Homeworld 2 on Vista

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by scvn2812, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I was recently forced to upgrade to Vista after my computer's HD went kabloowie. I cannot seem to get Homeworld 2 to run. It installs smoothly enough except for it first saying that the Direct X version it needs is not on the computer then stopping the install of Direct X 5.somethingorother because a higher version (x10) is already on the computer. So everything seems in order but when I click on the icon there is a lot of furious whirring and buzzing as if a program is going to start and then a minute or two later it all stops and the computer pretends nothing ever happened. No blank screen, no black screen, nothing but the same old desktop.

    I've also tried right clicking on the icon and running it in system administrator mode and Win XP compatibility mode and exactly nothing happens.

    This is quite frustrating as I would really like to blow up high resolution starships in a pretty manner and it seems there are few other alternatives for that sort of thing until Sins of a Solar Empire comes out, me not being an especially big fan of Eve Online and quite happy playing LOTRO atm.
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    I also had trouble with it. Cant remember how I got it to run sadly.
    Id recommend downlaoding the DX9 libraries, as you will find some games want something that vista hasnt got: I think this is it: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...8A-E672-4B83-A28E-72B5E93BD60A&displaylang=en

    I think it has a problem with the copyright software of the disc so get a crack. Dont worry its legal if you have the game. megagames.com
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    That would explain why it was prompting me to go to securom.com or some such for tech support when I tried to use a copied folder (easier than constantly installing and re-installing when you like to play mods) and short cut.

    PS: Downloading that fixed it right up, I can even play mods still.
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    Since someones already brought up vista gaming trouble I thought I might ask. I received a Dell inpsiron for christmas and decided to try running some older games on it. I installed Act of War without any trouble, the game loads fine but then as soon as I started the campain it crashed. Since then it has refused to open past the main menu. Any chance this is related?
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    Vista does not like games.
    CoD4 on my uncles Dell crashes frequently before it starts the intro company movies. It has to be played in safe mode for multiplayer.
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    That's shite!!!

    I'm playing it here on this machine and it's been great. In fact every game I've ever played on this machine has been great.

    Perhaps it's the fact your playing the game on a Dell that is the issue? :drevil: