Hitler's Time Machine

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  1. In 1941, Nazi scientists invent a time machine and present it to Adolf Hitler. The time machine can support up to 300 pounds of material in one trip. It can go to any time in the past and up to 70 years into the future. The machine travels to an alternate dimension and therefore cannot be used to change the past, though it can be used to bring materials or information from the past or future. The time machine can only make a single two way trip each day and each time it returns to the present (that is, 1942) it returns to the same time that it left.

    The time machine is fully tested and operational on January 1st 1942. Can the Nazis use this device to win the war? How so?

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    AK-74 production equipment




    Things go very well for the Axis.
  3. Because no Nazi thread is complete without an Indiana Jones reference:

    Go back to 33 AD. Steal the Spear of Destiny. Win.

    And hey, even if the spear doesn't work, the Nazis would be able to find the answers to loads of theological questions. :)

    NAVY SEALS Enforcer of the Sentai

    Well all the schematics for the Century series jet fighters, The F-4 Phantom , A-6 Intruder, F-14 Tomcat and 60s and 70s era missiles will be used by the Nazis to beef up the Lufwaffe. Thing will look really bad for the Allies until they hamstring Germany's ability to get oil.;)
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    Those aren't in Germany's ability to make.

    ME-262's however...
  6. Oh, on a related note: RPG-7s.

    Cheap to buy (or trade for some mint-condition SS daggers...), simple to use and maintain, and providing German infantry with a then-unprecedented anti-tank punch.
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    Or how about stabilized tank turrets?

    Shooting on the move would be a HUGE boost for German tanks.

    Engine designs - the Maus gets made.

    Warheads - 120mm will cut through anything in WWII like it isn't there.
  8. The Nazis could greatly reduce their oil problems with the time machine abilities apparently represented here.

    First of all they could improve their Fischer-Tropsch process work already going on with more modern technology used in South Africa and the like.

    Even more notably, a German sent into the future could find maps of for instance all the usable oil fields in Romania and Central Europe (as opposed to what was known in 1941) and start drilling and exploiting all of them aggressively. In the longer term they could with Italy's cooperation starting drilling in Libya, although they would also need the proper amount of tankers and to take certain steps to protect those tankers from being sunk. (This is where some of the advanced tech would help.)
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    It would be best to concentrate on technology that is readily replicated with technology available to the Germans.

    Super modern technology, no.

    Assault Rifle: AK-47
    RPG: RPG-7
    Tank: T-55
    Fighter: MiG-15

    Frankly, the Russians had some pretty nice technology that the Germans should be able to replicate. This new technology would absolutely murder anything the Allies tried to throw at it.

    More long term projects would be things like the T-72/M60/Chieftan, A-4 Skyhawk, guided rockets.
  10. Germany should be able to go at least a bit further than that even in the near term with something more like advanced versions of the Mig-15 or F-86. (The big advancement would particularly be in more reliable and capable engines, which may be partially complicated by a lack of access to the right rare earth minerals, but Germany may be able to solve that one here again with future maps showing mining options in the territory they control as of 1941.)
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    How would a German coming to the modern age even know how to look for those designs?
  12. Just going days/months in the future and figuring out what's going to happen in advance is a huge advantage, possibly enough to win the war on it's own.
  13. For starters, a huge detail as the time machine appears to work is the German coming into the future can apparently spend a huge amount of time in the future and still go back at the same time they left. This potentially leaves them a considerable amount of time for research. (And looking for maps of modern petroleum finding and mineral resources should be a pretty obvious move someone should think of.)

    The obvious place for a 1942 German to start would be going into some local public libraries, especially main libraries for an area. He can then read various primarily history books that cover periods after 1942, and for instance mention various weapon systems and their perceived effectiveness. He also can specifically look for books with titles like "a history of tanks" or "a history of aircraft" and learn about the various designs over the years.

    Sooner or later he should note how the various individuals using computers are often performing informational searches using them, and try this for himself. In fact, he should be able to ask for help on how to perform these searches from one of the local libraries and admit he has avoided really using computers in the past. (The librarian may think he is a weirdo, but is unlikely to think he is a time traveler.)

    Once he has gather enough information he can go back in time with it and discuss things with teams of Nazi scientists and other officials and decide which specific designs they should pursue obtaining.

    If they pick a time close to the present day, the information on the designs they are looking for should generally no longer be at all that secret. (With the exception of some information regarding nukes.) In the case of an AK-47, a German getting the time machine treatment to close to the present day from North Africa should be able to manage to obtain a few.

    One other key advantage Germany should be able to obtain would be buying some laptop computers (and some calculators for that matter) and taking them back in time to assist German scientists with some of that reverse engineering with modern knowledge. The way they would get the money for this would either be to pawn jewelry somewhere, or show up with some "WW2 memorabilia" in "amazing condition." They could spread out their computer purchases over multiple locations and times to avoid attracting too much attention.
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    How would you bring wikipedia to the past?
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    Of course, I have doubts a Nazi agent would be able to blend in so easily.

    Most likely, they'de jack someone, steal their iphone and return to naziville pretending triumph.
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    Couldn't they win the war just by fucking international economics sideways, just by moving information backwards in time a few weeks repeatedly?
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    With the information they gain from the future, how would Germany proceed with naval issues when the time travelers get back to 1941?
  18. Though finding out how badly they lost and how NAZI stands for everything
    evil in the world has got to be a problem for any agent.
  19. It might make him more motivated, it would be like going to a dystopian future to bring information back to the present to prevent that future from happening.
  20. The most useful technologies for navy might be something as simple as better battery and detonator for torpedo. Also the basic on how to make subs silent would help a great deal. Plus he would know that Enigma will be broken and when...
  21. As I understand this scenario, they don't get to really use the time machine until January of 1942.

    Its certainly too late for much to change with surface construction of warships. Germany also clearly has greater things to worry about than the construction of additional surface ships in the short term. Historical knowledge may slightly alter the use of the Gneisenau in particular, as well as likely lead to her conversion to 15 inch guns not taking place.

    A huge piece of information would indeed be knowledge that the Enigma machine had been compromised. (Which actually impacts other military traffic as well as German intelligence services as well.) I would expect a prompt order to mostly stop submarine communications at sea, and the new four rotor Enigma machine to be rushed into service as quickly as possible. (It actually had been deployed by the start of February of that year historically.) The huge difference is the sub force should still be far more cautious about how often it communicated and what procedures are used, which should make it dramatically more difficult to break the new machines compared to historically.

    Eventually I would expect Germany to come out with a version of a post war cipher machine design such as a derivative of the C-52. The point would be something more difficult to break, but still mechanical in nature so German industry is capable of manufacturing it in a reasonable time frame.

    Along with the snorkle equipping the German sub force earlier, I would eventually expect the Germans to combine an albacore type submarine hull with much of the German type XXI or XXIII submarine technology to produce some really dangerous submarines. (The hull design allows submarines to move more quickly while submerged than while on the surface, which in combination with the German battery tech designed for operation in the same manner should lead to a sub which is shockingly fast while submerged as far as the allies are concerned.)

    I would expect allot of the immediate naval effect on the surface to be felt once Germany comes out either with primitive air launched anti-ship missiles or improved guided bombs. In combination with an improved aerial situation, this should make a big difference. (Prior to coming out with something like Mig-15s, I would expect Germany to take advantage of knowledge of late war Me-109 and FW-190 engine technology and modification to promptly create more dangerous fighters.)