Holes In Orange And Blue (F/sn x Portal crossover)

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  1. Hello SpaceBattles!

    This is my little work. A serie of oneshots with a common storyline.

    This is the first one.



    Emiya Shirou was entranced by the battle that was taking place in his backyard.

    Blue against orange, a neverending blur of motion, similar to the one he had already seen in the school.

    The lightning-fast attacks of the spearman were exactly like when he fought the man in red, each one was a killing blow aimed with supernatural accuracy and powered by abnormal strength. Yet the differences between the situations were obvious.

    The man had opted for blocking the thrusting attacks. This girl was simply dodging them in a way that they appeared to be absurdly easy to avoid.

    And they weren't, a few hours ago he had a hole in his chest that could testify that.

    He could heard a grunt of frustration coming from the man in blue. Who appeared to add more speed at each blow if it was even possible. It was reaching the point were the girl appeared to start having problems dodging the attacks.

    Emiya Shirou just stood still. Watching the first part of a experience that would change him entirely.


    Lancer discovered that there was something insulting in seeing someone dodge attacks that shouldn't had been so damn easy to avoid.

    Each time that Gae Bolg crossed the air it was for nothing, every attack was avoided with a simple step to the side, crouching, jumping, backing. It wasn't that his attacks were weaker or something like that. It was simply that his opponent was better at dodging than he was at attacking.

    And it frustrated him to no end. No one should be able to make light of the skills that he had achieved at the end of his life as a hero.

    He grunted in frustration at the feeling of the Command Seal ordering him to hold back and ignored it, putting more power behind each strike.

    Even then, the woman seemed to be capable of maintaining the concentration and silence that she had maintained since she materialized. And, with the calm of someone who wasn't afraid of dead but had brushed frequently against it, she looked at the incoming lance...

    And dodged again. A subtle movement at the last instant marked the difference between dead and a tear in her orange jumpsuit. Lancer could attribute that to luck but it happened again. And again, and again.

    In the end, for all the difficulty dodging that she appeared to have now, Lancer wasn't managing to do nothing but tear a bit the upper part of her clothes and one or two scratches in her arms.

    "STAY. FUCKING. STILL!!!" Lancer roared thrusting his lance again. The eyes of his opponent calmly followed it, seeing the path that it was following and seeing how to avoid it.

    Those same eyes widened in surprise as the spear changed it's path, trusting into the ground with near perfect vertically, at the same time that Lancer used Gae bolg as a support point in order to deliver a powerful kick to his opponent's left side.

    Without being able to dodge the surprise kick she went flying from the impact. She crossed the backyard at high speeds only to crash violently against the walls of the property, raising a cloud of dust.

    "It was time to land a bloody hit" Lancer said in satisfaction while retaking his battle stance and waiting for the next move of his opponent. If the woman was taking the dodging route again he was going to Gae Bolg her heart and be done with this shitty parody of a battle. He promised it.

    Just a as the dust was settling down a figure jumped from it, the woman passed over Lancer before he could react and landed easily in the other side of the backyard.

    Lancer was pretty sure that she did not have the strange looking white boots, with some kind of long heels that started in the highest part of it, while she was avoiding his attacks.

    "Ooooh, are you finally getting serious and bringing out the weapons?" he said in a teasing tone. "I wouldn't like to kill a unarmed woman after all. It would make me look like a pushover, you know?"

    The woman didn't react to the teasing and Lancer kept his guard up. The eyes of of the woman, that didn't stop watching his lance since she appeared until that kick, looked at high speed at all the terrain around them. He could practically taste the change in the air around her as she shifted her body and changed the position of her legs to one that allowed reaching maximum speed early.

    Then, the exactly moment before she started running against him, the change happened.

    The upper part of the orange jumpsuit dissolved in mana for an instant to reappear immediately tied at her waist, to reveal a sleeveless shirt with two English words in black that meant nothing to the hero. Light came from her right hand and condensed in a strange white-black thing. Whatever the thing exactly was, Lancer did not know, but it had the presence of a Noble Phantasm.

    Lancer smiled for first time in the fight and responded the charge of his opponent with one of himself. Now he had to be wary of her Phantasms, that boots and that strange claw-like thing.

    Now, he hoped, it was time for the real fight.


    Everything is a test. This situation was not different.

    That was good, test were easy, it was only a matter of calmly observing what did you have at hand and using it to solve a simple problem. Yeah, test were one of the few things that she was good at doing.

    A possible solution popped in her mind quickly and she prepared to test it. She shifted her legs, now wearing her familiar strange boots, and changed her clothes to have more mobility. She prepared herself to sprint.

    As she got into motion the feeling of something metallic and heavy greeted her right hand. Smiling faintly at the sight of the strange white-black device she put her plan into motion.

    The spearman came at her at high speed and prepared himself to trust his lance in mortal strike. She ran into the mortal trajectory it promised. Then the blow came.


    But her device proved itself to be able to withstand the hit, and she used the force behind the lance to propel her to the sky to land near the wall she had crashed into before. Perfect.

    The three claw-like things in the point of her device started to emit some kind of energy in a current between them as she pointed them at the rubble in the floor.

    When the man ran towards there again, to her to try to attack her, she simply pointed at him with the device.

    He couldn't react as a very big chunk of the fallen wall came up to his face with more than enough force to stop his charge and throw him to the ground, following the arc that her hand made a moment earlier.

