Homo Drakensis Vs 5th Imperium Marine(H2H)

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  1. So who would beat the other in a regular h2h fight ? The fight takes place inside a UFC octogon
  2. Marine, easily. Far far far superior augmetics.

    There was a fanfic about this.
  3. I am not really sure about that,I mean yes they have better sensory capabilities but I do not think they are THAT(if at all) superior in the other areas after all the final society Homo Drakensis have,if I recall correctly:
    - About 8 to10 times the strenght of a normal human
    - Some kind of subdermal armor that is capable of stopping modern small firearms
    - Their bones are laced with carbon nanotube and other kinds exotic materials
    - Their reflexes are about 5 times faster than those of a regular homo sapiens
    - Their running is comparable to that of a good thoroughbred racehorse with a heck of a lot more endurance

    Which is irrelevant here.However was it good ?
  4. Daemos

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    I've never read through the Draka books, but I thought that their gene mods/enhancements made them faster, stronger and more bulletproof than a 5th Imperium Marine.
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    Marine. 5thI biotechnics win this.

    Stonger. Faster. More durable.
    On second thought, it's pretty close. This is assuming that 5thI biotechnics are close their 4thE counterparts. It's not really talked about much in the last book.
  6. Daemos

    Daemos They POKED out my EYE!

    Isn't there a bit where Dahak steps Colin down to mutineer levels and he comments on it? I think that we could use that as a baseline for 5I marines unless it's specifically stated to be a bridge officer or Colin only thing.

    I found the quote, but in true Weber style it's unfortunately vague.
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    Colin's implants were stepped down to 4thI levels, to show what the mutineers had. Obviously, 4thI + 'Dahak fucking around' is better than what the mutineers have..

    I'm assuming:

    5th Imperium > 4th Empire > (4thI + Dahak) > 4th Imperium (mutineers).

    We really don't know what the capabilities of 5thI implants are.
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    A nonsensical wankfic yes.

    In truth, there's nothing to debate since it's near impossible to quantify the abilities of a homo drakensis. We have a sample of one, and her feats are of the sort that can support a wide range of interpretations.

    Certainly Drakensis are superior, probably greatly, to mutineers, ie 4thImp stuff, from the contrast in how Gwen dominated skilled and disciplined baseline humans armed with advanced weapons, compared with how relatively effective rearmed baseline humans were against mutineers. That definitely makes her a threat to 5thImp types, though how much of one is impossible to quantify.