowledge from the Morrigi life.

    After taking a few moments trying to figure things out I give up and look around for something to occupy my time until Yoda returns. Finding nothing but medical equipment I likely shouldn't be playing with and a droid I don’t understand anyway I head to the door to look over the control panel.

    The droid make noises behind me but I ignore him. The control panel looks simple enough. Two small buttons over a bigger one.

    I try the big one and such enough the door whooshes open. Poking my head outside I look both ways down the corridor. No sign of anyone.

    Carefully I exit through the doorway...while big for a human it's more than a bit cramped for me and once I have squeezed through I glance back at it, wondering how the hell they got me in there in the first place.

    The droid makes more noise and I ignore it again as I look each way down the corridor. Marble floor and light brown walls with alcoves and decorations. Not having any idea where it go in either way I start to make myself down it to the left.

    It don’t take long until I reach another door. Pressing the button don’t cause it to open at once, causing me to assume it's locked.

    As I turn to try heading in the other direction the door open to reveal a tiny room and I turn back, poking my head inside. On the left there is a panel with a large number of buttons on it with symbols on them.

    An elevator then.

    I hmm and head-tilt. It looks kind of small, but maybe I can...

    Waiting until the doors start to close again I put a claw between them to see if it got a closing safety thing modern elevators got.

    I trill happily as it touches the claw and immediately opens again.

    Feeling confident it is safeish I then try to fit myself into the elevator. It take quite a bit of work curling up in it and once I actually manage to get my long prehensile tail inside I fill almost the entire elevator.

    Turning my attention back to the button panel I look at it closer. Still not recognizing any of the symbols I just press one at random, around the middle and top of the three rows of buttons.

    The doors close and I fold my wings a bit tighter. Turns out Morrigi instincts protest about being squeezed into a tight space barely bigger than themselves. At least there is no gorram elevator music.

    Half a minute later the doors open again to reveal four tiny humans and a bigger one, wearing some kind of brown and white robes. They all pretty much blink at the sight of a elevator looking like it's filled with scales and feathers with a beak and a pair of big eyes.

    I blink back and then try pressing another button, closing the doors again. As the elevator start to move again I trill in amusement at what must go through their minds at the moment.

    Next time the doors open it's another corridor, this time its empty so I slowly start to extract myself from the elevator. It take a bit of work and I snort at it. Why cant these people make their rooms at a decent size?

    I shake my head and then streeeetch, giving my wings a small shake before making my way down the corridor again. Only a few minutes later I reach a section with windows. Looking out confirms my suspicions.

    Outside there are a field of massive buildings, swarms of small air vehicles and far, far below there are beings the size of ants moving around. I'm on Coruscant then.

    Likely in the Jedi temple.

    I stand there, looking out over the planetwide city for another few minutes before closing my eyes and shaking my head, tearing myself away from the sight to continue down the corridor, glancing out the window again from time to time.

    On the way I pass several doors before I reach the end of the corridor to find another door blocking my path. I frown slightly and, hoping its not another elevator, I press the large button which causes it to open to revealing a rather large room filled with fountains and pillars with large windows showing the city far below.

    I blink and squeeze myself through the door before looking around. The entire room has a peaceful feeling over it and the air is warm and moist from the fountains.

    Hmming I head deeper inside, looking around before heading to look out the window again before turning back to the room. Those pillars look comfortable.

    Now that's something I never thought as a human.

    I make my way over to the pillar closest to the window and start to climb up it, digging my claws into the carved rock as I coil around it in a spiral, my tail wrapping around it and then tightening before I relaxes, my claws and position keeping me from falling and its actually kind of comfortable.

    As soon as I’m in position I turn my head to look out the window again.

    I'm not sure how long I was looking at the traffic and ships flying around but it end when I hear the door to the chamber open.

    I turn my attention back to the inside and spot Yoda once again walking inside, leaning on his cane.

    He make noise at me and the hmmms?

    I just blink at him “I still don’t understand you, dustling. Am I not allowed to be here?”

    He hmms and walk over to sit down on a small soft pillow before looking up at me before touching his chest “Yoda.”

    I blink and head-tilts before pointing at him “Yoda.”

    He make small happy sounds before pointing at himself again “Yoda.” before pointing at me.

    Oh yeah...I need a name, don’t I? Better make up something Morrigi like that I like...I'm likely going to be stuck with it so I might as well pick something sounding good.

    I point at myself “Atreus.” before pointing at him “Yoda.”

    He hmmms and nods “Atreus.” while pointing at me before pulling out a small metal object and making noise at it.

    Moment's later the door open and a small human walk inside. He is wearing brown and white robes with hair cut short and a thin braid. The boy is carrying a big serving plate covered with a selection of fruits, vegetables and meat, both cooked and raw selections of both.

    The human put the huge plate down on the edge of a fountain close to my pillar while giving me a bit of a nervous look before backing out of easy pouncing distance.

    Yoda get up and walk over, pointing at the tray and then at me before taking a small fruit to eat.

    He then point at himself “Yoda.” and then at me “Atreus.”

    Turning he then point at the boy, maybe 14 years old at most “Dooku.”

    AN// Many Thanks to Mr Zoat for betaing this chapter.
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    Heh, Dooku. So not so far in the past after all.
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  20. Three guesses as to what Hivers original avatar was.
  21. +You are a Dragon. of sorts.
    - You are surrounded by Knights.
    +They are Jedi, thus unlikely to murder you for your hoard/spell components.
    - Your new draconic form seems rather unsuited to Sabre combat.
    +You seem to be taken under Yoda's wing, so yay multitude of force powers!
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    Oh, this is going to be interesting, very interesting.

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    Well this is great. I wonder what they will think of your psionics.
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    Well, male Morrigi psionics are more focused around projecting a glamour of beauty and grace, in extremes even an image of a desireable male companion (with wings) of the target's own species (enhanced effect against females, reduced effect against males), in addition to fairly powerful emphatic abilities with any counscious living thing.

    Frankly, if Hiver isn't a passable speaker of Basic in short order, I'll be greatly surprised.