    The gravity manipulation option of the device turned itself off automatically as the chunk of wall was reduced to tiny rubble, too disperse to keep it controlled. The man in blue was literally covered in rubble on the ground. Unmoving.

    For about half a second.

    "That's was better" Said the man while pulling himself upright. "I was starting to think that I was going to do all the attacking today, and that is simply boring."

    "Let get serious." Said he, while running at her again like nothing had happened. If anything he was putting more speed in his charge.

    This plan had been a bad idea, definitely not the solution. She had only wasted time. Like the man said she needed to get get serious.

    She pointed with the device at the charging man. Time to do some test solving.


    Lancer was charging against the woman when it came. A strange projectile of blue energy directly against him. His instincts kicked in and the lance moved to intercept before it could touch him. Then another came. And another.

    He stopped the charge and put his mind into blocking the shots, which appeared to come in orange too.

    It wasn't too difficult, apparently she could only shoot one thing of each colour.

    With some curiosity Lancer dodged two of the shots and followed them with his eyed. The blue shot entered in the shed just behind him, while the orange one hit the woman's own master in the chest, who didn't appear to be able to react in time.

    Nothing to happened.

    "What the fuck?" Lancer murmured. He stopped his lance and let a new orange shot touch his left hand. Nothing happened again.

    "Are you fucking kidding me!?"

    He charged yet another time, ignoring the orange energy bullets being thrown against him. When she was just in front of him he thrust his lance at her stomach at all the speed and power that the command spell let him.

    The woman didn't even try to block it with her weapon.


    The woman smiled at the lightning fast thrust and prepared to use her second idea at resolving this test.

    She jumped.

    The pointed side of the lance impacted violently against the impossibly hard sole of one of her boots. The spearman didn't even believe that she managed to block his strike that way.

    She felt a huge pain in her leg afterwards, and went flying backwards at truly high speeds. She was pretty sure that if she hit the wall at this speed she would pass through it, as if made of paper, this time.

    But she had other ideas. Better yet, she had a solution.

    Every test has a solution.

    She adjusted his position mid flight, putting her feet facing the wall like she was going to kick it. Just before hitting the wall she fired the orange shot against it.

    And it usually is a pretty easy one once figured it out

    She smiled as the familiar orange oval of light opened in the wall. And she passed through it.

    If, apparently, there is no solution.

    Only to exit the shed the next moment, at the exactly same speed and angle , and striking a very surprised spearman in the back.


    The man went flying by the impact directly to the glowing opening in the wall.

    You are not thinking with portals

    She fired a new blue shot towards the concrete wall of a very tall building she could see in the distance.

    ".. .the fuuuuuuu...?!" could be heard from far away, as one blue figure crossed the nightly sky.

    She reached the aperture in the wall and poked her head through it. There was no trace of the man as far she could see from the wall of the building.

    She let her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device disappear and saw the portals closing.

    Test passed.
  2. I liked it. Keep working.
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    Chell (?) fighting Lancer with a Portal Gun...
  4. firefossil

    firefossil I have charts. Lots of charts.

    It apparently acts as a Gravity Gun as well.
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    I am curious to see where you take this Lusor.
  6. Well, it does funtion like one in the games, only without being able to throw the objects.
  7. Ardion Prosili

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    I'm sorry, but all I can see in my mind when I read this is Cave Johnson Einzberg and Avenger!GLaDOS.

    Also we all know what Chell wants for her wish.
  8. well, Black Mesa was famous for being a bunch of cheating cheaters who cheat stealers who steal from good ol' Cave, you know?

    Why not do the same for them? Turnabout is fair game.


    Also, Cave should be alive at this time... along with Caroline and beta GlaDOS
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    So... Archer? Caster?

    ... Assassin?
  10. Lies! Black Mesa stole the gravity gun first!

    Chell is filling the Saber Class spot. The Grail tried to summon Saber but got the 404 Error and Chell instead.

    And sorry, Aperture Science does not exist in this reality. So good old Cave will be kept in dreams and memories.
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    Huh... wonder what her 'sword' is, then. I can't recall anything other than the Crowbar in Half-Life in the way of melee weapons.
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  12. I didn't explain well. Chell is not a Saber by any means, the whole deal of getting summoned is a error made by the Holy Grial. If she were summoned correctly she would be probably Caster or Assassin.
  13. I wonder which lucky individual will win a trip to the moon.

    Also, combustible lemons and POTaTOS. You know you want to.
  14. Wow, nearly two out of three!
  15. bah, everybody knows POTaTOS is stuck on the portal gun by default. It was just so mind blowing surreal Lancer didn't register it at all.
  16. I dunno. You'd think being mocked by a talking robot potato would stand out.
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    This was awsome just plain awsome.
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    I can't wait for POTaTOS, man.

    Also, +1 reader.
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    Must... not... make... dumb... irish... potato... comment...

  20. Sorry for having to tell you people this, but....

    The POTaTOS is a lie
  21. But the birds need her!:(
  22. We must have a Companion Cube route.
  23. Dakkan Sall

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    Hm... will she somehow have access to other various bits from Aperture? Mobility Gels, Excursion Funnels, etc...?
  24. suddenly I'm imagining her summoning the Companion cube and leave. The oponent will take a moment to asses the situation, find it is nothing but a big cube thing and leave.

    Cue to getting stabbed on the back!!

    The Companion cube doesn't stabs Chell on the back. Everybody else is game
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  25. This was a triumph.
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