Hutt Empire vs Goa'uld

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  1. The Imperator

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    The Hutt Empire, circa just after they rebuilt Nal Hutta post-Vong War, along with all their tech are sent against the Goa'uld, in a contest of god-hood.

    The Hutts get pre-destruction Varl system and Nal Hutta system, Vodran system, the Klaatoine system, the Kintan System, plus refueling stations (and the ability to build more). These holdings are transported, along with every Hutt Vessel post-Vong War, to the Galactic South of the Milky Way. They also gain accurate star maps for the Milky Way.

    Goa'uld start where they normally are.

    Both sides have to convert/enslave the most beings. The contest begins in the year 17,500 BC, just after Ra takes over. Which side plays Gods the best, and which side gets the most slaves/converts?

    Clarification - Calcs for Hutts and Goa'uld will be roughly equalized, and low gigatons/high megatons.
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like your slugs in people's spines so we put a slug in a slug!
  3. Tsjoat

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    Ignore Sith.

    I would have to give this to the Goa'uld, because technically the hutts can't hire people to fight for them in this new environment. The Goa'uld can also make wonderful spies, as for space battles, I doubt the hutts are capable of creating ships as quickly as the goa'uld.

    Then you have to take into account the fact that Ra was the head of the Goa'uld for a reason, at the start of his rule, he would have had the support of all the system lords (except those few lesser system lords that died in a basement.) I believe the Hutts are quite out numbered.
  4. The Imperator

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    Hmmmm, methinks I put the Hutts in a very bad spot...
  5. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    The Gou'ald are quite slow in this scenario, so the Hutts could run a hit and run operation. They also probably have more ships.

    The Gou'ald make for better spies, infiltrators, and assassins (especially when you can take over the target, use the target to kill secondary targets with the target's knowledge, and then leave). Its an assassination and a perfect interogation all in one, though, so I can see that working.

    Also, Slugception.
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  6. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    How would the Gou'ald slow?

    Anything that pisses Ra off enough to wage full fledged war on the Hutts would piss off the other system lords also.

    They would move their ass to crush them.
  7. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    FTL slow.
  8. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    I thought Star Wars FTL, while fast, has to take into account every little planet to work. This forces them into patterns, patterns that can be seen and taken advantage of.

    last i checked the Stargate FTL doesn't have to take that stuff into account, just Sun's and Black holes.
  9. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    Yes, but it doesn't make for the difference, since the Hutts have star charts. Besides, those patterns only exist in SW hyperspace, so the Gou'ald can't do much about that. SW speed still is anywhere from 5k to 30k ly/d travelling in galaxy.
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  10. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    even if they have the star charts, they have to plot out new courses due to the new space they are in. That will take time, and even then they will just fall into new patterns that the Goa'ald will eventually see.
  11. The Imperator

    The Imperator The Coolest Character

    To clarify - they have charts of all major and secondary routes that will work in the Milky Way. Small routes, and highly specific routes will have to be mapped out.
  12. Number3124

    Number3124 of the Ahforgetit Tendancy...

    Stargate FTL (hyperspace) doesn't even have to take that into account. Now, the Stargates themselves do have to worry about those, but the DHDs take care of that. It's only a concern for Earth becuase they have a home made DHD.
  13. Tsjoat

    Tsjoat So, you too huh?

    Thanks for clarifying.

    True, the Gou'ald have Stargates. Another strategic advantage.
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  14. Jared

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    SGC all-but eliminated the threat of goa-uld infiltration once they learned about it, simply by doing ultra sounds (or was it X-rays?) of teams after every off-world mission. Ferreting out Gou-uld really isn't that difficult, as the symbiote itself is a fairly large organism and isn't invisible.

    Also, Hutt minions will have guns that don't completely suck, and even some vehicles and heavy weapons.

    I would take the thugs from Jabba's sail barge over these clowns any day...

  15. Bhurano

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    And this kids is why any fledling evil overlord shouldn't skimp on training his troops.:D

    On a more serious note... to be fair the Jaffa did fight only peasants on roughly medieval worlds if we are generous. Their equipment has a bit shiny (the armor) and has enough OOMPH (staff weapon) to cower these guys... and then competent soldiers showed them the error of their ways.:) That the staff weapon is for intimidation and not so good for actual combat was even lampshaded in one episode.
  16. Bryan

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    Stargate FTL isn't slow by any means. Later in the series once the Ha'taks were introduced the FTL speeds were dramatically increased. The shuttles went from being like 5c speeds to being able to go pretty much anywhere as fast as plot.

    It's speed of plot for the most part.

    Also, concerning the jaffa, the goa'uld would bombard a world if they can't have it. As long as their ships can survive they can just bomb the world from orbit and send down raiding parties for slaves.
  17. SpartanElite

    SpartanElite Jot Coterie Abomination

    What do we know about the Goa'uld of 17,500BC, aside from the fact that they only used Unas as hosts?
  18. The Imperator

    The Imperator The Coolest Character

    That was right after all old System Lords (Ra, Hu, Cronos, etc.) united after kicking Anubis to the curb for killing Apep.
  19. Necron_Lord

    Necron_Lord The Infinite

    And now they're going up against guys with even better infantry tech.

    Infantry-wise, the Hutt armies will absolutely slaughter Jaffa.
  20. Jared

    Jared The scalpel.

    A ground speeder with a gun on it would be a superweapon in the Stargate universe. :D
  21. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    We have a defined speed of 32,000c, or 88 LYD for ha'taks. Yes, they do go faster later, but that's probably because of Anubis's introduction of technology. This is far before that.
  22. Necron_Lord

    Necron_Lord The Infinite

    For the contest, the Hutts don't even have to act like Gods, they can just pull what they did with the Evocii.
  23. CIDE

    CIDE I had something for this

    Ha'tak speed increased gradually throughout the series IIRC. The Anubis upgrades and Replicator upgrades were the most significant but Teal'c even mentioned a HUGE upgrade even by the end of season 1 to the beginning of season 2. I'll try to find the quote from the script.
  24. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Med School applications are hell.

    I can see the Gou'ald initially losing, but taking over the Hutts they way they did with the IOA.
  25. SpartanElite

    SpartanElite Jot Coterie Abomination

    Teal'c believed that Goa'uld FTL was 10c but he also thought Goa'uld technology was magic.
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